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Howdy! I'm kablammin45/KB.

So let's get down to business: I'm a gamer with a great love for animation of many different kinds, from classic golden-era animation to the toons we have today. I've also been drawing animals and other kinds of creatures since I was a little kid. I one day hope to go into the animation and/or the video game business and make stories with the many characters I've come up with over the years.

Here, you can usually find me in the Forum Games section of the forums, where I currently help moderate the site's Hunger Games Simulation thread, and the Roleplaying Forum, though I occasionally poke my nose in other parts of the forums and make edits on various pages.

And here's the part where I list some of my favorite shows, movies, and games (in Top-Ten-in-no-particular-order form!). Most have too many honorable mentions to list:

    Prepare for a very long list of lists 
And this is just scratching the surface lol

Some misc. stuff:

  • Favorite Pokémon of each type:
    • Normal: Dunsparce/Dudunsparce; H-Zorua/Zoroark (including regional forms)
    • Fire: Tie between Delphox and Typhlosion (both forms)
    • Water: ...All of them? (if I had to choose only one, though, I'd probably go with Swampert (including starters) and Lapras (not including starters)
    • Grass: Victreebel (favorite Grass starter is a tie between the Treecko and Snivy lines)
    • Electric: Toxtricity
    • Fighting: Lucario
    • Flying: Noivern (BAT DRAGON)
    • Poison: Grafaiai
    • Ground: Flygon
    • Rock: Aerodactyl
    • Psychic: Lugia (non-legendary: Gardevoir and Gallade)
    • Ice: Cetitan
    • Bug: Golisopod
    • Dragon: ...All of them again? (Okay, to choose just one: Goodra)
    • Ghost: Gengar
    • Dark: Vanilla Zorua/Zoroark
    • Steel: H-Goodra (non-regional form: Duraludon)
    • Fairy: Togekiss