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Narm / Web Animation

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Animations with their own pages:

  • In Dusk's Dawn when Donut saves Star Whistle from the villain's sceptre, he shouts, "No!" like someone scolding his child rather than in despair.
  • In the buildup to The Transformers: Combiner Wars, a number of intro videos were released describing the titular Combiners as huge threats, to the point that Optimus Prime initiated a final duel with Megatron and then went into exile out of fear of the destruction the Combiners would cause if they joined the war in earnest. Come the very first episode, and Windblade, a regular-sized Transformer, dismembers and kills one of the said Combiners almost single-handed. And not just any Combiner, but Menasor, traditionally one of the most powerful (and mentally unstable) Combiners.
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  • Done In-Universe in RWBY Chibi. Ruby puts on a play of "Red Riding Hood", but Yang, obviously not happy with her role as the grandmother, starts acting like a Large Ham, leading to a drawn out and comedic death sequence. Ruby gets fed up and yells that "The audience can't be sad if they are laughing!"

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