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"Kindergarten Kid"
  • Steven explains that he isn't staying to look after Peridot, but to look after the monster.
  • At the campfire, Steven works to help Peridot empathise with the monster, albeit by pelting her with an incredible number of marshmallows. This is in spite of the fact that the monster in question has come very close to maiming him multiple times over the course of the episode. It shows, clearer than anything else, that he gets what is happening to the monsters, why they act the way they do, and perhaps most important of all, that he knows it isn't their fault.
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  • Bubbled Gems aren't necessarily sent to the Burning Room; they're sent "home". When Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, or Steven does this, the bubble appears in the Burning Room of the Temple because the Temple is "home" to them. But when Peridot does this, the bubble appears right above Lapis in the rafters of the barn, because the barn has truly become "home" to Peridot.
  • Steven encouraging Peridot despite her failed plans.
  • After poofing the Gem monster who has been the bane of her and Steven's existence since Peridot had first claimed she could easily do it, Peridot tells the other Gems that the Gem monster was truly an opponent worthy of her skill.

"Know Your Fusion"

  • Steven and Amethyst are so in tune with each other after "Earthlings" that they don't need to dance to fuse, just hold each other's hands. The only other Fusions that go this easily are Steven and Connie and Ruby and Sapphire.
    • Pearl and Garnet are just as impressive, as they are capable of fusing instantaneously to prevent Smokey Quartz from doing anymore more damage to the house. They've really mended their relationship since "Friend Ship".
  • Pearl praising Amethyst directly in the end is incredibly heartwarming when you stop to think about it. While the two get along a lot better than they used to, it's rare for Pearl to actually praise Amethyst. Also considering how important raising Steven right is to Pearl, her calling Amethyst "a good influence on Steven" is probably the highest praise she can give to ANYTHING.
    • Amethyst has the good grace to admit it's the other way around. To Pearl, the one who has been the most critical of her.
  • Garnet and Pearl realizing the mistakes they made as Sardonyx and making amends as soon as Smoky pulls them out of danger. They heap praise on Steven and Amethyst, speak highly of their yo-yo, and encourage them to talk about themselves and their story — which they very enthusiastically do.
  • Garnet's utter glee upon seeing another new fusion, so much much so that she yells excitedly for about a minute, all while shaking a frazzled Pearl in complete delight.
  • Although it blew up in her face, Sardonyx's efforts to get to know Smoky Quartz were coming from the right place. And once she realizes that all she's doing is putting intense pressure on Smoky and making them self-conscious and uncertain about themself, she turns back into Garnet and Pearl, realizing that she'd made things about her instead of Smoky.
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  • A big one in hindsight, once you remember how bad Amethyst felt about not being able to fuse with Garnet anymore and having to watch Sardonyx have such a good time. Now she can have her own fusion even when Sardonyx is around, that has just as much fun and is actually healthy for her to be in.
  • Meta, but the name of the track when Smoky saves Garnet and Pearl? "One Big Super Right".

"Buddy's Book"

  • Connie taking Steven to the library with her, coupled with his immediate enthusiasm and delight.
  • Rose finding Buddy in the desert and saving his life, then encouraging him when he gets depressed by praising what he is good at, resulting in him finding a calling as an author. After the bombshells dropped last season, this one reminds the audience of what Rose really was like.

"Mindful Education"

  • Garnet's support and encouragement of the duo, both separate and as Stevonnie.
  • Ruby and Sapphire reuniting in Garnet's Mental World.
    • Steven, Connie, Sapphire and Ruby lying on the ground of the Mental World together.
  • Garnet stopping Pearl from interfering when Stevonnie ends up in the Mental World again, fully trusting that Steven and Connie can work it out on their own this time.
  • Steven still feels compassion for Bismuth, Eyeball, and Jasper.
  • Jeff accepting Connie's apology for flipping him.
    • The fact that she even apologized in the first place. The way the story framed it, it seemed like Connie was going to learn a lesson about not stewing over the bad you've done, which is fine save for the fact that it would gloss over the damage the kid received to his arm. But the fact that she was able to clear her head with meditation and offer the boy a proper apology for flipping him the next day is a much nicer moral to give kids.
    • Even better? Connie has made another friend.
  • Steve and Connie are able to settle their emotional problems in order to keep Stevonnie from falling apart completely.
    Stevonnie: I'm here.
    • Stevonnie's statement can be taken as having two different meanings: 1) Stevonnie accepting themself as an individual (using "I" instead of "we" to refer to the fusion) who can exist now that Steven and Connie can deal with their emotional issues, and 2) Steven and Connie talking to each other and saying that they will always be there to help each other deal with those issues.
    • Remember that Garnet sings this line first, meaning she's here for Steven, Connie, and Stevonnie.
  • The two messages of the episode itself. First, Garnet teaches Connie that running away from your problems instead of doing something about it only makes it grow worse and worse. When Connie understands this, she apologizes, and is repaid with Jeff both accepting it and befriending her. Then, once Connie and Steven fall, she understands that Steven can't apologize to Bismuth, Jasper, or Eyeball, so instead the message is "Accept the pain and forgive yourself". We pretty much have a lesson for those that accidentally hurt others, and one for people with survivor's guilt. In a kids show.
    • This really deserves emphasis: "Steven Universe" made an episode on anxiety and survivor's guilt so profound it made the adult fans take notice as much as the kids. With only 10 minutes and gorgeous animation, it spoke volumes to the experiences of many. What an accomplishment.
    • In a meta-sense, it is even more heartwarming about what it might do for those that watched the episode. A lot of kid movies/series have (half-)orphans as the hero, but they either already dealt with that issue or go through a very long and complicated adventure to find literal evidence of how their lost one doesn't blame them for living, something that actual children almost never have. SU on the other hand has a child that hasn't come to terms with it after all those years (which is realistic) and gives out very clear, hands-on advice on how to deal with it. Being, talk to others about it, accept your negative feelings about it, understand them, don't hate yourself for the situation. A topic that often not even adult shows touch appropriately, SU handles with so much care and love it would deserve a prize.

"Future Boy Zoltron"

  • Steven's advice to the people of Beach City comes from a place of genuine concern, respect, and understanding, as always, and they react accordingly. In particular, Lars showing some professionalism and work ethic and Ronaldo giving his dad a bear hug stand out.
  • Mr. Smiley and Mr. Frowney reenacting their old bit, culminating in the latter cracking a smile because he "finally got the joke." Especially if one reads it as them being more than just ex-partners.
  • Garnet willingly giving Steven her future vision and providing Mr. Frowney with an additional quarter so that Steven could help patch up his relationship with Mr. Smiley.
  • Garnet once again being a real mom by telling Steven to try to be home for dinner.
  • Mr. Frowney's reaction upon seeing Mr. Smiley for the first time in years? A spontaneous, joyful smile.
  • The interaction of Lars and Sadie — their conversation is very reminiscent of a couple. Plus, it shows that Lars is making an effort to be nicer to her (since "The New Lars") and both of them are acting healthier towards another.

"Last One Out of Beach City"

  • WARNING: This episode is even gayer than "Hit The Diamond" and "Mr. Greg", topping them in terms of beautiful, warm, open-minded fuzzies.
  • Steven and Amethyst are both 100% excited and supportive of Pearl's crush on The Mystery Girl, first getting worried about her clumsy first attempt at conversation, and then cheering her on when she manages to get the girl's phone number. It's like their own version of Garnet's reactions to Steven fusing.
    • Even better, Pearl's crush really makes it seem like she's moving on from Rose. While Mystery Girl does look a lot like Rose, there's no indication given that she acts like her; in fact, from her actions and what Pearl says after their conversation, it seems like she really doesn't act much like Rose. And yet Pearl remains completely smitten with her. Pearl is moving forward in a positive direction, and Steven and Amethyst are totally supportive.
    • And Steven not only acts like a girl-girl romance or human-gem romance is a completely natural thing, but also that a romance between his mother figure and someone who looks like his actual mother is totally okay.
  • Amethyst being credited as the "Ultimate Wingman".
    • And her straight-up admitting that she thinks Pearl is cool.
    • The fanbase likewise seem to be highly supportive of this possible new pairing as well, with a mass amount of fan art coming out of the two.
  • Hey, remember "It's Over Isn't It?" Sure, Pearl is crushing on someone who looks incredibly like Rose, and she will never completely get over Rose, but she is moving on.
  • Even though Greg had to cancel, the fact that Amethyst was excited over going to a concert with him implies that they are still friends.
    • The fact that Greg honors his earlier commitment to play cards with Vidalia and Barb is sweet in its own way.
      • The mention of the three playing cards implies they're good friends.
    • Also, not only was Amethyst really excited for the concert, but Greg apparently only came to the beach house to terminate the plans in person and explain how sorry he is for that. He even offers his car, in case the group decides to go without him, showing that he tries his best not to ruin Amethyst's night.
  • While they didn't do it, when Steven tells Amethyst that he and Pearl are going put together a puzzle and how it's going to be fun, Pearl gives a small smile.
  • Just how much of an awkward, lovestruck person Pearl is around The Mystery Girl.

"Onion Gang"

  • While Steven still gets freaked out by Onion's eccentricities, this episode shows that the boys have a genuine friendship now.
  • Although they initially pranked him, Onion's friends are quite happy to meet Steven and accept him as their friend.
  • Onion and his friends' fun might not always be wholesome, but it's still sweet that Onion wanted to share this part of his life with Steven.
  • Similar to the mouse in "Onion Friend," Onion yet again saves an animal for the sake of Steven's feelings.
  • Steven using the narration gag from earlier in the episode to cheer up Onion after his friends leave.
  • As funny as it is, Vidalia painting Yellowtail like one of her French girls in the middle of their driveway. Fisherman's beard? Cotton briefs? Considerable pudge? Doesn't matter; she loves him and clearly thinks he's hot enough to put to canvas.
  • One of the pictures from their Totem Pole Trench prank is a picture of Garnet, who's giving them a thumbs up in approval.
  • The genuine happiness each kid displays when Steven guesses their name right. Even Soup - who at first is quite annoyed that Steven can't figure their name out - gives him a blow kiss when he finally says the right one.
  • Garbanzo is around the age of Squash, Onion, and Soup (which is probably elementary school age) while his sister Pinto is just a baby, maybe at most a toddler. Which obviously doesn't matter to neither him nor the rest of the gang as they play with her just as if she were there on her own.
    • When Garbanzo pretends to die after the gang "crash" their car, what "revives" him? His baby sister crawling onto his chest.
    Garbanzo: (happily) Garbanzo!
  • Onion wants Steven to attend his last meeting with his summer friends.
  • Steven comforting Onion that even after all of his summer friends leave, he'll still have him.
  • Steven referring Connie as his best friend.

"Gem Harvest"

  • The way Pumpkin loves its owners.
    • Steven making Pumpkin to make Lapis and Peridot happy.
    • It starts out by barking and cuddling with Steven. Then when Steven scares it, Pumpkin immediately jumps into Lapis's arms and cuddles with her.
    • Peridot and Lapis's pure joy when Pumpkin comes to life. And their joy only grows when despite Steven making him, he jumps into Lapis's arms.
    • Amethyst also shapeshifts into a walking pumpkin to play with Pumpkin and it's adorable.
    • Peridot and Lapis trying to teach him how to speak, with Peridot trying to teach him to say "clod".
  • Pearl declaring that she thinks their Greg is superior to the "new Greg", aka Andy. Especially since this is Pearl, who's been jealous of Greg for the relationship that he had with Rose.
  • Overall, this whole episode demonstrates just how close and comfortable with one another everyone has become. Lapis has become comfortable enough with the Crystal Gems that she's perfectly fine with running errands with them, and Pearl and Peridot worked together to convert an engine into a stove/cooktop without issue, and even shared an aside glance with one another over Andy's reaction. Just how willing all of the Gems were to try to make things work with Andy and them all casually joking with one another about their own, sometimes harrowing, experiences.
  • "Gems don't have family. At least not before we came here. So for the sake of our family, tell us what to do."
    • When Garnet said "for the sake of our family" everyone comes together. Even Lapis and Peridot. That really speaks volumes.
  • Although he may be bitter towards Greg, Andy quickly warms to Steven.
    • The first thing Andy does on learning that Steven is his nephew is to give him a giant Bear Hug.
    • On hearing that the meal is vegetarian, Andy promises to get Steven pepperoni for his birthday.
    • Steven in turn admires how Andy can peel a potato in one go.
  • When Greg mentions that Rose is "no longer with us", Andy genuinely apologizes for bringing it up, saying he didn't know.
  • When Andy picks up and hugs Steven, the Gems take fighting stances, thinking Andy might be hurting him.
  • When they realize that no one has thanked Andy for anything, Peridot gives a surprisingly heartfelt monologue, without her usual awkwardness ruining the moment. It definitely shows how far she has come along from the first time we were introduced to her character.
    Peridot: Hmm... thank you, Andy for.. showing up! Because of you, everyone came out here to the barn, and now we're all here for the first time in a while. And it's actually... pretty great! So.. *takes plate and holds it up* Cheers!
  • Andy hasn't even known Steven for a day, yet is still concerned about his safety. When Steven and Lapis go after Andy after he's flown off in his plane, Andy snaps at Lapis when he hears Steven ask her to throw him. Then, when Andy saves Steven from falling, he angrily reprimands Steven for being so reckless, while visibly tearing up.
  • Easy to miss, especially if you haven't watched Ocean Gem in a while, but this line from Lapis: "We're not leaving our home."

"Three Gems and a Baby"

  • Greg holing up with Steven and the Gems during a blizzard, since the van heater hasn't worked for ages. While he has the money to get a nicer house for himself, or even a hotel room, he chooses to spend time with his son and the Gems.
    • Bonus in that the Gems are completely comfortable with Greg staying over, especially given last time.
  • Pearl making tea for Greg and giving the tea bags to Amethyst.
  • Greg never lets the fact that he's super-tired (or that he's clearly grieving Rose) get in the way of being a good dad. Even when Steven starts fussing, all Greg does is jokingly ask if Steven's showing off his dance moves.
  • In the beginning, Garnet was the most accepting of Steven.
  • Garnet willing to admit that the Gems weren't perfect when Steven was born, since Steven is Wise Beyond Their Years.
    • Garnet is the one who says the one line that is at the core of every Good Parent: "From now on, everything has to be about Steven."
  • The Gems all bringing Steven gifts. Sure, none of them worked for a baby, but the thought's still nice, particularly Pearl, who's clearly still depressed over Rose yet is willing to get something for her baby.
  • Steven, like most babies, liked to play with jingling keys.
    • Amethyst calling Steven by his name and playing with him with said keys while a heavily depressed Pearl cracks a smile for likely the first time in months.
  • Baby Steven grabbing Pearl's nose when she tries to talk to Rose through her gem.
  • Garnet, who believes that Steven is a Fusion, is willing to briefly unfuse in an attempt to make Steven more "comfortable" with the idea of unfusing. Considering that this is Ruby and Sapphire, that says a lot.
    • Baby Steven reacts to her unfusing by looking at the space where Garnet was and crying, wondering where she went. He seems to have gotten attached to her in a short amount of time.
  • The Gems ultimately accepting that Steven is there to stay, even though they don't understand why Rose gave up her life for him.
    Pearl: She wanted this so much. I just, don't understand why! (crying) "Everything should grow and everything should change and-and isn't it so great how it comes so naturally to humans?" Well, it's not natural for us! (quietly) It's not natural... For me.
    Garnet: It will be... For him.
    Amethyst: What about Rose?
    Garnet: This isn't about Rose. From now on, everything has to be about Steven.
    • During this part, there's a shot of baby Steven seeing Pearl crying and him reaching up to her, as if to try and comfort her.
  • This picture of Vidalia, Yellowtail, and a young Sour Cream.

"Steven's Dream"

  • Greg's instant sympathy towards a weeping Blue Diamond. It startles and touches her, and then the idea that he doesn't deserve to be killed by the Cluster and she can 'save' him cheers her up. She clearly doesn't see him as a person, really, but it's sweet in a weird, skewed way.
  • Andy helping Steven and Greg get to South Korea. It's definitely a step up from the estrangement.
  • A family with resemblance to Steven accidentally mix up their grandparent with Greg's son. Everyone smiles at the misunderstanding.
  • Blue Diamond still visits Pink Diamond's ruined palanquin at the place where her 'sister' was shattered by Rose thousands of years ago, despite knowing Yellow Diamond (who's been unpersoning Pink Diamond) won't approve and Earth will be shortly destroyed by the Cluster (or so they both think). It's touching to have relatives who still care about you long after you're gone.
  • Blue also apologizes to Pink for not saving her. She feels responsible for the shattering.

"Adventures in Light Distortion"

  • Amethyst reacts with amusement to the news of Blue Diamond being on Earth, but becomes frantic the second she learns Greg was kidnapped by said Diamond. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Related to the above, Pearl specifically refers to Greg as "our Greg". For someone who was once very jealous of his relationship with Rose, she's since come to think of him as part of the group.
  • The Rubies are finally going to get picked up on the way back.
    • It's a brief moment, but when Army and Navy show up, they're trying to hang onto each other.
  • Before leaving to go and rescue his dad, Steven calls Connie to tell her that he and the Crystal Gems are in a hurry and can't wait for her. The sweet part? He asks her to protect Beach City while they're gone.
    • Related to the above, Garnet asks Peridot and Lapis to keep an eye on the place while they're gone, and protect it from any danger. Peridot agreeing is kind of a given, but Lapis (in her usual dry-witted way) agrees as well. For a former Broken Bird, she's come a long way.
    • It's also sweet that the Gems don't expect Lapis and Peridot to come with them. They know that the duo can't go back to Homeworld due to being recent traitors, and both still have a lot of recovery to do from season three's traumas.
  • After the whole mess with the gravity-based warp drive, the Gems take a moment to comfort Steven when they see how distraught he's become by the whole experience.

"Gem Heist"

  • The Crystal Gems wincing and generally giving support as Pearl, having to feign the restricted role she was made for, chafes at Holly Blue’s treatment. And during the below exchange, Ruby gives Pearl a encouraging smile and thumbs up.
    Sapphire: (whispering) Sorry!
    Steven: Hang in there!
  • When Garnet de-fuses into Ruby and Sapphire, the duo are holding hands.
  • Sapphire trying to reassure the group that they can Screw Destiny and complete the mission.
  • A small moment, but Sapphire nearly breaks the group’s cover when Ruby calls herself "forgetful" and "disposable". Just like in "Jail Break", "Keystone Motel", and "The Answer", Sapphire never wants Ruby to think of herself as worthless.
  • The Gems' Mass "Oh, Crap!" and Adult Fear when Holly Blue insists on shoving Steven into the zoo before Blue Diamond arrives. They were just trying to figure out how to get Greg out, not how to get Steven trapped.
  • While Sapphire's wink being indistinguishable from a blink and confusing Steven and Pearl is hilarious, the way Ruby immediately gets it is adorable. They really are perfect for each other.

"The Zoo"

  • Greg seems to have found paradise: a Gilded Cage where the humans there don't have to worry about their basic needs and they don't fight. But he mentions that he tried to escape as soon as he got there, and when Steven says they're busting out, Greg doesn't hesitate, subverting an Unwanted Rescue. In any other show, the distressed person would struggle with giving up paradise, but not Greg when his son is involved.
  • The Amethysts are on alert and storm into the zoo when its occupants get worked up, and chase them down to gather them up... and invite them to talk it out, and reassure them. Evidently, they have healthier methods of coping with sadness than most Gems on this show.
    • In particular, when Wy-Six cries, "I'll never choosen again!", the Amethyst guard, who is kneeling with him, places a comforting arm around his shoulder and soothingly tells him, "Sure you will."
  • When Steven thinks the Zoomans are about to hurt Greg, he immediately goes on the defensive. However, Greg steps in to tell Steven that the Zoomans have treated him very nicely since he arrived before anything happens.
  • Following from the previous episode’s ending shot with Greg having his hair braided by Wy-Six and Jay-Ten. All of them smiling at each other. Steven thanks them for doing that.
  • Before Greg’s "choosening", Jay-Ten states that whoever he is "choosened" with will be very lucky to have him.
    • The fact the all of the Zoomans wanted to "choosen" Greg. And remember, he's only been with them for a day.
  • From a larger perspective, the idea of the Human Zoo is Nightmare Fuel to us, but think about it this way; Pink Diamond and Blue Diamond have effectively kept humans around for thousands of years on their own terms, treated them well within the isolated circumstances they were raised in (enough so that even what was essentially a mate-choosing ritual is unanimously praised because the people don't know any better), and the entire situation is outright called a utopia by Greg, albeit not in a positive light. Even the Amethysts don't harm the people, instead trying to help them emotionally. It's a complete and utter contrast to how callous and vengeful Yellow Diamond painted Homeworld as, and while still alien in their ways, it also establishes that they can understand humans in some ways.

"That Will Be All"

  • Steven and Greg are being dragged off by an Amethyst guard and dumped in a room where all the guards are gathered, where they see to their dismay that Amethyst has been caught. She struggles for a while... then drops the act and reveals that the station is crewed entirely by Earth-made Gems - including a slew of other Amethysts, a few Jaspers, and one Carnelian (who is overjoyed at not being the shortest Gem around anymore)! All of these have been treated like dirt for being from Earth, a failed colony and the site of Pink Diamond’s death, and many are "defective" in similar ways to Amethyst - and because of this, they wholeheartedly accept her as one of them.
    Amethyst: Fam-ethyst for life!
    • Carnelian deserves special mention for being extremely adorable in only about five seconds of screentime, parading Amethyst around over her head like she just got the best birthday gift of her life.
    • Amethyst’s delight in having all these friendly Earth quartzes around, in being recognized and named by the amethysts that came out around where she should have. They waited for 8XM - her - after they emerged.
    • This really can't be undersold: Amethyst has spent most of her time bemoaning the fact that she's not big and tough like she's supposed to be because according to Peridot she "stayed in the ground too long". She finally gets reunited with her sisters from the Kindergarten and instantly discovers THAT DOESN'T MATTER. They're all considered defective since they're from Earth, so they love and accept her all the same. Amethyst is bouncing around excited and happy in this scene like we've never seen her before, happy to have an identity and family for once. Even encountering another Jasper like Skinny she's fully accepting, perhaps even more-so because Skinny is another gem who didn't turn out like they were supposed to.
    • Remember what Steven told Amethyst in Earthlings. He said that Jasper's the only one that thinks Amethyst should be like her. He was right. Here's Amethyst among other members of her cut, and at least one other Jasper, and none of them care that she's small. It's almost funny when you think about it; Jasper was the only one of her kind we knew before this episode so we just assumed every quartz, every Amethyst except ours had to be huge like her, just like Amethyst did. Then out of nowhere, we find out that Steven's little pep talk had some weight to it after all.
    • The Quartzes also don't bear any ill will towards the Crystal Gems despite being on opposing sides millennia prior.
  • The Amethysts screening Steven and Greg from Holly Blue’s sight.
  • The Amethysts also refuse to help Holly Blue capture the two "humans" and the traitor Gems. They instead laugh at their Bad Boss and cheer when Pearl mentions that if Holly Blue is busted, then the Diamonds will punish her.
  • Garnet has been keeping herself apart to hold up the charade. What makes Ruby and Sapphire fuse again? When Holly Blue Agate threatens to use her whip on Steven and Greg right when they're about to board the ship.
  • Another side of Yellow Diamond is shown. Even though she grandstands and tells Blue not to be sad, she’s clearly still concerned for her fellow Diamond. Her breezy assurances that, “Yes, I miss Pink, too” give way to real grief, ending in Yellow buckling over with her face contorting - and Blue putting a comforting hand to her back.
    • Yellow’s Villain Song, though hard-worded, is at its core a well-meaning attempt on her part to convince Blue Diamond to stop grieving and get on with her life, complete with a suggestion of what she could do to feel better. It’s what anyone would do in her situation (probably minus the singing) if they had someone who’s been mourning for too long.
  • Blue Diamond is keeping a vast number of bubbled Rose Quartz gems and sometimes-defective Quartz soldiers and maintaining a zoo, against Yellow Diamond’s wishes, because these were things their dead ‘sister’ Pink Diamond made and maintained. The humans in the zoo are happy, though apparently it wasn’t so good during the war, and the Quartz soldiers look like they’d be happy together without Holly Blue Agate.
  • After dismissing Holly Blue Agate, Sapphire, and Ruby, Yellow Diamond turns to comfort Blue Diamond.
  • Ruby squeezing Sapphire’s hand when the latter nervously starts to freeze up in front of the Diamonds, especially Blue.
  • The last scene in the Roaming Eye with everyone celebrating and Garnet patting Greg in the head. The entire arc shows how much the Crystal Gems care about Greg despite their differences.
    • The best part is that the arc shows Character Development for the Crystal Gems, at least when it comes to Greg. In earlier seasons and flashbacks, the Crystal Gems were either hating Greg for “stealing” Rose, or treating him with indifference. Seeing them actually treat him like part of the family shows how far they’ve come.
    • If what they said in "Light Distortion" holds, they're going to pick up the Rubies on the way back!
      • Too bad they never followed through.

"The New Crystal Gems"

  • Sadie and Lars are on what seems to be a date, slumped together on a bench, holding hands.
  • Pumpkin is adorable in this episode, as usual. Also, the fact that Pumpkin is alive and hasn't been brutally killed like other plant creations on the show.
  • Pearl smiling with pride after Connie recounts some of the tasks she's done since the gang have been in space.
  • Pumpkin immediately taking a liking to Connie when they first meet, and even sitting in the girl's lap almost immediately after.
  • It's a very subtle one, but Lapis doesn't object at all to being considered a Crystal Gem. Given her prior animosity towards them and how all her misery originated from being mistaken for one, it shows how massively she's grown since she was first released from the mirror.
  • Throughout most of the episode, Lapis and Peridot act dismissive and downright mean to Connie, the former especially. However, when Connie loses her patience and gives them a "The Reason You Suck" Speech ending with how they should be themselves in helping Beach City, Lapis actually states that Connie "makes a good Steven". Outside of Steven, Connie is the first person that Lapis has sincerely complimented.
    • And during her teardown of the two Gems, Connie notes about how patient and caring Steven is to even deal with "superpowered children". From a meta standpoint, many viewers have commented on how Steven acting like the adult to those older than him can be stressful, so it's refreshing to hear someone acknowledge how he shouldn't be doing that kind of stuff at his age.
      • This also shows how much Connie cares about Steven's emotional state over having to be an adult when he should be being a kid.
  • Peridot wanting to be Garnet. While it may have been her attempt to be in charge, it really shows how far she comes from being someone who actively taunted and belittled Garnet for being a Fusion. Now, she wants to be like Garnet.
  • In the end, Steven saying how he knew Connie could protect Beach City. This is especially heartwarming, since in the beginning, Connie was concerned over being able to not let Steven down, something that was only exacerbated by Peridot and Lapis' mean comments.
  • Just how comfortable Connie is in Steven's house — From wearing his usual attire to sleeping in his bed.
  • Buck has a great moment. When the Crystal Gems Temps shows their cool way of washing the car, he immediately tells everyone in town, both to see the show and to give Greg more business.
  • After wrecking the old one, Lapis, Peridot, and Connie make a new sign for "It's A Wash". Greg loves it.

"Storm in the Room"

  • After seeing Connie become so worried about her mom (all but saying that she's thinking that a car accident occurred), it's an immense relief when Dr. Mahesawarn finally arrives, apologizing profusely to Connie for being so late and scaring her. They've clearly come a long way since "Nightmare Hospital."
  • Steven tries to distract Connie when the latter is worried, even offering to take her home himself.
  • Seeing Steven just act like a kid and playing games with Cloud Rose, especially after everything he's been through lately.
  • Even if it is technically Steven talking to himself, Cloud Rose reassuring Steven that the real Rose Quartz did love him.
  • Though it fails, Steven does nurture a brief hope that he can talk to the real Rose in the Room. Although Cloud Rose isn't necessarily the real Rose, it was a possibility.
  • The last time the Room helped Steven, it also attacked him via Cloud Connie. Here, Cloud Rose calmly asks Steven if he thinks that Rose lied to him in the video and offers him a Cooldown Hug. Steven accepts the hug, admits he doesn't think Rose lied, and starts crying.
  • The end of the episode, where Greg and the Crystal Gems finally get home with a pizza Greg picked up. Despite his harrowing experience in Rose's room, Steven quickly cheers up when he's with his family.


  • Ronaldo, after Steven calls him out on his behavior, seems to actually be making an effort at being a better person, and is certainly more respectful towards Steven.
    • And this happens twice, the first being when Steven proves him wrong about "Rock People", he posts a video on his blog that starts with him sincerely apologizing.
  • Steven puts up with Ronaldo's attitude for most of the episode, but the catalyst for Steven's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Ronaldo? The older teen insinuating that Connie is not dedicated to the Crystal Gems.

"Tiger Philanthropist"

  • Amethyst quitting wrestling is a Tear Jerker In-Universe, but to the audience, it shows that she's grown so much that she doesn't need wrestling to feel good about herself anymore.
  • As seen in "Future Boy Zoltron" and "The New Crystal Gems", Sadie and Lars are hanging out together.
  • Steven coming to the realization that he and Amethyst don't need wrestling to bond with each other.
  • The Gorgeous Ones winning the belt counts. In-Universe, they're presented as a team that's been gunning for the titles for a long time, and they finally earn them in a hard-fought victory. Especially poignant if you're a wrestling fan and have seen similar instances in real life.

"Room for Ruby"

  • Steven and Garnet watch the stars together. Steven then sees a shooting star and asks Garnet to make a wish. When he probes her about what it was, she says she wished for another shooting star so he could make a wish. Aww.
  • Steven convinces Garnet to give Navy a chance by pointing out that a Ruby falling from space and learning to like the Earth sounds similar to a story she told him once. Garnet's reaction is to blush and say "Aw, stop" while cupping her face.
  • How accepting of Earth stuff Navy is. Too bad it's a lie. Though maybe not entirely, given by her view of the planet when she first arrived in "Hit the Diamond".
  • Lapis and Peridot both sitting together and watching the sun rise. Especially when you remember Peridot's comments from "Barn Mates."
    Peridot: Why don't we watch the sun come up and figure out what we're going to do with all this time, eh Lazuli?
  • Pumpkin showing more affection towards Steven. Considering her fear of Steven back in "Gem Harvest", it's a nice thing to see.
  • The fact that Garnet brought two balloons to the party at the end, one saying "Welcome to the Party!" and the other "Sorry for your loss". She pops the former and says "Well, it was worth a shot", implying Garnet saw Navy genuinely pulling a Heel–Face Turn as a very real possibility.

"Lion 4: Alternate Ending"

  • Steven spends the whole time stressing out over his supposed destiny, since Rose must've wanted to conceive him for a purpose. After he says this, Greg tells him that Rose just wanted him to be... Steven. The fact he isn't The Chosen One is a great sigh of relief for him.

"Doug Out"

  • The fact that this episode opens with Steven and Connie getting to just go out and spend some time being kids. Yes they're both amazing warriors in their own ways but it's nice to see them getting to spend some time just living life and enjoying some quiet normalcy.
  • Connie's relationship with her dad has clearly gotten better and she's obviously very close to him. He for his part has apparently become fond of Steven, fond enough to playfully tease him.
  • The second Steven takes off his disguise, Onion runs to his friend's side. As we later learn, Onion wasn't actually causing any mischief this time; he was running away from Aquamarine and Topaz.

"The Good Lars"

  • There's something adorable about how Sadie and Steven responds to Lars' bluster about how his implied to be fantastic pumpkin cake is something any idiot could make if they had the recipe.
    Sadie: "He means thanks."
    Steven: "I know. I speak Lars."
  • The signs of the closer friendship Lars and Steven have now. Lars previously found Steven annoying as hell; but in this episode he invites Steven and Sadie around to help with the baking, opens up to Steven about feeling self-conscious about enjoying baking (which makes him sharing it with Steven yet another sign of their relationship getting better), and even complements Steven by asking him when he got so mature.

"Are You My Dad?"

  • Garnet and Pearl build a sandcastle and are super excited to have some crabs make a home out of it.
  • Sour Cream's Affectionate Nickname for Yellowtail, "Yellowdad," makes a reappearance.
    • The fact that he seemed to know of all the places where Onion spends his time and looked for him there implies that he is closer with his brother than the show has made it appear until now.
  • Though the scene is mostly sad and scary, there's also something sweet about how worried Steven is when he finds out Sadie never made it home from the party.
  • Even if it doesn't end well, there's something sweet about how willing Connie is to help Aquamarine when she thinks she's a lost child.

"I Am My Mom"

  • Steven firmly believes that his friends are the best in the world and that's obviously why the Diamonds have come after them.
  • Doubling as a Tearjerker, after Steven tells Aquamarine and Topaz that he's Rose Quartz and gets taken away in order for his friends to be safe, the last words he says to his friends are "I Love You".
  • Even though Aquamarine is implied to work for Blue Diamond, it was Yellow Diamond who fished up Peridot's report of the humans living on Earth and issued the order to round them up. Given Yellow Diamond's disdain for the human zoo, and ducking the issue of Pink Diamond's death, she likely only did any of this as a favor to Blue. Meaning that she genuinely was making an effort to shake her out of her depression, even if it meant contributing to something she openly hated. That’s really sweet... if you’re not one of the humans she’s abducting.


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