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    Kingdom Rush 

    Kingdom Rush: Frontiers 
  • Some of the assassins' random names are 47, Altair, Desmond, Ezio, Lucien, Leon, Havelock, and Bain.
    • The assassin outfits, the alternate specialization being templars, and the desert area make the soldiers a reference to the first Assassin's Creed.
  • You see Indiana Jones in the final level of the jungle area.
  • The Rising Tides mini-campaign features the Deep Devils, who are pretty much Deep Ones trying to awaken their leader Cthu... erm, Leviathan.
  • The first level has a boy with a shadow of Darth Vader.
  • In the second level of the Desert area, you can see a Stargate. It doesn't turn on, though.
  • The singing & dancing frog from One Froggy Evening can be found in the level Sape Oasis. Finding him is actually an achievement.
  • The Parasyte and Reaper are obvious ones to Alien, in terms of how they breed. The Reaper's description also makes a reference to Alien vs. Predator.
    • They also look very similar to a headcrab.
  • The Lycan enemies (before transformation) look very similar to Wolverine.
  • Quincon (the second boss, a huge gorilla) throws barrels at the player's forces.
  • One Bonus Boss is named Xyzzy, and looks like Godzilla.
  • One of the achievements are Twist and Shoutnote .
  • Similar to the Forgotten Treasures mini campaign in Origins (see the below folder), there are the Guest-Star Party Member dwarven units in The Dark Descent, where the leader is a Composite Character of Durin Longbeard and Gimli, speak dwarvish, have Mithril-based gear, are named after several dwarven characters from Lord of the Rings, and of course, quote lines from the Franchise.
  • The Flesh Golem that's an ability you can get via The Dark Forge in Bonesburg is named Frankie.
  • The "God King" in the endless mode Ruins of Nas'de is an obvious homage to Xerxes.
  • The level Dunes of Despair, features an enormous Sand Worm in a clear reference to Dune.
  • When attaining or upgrading the Falconer ability, the Crossbow Fort shouts "Blackbird, fly!"

    Kingdom Rush: Origins 

    Kingdom Rush: Vengeance 
  • One of the Rocket Rider's quotes are "To infinity and beyond!", "Prepare for trouble!", and "Witness me!"
  • Chomp Bots look very similar to Mousers from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, the achievement for beating enough of them is even called Mouserthon.
  • The names for the Dark Knights are based on actors who have played or voiced Batman in various media before.
  • The Northern Tribe are essentially vikings with trained dragons, with Jokull being a massive dragon similar to the Red Death or Bewilderbeast. You even get an achievement called "How to tame your dragon" when beating Jokull. The Leap Dragons also resemble something that wouldn't be out of place in How To Train Your Dragon.
  • Bone Flingers' quotes reference various skeleton-related memes, such as "Doot Doot!" or The Skeleton Dance.
  • One of the tower types appears to be a crypt that can "charge" up to three souls as projectiles, similar to the crypts from Cursed Treasure.
  • The Doom Tank SG-11 Hero Unit is a direst reference to the Mark X from Ironhide's other game, Iron Marines. It's a huge tank that's capable of summoning soldiers as temporary reinforcements, and also has an attack which covers an area in hazardous stuff that deals Damage Over Time.
  • Kermit the Frog, the Hypnotoad, and Frogger appear in the frog-themed Subaquatic Menace mini-campaign.

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