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Singularity is Tamara Devoux / Captain Universe.
If only because her silhouette looks exactly like Tamara's. Maybe she crashed down in Arcadia after the 616 and 1610 universes ended during their incursion? Or she could just be Arcadia's AU version of the character.

America Chavez will lead the team post-Secret Wars.
It's already been confirmed that A-Force will stick around after the event wraps, but that doesn't necessarily mean the exact same team will stick around. America's certainly a physical powerhouse like She-Hulk, and her tenure with the Young Avengers means she could represent the Avengers in Shulkie's place. Plus, America's "thing" involves smashing into the multiverse ... assuming it'll still be around at that point.
  • Jossed. The lineup will remain near-identical after Secret Wars, with Captain Marvel joining their ranks instead.
  • Also jossed because America is confirmed to return as member of the new Ultimates.

Loki's supposed betrayal
The solicits to issues #3 and #4 seems to strongly imply Loki will betray the team. Some possible theories about it:
  • It's a Red Herring - Loki is such an Obvious Judas just by the virtue of being Loki that it would be actually a plot twist to not have her betray them. It's either misdirection and traitor is someone else or Loki is pulling same gambit as in Original Sin - supposedly betray the heroes to then betray the antagonist.
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  • If Loki indeed does betray the team, it's out of revenge for She-Hulk allowing America to be banished by Doom.
  • Alternatively, it's because of Nico finding Singularity - once Doom finds out about this supposedly omnipotent being, he might want her destroyed and Nico banished for harboring her. This may be what provokes Loki to go Mama Bear on everyone.
  • Jossed. She was apparently dissatisfied with the management style (ala Queen Medussa) and wanted more power, but her motive rant from issue #4 is almost incoherent. This feels like They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot somehow.

Singularity is the new Cosmic Entity for Battleworld
Most like Eternity in appearance her name is literal as she represents what the Beyonders were trying to do. Make a singularity out of the Multiverse. She's a gestalt of every abstract cosmic being that weren't murdered by the Beyonders whom belong to the universes that crossed over into the continuum of Battleworld.

Loki, Mistress of Secrets will be a recurring villain for Nico and America post-Battleworld.
How can you give Nico and America both a sisterly relationship and a loving mother who betrayed them and not reuse that as much as possible? This could also play in with America's relationship with 616!Loki (described in Avengers #0 as "frenemy").
  • The "frenemy" thing is probably a reference to what happened in Young Avengers (616!Loki was their Token Evil Teammate basically), the also mentioned Super Cell Reception spell is definitelly a reference to Loki: Agent of Asgard (which was interestingly also written by Al Ewing the same person responsible for the Avengers #0 short and future writer of the Ultimates which it ties to). Mistress of Secrets Loki... could the new world survive 2.5 Lokis though? (0.5 -> There is one sealed in 616!Loki's new sceptre too.)

Singularity will be the one to bring the team together because she remembers Battleworld.
Judging by Avengers #0, A-Force isn't a team yet in the New Marvel Universe and it seems like the emergence of Singularity is going to be the catalyst that brings them together. Singularity remembers the events of Battleworld and will seek out her friends from there and bring them together as a team.
  • Confirmed in the first issue of volume two.