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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Out of all the characters brought over from other realities, Old Man Logan is the one receiving the most fandom approval. It helps that the creative team on his book is very well-liked.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With the DC Rebirth line, which similarly began after a quasi-reboot. The rivalry is particularly heated due to a resurgence in DC sales. This is owed to the perception that the writers involved with DC have managed to (mostly) Win Back the Crowd, while Marvel's numbers have steadily dropped since the relaunch for a variety of reasons.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • Both Citizen V and Red Wolf are certainly characters you wouldn't expect to actively see, especially Red Wolf. As Citizen V failed to show up in the actual comics he also became a rare gender flipped version of Lady Not-Appearing-in-This-Game.
    • More than a few people were shocked at Squadron Supreme's addition of Blur, a member of D.P. 7.
    • Deadpool as an Avenger? (Granted he was technically added to the team during Axis)
    • White Fox in Contest of Champions. Editorial said she'd be showing up in a Marvel book eventually, but few suspected it'd be this one.
    • Ditto for Outlaw, a British vigilante who hasn't been seen in years.
    • While Karnak is a reasonably high profile member of the Inhumans, he's not one anyone ever expected to rate his own solo series.
    • Devil Dinosaur getting a new ongoing surprised quite a few people, though in hindsight it makes a bit more sense considering he had a main role in Secret Wars' adaptation of Planet Hulk.
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    • The news that the members of Alpha Flight would be part of Captain Marvel's supporting cast.
    • Not only are we getting a continuation of X-Men '92, but they're giving Jubilee some well-deserved company in the form of Generation X.
    • Weisman wanting to write a series about Starbrand and Nightmask has surprised more than a few people, though it does make sense considering Weisman's love of teenage heroes, big cosmic plots, and continuity nods.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?:
    • Most of the new costume designs have been pretty well received, but Red Wolf's has gotten flack. His old design was already rather cliché, but the new one makes him look like a complete stereotype. Thankfully later promos and the comic itself made clear that this is not his main costume, which is instead a more cowboy-esque design.
    • The general consensus is that Quicksilver's new duds look rather lame. It looks like they tried to take his Civvie Spandex from Avengers: Age of Ultron and make it look more "comic booky", and as a result it looks like jogging gear with an awkward logo (fast-forward x 3 on your DVD player) on the chest. Making matters worse, he'd only just gotten a new look less than a year prior that was relatively well-received before this change.
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    • The costume for Mockingbird going forward is also getting quite a negative response, due to the inclusion of random extra details and the introduction of a new mask to replace her Cool Shades, as well as adding a more pronounced bird theme. If they wanted to give her a new costume, you'd think they'd model it after her Agents of SHIELD look, not make a new one that makes her look like a completely different character. Most agree that it at least looks better in the concept for her own book, but many still wonder why she needed such a drastic redesign. Though in her own series, she wears a hybrid mask that's her old shades, and has barely any elements of 'mask' to it.
    • Not to the same extent as her brother, but not many are overly thrilled with Scarlet Witch's new look. Having only just started wearing a new costume less than a year prior, as well as Age of Ultron giving two different outfitsnote  that had their fair share of fans to which this outfit takes no nods from, some felt she didn't need a new costume, or the new costume would've done better following those lines.
    • Steve Rogers' new shield post-Avengers Standoff. Not that it's bad, people just think that Steve should get back the original Mighty Shield and Sam should get the cutting edge tool Shield. His new uniform is also garnering negative comments.
    • Getting past the Broken Base over her taking up the cowl in the first place, most fans agree that the classic blue-and-gold Wolverine costume just doesn't suit X-23, and would prefer that she go back to either her X-Force uniform, or the black-and-gray version of the Wolverine suit from the same series. The main target is the cowl itself, with the way it only covers the front of her scalp leaving the rest of her hair uncovered looking particularly awkward, and that Laura would look better with the X-Force-style Domino Mask.
      • The fans who wanted an X-Force look eventually got their wish with Resurr Xion, where she does adopt a grey and black colour scheme.


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