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Fanfic / The Dead And The Not So Dead

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The Dead and the Not So Dead is a crossover between Danny Phantom and Teen Titans, where Mumbo zaps Beast Boy to the Ghost Zone by accident.

The Dead and the Not So Dead contains examples of:

  • Achievements in Ignorance: Mumbo apparently managed to send Beast Boy to the Ghost Zone, completely unintentionally.
  • Arbitrary Skepticism:
    • In a world where superhumans, artificially intelligent robots, cyborgs, aliens, and magic users have their existence accepted by the public at large, and advanced technology exists, people outside of Amity have trouble believing that ghosts exist at all. The Justice League has written off the ghost attacks in Amity multiple times, so the people there are understandably bitter about being rejected as prank callers.
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    • The elder Fentons are the inverse, absolutely refusing to believe in aliens for a long time, or that ghosts could be anything but Always Chaotic Evil. While the former was understandable at the time given that many others were skeptical as well after the attack on the capitol was foiled by beings with superhuman powers, and they were forced to accept supers after they were saved from the Joker by Batman, they still refused to accept the existence of aliens until Superman foiled a separate invasion, and while they did admit that they might have been wrong then, it took them three months of research afterwards for them to admit that aliens were real. The fact that this was two years after pretty much everyone else got the message made their credibility take a big hit, and is part of why Danny finds it easier to just dodge then try to convince them that about 90% of what they think that they know about ghosts is wrong and possibly put them in danger from his enemies.
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  • Cassandra Truth: Amity Park has apparently called the Justice League for help several times, only for them not to believe them about the ghosts, leading to the town eventually just not trying anymore.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Danny and Beast Boy arrive back in Amity just seconds before Sam and Tucker bring the rest of the Titans to their base.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: When Danny first gets a rough description of Beast Boy from one of the Far Frozen, he thinks that he's an alien. In Danny's defense, the knowledge of aliens is common due to the nature of the Justice League's world.
  • Noodle Incident: Jack and Maddie were once saved from the Joker by Batman on a trip to Gotham.
  • Official Couple:
    • Beast Boy and Raven have started dating by the start of the story.
    • Danny and Sam are also a couple.
  • Place Beyond Time: The "main" realm of the Ghost Zone, aka "The Empty Between", as a result of the Realms being formed from the thoughts and dreams of the Living, has a screwy relationship with time on Earth, and what seems like a few moments can actually be days. Cyborg has a lot of trouble cleaning up Beast Boy's transmission because the signal keeps sporadically speeding up and slowing to a crawl, and he detects particles similar to the ones from when they ran into Warp. Beast Boy runs for what to him feels to him like maybe an hour to reach the Far Frozen, but when he arrives he collapses due to exhaustion, malnourishment, several broken bones in his legs and feet, and a number of burst blood vessels. Ghosts are protected from these effects, and Danny's resistance, and presence for his friends to focus on, is why Sam and Tucker haven't had any problems with this phenomena.
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  • Power Armor: Sam and Tucker both have power armor that they use to help Danny as a hero.
  • Stating the Simple Solution: Danny doesn't recognize Beast Boy, being unfamiliar with the Titans, and notes that he's probably on a list somewhere, which they can use to find out more about him. When Frostbite points out that they can just ask Beast Boy where's from with the promise to bring him back home, Danny awkwardly notes that he's so used to people fearing and/or hating him because he's a ghost that he assumed that Beast Boy wouldn't cooperate because of their ghostly status.