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Cumberholmes: How am I tuning my violin and Tweeting at the same time, I hear you ask. Because I'm Sherlock Holmes & I can do ANYTHING.

@dilestrade I'm just saying. The enemy of my enemy's henchman is my henchfriend.

This is a page for the Cumberholmes Role-Playing Game, a Fan Work featured exclusively on Twitter. There is a LiveJournal that accompanies this community which can be found here. Based on the Mini Series Sherlock, this RP has expanded beyond the featured BBC cast to include some of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's canon characters, such as Tobias Gregson and one of the Baker Street Irregulars (a group of employed Street Urchins who are all Conveniently an Orphan) named Wiggins. For the uninitiated, an excellent summation of the history and relationships of most of the characters in the RP can be found here.


Basic Components of the RP Tropes

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    What To Expect In This Fan Verse 


Character Tropes

    Baker Street Residents 

Sherlock Holmes alias: Cumberholmes

Doctor John Watson alias: Doctor_Wat

  • The Watson It is his name.
  • Badass Adorable
  • Badass Moustache is unfortunately absent.
  • Deadly Doctor
  • Often wears a Homemade Sweater from Hell
    • "Sometimes it will actually look like a perfectly wearable sweater, but most characters will react to it as if it were the most hideous thing ever - an Informed Attribute that's like a distant unliving relative of Hollywood Homely."
    • Similarly suffers from Impossibly Tacky Clothes that make him a Rummage Sale Reject.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills
  • Possesses a Limited Wardrobe
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Jam!
  • Usually The Cavalry for Sherlock, but the Yard and Mycroft can also fill that role.
  • Did You Think I Can't Feel?, less extreme version though; see quote for a detail or two That Sounds Familiar.
    • "Alice is an all around nice girl: she's quiet and maybe a bit of a pushover, but every so often she hints at having some deep Hidden Depths. She's sure to do whatever Bob asks her, not just because of her loyalty but because she "doesn't seem to mind". She may even have a crush on Bob, who seldom notices, dates everyone else but her, and asks her for dating advice. Over the course of the story Bob will go on adventures and drag Alice along with him, putting her through progressively more embarrassing, painful, and emotionally hurtful situations while ignoring her feelings. She won't complain, and will likely offer advice and help however she can."

Mrs. Hudson alias: mrs__hudson

Mrs. Barthembless alias: MrsBarthembless

    The Yard From Scotland That Is Actually Situated In London 

Detective Inspector Lestrade alias: dilestrade

Detective Inspector Olivia A. Jones ''alias: athelneyjones

Detective Inspector Tobias Gregson alias: T_Gregson

  • Can often be found Talking to Plants.
  • The Klutz
  • Team Mom, kind of. Mostly because Lestrade is the Team Dad.
    • "In an ensemble show, especially of the fighting kind, there needs to be someone to hold this Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits together before they kill each other or wander off into the woods like so many Player Characters."
  • Fond of Scenery Porn, provided there are lots of plants.

Detective Inspector Stanley Hopkins alias: stanhopkins

Sergeant Sally Donovan alias: sgtdonovan

Anderson, "Forensics Guy" alias: AforAnderson

Police Constable Dimmock alias: PC_Dimmock

The Office Ficus alias: ficusficusficus

Tahiti!Gregson alias: tahitigregson

    The British Government 

    Team Moriarty 

Jim Moriarty alias: M_forMoriarty

Sebastian Moran alias: SebMoran

Mary Peck Butterworth alias: MizCounterfeit

Thirty-Two alias:henchman32


     Other ACD Canon Characters 

Irene Adler-Norton alias: irene_adlr_nrtn

Mary Morstan alias: Mary_Morstan

Wiggins alias: Wig_out

Langdale Pike alias: PickledPike

Henry Knight alias: _HenryKnight

Dr. Stapleton alias: DrStapleton1

Dr. Louise Mortimer alias: DrLMortimer

    Other BBC Canon Characters 

Angelo alias: Angelo_ok

Ella Thompson alias: ellatheshrink

Harry Watson alias: HforHarriet

Sarah Sawyeralias: DrSarahBear

Bluebell alias: Glow_Bunny

Kitty Reilly alias: kitty_reports

Sebastian Wilkes alias: WilkesSebastian

     Other Twitter Canon Characters 

Hector Smythe alias: hectorsmythe

Bracken Holmes alias: brackenholmes

Geoff Lestrade alias: lestradesnr

Mummy Moriarty alias: MummyMoriarty

    Different Detectives 

Inspector Poirotalias: bloodypoirot

Johnathan Creekalias: jonathan_creek

Nancy Drewalias: ndrew_nvstig8s

    The Dearly Departed Who Also Have Access To Twitter 

Bad Cabbie, "Jeff"alias: bad_cabbie

  • Not My Driver Parodied when he comes back from the grave on Halloween to drive characters to a Party at the Holmes Estate.

Carl Powersalias: PoorCarlPowers

Godfrey Nortonalias: godfrey_nrtn

Jennifer Wilsonalias: thelady_inpink

Molly Hooperalias: Molliarty

Shan, Ghost Of alias: Brack_Rotus

Victor Trevor alias: victor_trevor

    They Never Tweet But We Still Tweet About Them 



The Chief

Daddy Holmes

The Deputy Chief





Number Five



Semi-Related Role Plays

    Infinite Universe 

Infinite Sherlock alias: Ananta Sherlock

Infinite John alias: Ananta Watson

Infinite Mycroft alias: Ananta Mycroft

Infinite Irene alias: Ananta Irene

Infinite Jim alias: Ananta Moriarty

RoboHudson alias: RoboHudson

Infinite Jam alias: Ananta Jam

Death Frisbee alias: Ananta Hat

Gata alias: Gata

The Hound/Snuffles alias: TheBaskerHound

    MJN Air 

Cpt Martin Crieff alias: FlyMeImFriendly

Douglas Richardson alias: SirDouglasMJN

Arthur Shappey alias: ArthurKnappShap

Carl alias: FittonATC

Mary Sue Smiley alias marysuethatswho

    The Doctor and His Sexy Tardis 

The Doctor alias: DrDoctorSmith

Idris Tardis alias: SexyIdrisTARDIS

Relationship Tropes

  • Love Dodecahedron The constantly-breaking-and-reforming relationships, crushes, and flirtations in this RP require graphs to understand.
  • Parental Favoritism See Mummy's varying attitudes towards Mycroft, Bracken, and Sherlock; perhaps even Mrs. Moriarty's with her multiple sons named Jim, as well?
  • Enough Ho Yay to keep you warm at night, but Jim also offers Suspiciously Specific Denial.
  • Mistaken for Gay Applies to practically everyone in some form; most notably Sherlock and John; Seb and Jim.
    • dilestrade: @M_forMoriarty @SebMoran You two are starting a trend of showing up at exactly the same moment. Like a gay echo.
  • Batman & Robin Lestrade and Wigs.
    • They do not, however, star in a terrible film.
      • Well, not yet, at any rate.
  • Cargo Ship Many a character has a beloved item.
    • Example A: Sherlock's Coat.
    • Example B: John and Jam.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners Seb and Jim; Sherlock and John
  • Polyamory in the form of an Open Relationship Suggested label for the John/Sarah/Mary triangle that went on.
  • Captain Smooth and Sergeant Rough Lestrade and Sally.

Event Tropes

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