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Narm / GoAnimate

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Whether it be due to its low-budget synthesized voices, cheap video effects, or how even the serious of situations can become this despite the efforts of its users, GoAnimate/Vyond and the hundreds upon hundreds of "X Gets Grounded" videos have cemented themselves as one of the Internet's biggest sources of Narm.

Across many (if not all) videos:

  • "No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no" becomes this and Overly Long Gag rather quickly.
  • "I feel sick - and when I feel sick my voice changes to ____."
    • Sometimes the voice the character uses during the change can lead to Vocal Dissonance. For some reason, getting sick (or, more commonly, faking it) in the GoAnimate/Vyond user leads to a side effect where younger characters put on a deep voice that often sounds out-of-place.
  • Because the text-to-speech voices don't recognize double-letter words well, especially if there's a long string of consonants, words like "ew" can come out as "E double you". Or at worst, "Double you double you double you double you tee tee tee tee tee enn enn enn enn..."
    • Even if you use vowels. "Double you double you double you double you double you double you ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay aytch aytch aytch aytch aytch aytch."
  • It's very difficult to convey any sort of emotion beyond Dull Surprise with the text-to-speech voices - whenever someone is supposed to be angry or sad, they still sound exactly the same as when they are happy or neutral.
    • And even better is when people use the "Scary Voice" or "Kidaroo" settings when certain characters are angry.
  • Pretty much any time a character throws a tantrum, whereupon they start...dancing. See for yourself.
  • The sound generally used for people getting injured, which is actually a truncated version of a toilet-flushing sound effect, often sounds painfully and hilariously unfitting in many circumstances, such as when it's used for, say, a person falling from a great height, their neck being broken, or being hit by a flying school desk.
  • Due to the sheer amount of times it gets used, the dramatic "BANG!" sting gets narmy very quickly.
  • Pretty much anytime a character cries falls under this thanks to the limitations of the text-to-speech voices, leading to the infamous "Waa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-ah."
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  • The "crying" emotion simply looks too ridiculous to take seriously; likewise, so is the "shocked" emotion, as it has characters making a neutral face before shutting their eyes and then bugging them out in the most over-the-top way possible.
  • Pretty much any time the infamous "OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH!!!!" is used, especially when exclaimed by someone with the "Eric" (i.e. Boris) or Kidaroo voices.
  • The 'Calming Video' fad is this in spades. To describe the format in general, each video involves a character (normally someone like Caillou, Macusoper or Dora, or an Author Avatar coming to some sort of harm (normally having a Punishment Day or being sick) or getting incredibly angry for some reason, then being 'calmed' by someone else, typically Boris, Diesel Busters or Caillou (again). These videos can drag on for upwards of ten minutes while all that happens is the character or Author Avatar screaming at the top of their lungs in broken text-to-speech. Expect plenty of 'WA-EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AH's and 'GEE-ARR-ARR-ARR-ARR-ARR-ARR-ARR-ARR-ARR-ARR-ARR-ARR-ARR's to be yelled by the 'calmee', while the 'calmer' repeats the same things over and over again.
  • Any time a sex scene is attempted, thanks to the inability to actually have naked characters in the program and the laughable attempts to skirt around said limitation (often with bread rolls, band-aids, and even noses and eyes, for example), among other reasons.
  • Most rant videos are easily this; thanks to the often simple writing, unoriginality, and sheer level of Accentuate the Negative:
    • They usually open with the name of the subject, followed by "More like" and a "clever" derogatory nickname of the subject.
    • "...and they go on failure adventures" (commonly used for shows that contain adventurous plots)
    • "...the writers are jerks, while the cast are morons."
    • "Do you know who likes this show? (name of person), they wish to be a part of the cast, but they cannot because (reasons). And do you know who hates this show? (name of person), they wish to kill all of the cast."
    • "And (minor character in subject)? Well, nobody gives a (number followed by derogatory word) about them, not even (number)."
    • "Thank god this show got cancelled in (year)." (if the subject in question has been cancelled.)
    • "Screw (name of subject), and screw (another subject). (third subject) is (number) of times better than (name of subject)."
  • "ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME." Made better when the Kidaroo voice is used when the character says this. It appears to be an ill-guided Shout-Out to South Park, but the sheer usage of it in videos has pretty much lost the source reference.
  • Several "(character) Gets Grounded" video that feature a video where a new baby is born often wind up as this. Right at the beginning, the mother character's water will break all of a sudden, and it is followed by the family rushing to the hospital. After a few minutes, the (fully-clothed) baby is born, and after a few minutes of joy, one of the newborn baby's siblings will say "Oh the baby looks terrible!", and knowing the nature of most GoAnimate videos, grounding ensues.
    • As for the pregnant characters themselves, due to a lack of pregnant models, mothers will simply maintain their figure, or sometimes even have a huge colored blob representing their pregnant stomach. In some cases, the mother won't tell anyone about their pregnancy until literally seconds before their water breaks, so it's a surprise to not only the sibling, but the father who's suddenly dealing with a child coming with only a minute to take it in.
  • Every "(Character) Misbehaves at (movie)" video is filled with Narm. The most notable example, however, is shown in almost all videos; The troublemaker will ask their parents to go to a fast food restaurant to get a burger, and after a long feud with their mother, they waste half an hour getting a burger. Then, when the right time comes, the troublemaker throws the burger out the window, causing it to hit the car and cause a collision. Unless the burger was the size of the car, this is impossible in real life, as the car would simply flatten the burger with its wheels.
  • Some depictions of Boris as his "Teeth Guy" form (which, in question, is usually a red-skinned Boris with the size of his mouth and eyes maxed out), while sometimes passing off as Nightmare Fuel, can also end up as this, due to his over-exaggerated Ax-Crazy tendencies, loud but deadpan voice, dialogue filled with cliché racial slurs and swears, and non-stop chatter.
    • "FUCK _____, AND FUCK _____!"
    • "BAS, TARDED BAS!" (supposed to be "bastard")
  • A term used in a lot of "Warren Cook/Dora Gets Grounded" videos is that Dora or Warren Cook get grounded for a long number of "tranquilities". "Tranquility" means peace and quiet.
  • Any "(Character) Gets Their Revenge On Their Parents" videos that has the parents being sent to the audience, made up of several middle-aged men with deadpan expressions, before the audience and parents shrink into nothing.
  • Boris' designated voice (Eric from the Ivona TTS platform) has some odd voice quirk. When he tells someone to "Shut up", his voice will give it in a very harsh hiss. As well, when he tries to think ("Hmmm..."), it more sounds like he's enjoying something to eat ("Aytch-Emmm-Mmm-Mmm-Mmm-Mmm-Mmm") note .
    • Doris' has the same thing as certain phrases, like "That's it!" and "Let's go!", will be given in a more excited and joyous tone, even when angry.
  • Many of the TTS voices seem to have a problem with long chains of letters, particularly vowels. For example, when a character makes a crying noise (e.g. "waaaaaaaaah") or a scream ("aaaaaah"), the voices will glitch out and sometimes crash, which is noticeable with voices such as Jennifer (Ivona) or Alan (Loquendo).

Specific examples:

  • "Megaman gets in dead meat," while shorter than most “behavior card day” videos, comes across as this due to the creator’s attempts to be “edgy” by using gratuitous profanity and use of hate speech, particularly the N-word, which is used at least twice: Once to describe “N***r Mario” (A palette swap of Mario with LITERALLY black skin), and the second time to describe Samus, who the creator seems to not know is white and a woman (given the fact that he portrays Samus as an androgynous red robot with green eyes and a male New York accent). The creator’s “morality” can basically be summed up as “white people/Mario series= good, non-whites/non-Mario series= bad”, to the point where the teacher doesn’t even try to hide her racism, saying that lighter colors are better than darker colors. It aims for racist humor and instead falls into either straight racism, unintentional humor, or both, depending on who you ask.
  • Many videos by Weatherstar4000Video tend to plunge headlong into this. The videos are often about various Mario and Sonic characters attending school for no discernible reason, somewhat poor English, Recycled Script up the yin-yang, his obsession with creating "Bro" (Mario enemies that throw various objects) type enemies, the fact that some characters pretty much NEVER get a break, and his blatant disregard for characterization (this video had Blaze implied to be a cheerleader, despite her introverted personality in the games.)
  • "Random Video," despite the name, is not as random as one might think, but it makes up for that with loads of Narm. The video centers around Jet, Wave, and Storm (who look almost nothing like them, Storm especially) getting called outside because they’re going to jail (the reason why is never explained). They refuse, grow to giant sizes, and proceed to destroy the "Chao City." Wave flattens buildings via dance, as is standard, but it gets really funny when she flattens a building with a screenshot from AoSTH on the side, which causes the building to collapse, but not the screenshot. Next, Jet goes to attack a police station (despite the next shot, inside a prison, showing him attacking skyscrapers). Speaking of, an inmate (dressed in a business suit) reacts by saying, "It’s Jet the Hawk is destroying the city," and requesting permission to leave, which the prison grants him. A plane bounces off of Jet’s face as he says that he hates airplanes, then Storm goes to destroy more buildings. However, they’re all stopped by Super Tails holding two Flickies, who then proceeds to... shoot owls at them. They then get put in jail and grounded.
  • "Eric's Strange Journey (Part 2)", the second part of a satirical movie based around common GoAnimate tropes, has a whole segment where the titular character encounters an identical group of bizarre, Gonk-ish characters called the 'Grunses' that can only scream the phrase "GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED", and it all goes downhill from there. The movie's antagonist 'teleports' Eric to a 'pocket dimension', which becomes a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment set in a 'collapsing dream' complete with a melodramatic Final Speech from a fading Gonk-ish Bartender, and finally a conclusion that ultimately does nothing to advance the plot, as it was All Just a Dream.
  • Deliberately played for laughs in Shinji Gets Grounded, but special mention goes to the scene Shinji Gets Red Octobers, Breaks Misato's Legs and gets grounded where Misato's legs get broken. "Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh". Then there's the wheelchair, which is actually a spinning chair. And one of the reasons Shinji gets grounded? He's wearing fake Red Octobers.
  • "Romance" is a piece of background music that normally would be either be romantic-sounding or sad. But thanks to its usage in many videos that ooze Narm, it quickly becomes this.
  • Some videos sometimes have characters describing the serious consequences caused by the actions of the troublemaker of the day, often via newscasts. More often than not, however, the ways the characters are affected by the accidents sometimes wind up being so over the top that it stops being either sad or downright horrific and just becomes Crosses the Line Twice. Take here for example, where, as a result of Dora's prank, a fourth grade student not only winds up with PTSD, but also winds up with so many other side effects from Dora's actions that it just becomes inexplicable.
  • Eric Gets Grounded for Infinity Years is perhaps one of the more infamous grounded videos, as it represents an attempt to create a serious creepypasta using the GoAnimate/Vyond software. Needless to say, it fails to be scary in any way. The creator's astoundingly poor grammar pushes the whole thing into hilarious surrealism.
    Eric's mother: Your teacher just got a phone call. (apparently supposed to be "I just got a phone call from your teacher") She said that she was been a violent man, using bad words, the violations of victory, something really bad, and used sins.
    Eric's father: And also, your principal just got a phone call. He said he threw-ed a tantrum, used guns, got a cussing words, and he also get the cops, agents, teachers, and principals here.
    • After everything seems to be over and done with, the 'narrator' (presumably the creator of the video) starts by going on a long ramble about how they're supposedly done with making GoAnimate videos... before promptly lapsing back into a long non-sequitur about GTA IV, Memy9909 apparently littering soda cans on the ground, and Eric being 'A Villain That He Takes Over USA', before quoting Niko Bellic's line at the end of Grand Theft Auto IV... then completely failing to set up a Jump Scare.
  • There used to be a video titled “Dora Shouts out NTSIZIA (NTSIZIA being short for ‘Nick Turning Savage In Zootopia Is Awesome) and Gets Grounded.” Everything, from the fact that they can hear her say it in space, people act like she’s just committed murder, and even the fact that the phrase she shouts wouldn’t sound too out of place in Homestar Talker (“NICK! Touning! Savage. IN! Zootopia. IS! AWESOME!”)
  • The ending of this video depicting recently ungrounded Timmy Turner kissing Trixie would be more of a Heartwarming Moment if not for the fact that Timmy and Trixie are standing there grumpily blowing raspberries at each other instead of actually kissing. The Soundtrack Dissonance is just the icing on the cake.
  • The Grounded community depicted a certain troll as some kind of elemental force of pure evil. His name? Evil Larry.
  • The seriousness of the hospital scene in this video is undercut by the screen inexplicably shaking the whole time, the character's injuries simply being represented by a blood splatter sprite from some video game, the simple dialogue describing the character's (sometimes nonsensical) injuries, and the fact that the doctors use a drill to drill holes into the character's chest as though he were a wooden mannequin. This is followed by the character being represented for the remainder of the video as a stock image of someone in a full body cast. (Who looks nothing like the character in question.)
    "He has fourth-degree burns all over his body."


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