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  • Blooming Moon Chronicles: One Wish For Nothing — Stronghold Halfdragon, a member of a pony-dragon hybrid race called the Draekin, is the leader of a cult called the Order of the White Dragon. A thousand years prior to the story, she waged a fierce war against Equestria, but was supposedly defeated. In reality, she had actually killed Celestia and taken her place for the next thousand years.
  • Subverted in the Sonic the Hedgehog/Sailor Moon crossover Chaos Infinity. Chessmaster/Mad Scientist Dr. Eggman manipulates the Sailor Scouts into thinking that Sonic and his friends are the ones responsible for the crisis in Tokyo and pushes them to fight each other, thinking that the Scouts are too much for his archenemies to handle. His plan fails when Sonic gathers enough Heroic Resolve to pull out his own Chaos Blast to overpower their rivals and calls out BOTH the Sailor Scouts and the people of Tokyo for their mistreatment. And then Eggman nearly kills Sailor Moon when using her and the Master Emerald as batteries for another one of his war machines to take out Sonic for good and everyone knew from then on who was really friend and foe. Again, it backfires. After stopping his final weapon, the Sailor Scouts and the Freedom Fighters become friends.
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  • Subverted in Cheerilee's Garden. Cheerilee justifies her many brutal murders by claiming that she's doing the world a favor by ridding it of degenerates and corrupting influences ("weeds"), but just in case the reader wasn't already tipped off by her obvious eagerness and pleasure in committing such acts, Twilight flat-out states in the third chapter that Cheerilee is nothing more than a Hedonistic Serial Killer.
  • The villains of The Death Of Princess Luna turn out to be several members of the royal guard who have thoroughly deluded themselves into believing that they're only doing the right thing by kidnapping Princess Luna, manipulating the entire kingdom into believing her to have died and keeping her inhumanely imprisoned in order to kill her at the right time on some screwed up belief that it's necessary to permanently destroy Nightmare Moon so that she wouldn't possess some other pony's body and kill them in the process (like they believe to have happened to Luna).
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  • The Circles from the Deva Series. They firmly believe that artificial magery will lead to The End of the World as We Know It and seek to kill Hayate and friends for using Devices. Admittedly, there is a smidge of truth in their beliefs, but the extents to which they go, combined with their insistence on refusing Hayate's offers, do not help their case.
  • In Forging The Sword Harry wonders why no one makes all wizards take an unbreakable vow to never hurt anyone. This leads to quite a spectacular argument with Ron on how he can even suggest such a thing.
  • The Law Heroine in Goddess Reborn Chronicle, whose soul was bonded to an angel-until she finds herself better treated by enemies than allies, questioning her own faith and motivations.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters has a few examples:
    • Caleb is initially this, due to the intense nature of the war between Phobos and the Rebellion, before a talk with Jackie sets him straight.
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    • Alistar Tharquin, one of the Rebellion's leaders, is a fundamentalist both for the movement in general, and hatred of Shapeshifters in particular.
    • Quentin Ross, Section 13 agent and local Rorschach expy, believes in inflexible Black and White Morality.
    • Aldarn is showing signs of this, regarding how the Rebellion should be dealing with Phobos' supporters. This hits its boiling point when Caleb decides to ally with some of the nobility who are opposed to Phobos, which Aldarn is so disgusted by that he plots to kill Caleb and take over the Rebellion.
    • Nimue is determined to wipe out all demonic threats to humanity, no matter who or what has to be sacrificed to do so.
  • The Jackie Chan Adventures/W.I.T.C.H. crossover fic Kage has Kur, one of the leaders of the Meridian Rebellion. He harbors an unsettlingly extreme hatred toward the shapeshifter race, expressing a belief that their annihilation is in Meridian's best interests as much as Prince Phobos' demise. He led a pogrom during Phobos' rule, capturing and killing many shapeshifters, including children and ordinary people who simply birthed them, like Miranda's parents. Now he's plotting from the sidelines to gain Queen Elyon's support for a much larger pogrom...
  • Loved And Lost: Commander Hildread, one of Jewelius' main minions, is Canterlot's ruthless and sadistic head jailer whom Shining Armor expelled from the Royal Guard for believing too much in using brutality to ensure security. While her master is a Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist, Hildread seems to really think it was in Equestria's best interests to bring down Shining Armor and the princesses who couldn't prevent the Changeling invasion (which Jewelius started to take over the throne). When Jewelius decides to wipe out the entire town of Ponyville along with the heroes in the climax, Hildread is disturbed by the idea of mass murdering ponies she believes she's protecting. Unfortunately, she quells any hesitations she has and remains set on her course, cementing her status as a Knight Templar. After she's defeated, her hated rival Shining Armor admits that if not for her delusional and sadistic nature, Hildread could have made a good protector of Equestria.
  • In the Pony POV Series, one of the Alternate Universes that Applejack sees at one point is a world were the Mane Cast have become a group of dictators who brainwash and otherwise brutally suppress anything "disharmonic." They are actually based off of the Justice Lords from the Justice League series.
  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic Prison Island Break, Silver is the nicer kind of Knight. However he is always convinced that he is morally in the right, despite also being a murderer. His greatest fear is becoming his father.
  • Something of a recurring theme in RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse:
    • Celestia is stated to have become Corona because of centuries upon centuries of stress from trying to keep her little ponies safe in a world full of threats. Eventually she snapped, trying to destroy every possible threat and rule every last detail of every pony's life so as to ensure that they could never get hurt again. Even in the present day, she genuinely wishes the best for Equestria, she simply is totally deluded about what that is.
    • Duke Fisher seeks to take over the Night Court because he believes that only his constant vigilance protects Equestria from the surrounding nations and from Corona's wrath.
    • Twilight Sparkle's brief descent into villainy originated in a genuine belief that she would make a better Element of Magic than Trixie, and a relentless determination to prove herself right.
    • Applejack likewise is constantly trying to acquire more land, bits, and resources not out of greed, but because she genuinely believes that the Apple Trust is perpetually on the verge of going bankrupt and that if it does go under, all Equestria will starve.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • Hokuto Kaneshiro. He commits all manner of horrible atrocities purely for the endgame of resurrecting Alucard and watching his destroy all life on Earth, simply because he believes that all life is evil, meaningless trash, and repeatedly declares that all of his actions are for a higher cause.
    • Talon Ryashen, the "Fairy Tale killer." He was turned into a Super Soldier by Fairy Tale, and is now on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against anyone who was ever a part of the organization. It doesn't matter if said members defected, were Locked Out of the Loop, or non-combatants; if they were even remotely a part of Fairy Tale, they're on his hit list. Case in point: despite knowing that Dark left Fairy Tale a long time ago and is one of the heroes who slew Alucard, Talon flat-out states that he doesn't care; all that matters is that Dark was a member of Fairy Tale, and thus is irredeemably evil in his eyes.
    • Fairy Tale themselves. For all of their claims on monster equality, they're more focused on anti-human extremism to the point that any monster who even thinks of siding with humanity is automatically the enemy; they have personally destroyed Ahakon's hometown for refusing to side with them, and tried to do the same to Mizore's hometown twice, on top of attempting to destroy Yokai Academy for teaching coexistence. In fact, in Act VI chapter 52, after seeing Moka preach human/monster coexistence on national television, both Gairen and Raika openly state that they're beginning to see why Gyokuro hates Moka so much.
    • The HDA is this throughout Act V and most of Act VI, given their Aggressive Categorism of all monsters as evil beasts. In Act V chapter 23, Marin explicitly describes their treatment of monsters as inhuman, and in Act VI chapter 25, Moka outright declares them to be nothing but a barrier in any efforts to attempt peace between humans and monsters, since they, in her words, "treat all monsters as absolute evils regardless of their nature." As of the end of Act VI, they've finally grown out of this, in part due to a Reasonable Authority Figure in their new director, Hothorne Tamaka.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, Sarah a Force-sensitive Siren is absolutely convinced she's doing the right thing to stop a devastating Alien killing anyone in her way. This is also enforced by her creators' belief they just did a bit of Brainwashing for the Greater Good by erasing her belief that they were breaking the very rule her present killing is supposed to be enforcing (protecting sapient life).
  • A common trope in Sonic X: Dark Chaos, particularly among the Angels and the more-fanatical Demons. The Muslims and the Emirate of Mecca take this trope Up to Eleven. Cosmo's mother Hertia also eventually became this, torturing Tsali's sister and killing a recently born Seedrian male child because of Daffodil's religious influence.
  • In the Spyro Madness Saga, we have Ember's father. He murdered his mate after learning she was Malefor's granddaughter, which would make Ember his great granddaughter. He then abandoned Ember's egg in a swamp. It only gets worse when after Ember lays an egg fathered by Spyro, he kidnaps her and fools everyone into believing she's dead. He spends the next few months torturing his own daughter! When Ember's discovered she's badly scarred and missing a horn. And all of this was just because he was paranoid and believed she was a demon. Ember then shows just how wrong he was by sparing his life and allowing the police to deal with him proving she's not a monster like him. By the way, it's Terrador.
  • In Touhou canon, Yukari Yakumo is usually portrayed as the overseer of Gensokyo, when working being a Trickster Mentor to Reimu and tending the Hakurei Border. However, when a fic goes Darker and Edgier, Yukari will usually be a ruthless knight templar, that measures no consequences in order to keep the barrier up and Gensokyo safe. This goes from hunting Rin, provoking a small war with Yuuka and nearly executing Remilia for her failure in Imperfect Metamorphosis or spiriting away selfish kids to destroy the balance of Gensokyo in order to keep the place busy and prolong its lifespan in Diamond in the Rough (Touhou).
  • In the Daria multiversal Crossover Worldburner, the Warhammers (the military-tasked arm of the Corps of Ringbearers who are serving as the front-line forces in the war against the Joker Immunity-blessed Big Bad Judith) definitely fit this trope. In order to defeat Judith, they decide that no rules apply anymore and do things such as arm anyone who asks with 'bleeding edge' weapons, destroy whole planets and solar systems, and even standing up to an agency tasked with policing time. Unfortunately, they end up mostly dying because they run afoul of The Only One Allowed to Defeat You territory, and don't want to wait for The Chosen One to arrive. The really sad part is that Fridge Logic (and an Alternate Character Interpretation) suggests that they're actually correct, in that they saved untold lives by distracting Judith (and her forces) long enough for the Worldhopper to arise and defeat her.


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