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  • Some of the upgrade lines can elicit a chuckle or two, particularly the Big Bertha, with the ridiculously thick accents of the dwarves managing it. "YIPPIE-KAI-YEH, MOTHERF***!".
    • In Frontiers, Kahz has one line that elicits quite a few laughs: "WHERE'S THE BEEF?!?''
    • Not to be outdone, the D.W.A.A.R.P. in Frontiers has "SHAKE AND BAAAAKE!"
  • After Vez'nan is defeated, his dark tower becomes for sale.
    • Vengeance reveals just what happened to it, Linirea's good guys turned it into a happy amusement park! Naturally, he is not happy.
    • On that note, in KR: Frontiers, Vasile's Dusk Chateau becomes a tourist attraction after he's defeated.
  • In KR: Frontiers, the Gorillons are controlled by Maq'Wa tribesmen.... who are holding a banana tied to a bamboo pole.
  • J.T.'s epic "Oh, Crap!" face right when you take him down in the original Kingdom Rush just makes that.
    • Same with KR: Frontiers' Gorillons.
    • Quincon's is even better, complete with him falling over and getting crossed-out eyes and sticking his tongue out.
  • In Origins, the Ettin may sometimes have one head argue with the other, which results in the Ettin hitting itself with its club and stunning the whole thing.
  • One of Catha's quotes is hilariously dark, especially considering the fact that she's a cute fairy:
  • When Vez'nan returns back from Hell in Vengeance, he's only wearing his Goofy Print Underwear — and his face is still framed in shadow even without the cloak.
  • When low-level Demon Goonies are summoned, they have quotes that basically show how much they hate their job as reinforcements, one of which even being "I hate this job!"
  • In the Frozen Rapids stage, there's a Viking boat that will periodically enter to drop off some Barbarians. When it leaves the screen, it reverses while making the beeping sound of a car reversing.
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  • The Shadow Archers' quote when upgraded to the final level? "An arrow to your knee".
  • Several of the Bone Flingers related stuff are based on memes, like "Got Milk?", their "DOOT DOOT DOOT" quote, and their related achievement is "The Skeleton War". Their high pitched voice makes them sound pretty hilarious as well.
  • Any Iron Challenge with a sheep or bunny rush, such as the one for Castle Blackburn, The Unseelie Court, and City of Lozagon. Seeing a whole swarm of sheep or bunnies is just utter hilarity. City of Lozagon's Iron Challenge has special mention — after all the waves are cleared, there's a short pause of calm and quiet... right before a sheep with Super Speed rushes across the bottom path.
  • The Specters Mausoleum has the Possession ability that turns enemies against their allies for a short while. If it so happens to possess a High Sorcerer, and said High Sorcerer meets another, there's a chance that they'll both turn each other into sheep at the same time like this.
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  • Watchdogs have a rather hilarious death animation where they get stunned with an Eye Pop, then immediately flop upside down as if they were just ordered to play dead.
  • Pop all the sheep in Otil Farmlands and Joe Jenkins, a bystander farmer will get pissed and attack you. He's on par with Giant Mook enemies in power, and what's especially hilarious is that he can summon sheep called Baa San. Bipedal sheep with Martial Arts Headbands that can actually attack your units.
  • One of the farmer types in Otil Farmlands holds chickens on him, he attacks by holding a chicken up which pecks your troops for pathetic damage.
  • The Scary Black Man farmer in Otil Farmlands has two different variants of melee attack, one of which is burping at your troops with a comical expression.
  • In Vengeance, one of the special abilities for the Orc Warrior Den promotes one of the orcs to captain. His qualifications? "This one knows how to count!"
  • An unintentional example, but when you beat King Denas' final Paragon, he will lock the door to his castle. However, if you used bone flingers during the level and gave them the clumsly skeleton upgrade (which you likely did), you can clearly see the skeleons phasing through the door!

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