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Gem Glow
  • Sadie letting Steven take the Cookie Cat freezer home.
  • The reason why the Gems went out and stocked up on his favorite ice cream snack: because they knew it was Steven's favorite and heard it got discontinued. There's just something incredibly simplistic and sweet about the fact that they did that just because they wanted to do something nice for him for no reason other than just because.
  • "You're one of us, Steven! We're not the Crystal Gems without you!" After Amethyst says this, Garnet smiles and nods.
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  • At the end of the episode, the Gems assure Steven that he'll discover how exactly he summons his weapon. And Garnet remarks:
    Garnet: Yes... in your own Steven-y way!

Laser Light Cannon

  • Amethyst and Steven hanging out at the beginning of the episode
  • Greg may be a Bumbling Dad, and he knows that what the Gems do is way out of his league, but he still loves his son enough to help him out with whatever he might need, whenever he comes looking for him.
  • "Let Me Drive My Van into Your Heart" is a song by one-man-band Greg Universe. When he performed it in concert, no one showed up... except Rose Quartz, the woman who would eventually give birth to Steven Universe. Hell, the song itself is pretty heartwarming in its own right.
  • Rose using one of Greg's silly Catchphrases as the activation Code Phrase for the light cannon.
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  • The Gems helping Steven hold the Light Cannon.
  • Greg shedding a few tears at seeing Rose in the beam of the light cannon.
    • He could've also been tearing up at Rose using his catchphrase about hot dogs as a sort of "password" to get the cannon to activate.

Cheeseburger Backpack

  • The motherly, almost neurotic concern Pearl shows for Steven. Once they show up at the Crystal Spire, she saves him from falling down a chasm and immediately wants to send him back to keep him safe.
  • Even though Steven did botch the mission, none of the Gems blame him. They even try to make him feel better about it afterwards, despite how much the tower obviously meant to them.
  • All the Gems getting excited for, and believing in, the power of Steven's Cheeseburger Backpack. Even when the raft doesn't work out, Garnet and Amethyst tell Steven it was a good idea anyway.

Together Breakfast

  • The entire premise of the episode, which is simply Steven trying to gather all the Gems in one place, just so they can all eat breakfast together.
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  • Steven finds himself in Amethyst's "room", where she declares she's going to add him to the Junk Pile, but in a fun, sisterly, teasing manner, making it impossible to be anything but heartwarming.


  • Steven spends most of the episode trying to comfort and be a good friend to a fellow child named Peedee, who's having some serious daddy issues and is depressed by his new job. It just goes to show what a sweet, outgoing kid Steven is. There's something really adorable about the way that Steven tries to help Peedee feel better, even though it's clear he doesn't understand why Peedee is sad. Even if he can't comprehend or fix the problem he can still try and support Peedee through it.
  • Peedee standing between his dad and Frybo in an attempt to defend the former, despite clearly being scared out of his mind.
  • "Dad, I'll... (beat) Are you gonna get another costume?" "(beat) Nah... I don't need another Frybo. I've got the Fry-man."

Cat Fingers

  • Steven and Greg bonding with a playful water fight.
  • A YouTube comment summed up the climax as thus: Someone cares about you when they're concerned when you're in danger. Someone loves you when you've turned into a metamorphing cat monster and they still only see you as their son.
  • After the Gems have returned and found that Steven has got his shapeshifting under control, Garnet tells the others that they should have more faith in Steven.
    • The first thing Pearl does when they get back? Jump off the boat, ask if Steven's okay, and instruct him to "let me see it" while inspecting his fingers. She treats him like a toddler who's just banged his finger, and it's absolutely precious.
  • Before things turned to Body Horror, the cat fingers do look cute.

Bubble Buddies

  • Garnet tells Steven to just talk to Connie, rather than let Pearl over-plan it.
  • Steven unconsciously creating the bubble to protect Connie and himself. Especially when you realize that this was by accident, and he was risking his own life to save Connie.
    • The entire experience. Instead of being a story where the girl doesn't even know about the hero's powers because they didn't ask or the hero is too self-conscious to say so, the opposite happened. Connie got to see Steven as he was, a kid who is half-gem and half-human, both friendly and laid-back, but extraordinary and brave. Instead of being in the dark of what he was capable of, their friendship started off with honesty, no secrets between them.
  • Steven kept Connie's bracelet safe for over a year until he saw her again. He finally worked up the nerve to talk to her and gave it back to reassure Connie when she's feeling overwhelmed. They both recall each other even after an entire year.
    Connie: I'm going to disappear without making a single friend... (crying)
    Steven: (shows her the bracelet) ...We could be friends.
    • Heck, the way Steven gives Connie her bracelet is a reminder of a proposal.
  • Steven protecting the bracelet from the sea monster. No, really, think about it—all the monster wanted was the bracelet. Steven could've just thrown it to the monster and they would've been fine. But no—he risked his life to save the bracelet and defeat the monster another way. Now that's devotion.
  • After Steven takes down the monster, he and Connie hold hands.
  • When Amethyst and Pearl start to be too meddlesome with Steven and Connie, Garnet steps in to keep them from being a bother while repeating how Steven asked not to "Mess up his funky flow". While it's funny that she took a comment like that so seriously, it's also very heartwarming that she listened, took note and indeed took it completely seriously. Simply because Steven asked her to.
  • Steven going starry-eyed after Connie demonstrated that she can write backwards.
  • Sadie not only attempts to break Steven out of his bubble, she also yells at Lars to stop embarrassing Steven in front of Connie.

Serious Steven

  • Steven and the Gems all going to the Amusement Park to ride the Teacups. Double as a Funny Moment as well when Steven is riding with Garnet.
  • Just how nice Garnet is to Steven. She's always really kind and supportive of him but it really comes out in this episode due to how much time they spend together. A particularly notable moment is when Steven ends up fainting from seeing the third trap and the spinning nature of the pyramid giving him nausea. When he comes to and finds that Garnet had carried him through the chamber, she just tells him that he was taking a nap and remains encouraging, rather than telling him that he fainted or collapsed.
  • While all the Gems obviously love Steven, Garnet also shows him a lot of respect. When Pearl goes into exposition-mode about how the place worked to begin with, Garnet immediately tells her "Steven already figured that out". Garnet clearly listens to what Steven says and always takes him seriously, which Pearl in this case, probably with her tendency to think a bit highly of herself, apparently forgot. Given Steven's insecurities about being a full member of the team, it's really very sweet.
  • Garnet's response to Pearl's concern that Steven isn't ready for the mission pretty much mixes her trust and respect for him with her doting, parental side.
    Shh. Just look at him.

Tiger Millionaire

  • Steven's speech about Purple Puma's backstory, which is pretty heartwarming in itself, is followed by this plea to let Amethyst keep at it:
    Steven: Can't we have this? Can't we just... wrestle?
    • The speech in general can be summed up as a defense to people who detract from wrestling that it's more about enjoying the events and athleticism and having fun than it is a literal sporting event.
  • Pearl looks genuinely horrified and concerned when it seems Garnet disapproves of Amethyst's need to wrestle.
  • After realizing how much bottled-up anger Amethyst holds in towards their no-nonsense expectations of her, Garnet and Pearl especially decide to go along with her wrestling facade and pretend to be the Heels, allowing themselves to be "beaten" so that Amethyst and Steven can have a good time. That they decided to play up themselves as evil, fun-hating buzzkills showcases that they were willing to admit they were wrong earlier.
  • The "fight" between Pearl and Steven has her pretending to be knocked out by him in an overly-dramatic fashion that's very reminiscent of a parent or older-sibling having a mock fight with a young child.
  • Amethyst regretfully apologizes to Garnet while she's pretending to be knocked out, who apologizes in return.
  • Lars's restored love for Tiger Millionaire by the end of the episode.
    Lars: I love you, Tiger Millionaire.

Steven's Lion

  • Garnet gently teasing and reassuring Steven that nothing can harm him in the desert at the beginning of the episode. Very cute.
  • Steven's complete and utter adoration of the lion, and the lion being completely gentle and passive to Steven in response, not to mention the lion eventually rescuing Steven and helping him reach the desert glass.
  • Just the image of Steven and Amethyst taking a nap under a pillow fort they made. Further cementing their sibling-like relationship without even saying anything.
    • Particularly given that gems don't need to sleep; Amethyst is doing it with Steven purely for the fun of it.

Arcade Mania

  • At the beginning of the episode when Steven is in danger, all three Gems work together to save him. Garnet catches him from his fall and prevent him from being hit by a monster's projectiles, then Amethyst carries him to safety while Pearl covers their escape.
  • Steven wanting to treat the Gems to a day of fun at his favorite place in Beach City.
  • Steven separately grabs each one of the Gems by the hand as he leads them to a game he thinks they'll enjoy.

Giant Woman

  • It seems the only thing that can get Pearl and Amethyst to agree with each other is seeing Steven in danger.
  • Steven's "Giant Woman" song is very musically similar to Greg's "Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart." It's a subtle but sweet indicator of just how much Steven looks up to his dad.
  • When Steven meets Opal for the first time, he's nervous because he's not sure if Opal still retains Pearl and Amethyst's memories. Opal reassures him by gently singing to him, specifically the "Giant Woman" song he made up earlier that day after learning about fusion.
  • This exchange at the end of the episode:
    Garnet: I also see you helped your teammates Fuse.
    Steven: And all I had to do was get eaten by a bird!
    Garnet: Nice work. You'll be great at fusing one day.
  • Steven befriending a mountain goat and naming him Steven Jr.

So Many Birthdays

  • Steven, upon learning that Gems don't really celebrate birthdays, vows to throw a party for each Gem, hoping to make all of them as happy as his own birthdays have in the past.
  • Steven pretends to fall to perform the classic pie in face gag. Pearl, not realizing the joke and being... well, Pearl, takes about half a second to stand up and catch him, preventing him from falling on his face.
  • Although the rapid aging doesn't bode well for him, (adolescent) Steven tries Wackerman rather than his usual Wackerman Jr. Despite feeling gloomy over being too old for kid's stuff, he clearly enjoys himself. This is possibly the only positive effect of his aging, as he decides to try something new he would've never tried otherwise.
    • On another level, this goes along with the episode's theme that you're never too old to enjoy "childish" things in life. Despite being convinced he's too old for Wackerman Jr., Teenage!Steven still played something just as fun (Wackerman) and enjoyed himself.
  • Sadie attempts to cheer up the rapidly aged Steven after he has a breakdown in the donut shop, despite not even recognizing him at the time.
  • Upon finding an aged Steven laying in the sand, Lion immediately grabs him and rushes him to the other Gems, showing that even Lion is concerned for his new friend's safety. After he transports Steven to the Gems, he lets Steven sit/lie against him.
  • Garnet keeps wearing the cape and crown she had on for the party Steven tried to throw for her throughout the episode. When told she doesn't have to wear it anymore, she says that "it makes [her] feel important". D'aw.
    • When Steven turns into an old man and suggests his Birthday suit might help de-age him, without question, Garnet removes the King Costume and dons it on Steven. What makes this especially heartwarming is, she wants Steven to feel important.
  • The moment when Steven finally reverts to his normal age and the Gems tackle him out of absolute joy should definitely garner a huge sigh of relief.

Lars and the Cool Kids

  • Throughout the entire episode, Steven goes out of his way to help Lars pique the interest of the alleged "cool kids", all while just being his own sincere, goofy, lovable self.
  • When it's all over, Lars tries to give Steven some very well-deserved credit for saving the day. Steven immediately interrupts him to say Lars was the one that drove them all up there. That's pretty big of both of them.
  • Steven and Lars look at each other, smile, and give each other a "chest-five," nodding back to when Steven did it to Lars earlier in the episode.
  • The end of the episode, in which the true nature of the moss is revealed and the kids gaze dumbstruck at the sight of the flowers floating over the city.

Onion Trade

  • Greg giving Steven the bag full of quarters so Steven can get as many G.U.Y.S. as he wants. He really is a great dad.
  • The conversation Onion has with his dad. It's impossible to understand what they're saying but it's clear they love each other and that Onion really loves the little time they spend together.
  • Steven giving Onion his Ranger Guy even though he tried to destroy the town because Steven realizes he needs it more.
  • The conversation between Steven and his dad at the end of the episode.
    Greg: You went through all that trouble for a toy?
    Steven: It was more for the memories than the toy.

Steven the Sword Fighter

  • Pearl offhandedly mentions that she'd be happy to show Steven real sword fighting techniques. Then she feels Steven's hand on her head and looks up to see him staring at her excitedly with stars in his eyes.
    Pearl: Now?
  • The way Pearl cares much more about cheering and reassuring Steven than the sword in her chest. Even knowing it cannot harm her for good, it's still pretty strong.
  • The Gems don't blame Steven for Pearl getting stabbed by her own hologram because they know she is going to be fine.
  • Amethyst comforts Steven by telling her that what happened to Pearl usually happens to her. Garnet teasingly reminds her that it always happens to her. Steven laughs and cheers up.
  • Steven mentions that Pearl usually helps him clean his room.
  • Steven tends to Pearl's Gem the entire two weeks she's gone. He talks to it, keeps it warm, and brings it with him to watch a movie. Clearly, he's doing his best to look after her the same way she looks after him.
  • While also serving somewhat as Nightmare Fuel, it is pretty adorable how Steven initially tries to interact with Hologram!Pearl as if it were the real one.
  • And there's Steven's reaction when Pearl is finally regenerated. He runs straight over and hugs her, with Pearl just giving a chipper little "Miss me much?". Aaawe.
  • The way Pearl's shocked for a moment as he almost bowls her over before smiling gently at him and placing a hand on his hair.

Lion 2: The Movie

  • Just about every second Steven and Connie spend together in this episode can induce diabetes. Despite having very different lives from each other, they very much enjoy having fun together.
  • Connie grabs onto Steven's sword when they get attacked by the robot head and manages to make use of her tennis skills to help defeat it.
  • Steven and Connie can be seen holding hands while they ask for movie tickets.
  • In the short amount of time that they appear, the Gems make an effort to appear impressive to Connie for Steven's sake, in a rather parent-like fashion.

Beach Party

  • Steven's adamant determination to show the Pizza family that the Crystal Gems aren't just destructive assholes. He won't stand for anyone thinking badly of his friends/family.
  • Jenny telling Nana how hilarious she is. It's a small moment but it shows even irresponsible teens love their grandmothers.
  • Pearl and Kiki high-fiving each other after scoring in the volleyball game, Amethyst and Jenny teaming up, and Garnet and Kofi actually getting along.
  • Garnet calling Nana brave for taking on the Gem with Steven.
  • Kofi's Pet the Dog moment towards Steven in the earlier part of the episode — despite being angered over the Crystal Gems (particularly Garnet), he refers to Steven as a "good boy" and doesn't understand how he can be raised by "circus freaks".

Rose's Room

  • While this is mostly a pretty scary episode, there are lots of little heartwarming moments. Steven eating four cans of Cream Corn just so the four of them can go play minigolf is very sweet, and the Gems actually really do look sorry when they say they can't go. It's cemented further when they come back from their mission and are all happily showing him the stone they brought, clearly thinking he'll find it exciting. Too bad they interrupted him at a bad time this once... and of course, at the very end, they still end up playing minigolf.
    Garnet: Guess what? We have time to hang out now.
  • At the end, Steven apologizes for getting mad at the Gems, understanding that they sometimes just couldn't spend time with him when he wants it. They apologize in turn for having to always leave him behind.
  • Pearl takes Amethyst biting her on the arm without complaining, because she was too concerned about Steven to care about Amethyst bothering her at the moment. Likewise, Amethyst doesn't retaliate when Pearl accidentally elbows her in the face.
  • At the end, Garnet does end up wearing the golf pants Steven showed her, probably just because he wanted her to.

Coach Steven

  • It's not much, but before Sugilite starts smashing the communication hub, the way she acts towards Steven, like asking him if he wants to see something cool before summoning her weapon(s), indicates that she still retains some of Amethyst's Cool Big Sis qualities as she clearly wants to impress him.
  • Pearl singing out how she wants to be an inspiration to Steven.
    • While singing, she picks up and folds the shirts he left scattered on the floor in a decidedly mom-like fashion.
    • How Steven hears her song, is really touched by it, and sings his own bit so it's almost like he and Pearl have a Fusion of their own.
  • Pearl, believing herself too weak to protect the ones she cares about, almost hits the Despair Event Horizon as she faces her teamates' Fusion form. Steven, having spent the entire episode worshiping Sugilite and believing physical strength to be "real strength", finally understands what Pearl told him earlier about being strong "in the real way" and begins yelling encouragement to her, reviving her fighting spirit.
  • When Garnet and Amethyst are finally able to separate from Sugilite, Pearl responds by pulling both into a hug out of relief, though she forgets that they're currently in pain and can't move. Shortly after, Garnet apologizes for not listening to her when they should've.

Joking Victim

  • Sadie's story about how she waited seven hours for a game that Lars wanted and how Lars gave her favorite snack, oyster crackers and played the game with her in return.
  • Although a sad moment in context, it's oddly endearing how Sadie holds a fire-breathing Lars' hand while she tells him off. It's almost as though her actions speak volumes of how much she cares about him, granted she does not condone his lying.
  • Steven's almost sibling-like relationship with Sadie while he temporarily works with her at the Big Donut. It's small, but it's sweet, especially given their age difference.
  • Blink and you'll miss it: when Steven and Sadie are serving their customers donuts, Mr. Fryman can be seen leaving with Peedee riding on his shoulders like a normal little boy and his father would. Looks like their Character Development in "Frybo" is here to stay.

Steven and the Stevens

  • A very brief little moment, but just as Steven's about to leave for Beach-a-palooza, he holds the door open for a crab and says "after you, sir!" A very cute and funny moment that shows how much of a Nice Guy and Friend to All Living Things Steven is.
  • Although a sad and grim moment in context, Steven 1 telling the main Steven to "Stay cool forever" is this in its own way. He's trying to warn Steven not to lose that kindly friendly aspect of his personality.
  • In the end after numerous time-travelling shenanigans, who fills in for Greg in Steven's Beach-a-palooza performance? The Gems of course!

Monster Buddies

  • Steven and the Centipeetle's friendship, with the latter performing a heroic sacrifice to save Steven.
    • The way the Gems comforted Steven after the event, telling him that his mother would've been proud of what he'd done.
  • Garnet permits Steven to try and tame the Centipeetle, in the manner of a parent allowing their child to keep a stray animal as a pet. He runs up and hugs her leg in gratitude.
    Garnet: I can't say no to that face...
    • Made even more heartwarming knowing about Garnet's Future Vision. She may see that Steven can help the Centipeetle overcome what the corruption has done to it, and maybe other Gems, something Rose supposedly hadn't quite succeeded at. Sure, the Centipeetle winds up poofing at the end of the episode, but Steven will no doubt succeed one day, and Garnet can no doubt see that.
  • Steven bubbling a bag of chips (Centipeetle's favorite food) next to its gem at the very end.

An Indirect Kiss

  • Amethyst teasing Steven for being so worried about her. Especially in light of "On the Run," which implies she was likely doing it because she just wanted to be reminded of how much he loved her.
    Amethyst: [giggles] Steven, why are you getting so worked up? [Makes a mock-lovestruck face] What— do you care about me or something?
    Steven: [eyes glistening] YES!
    Amethyst: Aw, Steven, I didn't mean to make you— [pretends to fall backwards] woah, woah!
    • And the callback to this towards the end of the episode, when Steven is blaming himself for what happened to Amethyst, and she manages to grin up at him and say "Ha ha... you... care... about... me." Even broken-down and incapable of speaking normally, she's still trying to lighten the mood and let him know she's not blaming him for anything. What makes this even more heartwarming is that everything she says is backwards, but that one sentence is not, despite sounding slow and distorted. She literally talked backwards which then came out as normal so Steven could understand her!
  • Connie doing her best to cheer up the down Steven.
    Steven: Everyone expects me to be like my mom...what if I never get those powers?
    Connie: Then you'll be like me. That's not so bad.
  • Connie and Steven having an Almost Kiss.
    • The two also have the titular indirect kiss because by this point they're apparently close enough to be okay with sharing saliva. Aaaaaawwwww.
  • Even if Connie puts a lot of admiration and awe in Steven's magical adventures, it's shown in this episode she cares about her friendship with him more than any of that, comforting Steven when he starts breaking out in tears about fear that he can't go on magic adventures with the Gems without powers.
    Connie: (shyly, while holding his hand) You don't need any powers to be here with me.
    • Also remember that Steven is Connie's first friend. Of course she treasures him!
    • She does visibly tear up when Steven mentions that he can't feel sad about his mother since he doesn't know her. Connie finds him so precious that this insight in Steven's emotions made her almost cry.
  • Pearl showing an outright terrified but motherly concern over Amethyst's cracked gem, proving without a doubt that she really does care deeply about Amethyst.
  • Amethyst, despite being very disoriented from her gem cracking and losing her ability to speak coherently, still pushed Steven out of harm's way and tried to comfort him when he got upset about not being able to help her.
    Amethyst: (to Steven, after having a fit of animalistic screeches) !ay lliw, pu reehCnote 
  • After Amethyst recovers, she floats over to Steven and shouts "Look at this guy, savin' my life!"

Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem

  • Lapis Lazuli's interactions with Steven. She calls him a friend while in the mirror and actually is both astonished but touched when he helps her out of it, since he was the only person who ever bothered to talk to her instead of asking for answers she couldn't give. She even risks discovery from the Crystal Gems to inform Steven that she works "just for [him.]"
  • After Steven discovers the mirror can communicate, rather than freak out or treat it as a tool, proceeds to treat it as a person by joking with it, complimenting it and calls it his friend. He even goes against the gems when they try to take back the mirror, in spite of its protests.
  • When Steven accidentally smacks Garnet in the face when he refuses to return the mirror, Pearl tries to calm down Garnet down when the latter goes after Steven in a fit of rage, explaining that he didn't know what he was doing nor understand the severity of the situation.
  • Greg, Connie and Lion teaming with Steven to bring back the ocean. Then the Crystal Gems, though they were mad at Steven for his disobedience, team along too.
    Garnet: You're un-grounded, by the way.
  • Despite all that happened in "Mirror Gem", Steven is the only one that tries to talk down Lapis Lazuli and the only one she allows to meet her at the top of the water tower, showing they still consider themselves friends.
  • Lapis Lazuli thanking Steven for fixing her gem, allowing her to return home, the only thing she wanted.
    • The moment it is fixed is this too. We see the gem becoming perfect again, followed by wings shooting from Lapis' back and her previously empty eyes showing blue irises, and she smiles. It's enough for tears of joy.
  • Steven receives a well-deserved hero's welcome from the entirety of Beach City after bringing the ocean back. And it's all set to the calming credits music, too.
    • There is also a brief shot of Ronaldo and, of all people, Lars, holding up Connie and Steven respectively on their shoulders.


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