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Just for one day, let’s only think about love.

Stuck Together

  • Lars and Steven's entire conversation while being stuck to Topaz. Lars is actually understanding of Steven, comforts him and even offers him a hug (which is impossible given their current situation). Even Topaz is moved by the whole thing that she tries to help them escape.
  • The Reveal that not only is Topaz not The Stoic as previously assumed, but that the fusion between her halves is an interpersonal bond not unlike Ruby and Sapphire's.
  • Aquamarine's rather out of character restraint when faced with Topaz's betrayal demonstrated an unexpected softer side. Aquamarine notably fails to use her wand on Topaz despite having plenty of time, and when pinned and threatened reasons her down rather gently. After being let go Aquamarine could have easily turned on Topaz, but she sounded more disappointed than angry, and offers to forget the whole thing ever happened provided Topaz falls back into line.

The Trial

  • When Lars is brought into the trial as "evidence" of why "Rose" should be executed, Steven confesses to his "crimes" and promises to do any punishment, as long as they let Lars go.
  • Blue Zircon trying her best to defend Steven's case. Yes, her gem's riding on the outcome, and perhaps she's just being as professional as possible, but she nonetheless tries her hardest to support Steven, despite the fact that the latter (as far as she knows) was the leader of a rebellion.
  • Most of Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond's interactions:
    • When Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond make their first appearance, the latter is seen crying in the neck of the former, who doesn't object to comforting her.
    • When Steven inadvertently upsets Blue Diamond, Yellow quickly comes over to place her hands on her fellow Diamond's shoulders in a comforting way.
    • Yellow Diamond respecting Blue Diamond's wish to proceed with "Rose's" trial even though she really wants to shatter "Rose Quartz's" Gem.
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    • When Blue halts her rampage, Yellow engages her in argument about the relevance of the trial. Not heartwarming, really...until you consider that everyone else who's gotten on her bad side tends to end up suffering Disproportionate Retribution (trying to blow up Peridot with a remote-detonated communicator, poofing both Zircons, etc.).
  • Blue Diamond, despite having as much reason to want "Rose"/Steven shattered as Yellow Diamond (and indeed, voicing her desire to inflict something worse on "Rose"), nonetheless wants a fair trial to be held.
    • Also worth noting is that when Yellow starts striking down the Zircons after the blue one's Armor-Piercing Question, Blue's the one who steps in and calls for Yellow to restrain herself - never mind that Homeworld Gems are made to serve, and one of them just accused the Diamonds of murdering Pink Diamond.
  • When Eyeball makes her return, she makes it very clear that she hates "Rose". Even so, Steven is happy to know she's alright.
    • The implication of Eyeball's return heavily implies that the entire Ruby Squad were rescued from space by Navy.
  • Overlaps with a Moment of Awesome, but when Blue Zircon points out the flaws in the official story behind Pink Diamond's shattering, the other members of the trial - even Yellow Pearl - seem to consider the matter, even though this is technically a Kangaroo Court.

Off Colors

  • The Rutile Twins rescuing Steven and Lars from the robonoids.
  • Steven gets a quick one, he says that he doesn't see anything wrong with the Off-Colors, sure it may be ignorance to what Homeworld's like but from Steven's perspective, they are all unique and beautiful.
  • In a meta sense, Fluorite being a fusion — Her dialogue implies that all of the Gems that make her is romantic. That's right. This is possibly the first healthy depiction of a polyamory relationship.
    • If you think about it Fluorite's whole existence. Rhodonite asks her to confirm how many gems she is made of which implies that new gems have entered into the relationship more than once — which means that Fluorite was probably already a fusion when some of them met, considered heretical by Homeworld's standards. And yet there were still ordinary gems that fell in love with her.
  • Similarly, we have a subtle case with Rhodonite—like Garnet, she's a fusion for love (in this case, between a Ruby and a Pearl), but unlike Garnet, she's a Nervous Wreck who's constantly terrified of getting caught and shattered. Despite this fear, however, Rhodonite never unfuses, and given that she looks very similar to Garnet when she first fused, it's implied that she hasn't unfused since her components first got together. This implies that their love for each other outweighs their fears.
  • In a fantastic case of Show, Don't Tell, Lars' changing facial expressions when he learns about the hardships that the Off Colors face on Homeworld. It's what makes his eventual Declaration of Protection all the more impressive.
  • During the robots' attack, Steven reassures Lars by putting his hand on his heart and saying to him that it's okay to be scared. Lars does the same thing and, later, uses these words as inspiration to find the courage to fight the robots to protect Steven and the Off Colors, even if it puts his life in danger.

Lars' Head

  • Lars tries to sacrifice himself, volunteering to stay behind so Steven and the other "Off Color" gems can go to Earth, instead of hiding out on Homeworld with people who want to kill them. The gems refuse to leave without Lars, saying they'll find their own way off Homeworld together because Lars is one of them now. A group of Gem outcasts completely and immediately accept a human outcast.
    Fluorite: Besides. Us off-colors stick together.
    • When Padparadscha Sapphire makes another one of her late predictions she shouts, "We can't leave without Lars!"
  • Steven tries to perform their 'hand to the chest' Secret Handshake, but Lars stops him and instead gives him a full-on hug.
    • This cements the Character Development of Lars as he has transitioned from a distant and cowardly Jerkass who hated the mere suggestion of being hugged by Steven, to an emotionally open and brave Jerk with a Heart of Gold who, with little hesitation, literally sacrificed his life for a group of strangers he just met, and was more than willing to stay behind and be stuck on a hostile alien planet if it meant said strangers leaving said planet and giving a speech about living on a world where they could be free and live without fear, and that Steven can also go back to that world immediately rather than being hunted down.
  • Crosses with Tear Jerker, Steven and Lars' final discussion before Steven heads back, with Steven clearly not wanting to leave Lars behind on Homeworld.
    Lars: But you've gotta go back!
    Steven: But it doesn't feel right to just leave you here!
    Lars: You said yourself that everyone on this planet is out to get you! You won't be safe until you're back on Earth!
    Steven: But, Lars-
    Lars: Don't argue with me! You're always trying to help me! You brought me back to life! Just let me be someone who deserved it.
  • Steven arrives back on Earth just in time to see the Crystal Gems, his dad and Connie warp in. Pearl's in the middle of panicking that construction on the ship they're working on isn't fast enough to save Steven. Then she notices Steven and after a Beat of the group with shock and joy on their faces, they all rush forward and embrace him.
    • Really, the fact that the Crystal Gems allowed Greg with them is heartwarming in its own accord. Back in Season 1, Greg was nothing more than the butt of the Gems' joke whose involvement in Steven's life was minimized. The Gems started to take him seriously with the Wailing Stone, but here it's firmly cemented that Greg is just as important as Connie is in Steven's life.
  • Meta: For the Make-A-Wish kid (see the General folder for more info), the crew also sent her some doodles, including a convention poster of the Crystal Gems (and Jasper) and on said poster were doodles of the Off Colors and the Zircons happily posing with the Crystal Gems, as well as other doodles such as Padparadscha and Sapphire holding each other's hands excitedly. Look at the adorableness here!.

Dewey Wins

  • Steven's way of reassuring everyone he's safe from his trip to Homeworld was most likely the wrong one, especially to Connie and Lion, but the fact that he's trying to stay positive through this post-season 4 trauma is mildly relieving.
    • On that note, Connie is at least genuinely glad Steven returned safely, even if it's overshadowed by how hurt she feels.
    • Same with the Gems. Even though their expressions tell a completely different story about how they're processing their complete concern (Amethyst and, of course, Pearl) and complete relief (Greg and Garnet), they're just glad he returned alive and (physically) unhurt.
  • Sadie's reaction to learning about Lars from Steven; though she took the news about him being stuck on Homeworld and Back from the Dead with shock, she's not at all angry with either (Steven for leaving Lars behind, or Lars for running away instead of trying to save her). Which makes her defiant remark to Dewey's promise to "hire a new Donut Boy" pretty bittersweet— flaws and all, she truly valued Lars as a person.
    • Dante and Martha share Sadie's sentiment about their son wholeheartedly, particularly the latter.
  • After Dewey gives his speech on why he should be re-elected, Nanefua really takes his points to heart: more specifically, his point of the mayoral role being about taking responsibility for each crisis that occurs within Beach City, and vowing that she, along with the rest of the Beach City citizens, will all take responsibility as a community for these events.


  • No matter how rushed the in-episode time might have felt since Steven's Heroic Sacrifice, all the Gems don't visibly blame him for making this choice, and all attempt to help him get over his "space lag," especially when they're at the Cool Ranch.
  • That Greg, Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst are discussing together how to help Steven. It's very sweet to see all of Steven's family figures not only worrying about him, but discussing together how best to find out what's upsetting him and help him through it. Especially as Greg specifically asks Pearl to talk to Steven, with who he has the most troubled relationship.
  • After Steven finally tells Greg and the Gems about the fight he and Connie had, Greg asks why he didn't tell them about it earlier. Steven admits that he was embarrassed, and believed that his guardians would have sided with Connie because he thinks that they are also angry at him for giving himself up. Greg's response to this?
    Greg: Oh, Steven, of course we're not mad! I'm sure Connie's not mad, either. Well, at least I'm sure she doesn't HATE you.
    • Greg proceeds to explain that the Heroic Sacrifice was definitely stressful and scary, but suggests that Connie isn't talking to Steven not because she's cutting him out of her life, but because that was just her way of getting over what happened; not unlike Greg's own suggestion of a vacation as his way of doing so.

Raising the Barn

  • Taking previous Lapidot moments into account, it's clear Peridot really took Lapis' traumatic experiences to heart and prioritized the latter's feelings over her own, even to the point of considering joining Lapis in evacuating Earth, and avoiding saying or doing anything to outright provoke her. In a way, the consideration Peridot shows towards her friend is both disturbing and sweet.
  • Peridot worriedly searching for Pumpkin, and apologizing after pulling her around and giving her a little kiss.
  • Peridot cementing her love of Earth and refusal to give up on it.
    Peridot: Earth is our home now. Isn't it worth fighting for?

Back To The Kindergarten

  • Just the fact that Steven, with help from Amethyst, returned to being the emotional chessmaster to help Peridot again after his Trauma Conga Line back in season 4, and the events following his return from Homeworld. Even if it didn't work in the long run, it may at least help Peridot in the right direction to recover from her Heroic BSoD.
    • Strangely enough, the entirety of the Bittersweet Ending: yes, Peridot comes to the rather bitter lesson that there are some emotional scars that can't heal, just like Lapis leaving. But on the plus side, Steven and Amethyst point out to Peridot the field of sunflowers, which she can't deny are beautiful. They remark that while she couldn't regrow any flowers in the Kindergarten, she has potential to grow strong healthy flowers elsewhere. It's a somewhat cathartic message to compliment the former message: just because some parts of you may never recover, that doesn't mean you can't "regrow" happiness in other relationships.
  • Peridot sincerely revealing how much her stay on Earth and past experiences of gardening at the barn have changed her perception of Kindergartening. Considering her extensive knowledge of how such a process works, and the uppity attitude she previously showed on both topics, this really emphasizes her changed nature alongside her revealed depression. Triples as hilarious and heart-breaking.

Sadie Killer

  • Steven and the Cool Kids deciding to have band practice at Sadie's house because her work hours make it hard for her to make it to them.

Kevin Party

  • To the surprise of pretty much everyone, Kevin of all people gets quite a few sincere moments, even if it was ultimately to feed his ego as usual.
    • When talking about Stevonnie, he actually seems to respect their pronouns and talents.
    • Right after Steven and Connie notice each other at the party, he encourages Steven to go and talk to her— the only moment he has to dissuade Steven is to get him to do it without making a fool of himself.
      • When helping Steven "play it cool," Kevin not only lends Steven extra garments to add on the effect, but also includes him in the party activities without complaint, though some of his actions come off as bullying towards the rest of his friend group at face value.
  • Overall, Steven and Connie seem to already uplift Kevin's party without necessarily talking to each other (at least at first) or even becoming Stevonnie.
    • More for Connie's character development: When she first met Steven, she was a quiet, anxious girl who couldn't bring herself to socialize with or dance in front of people. Seeing her happily talk to the other party guests and even laugh along with them cements how far she's progressed, after her befriending of Jeff back in "Mindful Education."
  • Steven and Connie finally being honest with how they felt after their fight in "Dewey Wins", and subsequently making up.
    Connie: Steven, I wasn't trying to ignore you. I was going to text you back, I even wrote "I can't talk to you right now." But I realized if I sent it, that would be talking to you. It didn't make any sense, I wasn't making any sense... If we were going to talk, I thought it had to be in person, so I rode Lion to your house, but there was a note that said "Gone Vacationing" and then I ran into Kevin, and he said you'd be here, but... Maybe this is still too soon. I-I don't even know what to say to you. "I'm angry, I miss you?" I feel like I'm out of my mind!
    Steven: No, you're not! I surrendered myself to Homeworld. I let them take me away, maybe forever, and then... I came back and I tried to act like it was no big deal! But it was a big deal. I couldn't stand the thought of you being taken away on that spaceship, but... then I did that to you! I promised we'd always be a team, and... I let you down... (tears up) I'm sorry. Jam Buds?
    Connie: (tears up and nods) Jam Buds!
    (they hug and make up)
    • To top off the moment, they even recognize and compliment their own subtle changes in looks— one nostalgic (Steven's pink shirt from his last birthday party) and one new (Connie's haircut). They don't forget to include Kevin's involvement either, despite the inherent dickishness of his plan to get them to fuse.

Lars of the Stars

  • The episode opens with Steven and Connie setting out on an adventure together. Looks like Steven resolved to take his vow that he and Connie would always be a team to heart.
    • Why are they setting out? To deliver a care package to Lars from his parents and Sadie, letting him know that they care about him.
  • Lars is quick to insist that a lot of the recent successes he and the Off Colors have had is thanks to the latter - that, without them, he'd still be hiding back in the caves on Homeworld.
    • And the Off Colors, in turn, have come to have such faith in Lars that they often look to him for advice in times of crisis.
  • Emerald certainly cares about her own starship, to the point that she won't destroy the rebels if it means destroying it in the process.
  • When Lars suffers a Heroic BSoD because he thinks Sadie's forgotten all about him, Steven and Connie are quick to inform him that Sadie still cares about him, and her moving on hasn't affected that at all - just like Lars himself hasn't forgotten about Sadie just because he's a space pirate now.
  • When Stevonnie volunteers to fly the Star Skipper against Emerald's warship, the Rutile twins are quick to announce their faith that any friend of Lars should be able to handle the task.

Jungle Moon

  • Stevonnie stays fused throughout the entire episode. Even when Steven and Connie have conflicting views on what they should do for the sake of survival, they talk it through without losing cohesion. This speaks volumes about the stability of their fusion, and how well they get along.
  • Stevonnie wishing themselves goodnight. It's easy to tell that Steven and Connie are reassuring one another.
  • It's actually oddly sweet, seeing Stevonnie/Pink trying to get Yellow's attention.
  • It's hard to tell what was part of the flashback and what was part of the dream's weirdness... But Yellow's speech didn't seem to be affected, so it's highly probable that she did call Pink "Honey," just like a regular human mother.
  • When Stevonnie manage to contact Lars, the viewscreen snaps on in the middle of Lars insisting to the Off-Colors that they won't give up on looking for them.
  • A fairly minor one, but apparently the very stern, very serious Yellow Diamond didn't seem to mind Yellow Pearl taking her selfie. Given that it was fairly easy to access, it seems hard to believe Yellow Diamond wasn't aware of it, which would suggest Yellow Diamond decided against deleting it.
    • In the selfie, Yellow Diamond can be seen in the background using the computer where the selfie was saved. This means that Yellow Pearl took the picture in another device, and Yellow Diamond saved it to her personal computer at a later time, and was looking at it before the base was abandoned.

Your Mother and Mine

  • When Garnet first meets the Off-Colors she shows alot of excitement and even complements them, calling Fluorite beautiful, saying Padparadscha is rare, compliments Rutiles uniqueness and even wanting to talk more with Rhodonite.
  • Garnet regales the Off-Colors with the story of Rose Quartz, but they point out that it still ended with Rose's rebellion being defeated, with only a handful of survivors remaining. Garnet rebuts their worries with a Rousing Speech.
    Rhodonite: So what are we supposed to get out of this? That we can never win?!
    Garnet: We haven't yet, but we can! And we will! They said they annihilated Rose's rebellion, but here we are! They said they annihilated all of you on Homeworld, but here you are! They think they have us on the run, but they're the ones running from the truth! And the truth is, we! Are! Everywhere!
  • Even after the Crystal Gems had to poof and bubble Bismuth, Garnet still makes a point of mentioning her heroism when recounting the Crystal Gem's story to the Off-Colors.

The Big Show

  • While Sadie is glad her band's first big show was a success, she's also a little disappointed that her mother didn't show up. It shows that even though she hates how smothering Barb can be when she's in "helicopter parent" mode, Sadie still loves her. Steven then reassures Sadie that she can extend Barb an invitation to their next show, which inspires Sadie to arrange a show in Beach City.
  • Barb making an actual effort not to overwhelm her daughter is heartwarming too— when she starts to get over-excited about their Empire City show, Sadie reminds her she promised to back off, and she does. Though there's tension between them still, they're clearly working on their relationship.
  • After giving up on his own dream of becoming a rockstar, Greg ends up being able to use his knowledge and connections to help Sadie and her friends become successful.
    • Sadie and the Cool Kids immediately agreeing to having Greg act as their manager, with Buck stating that Greg taught him everything he knows about playing music.

Pool Hopping

  • Steven helping Garnet work through her issues with her future vision.
  • Garnet adopts a one-eyed kitten she names "Cat Steven" so she has something small and helpless to take care of since Steven is growing up and is becoming his own person (which she acknowledges with pride).
  • Cat Steven sleeping on Lion's head at the end of the episode.

Letters to Lars

  • Garnet and Pearl are collaborating with Mayor Nanefua in protecting Beach City (with Pearl being excited about talking to people with her new cell phone) and Amethyst and Peridot have joined Jamie's improv group. It just shows how much the gems have changed and are connecting with the people of Beach City.
  • While he still complains about the weirdness of it, Lars lets Steven read the entire letter out loud patiently. He even thanks him with a smile. His Character Development really made him appreciate Steven a lot more.
  • If the scene in Fish Stew Pizza is any indication, Garnet and Pearl has gotten comfortable enough around humans to keep them more informed about Gem affairs and plan for future Homeworld attacks. Pearl and Kiki even share a moment of excitement over Pearl's first cell phone.
  • Pearl heckles Jamie's improv group during a skit about plumbers, simply because she loves Steven to the point of wanting every scene to involve him instead. They've indulged her at least once, as Peridot mentions they did a skit about Steven last week.
    • Pearl and Steven are the only ones to attend to improv group's show, likely to support Amethyst and Peridot.
  • Mr. Dewey shows up during the Suspects' band meeting while they're planning their next show. He suggests that he play a Bedsheet Ghost. Buck nixes the idea due to it going against the theme, but it's nice that he was trying to give his dad something to try and help with.
    • Jamie also apparently let him take part in the Improv group, although he's terrible at it, and people seem to rather like him working at the Big Donut, showing a lot of patience with his getting adjusted (and naming all the Donuts after himself). While the whole town was angry at him, they all seem pretty willing to help him out and find something else to do. Even PeeDee's less than flattering remarks about turning the Mayor Mobile into a food stand aren't really made with any specific malice towards Dewey himself, and he didn't even know he was nearby.
  • Mr. Dewey finally makes it up to Lars' parents for his mishap in "Dewey Wins". After he takes over the Big Donut, he names all the donuts after himself; except for one, the Pink Lars. It's a pink donut with pink frosting and pink sprinkles, and he delivers it to the Barriga household himself.

Can't Go Back

  • Lapis and Steven hanging out at the Moon Base in a sunset holographic setting... while it lasted.
  • The Crystal Gems training with Peridot back on Earth. When Peridot begins doubting her progress, they surround her with support and manage to lift her spirits. They've truly come so far accepting her as one of them.
  • Lapis singing about the peace and happiness she found on Earth.
  • A fridge heartwarming moment—if you listen closely when Pearl shows up with Rose's sword in the Diamond flashback, you can hear a small part of one of Pearl's songs. Which song is it? "Do It For Her".

A Single Pale Rose

  • Pearl's first-ever text message... to Steven, who is sitting right across the room:
    Dear Steven,
    Love, Pearl
  • Amethyst showing Pearl how to use her phone, and getting a phone case from her personal collection. And Pearl's listening attentively as well. Considering how often they were at each other's throats in the early seasons, it's nice to see how far they've come.
  • When Steven asks Pearl if she shattered Pink Diamond, he's quick to add that "it's okay," suggesting that he's not asking because he wants to cast blame - he just wants answers about his most recent dream.
  • Pearl is relieved to finally be able to tell Steven the truth - or rather, show him the truth.
    Pearl: (tears in her eyes) I wanted to tell you for so long...
  • For all her faults and how badly it backfired, Rose Quartz really did want to save Earth and give it to the Crystal Gems and Earthlings.
    • Especially since Rose was actually Pink Diamond. She went from wanting to rule a colony of her own to growing fascinated with life on Earth, and wanting freedom and equality for all Gems. Talk about Character Development!
    • Doubly so, considering she was giving up the leadership and colony that she'd always wanted in order to make it happen.
  • Another thing worth noting from the flashback is how Rose was already on very familiar terms with Pearl. Despite their differences in Homeworld social castes, Rose clearly had a great deal of trust and affection in Pearl - much more so than even Yellow Diamond's patience and tolerance towards her Pearl!
    • Especially since Rose was a Diamond. The highest of the Gem castes, considering the lowest as a confidant and equal!
    • Look no further than Pearl's outfit; Yellow and Blue Pearl are dressed in somewhat provocative leotards, like they're sexy ornaments for the Diamonds. Pink's Pearl, meanwhile, is in an adorable dress, showing how much Rose/Pink respects her. What's more, it has the colors of all four Diamonds like Pearl's modern outfits. Since Pink Diamond was the youngest, she probably wanted to incorporate all the colors of her sisters.
  • Pink/Rose could have ordered Pearl to go through with her plan, but took the time to try and convince her.
  • Just how giddy Rose is when Pearl agrees to help her fake the assassination of her own Diamond persona.
  • Despite what Pink thought, despite how horrible they were at showing it, the other Diamonds really did love her, and tried to avenge her by subjecting those who shattered her to a Fate Worse than Death.
  • A meta one: as one YouTube comment points out, the way Pearl says "Sorry to make you come all this way...", it's like she's unwittingly addressing the audience who have waited up to five seasons for the answers to Rose's past. It's as though she's letting both Steven and the audience know their patience in finding the truth about Rose is greatly appreciated, if poignantly.
  • When Steven returns from Pearl's subconscious, there is a Freeze-Frame Bonus of Garnet and Amethyst comforting Pearl over Rose's Death by Childbirth.
  • In a meta way, for the first time since "Mindful Education", the ending credits music has finally broken past its disconcerting/mysterious style, and crescendoes into a triumphant climax, as if to drive home the point of the final lines of the episode, and as if saying to the viewer "Congratulations! You finally know the truth!".

Now We're Only Falling Apart

  • The very next episode after "A Single Pale Rose" shows that not only does Ruby, unlike Sapphire, take the news of her being Pink Diamond well, but isn't affected by it at all. The same is implied with Amethyst.
  • Steven and Pearl immediately going after a distraught Sapphire, and reassuring Ruby.
  • Garnet was the third member of the Crystal Gems after Pink/Rose and Pearl and the reason their objective went from scare all gems away from Earth to make Earth a safe haven for outcast gems.
  • Pink first took on the Rose Quartz persona in order to have fun with the newly created Earth Quartzes without having the other Diamonds get on her case.
  • At the Kindergarten, there is this one Amethyst who pops out and immediately goes to hug her accepting sisters.
    • The Amethysts' orders were to move out as soon as they emerged. The reason they were waiting around? They were waiting for 8XM (our Amethyst) to emerge.
  • While misguided, Blue’s attempt to appease Pink by creating the human zoo and in a Meta sense the fact that the zoo wasn’t even Pink’s idea.
  • Sapphire managing to see Pink/Rose in a positive light again after Pearl explained Pink's motivations.
  • When Pink (in her Rose Quartz disguise) sees an Amethyst emerge in the Kindergarten, she tells the newly formed gem that she's beautiful, no wonder she was so beloved by the gems in and out of her court!
    • Even before that, Pink is on the moonbase watching with the holo-projector as the first of her Quartz soldiers emerge from the Kindergarten. When she see one pop out of the ground, she spreads her arms and proclaims, "Welcome to Earth!" It's like seeing a parent watching their children be born. The only reason she didn't go down earlier was not wanting to deal with Blue and Yellow's disapproval when they heard about it.
  • The relationship between Pink and Pearl is just wonderful.
    • Pearl notes that she was given to Pink to make her happy and you can tell that she's a little saddened that she couldn't at first.
    • Even from the start of the flashbacks, you can tell that Pink isn't comfortable with Pearl's slavish adoration.
    • Pearl is the one who suggests that Pink disguise herself to go to the Kindergarten, as well as being the one who suggests looking at the rest of the planet.
    • Pink/Rose never treats Pearl as if she is beneath her. Pink is always sharing her thoughts with Pearl and in return Pearl begins to share some of hers of being free and having met 'Rose Quartz' on Earth as a friend and not as a possession, even though she immediately follows that up with saying that she needs to be told to stop for having those thoughts.
    • While it's pretty funny how she does it, Pearl attempting to 'fuse' with Pink after Pink is expressing such wonder at two different Gems fusing (Garnet) is heartwarming when you remember that Pearl is still just trying to make Pink Diamond happy by doing the thing she thinks will make her Diamond smile.
      • And then when they actually almost do. Gems have only been shown to not need to use the Fusion Dance if they're quite close, so that speaks volumes about the strength of their connection at that point. Even if they didn't quite get all the way to Rainbow Quartz.
    • The entirety of Pearl's apparent Love Confession after her attempted 'fusion' between her and Pink:
      Pearl: Oh- I thought- if a Ruby and a Sapphire- but you're a Diamond- forgive me! What am I doing? I... I need to be replaced immediately!
      Rose: No!
      Pearl: (blushing madly) But I've been imagining things. Even when you haven't asked me to, I imagine that I ran away and met you here on Earth, a Rose Quartz. And I'm not your's, but I make you so happy anyway! Isn't that ridiculous? Tell me to stop!
      Rose: (grabs Pearl while blushing madly herself) Please don't ever stop!
  • The implication in light of the following episodes that Steven is pushing down his own quite complicated emotions about the reveal to help Sapphire come to terms with it.

What's Your Problem?

  • Throughout the entire episode, Amethyst is notably low-key about the big reveal opting instead to try to get Steven to have fun and say how he feels about it. When Steven asks how she feels, she gives an outburst that makes it clear that she's far from chill about it, but believes it's about high-time that she put Steven first instead of how these things usually play out. Steven's response? She is now the most mature member of the Crystal Gems, to which she throws a mock tantrum, which they both laugh about.
    Amethyst: I feel like, I don’t wanna say, "What about me?", okay?! And I don’t wanna be bent out of shape, I don’t wanna be stuck in the past, and I’m not responsible for what Rose did. None of us are! Not you, not Pearl, and not Garnet! But I am responsible for me! And right now, I am NOT gonna dump another thousand-year-old complex on you or anybody else! I’m ending it RIGHT HERE! I am the Ding Dong Sunshine Future – your friend FOREVER! ...And I’m not going to fall apart on you.
  • After Amethyst's declaration that she won't burden Steven with her issues, they have this exchange:
    Steven: Have you been trying to cheer me up this whole time?
    Amethyst: Yes, geez! Don't you know you deserve it, you... great... person?
  • Despite obviously going through his own issues, Steven is determined to find poor Ruby who really needs a friend.
  • The Reveal that Greg has been there consoling Ruby and trying to cheer her up since Sapphire ran off.
  • Greg giving Jenny a big tip for making her go as far out as she did to deliver the pizza.

The Question

  • Steven helping Ruby figure out what to do regarding her worries about her and Sapphire's relationship.
  • Ruby's unbridled delight at the first freedom she's ever had to simply be Ruby. The episode's gentle message that this okay, this is healthy, and on top of all that, the fact that it brings her even closer to Sapphire is all just wonderful to behold.
  • Greg's reaction to learning that the love of his life was Pink Diamond; he's okay with it. To be fair, he never shared his old name with her. It was a mutual sense of trusting that their past selves weren't as important as who they chose to become.
    • Also, Greg having a deep understanding that, instead of forcing Ruby to go back to Sapphire, she should be allowed the freedom to find herself.
  • What's the titular question of the episode? Turns out it's referring to Ruby popping THE question:
    Ruby: Sapphire... will you marry me?
    Sapphire: What? (confused giggle) Marry you?
    Ruby: Yeah! This way we can be together, even if we're apart! This time, being Garnet will be our decision. What do you say?!
    Sapphire: (smiles) ...Of course.
    Ruby: YEE-HAW!
    (they hug)
    Sapphire: I've been waiting to kiss your cute face! (kisses Ruby on the cheek) (they enter a Twirl of Love)
    • The entire thing being coupled with a gorgeous, majestic, violin rendition of "Stronger than You", as though bringing home how Ruby and Sapphire's relationship reached a new beautiful milestone.
    • In a meta-sense, this is the first instance of a gay proposal and wedding on a main-stream children's TV-show, and has received massive amounts of praise from the LGBTQ+ community.
  • The episode ends with Pearl, Steven, and Amethyst watching Ruby and Sapphire celebrate on the beach.
    • Amethyst spends the scene still shapeshifted into Ruby's horse. In any other circumstances she'd ring in with an awful pun about it, but when Pearl is taken off-guard by it Amethyst's response is to whisper "Psst. It's me. I'm a horse". It was the practically the perfect setup for a joke, but she chose not to so that Ruby and Sapphire's moment wouldn't be interrupted.
  • Pearl accompanying Sapphire while the others were off with Ruby. They're sitting together on the couch drinking tea (presumably prepared by Pearl) by the time Steven returns, and she has a comforting hand on Sapphire's back.
  • The title has an even more profound meaning, being a reflection yet opposite to a previous episode that showed the beginning of Ruby and Sapphire's relationship, and now this episode is the culmination of that relationship. Don't those two titles just come together perfectly? Much like Ruby, Sapphire, and Garnet do?

Made of Honor

  • Steven is quite happy to help out with the wedding plans. He even has a book he's apparently been filling for years with ideas for this kind of thing.
  • Sapphire calling Ruby "Sweetums".
  • During the wedding rehearsal, Sapphire expresses regret of all their old friends who can't be there. So what does Steven do? Un-bubble Bismuth.
  • Bismuth trying to free a friend of hers trapped in a bubble. Too bad she was corrupted...
  • Bismuth actually takes The Reveal about Rose and Pink much better than Garnet did and gives Steven a sincere apology for her actions.
    • When Bismuth reforms and sees Steven, she calls him "Rose" (seemingly still seeing him as his mom) before she quickly corrects herself and calls him by his name. It goes to show that after the (literal) fight they had a while ago, Bismuth realized Steven really was his own person and not "Rose" in disguise, which in turn made her want to apologize to Steven for what she did (and, of course, she was forgiven).
  • Bismuth stating that she can see that Steven is the real leader of the Crystal Gems, not Garnet, since he is the only thing keeping them all together after they discovered that Rose was a sham.
  • Near the end of the episode Bismuth says she believes the other Gems don't want her back after what she did. Steven's response is that he wants her back on the team, and he's sure that would convince the other Gems. Bismuth then says Steven is acting like a leader. Steven disagrees and says he's acting like a friend.
  • Steven then brings Bismuth to the other Crystal Gems. Much to her surprise, the others are delighted to see Bismuth again, giving her a bear-hug to the ground.
    • Bismuth shows that since she had to give Ruby and Sapphire a gift, she made them their wedding rings! They're even color coded!
  • Amethyst making sure Peridot gives Bismuth and the others some space. Most mature Crystal Gem, indeed.


  • Steven singing "For Just One Day Let's Only Think About (Love)" to cheer up everyone. The fact that he repeatedly floats, which only happens when he's in a really good mood, shows how excited he is for the wedding.
  • Ruby, being the bride, telling Sapphire not to look at her before the wedding, even with future vision.
  • There's something sweet about Peedee being concerned when his dad goes flying backwards due to Peridot's thrown flower clocking him in the face.
  • Bismuth missing her cue for the rings because she's crying Tears of Joy.
  • When Ruby sees Sapphire in her tux, she gives a huge, adorable smile, blushes heavily, and hurries down the stairs. She even uses her flame powers to move down the aisle faster!
  • The wedding itself, of course, culminating in Ruby and Sapphire sharing a Big Damn Kiss on the lips and finally fusing back into Garnet.
    Ruby: I know this is all kind of silly, I mean, we've been together for 5,750 years.
    Sapphire: And 8 months.
    Ruby: I used to feel like I wasn't much good, just one of me on my own, but when we're together, it feels like it's okay to just be me. So I wanna be me, with you, and, and, not even the Diamonds will come between us. And if they try, we'll beat em up! (punches and kicks furiously into the air)
    Sapphire: (laughs) Ruby, my future used to look like one single, obvious stream, unbending 'til the end of time. In an instant, you pulled me from that destiny, and opened my eye to an explosion of infinite possible futures, streaking across space and time, altered and obliterated by the smallest force of will. (beat) What I mean is, you changed my life. And then, I changed your life. And now, we changed our lives.
  • Garnet's adorable dancing at the reception.
  • Steven needs to talk to the Cluster, but can't sleep because of the noise. Greg suggests a lullaby, which Connie expresses doubt over, but by the time Greg has finished a few chords, Steven has fallen asleep. Dad Universe knows his son well.
  • Her anger may be misplaced, but Blue Diamond is genuinely outraged that "Rose Quartz" would turn Pink's world into her hiding place.
  • A subtle one where when Steven is shaving, he uses the very same razor that Garnet gave him as a gift as seen in "Three Gems and a Baby".
  • A minor one, but during the fight, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are all using the upgrades Bismuth made for them in her debut episode. There's no doubt that Bismuth is well and truly forgiven, and she's back on the team for good.
  • The Cluster emerges from the core of Earth, it is in control of itself and instead of attacking the Crystal Gems it attacks the Diamonds' ships and gives Steven a thumbs up.
    • If you think about it, the way the Cluster acts is very counter to how Peridot, the Diamonds and even the Cluster seemed to think it would behave. So it's easy to come to the conclusion that the Cluster didn't just spend its time bubbled merely talking - it knew that there was still a chance it could be forced to form and it seems to have made a plan for just such an event. The many Crystal Gems shattered and lost in the earth's core are still protecting Earth the only way they can!
  • Lapis coming back having conquered her fear and finally officially joining the Crystal Gems.
  • A quick yet sweet moment, but Steven gives his friends and comrades an adorably loving smile as they all pitch in to help him hold back Blue Diamond's Beam Spam with his shield.
  • As Steven makes his way over to the Diamonds to psychically reason with them, he (quite literally) passes through the other Crystal Gems, giving them encouragement.
    • He reminds Garnet that she's made of love. She's barely even surprised that Steven is able to psychically communicate with her.
    • He gives encouragement to both Amethyst and Bismuth, and they fight back even harder.
  • Bismuth's thoughts as Steven comes by her? That she doesn't want to lose her friends again.
    • Pearl's thoughts are how she's fighting for Rose and for Steven. Steven reminds her to fight for herself as well. And she does.
  • Bismuth forming a fast friendship with Peridot, saying she likes her for how she doesn't quit.
  • After trashing Yellow's arm ship and temporarily stunning both Diamonds, the Cluster gently moves over the temple to check on everyone, and gives them a thumbs up before returning to its slumber. Steven gets one as well by checking to see if its alright, and telling it its 'the best.' Surprising, given one of the parties involve is a giant horrifying arm monster.
  • A minor moment, but Yellow Diamond helping Blue out of the wreckage before resuming the fight.
  • Steven telling the Diamonds that they’re not enemies. They’re family.
  • The reactions of the Diamonds after they recognize Pink's aura. Even the normally-uncaring Yellow Diamond has a visible look of concern on her face for Steven.
    Blue Diamond: (crying Tears of Joy) It's you! Pink!
    • Greg and Bismuth are both smiling as Steven wakes up, proud that he saved the day. Especially touching considering that Bismuth has only known Steven for roughly two days worth of time.
  • For the first time since the Season 3 finale, "Love Like You" plays over the end credits in a Triumphant Reprise. It truly cements that this is Steven's finest hour.

Legs From Here to Homeworld

  • The Diamonds' reunion with their long lost sister, Pink... in a bittersweet way.
    • Blue's Reaction to finding out Pink's true fate; For once Blue's tears are Tears of Joy and she is displaying the biggest, most adorable smile evernote . All the while she holds Steven in her hands and nuzzles him with her cheek.
    • Yellow understandably demands an explanation as to why "Pink" is in a few form and a voice, and "why didn't you say anything at the trial?!", in a tone indicating Anger Born of Worry. Steven manages to explain that he doesn't have Rose or Pink's memories, or he would have told them. Yellow, unlike in her previous appearances, calmly accepts the explanation and hopes that Pink's memories would return.
    • It also seems that they will finally listen to Pink (through Steven) about her problems after dismissing her for thousands of years, just like a reprise of "Nightmare Hospital".
  • A small one, but apparently Blue and Yellow had no idea that the attack they used to end the war corrupted all the gems, but thought it had destroyed them all instead. Subjecting the Crystal Gems to a Fate Worse than Death was never a part of the plan.
  • Steven, Blue, and Yellow trying to cure Centipeedle at Steven's request.
  • After failing to permanently fix Centipeetle, Steven angrily demands the Diamonds do something about it. Despite scolding "Pink" for ruining "perfectly adequate Gems", Yellow (the most stern out of the three) nonetheless has no problems in trying, even if it means talking to White Diamond. This is a far cry from the dismissive attitude she had with Peridot and during the dream sequence in "Jungle Moon".
  • When Yellow gets upset over Pink 'making them' ruin so many Gems, Blue instantly jumps to Steven/Pink's defense and actually acknowledges how horrible it must have been to be trapped on Earth with the corrupted Gems for her, even if she doesn't understand they were Pink's friends.
  • Connie accompanying the Crystal Gems to Homeworld, apparently Steven took their fight to heart and isn’t going to leave her out again. And the mere fact that her parents are allowing her to go. Her mother asks her if she even has her sword.
  • Look closely at Garnet's hand: she still has her wedding ring on. They didn't just brush aside Ruby and Sapphire's wedding. Garnet no longer represents just a relationship, but a marriage.
  • Bismuth chooses to stay on Earth, partially to look after the still yet to reform Peridot and Lapis.
    • She also turns her explanation of why she is staying into a pep-talk: "in Earth terms", she thinks Steven is going into the lion's den, but fortunately Steven is a lion too, so he has to roar at them in their own language and he alone can do that.
  • Sitting in Pink's leg ship as it very awkwardly takes off, Blue has a small smile.
  • Blue and Yellow are clearly close, and work to offset each other - Blue tempers Yellow's irritability and encourages patience, Yellow gets Blue to focus and gives her a comforting hand when she's upset after White is brought up.
  • While Blue and Yellow clearly don't want to go to White and have definite misgivings about taking Steven to her, they know it's important to "Pink", so they'll do it. Blue is more obviously afraid of White than Yellow is, but Yellow's certain White will be angry and is apprehensive - and they both want to close ranks and protect their long-lost sibling from her.
  • When Steven has a clumsy take off in Pink's ship, Pearl's reaction shows she doesn't quite hold Rose on the same pedestal as she did at the beginning of the series. She's come a long way.
    Steven: I bet when Mom took off, it was pretty graceful, huh?
    Pearl: Heh… no, not really…
    • Even better in that Pink/Rose doesn't want Pearl to hold her on such a high pedestal.


  • The Pebbles are adorable in their interactions with Steven, and it's clear that they were close to Pink.
    • In a sort of retroactive example, they recognise Steven as being Pink when he says "Thank You" to them. Even before she came to Earth, Pink Diamond really didn't look down on anyone.
  • Steven and Pearl being reunited. They immediately rush to hug each other, then Pearl fusses over him making sure he's okay.
  • It's revealed that Pink would throw balls and parties that all members of every court would attend, and that the Homeworld Gems loved her. Is it any wonder she has an 100% Adoration Rating? It's also revealed that she always managed to make Blue, Yellow, and White laugh with her games, and that they were all very close. It makes Pink's belief that the other Diamonds never cared about her and her unintentionally hurting the Homeworld Gems worse than ever by faking her death, as well as Pink/Rose's statement that she never misses Homeworld all the more heartbreaking.
  • Yellow does admit that she's grateful for Pink being back, noting how she was always able to make Yellow laugh. Even if she does it in somewhat backhanded manner, it's clear that she is trying to reach out in her own way.
  • Blue makes it a point of using Steven's name when talking to him. While like Yellow she doesn't seem to grasp the situation as it is in its entirety, she is showing a level of respect for Pink's choices that neither of the other two have. She even admits to liking the name.
  • Blue is smiling throughout the entirety of the conversation with Steven. Yes, Blue. She's only seen tearing up once when reminiscing about the past and it's very brief. It's both remarkable and adorable.
  • Despite all the issues the team has had with her, Pearl is still concerned about her fellow Yellow Pearl and chides Steven for messing with her.
  • While it's Played for Laughs, Blue Pearl managing to give our Pearl a "Welcome Back" is certainly something.
  • Pearl sneaks the rest of the team into Pink's room and they all have a group hug with Steven.

Together Alone

  • The dream has what appears to be Steven reliving a memory of Pink Diamond's time on Homeworld, but with White's Pearl, who is clearly close to her apparent mistress. Unfortunately, things take a darker turn soon...
    • When Yellow Diamond comes to check on Steven/Pink and White Pearl, she initially seems as hostile as you'd expect, given their interactions in the past. That is until she sees that everything seems to be alright... and look at the smile on her face as she looks at them through the mirror and retracts her neck back. Yes, Yellow Diamond. It's not even a condescending or smug smile, it's a genuine heartwarming smile not unlike one you'd see from a mother towards her child.
  • The Sleep Cute moment between Steven and Connie at the beginning. So adorable it hurts.
  • Steven teaching Yellow and Blue Pearl about fun and they find out that Yellow Pearl likes to model while Blue Pearl likes to draw.
    • Blue Pearl showing her artwork is very similar to an artist being insecure about their skills. She gets praised by both Steven and Yellow Pearl, also, just look at that smile she gives.
    • It's also implied that her job as a courtroom artist is Blue Diamond finding a socially acceptable way for her to pursue what makes her happy.
  • When Connie sees a disappointed Steven after White Diamond is a no-show, she engages in Loophole Abuse to point out he's only not supposed to dance in White Diamond's presence, and invites him to dance. She reminds him he's not alone.
  • While it doesn't work, all the Crystal Gems fusing and standing in front of Stevonnie to protect them. No one messes with Stevonnie.
  • A pair of Jades are inspired enough to fuse, and declares she will fight for Stevonnie. Then she says breathlessly, "I knew I couldn't be the only one!" From her perspective, a Diamond showed her that it was alright to fuse, and she is fighting for that right. Unfortunately Yellow poofs her, but one can hope she'll return and become an honorary Crystal Gem.
    • Many LGBTQ+ fans have praised the line "I knew I couldn't be the only one" for perfectly representing how it feels to be in the closet in a society that won't accept you, and then finally finding that connection with the wider community.
    • Notice was her first quote as a fusion: "I knew I couldn't be the only one!" One thing sticks out: “I”. How long have these gems been fusing? To the point where their fusion calls itself its own being? These gems must truly love each other.
  • Garnet quickly becomes disgusted at Blue Diamond's anti-fusion discrimination picking open an old wound, and outright refuses to come to the ball since it'd mean being near her. But even though they both openly hate the idea of attending the ball unfused against their will, Ruby and Sapphire still split up to attend the ball that way. It really does show that despite having every reason to hate Homeworld society, Ruby and Sapphire are still willing to put up with it just to keep close to Steven and give him moral support when he really needs it.
  • It's subtle, but White Pearl doesn't frown until Steven and Connie begin fusing, several seconds after Connie brought him down to dance. Given that White Diamond is seeing, talking, and reacting through her Pearl is, that means she had no real problem with one of the Diamonds joining the dancing, even with a human... until they accidentally fuse, of course.
  • One tiny one: Steven was trying to give his best shot at being Pink Diamond, to save the Corrupted Gems. The main reason why he was dejected at the party was because he saw how miserable the other Crystal Gems were, and it ended up amounting to nothing. He wants his family of choice to be happy.
  • After their initial Deer in the Headlights reaction, Steven and Connie don't un-fuse despite the stress that comes from seeing the Crystal Gems poofed, Stevonnie grabbed and locked up, and the whole party ending in failure. Steven hasn't forgotten Connie's earlier admonition that they need to face Homeworld dangers together.


  • Despite things going rather catastrophically wrong, Connie doesn't blame Steven for his choices (and Steven doesn't blame Connie for her actions unintentionally getting them trapped in the first place), and instead reassures him that he was only trying to save the corrupted Gems the only way that seemed possible. Quite a heartwarming change from his attempt to alleviate the threat and her harsh reaction at said attempt at the beginning of season 5.
    • It helps that he brought Connie along for this one, including her and the other Crystal Gems in his plan instead of trying to put it all on himself despite their protests.
    • Really, just how plucky and upbeat Connie is during their imprisonment. This may be the Darkest Hour, but she will not let despair beat her or Steven. Her support probably kept Steven from hitting the Despair Event Horizon.
  • When Steven enters the astral realm and prepares to take off for Earth, he takes a moment to reassure Connie that he'll be okay. She, in turn, wishes him luck with a grin.
  • Upon returning to Watermelon Island in astral form, Steven sticks around long enough to resolve racial tensions among the Watermelon Stevens by showing them that, body-paint aside, they're really all the same where it counts.
  • When he finally sets out, Steven-in-a-Watermelon-Steven's body gets attacked by a watermelon shark. Despite getting mauled, Steven manages to appease said shark by kissing it on the snout! Cue the shark blushing and swimming off.
    • Heck, just all of Steven's efforts at resolving tensions on Watermelon Island. After seeing his attempts fail with the Diamonds, the payoff with the watermelons shows that his idealism isn't so foolish after all - even if not everyone is willing to listen, that's no reason to give up on trying.
  • As Steven's watermelon body begins to break down, who finds him and brings him back to Beach City to deliver his distress call? Lion! And it turns out that watermelon body or not, Lion recognizes his owner just fine.
  • Bismuth makes a return appearance. Sure, we don't hear her speak, but it's cool that the Crewniverse found a way to include her when her voice actor might not be available.
  • By the episode's end, Lion, Bismuth, and Greg Universe have learned about the Crystal Gems' predicament, and their determined expressions make it clear they're willing to do whatever it takes to save the day. Hold tight, Crystal Gems... The Cavalry is on its way!
  • A sweet, adorable Sleep Cute moment at the end: when Steven wakes up, Connie has fallen asleep with her arms around Steven, unaware that she's gently hugging Steven in her sleep for comfort, as if he were a teddy bear. Awww...

Change Your Mind

  • The flashback with the adorable alien creatures Pink released onto Homeworld, showing that she had a fascination with organic life even before Earth.
  • Though it starts out as a Tear Jerker with Blue Diamond scolding Steven and launching an energy ball at him, the former doesn't take long to start doubting herself, before realizing that Pink - and the rest of the Crystal Gems - are better off living by their own rules on Earth, rather than forced to conform to Homeworld's doctrine.
    • What makes this especially sweet is that Steven doesn't have to bring up any of this, himself - all it takes is his Armor-Piercing Question about how many times Blue made Pink Diamond cry for Blue Diamond to reach these conclusions on her own.
    • Especially poignant is the gentle reassurance in Blue's voice when vowing to help Steven and the Crystal Gems get back to Earth, which she actually refers to as their home.
      Blue Diamond: We never should have brought you back here. Your family - your Crystal Gems - are bubbled. Let's get you all back in your legs... and back home.
  • When Yellow (initially) refuses to listen to reason, Blue is quick to come to Steven's defense, even finally acknowledging him as his own person.
    Blue Diamond: She prefers to be called "Steven".
    • She even looks at Steven with a smile when she says the line.
    • Blue pointedly doesn't raise her voice even slightly when confronting Yellow. But when Yellow calls her out on hurting a fellow Diamond, Blue fires back over how they did just that not only to Pink, but to all of the Gems they rule over. Every bit of rage, grief, sorrow and guilt over everything they've done boils over not because of how Yellow has hurt her, but because of how Blue herself hurt Pink and drove her away.
    • This works in a meta sense, too. Throughout the Diamond Days event, there's been an underlying theme of a reunited family after a trans child ran away and has now returned. The Diamonds see Steven, who presents as a male, as Pink, who presents as female. But now, Blue Diamond's firm assertion of Steven is reminiscent of a parent starting to accept their trans child, even though she still uses female pronouns in reference to him (and even this may well be down to the fact that, since all Gems prior to Steven have used she/her pronouns, Blue Diamond might not be entirely aware that other personal pronouns exist).
  • When Yellow attempts to stop Steven from rescuing his bubbled friends, Blue stops her from harming the Crystal Gems, including Ruby.
  • Steven continuing to try to appeal to Yellow Diamond, despite the latter inflicting her lightning attack on Blue. And succeeding.
  • Peridot and Lapis have reformed, and even have new outfits that better reflect that they're official Crystal Gems now!
    • A minor case of heartwarming in Peridot's new costume: she not only has a yellow star on her chest in place of the diamond, she has dark-colored stars on the knees of her leggings. Peridot has a habit of adopting things from those she admires, and remember who else tends to have dark-colored stars on the knees of their leggings. She most likely adopted that look from Amethyst.
    • By that same token, consider her new visor. Pronounced as it is, she was probably inspired by Garnet!
  • Bismuth giving Connie a new sword! Not a sword that was originally intended for a Gem and passed along to her, but a sword that Connie can truly call her own.
  • During the fight with White, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl's gems plunge to Homeworld's depths from a very high altitude. Steven dives after them and is able to catch Amethyst's gem, but can do nothing but desperately plead for her to reform. What happens next? They fuse into Smokey! Steven was able to bring Amethyst out just in time; what's more, he didn't do it with his Diamond powers, but with his love for his family. He then goes on to repeat it for Pearl and Garnet, both of which are incredible in their own ways.
    • For Pearl, think on what it must mean to her to be a part of Rainbow Quartz again. After being so hung up on Rose for the entirety of Steven's life and likely resigning herself to never having the intimate bond that fusion brings ever again, she has her life saved by the very ideal Steven represents that Rose was willing to give up her entire existence to make possible and it allows her to know the joy that fusing into Rainbow used to bring her once again.
    • Sunstone is arguably the most impressive example. Steven is calling out for Garnet but he's actually reaching out to Ruby and Sapphire, who he doesn't know quite as well as he does Garnet. Not to mention Garnet very much takes a "three's a crowd" approach to letting others get that close and usually only fuses with the others when needed. But Ruby, Sapphire, and Steven love each other so much that the two are willing to let Steven be a part of something so personal and sacred to them.
  • Pearl squeeing over her and Steven forming Rainbow Quartz 2.0.
  • Obsidian, the fusion between Steven, Amethyst, Pearl and Garnet. The fact that they were able to fuse and stay fused for as long as they did shows the level of trust and love they each hold with one another.
  • When White Diamond overwrites the Crystal Gems, Garnet does not defuse. Ruby and Sapphire's love for each other is so strong that even when White Diamond strips away everything else about them, they still cannot be separated.
  • What happens when White Diamond removes Steven's Gem. The gemstone floats into the air, producing a pink figure that shapeshifts into the outline of Pink Diamond... then Rose Quartz... and then... Steven. For those who were worrying that Steven was just a temporary identity, this is proof that he's here to stay.
    • Also note Pink Steven's first action after his scream. He turns his head to see Steven in pain and possibly dying and ignores everything else, stopping only to deflect direct attacks on him, to walk right towards his human half and save him. The two even laugh in relief as they reunite.
    • The sheer unbridled joy that spreads across Human Steven and Pink Steven's faces as they reunite as well given how Pink Steven's face had been completely dead up until that point.
      • Remember how Rose's video said that every time Steven loved himself would be her loving him as well? That was far more true than anyone could have ever realized. Rose is truly gone but her spirit will always live.
      • And if you really think about it, this is the closest thing that Steven will come to ever hugging his mom. It's not perfect, but it's clearly enough.
    • The confirmation that Steven is not a human, a gem, a fusion, Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond, or anything that he feared he could be. He's... himself, a unique being, unbound by the circumstances of his birth, capable of things beyond either of his parents, freer and more powerful than anything in the universe. Nothing has ever changed that, and now, nothing ever will again.
      • After seeing the poor kid go through the identity crisis to end all identity crises over the course of Season 5, wondering if he's even real or just a new form of Pink Diamond, seeing his Tears of Joy as he realizes he's not Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond, or anyone else, but Steven is such a wonderful payoff.
    • And there's the message and theme of this scene. Gems laughing, dancing, and then fusing with each other is a sign of great love, and this has scene both Stevens laughing and dancing with each other, even the Steven that was moments ago stoic and emotionless. After five seasons of doubt and confusion, this scene shows that Steven has come to love himself, just him, flaws and all, without question or doubt.
      Connie: Steven! Are you back together?! Are you 'you'?
      Steven: Yeah. Yeah! I'm me! I've always been me...
  • Steven going up to Pink Pearl after the latter is finally freed from White Diamond's control.
    Steven: Welcome back.
  • White Diamond - yes, White Diamond - having a Heel Realization, which Steven helps transform into a Heel–Face Turn.
    • Not to mention that after all White Diamond did - corrupting the Crystal Gems and the two other Diamonds, having the former attack Connie, and tearing out his gem - Steven still recognizes that White Diamond's a Tragic Villain when he sees her in the middle of her Villainous BSoD, and reaches out to her all the same.
    • While Blue and Yellow are initially grossed out by it, nobody teases or makes fun of White for being an off-colored Gem herself (read: blushing bright pink).
  • The finale. Just... EVERYTHING about it.
    • The song that "Sadie Killer and the Suspects" are playing? "Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart"! Greg is in the audience with Lion and looks fairly touched at the gesture.
    • Lars and Sadie finally reuniting. Those two are awkward, yet adorable.
    • Lars sees Lion again shortly after landing. Though a bit awkward at first, Lars greets Lion by scratching him behind the ear and calling him "buddy". Lars has a lot more respect for Lion now, since they are more alike than before.
    • The Off-Colors' reaction to Sadie; not only do they immediately know who she is, but all of them are extremely excited to finally meet her. Putting two and two together, it's easy to conclude that Lars must have been speaking very highly of her during his trip through space.
    • The Triumphant Reprise of We Are the Crystal Gems being sung by Steven once he takes the stage is this in general.
    • Steven taking the Diamonds to Nephrites' Drop Ship, he made a promise long ago that Centipeedle and her crew would be the first ones he would cure of their Corruption and is living up to this promise.
    • Blue Diamond and Steven both come up with a plan to cure all of the Corrupted Gems at once, and it would also help make White Diamond remember what she had once lost out on when Era 2 began: Gathering together in one place to take a bath, and where do they go to take their bath at? Rose's Fountain on Earth.
    • Symbolically, Blue and Yellow's smiles when they see the fountain, a memorial to their sister's alter-ego. They've found a place that celebrates Rose's life rather than Pink's death. Also, it means they have accepted Pink's choices in life, even if they didn't agree with them, and are accepting her as she was rather than what they wanted her to be.
    • When Blue, White, and Yellow sit at Rose's fountain, they sit at the Rose Quartz statue, as if Pink Diamond is there with them.
    • The Corrupted Gems, who've been part of one of the show's biggest and most unsettling subplots, have finally been healed.
    • And look closely- These Gems aren't just random scene fillers, either. By checking their bodies, savvy viewers can determine which Gem monsters they were. Even the Heaven and Earth Beetles, stuck into a box in "Giant Woman" are shown to be restored.
      • When the Beetles get restored, one of them kisses the other on the cheek.
    • A Freeze-Frame Bonus happens when uncorrupted Jasper prepares to attack Steven before seeing him and several other gems looking at someone behind her. Yellow Diamond, while having fun and joking with the other Diamonds, watches Jasper, obviously prepared to intervene if Jasper went to try and hurt Steven, even with the other uncorrupted Gems protecting him.
      • And when it's clear that Steven's in no danger, Yellow simply brushes off Jasper's initial reaction with a gentle smile.
      • The same scene has Amethyst swim over to Jasper and put her hand on her shoulder to say something to her. Even more heartwarming is that even without dialogue or subtitles in this scene, we know exactly what Amethyst is saying to Jasper just by reading her lips:
        Amethyst: Hey Sis.
    • Another Freeze-Frame Bonus: Biggs Jasper emerges uncorrupted from the pool, and Bismuth dives into the pool with her, delighted to finally be reunited with her old friend. Heck, Bismuth was the one who brought her bubble there!
    • And a third Freeze-Frame Bonus crosses into Funny Moments: Yellow Diamond's arm throwing a peace sign as the Diamonds leave the Earth showing that she's Not So Above It All.
      • Looking closely, you can also see White Diamond's ship give the faintest of wry smiles before they leave.
    • Just how...Adorkable White Diamond turns out to be, post Heel–Face Turn. She's clearly out of her depth, but trying to learn a new way of doing things all the same.
    • The Nephrites grouping together, happy to be able to see each other with their faculties intact. And when the Nephrite we've come to know and love is healed, Steven swims over to her and she's thrilled to see him.
      Steven: Hooray, you're back!
    • And after Nephrite is healed in the Fountain, she is seen beside Steven in every other scene of the Fountain Segment that Steven is part of, smiling and happy spending time with him.
    • In the same scene with Nephrite, three of her crewmen are talking together, one of them crying Tears of Joy over the nightmare being finally over as one of the Nephrites she was hugging came close and kissed her. What makes it better is that the viewer can read her lips and see what she's saying afterwards:
      Nephrite Crewmate: We're free! I missed you for... I love you.
    • The scene of Pearl and Garnet crying Tears of Joy and then hugging one another as all of the corrupted Gems are healed, especially their friends. They've been fighting since the beginning of the war and were the last two standing besides Rose at the bitter end. And now, the unthinkable has happened... The corrupted Gems are healed, the Diamonds are there peacefully, everyone is together... The war is finally over. And they WON.
      • And more than just won... they've made peace with Homeworld. No more worrying if the ancient conflict will ever be re-ignited, no shaky cease-fires, no surprise abductions of humans... at long last, the two sides have found an understanding. If Rose/Pink was here, she would have been so proud of Steven.
    • Hell, The Oner after the scene with Jasper is extremely Heartwarming in and of itself, the Corrupted Gems that were both either Crystal Gems or Homeworld Gems having moved past their issues from the Rebellion and are enjoying each others company laughing and spending time together now that they have finally been cured. Along with Steven finally seeing both his aunts Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond, and his grandmother White Diamond finally managing to enjoy themselves for the first time as a family since Era 2 began all those millennia ago.
  • The last scene with the Crystal Gems on the beach together. They listen to Steven play, Garnet getting a little grin and Pearl looking on with a loving, tender smile, and they all look to the sky as a shooting star goes by, referencing the show's opening and bringing it all full circle, and if the series had ended then and there, the fans probably wouldn't be complaining that much.
    • Right before that is just as sweet, showing all the Crystal Gems, main and auxiliary, together again, enjoying a bonfire. Bismuth roasting marshmallows as Connie, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst laugh along with her, Greg chilling with Lion, Lapis relaxing on Greg's amp, and Peridot playing with Pumpkin and Cat Steven. Their war has finally ended and they get to be a family again.
    • The song itself is a beautiful affirmation of self-love that sums up many of the show's core themes.
      I don't need you to respect me
      I respect me
      I don't need you to love me
      I love me
      But I want you to know, you could know me
      If you change your mind (x3)
      Change your mind...
  • Although the reality that Pink/Rose is truly gone is a Tearjerker for numerous obvious reasons, it does have a bittersweet silver lining to it; even before the reveal that the Diamond's relationship on all sides was abusive, it was still obvious that Pink wasn't happy on Homeworld. By giving up her identity as a Diamond in favor of leading the Rebellion as Rose Quartz, she not only saved the planet that she had truly grown to love, but she was able to live a (mostly) happy life after the war as well. She was able to live as herself without fear of reprisal and even found love, all while surrounded by people that not only loved her back, but never did anything to hurt her and appreciated her for who she was. And during her final days as she was pregnant with Steven, she made it clear that she was prepared to make the sacrifice to make her son a complete being, proving that she had been perfectly content with the life that she had lived. Even if there where still things from her past that held her down emotionally, the fact remains is that, while she may have died, she did so far happier than her life ever was as Pink Diamond.
    • What's more, despite being raised in an unloving environment, Pink still treated others and Earth and her Crystal Gems with love and motherly nurturing as Rose. Earth was a place where she found people she could bestow her love to and be loved by. Instead of letting the Diamonds' cold treatment of her shape her into a jerkass, she became the kind, confident matriarch of the Crystal Gems, Earth's benevolent but brave protector and the caring wife of Greg Universe. Flaws and all, she truly was kindness incarnate.
  • Rebecca Sugar & the Crewniverse didn't lie when they said the show would have no true villain and the way that's played out in this episode shows that they're not as evil as many viewers interpreted them as up until now. The Diamonds have done terrible things, yes, and they are particularly vindictive toward Earth, but it's because they legitimately don't know any better, having been the immortal rulers of an empire for an unknowable length of time. They were always doing their jobs as the rulers of the Gem Empire throughout their entire existences without the chance to learn empathy of the value of others. Not only that, Blue, Yellow, and Pink have spent their entire existences living up to White's nigh-unreachable standards, having to deal with the pressure of doing so, and living in fear of what would happen if they didn't follow White's rules. It isn't until Steven manages to get through to all 3 Diamonds that they finally overcome their fear of White Diamond, learn about empathy, and decide to treat their subjects with that very feeling upon leaving for Homeworld.


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