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Being a low-budget animation tool that almost exclusively uses flash puppets, canned animations, and text-to-speech voices, GoAnimate videos (at least the ones made before the extensive rebrand as Vyond) are pretty notorious for their limited animation efforts, which leaves users to resort to none other than using basic material to attempt to skirt around this. Most of the time, the results are often subpar at best, and laughable at worst.


Across many videos

  • A very infamous example of this is the fact that most characters cannot actually hold or play with objects near them. This usually means characters are animated to use a point animation. Although this may apply well with some scenes, it doesn't apply well when a person is trying to shoot a gun or break something.
  • Typically, any instance of beer or some other alcoholic beverage in the videos will be represented with a bottle of soda, but will still be referred to as whatever alcoholic beverage it is. Justified as most users used GoAnimate for Schools, which removed adult props like beer.
  • The former car models in GoAnimate before its rebrand as Vyond were only in a profile view, which resulted in many bizarre shots. They also only started; there were no running engine sound effects as well, making viewers think that cars in the world of the grounded videos would have terrible gas mileage and would seize up at random.
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  • In order to make Comedy World characters "kiss" each other, most users set them to blow raspberries at each other. This produces some... very interesting results.
  • Comedy World characters going on a rampage at a store or a restaurant is shown with giant versions of the character(s) moving back and forth on the screen in their dancing or cheering animations as people and things just fly off when they start dancing or or cheering beside them.
  • Some users will try to make their characters look as accurate as their real counterparts, but this often results in them placing parts that are clearly meant for the head onto the body. This means that, whenever the character does an action that involves moving their head (Most noticeably, the 'head down' action), a part of their body will detach from it and just float in the air, ruining the effect. This is very noticeable in Dora the Explorer gets Grounded videos.
    • Similarly, users will also flip the eyes (Usually the default eyes for PC Guy) on certain characters (Once again, usually with Dora the Explorer characters) upside down to make them look as close to the eyes of their real counterparts. While this usually works fine, using the 'crying' emotion with these eyes results in the tears flowing up, as if they're breaking the laws of gravity.
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  • Thanks to a lack of any baby models in many of the themes, you can expect any baby/toddler characters to just look like tiny adults, or characters who have been turned into babies to just look like they've been turned into two inch tall versions of themselves.
  • Very frequently will you see characters walk behind an object in the background due to improper layering. It makes you wonder if the video makers even watch their videos before posting them to notice mistakes like this.
  • Any representation of passed out or dead characters is usually represented by the character's animation sleeping. This usually works for most themes. However, in the Comedy World theme, the character smiles and keeps breathing as if they were still alive, ruining the effect.
  • In many videos with the Comedy World theme (this more specifically occurs with characters such as Miss Martin and Elena), there is a very odd (and also hilarious) glitch that occurs with the "shocked" or "surprised" expressions that causes a character to blink one eye at a time.
    • Similarly, due to its absence in GoAnimate for Schools, some users will try to make the pair of round eyes from Comedy World look more like how it did in the original website (Almost always half-closed eyes, even when a character is shocked or surprised). However, this results in characters having their eyes be entirely transparent when closed, looking like a very messed-up Skintone Sclerae. Here's one example with loads of Narm to boot.
  • The Cartoon Classics theme (as well as its various spin-off themes) lacks the lip-syncing feature that most other themes have. This means that the characters from those themes will always use the same recycled mouth movement animation, thus their lips will not match up with what they're saying very well.
  • While Comedy World lacks many actions or expressions compared to other themes, one expression it has that other themes lack is a chewing animation. In order to make Lil' Peepz or Business Friendly make chew food, most users will use their talking animation instead.

Specific examples

  • Zoey Finishes Last In A Swimming Race And Gets Grounded. From the girls falling like dominoes into the pool, to them cheering sideways underwater.
  • You have to wonder how on Earth the creator of this video didn't even check how it sounded before it was uploaded. Almost every sentence from Miss Martin is interrupted by the aural equivalent of Bandicam nag messages reminding them that these are demo voices and shouldn't be used in a production without payment. The plot (an average 'Miss Martin fruitlessly tries to keep Caillou from destroying the playground and then his eventual grounding' script) screeches to a halt several times due to Miss Martin's text-to-speech voice constantly giving out these warnings.
  • dudley puppy sucks his cheasts/grounded features the titular character sucking on a note with "Double-click to input text" on it. We can only assume what that has to do with sucking his... cheasts.
  • The wall Donald Trump builds in this video is merely a 2-D picture of a grey brick wall in the middle of a city, yet it's enough to border the USA from Mexico.
  • The "Shinji Gets Grounded" series plays this for laughs. An example would be Shinji Gets Red Octobers/Breaks Misato's Legs - The Red Octobers are really just recolored combat shoes with black soles (justified - They're fake), and Misato's wheelchair is really just a spinning office chair.
  • This Dark Day mostly has fine special effects for GoAnimate/Vyond standards, but in one scene, Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi (who are surprisingly accurate for the website's standards, although the latter doesn't wear a headband) appear and are shown holding their Soul Gems (Madoka's is a picture, while Homura's is represented by a necklace).

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