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  • Audience Participation: Infrequently, Ironhide Games would set out a poll on social media to decide what pieces or lore the fans want first.
    • The first poll options were the story between Eridan and Alleria, Bonehart's Origins, and why Hammerhold wasn't there to help Linirea during Vez'nan's conquest in Vengeance. After close votes, the stories were released in the order above, with Eridan and Alleria being released on June 21st 2019, Bonehart being released six days later, and Hammerhold's story being released eight days after that.
    • In Mid January 2020, they fave fabs the option of whether to have the story behind the Hammer of Ages revealed, Lord Malagar’s backstory, or Kutsao’s origins. They were released in that order, starting on February 7th.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content:
    • The hero unit Lilith in Origins, though it's more of a community-created hero based on polls.
    • A small campaign started by fans eventually got the one-off enemy Jack O’Lantern from Frontiers to return as a Hero Unit for the “Cursed Bargain” mini-campaign in Vengeance.
    • In early February, IronHide gave fans the opportunity to create the design for "The Ancient Being", the winner had their design made in the Kingdom Rush format, and placed as the official character design for "The Ancient Being".
  • The Wiki Rule: Have at thee.
  • Word of God: The new "Extras" section on the Ironhide Games website confirms several things regarding the in-game canon and lore, such as who was responsible for the Dwarven technology (Wilbur), and what the situation between Eridan and Alleria is.
    • According to this forum post by a developer, Eridan and Arivan from Origins are brothers.
    • The fan theory that Bonehart from Frontiers used to be Faustus from Origins is confirmed.

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