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While there are a lot of tense moments in Vale's Underground, that doesn't mean that there can't be humor in it. Some may be Black Comedy in nature, but there's some outright humor as well.


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  • The fact that Ruby and Blake's relationship has the little quirk that Ruby gets excited when Blake finds a dead body that could possibly be connected to Cinder. They discuss this in the same way you'd talk about finding a good movie for your significant other.
  • Just about anything involving Penny's Nightmare Fetishism. Especially since she's so cheery about it. It almost always provides some Black Comedy.

    Chapter 1 — When All You Want Is Control... 
  • Mercury absolutely owning Robert when he tries to steal from Cinder. As soon as Merc mentions Cinder, he turns around and says it was all a stupid misunderstanding. Mercury's response?
    "Stupid? Definitely. Misunderstanding? Not a chance."
  • Blake notes that Ironwood wants to make the city look good for Weiss Schnee and doesn't want a mob investigation going on while she's here. Blake (a homicide detective) states that they'd get rid of her department if they could, but dead bodies tend to not be covered up that well.
  • A lot of things about Yang's introduction.
    • She has to kick out a man trying to get more sex acts out of her while refusing to pay extra. She leaves him out on the curb without his pants. Mercury comes in saying that she's "still catering to the most pathetic members of society."
    • Even though she does find Mercury attractive and enjoys having sex with him, she still demands that he pays first. However, when he produces the money, she pulls him in without hesitating.
    • The story mentions that Mercury is the only one of her customers who regularly makes her orgasm. She once joked that she'd give discounts for every orgasm he gave her, but then she realized that she wouldn't be making as much money off of him as she does.
  • Cinder texts Mercury when he's in the middle of having sex with Yang and he's understandably annoyed by that. But the way he answers is rather humorous.note 
    Cinder: Got a body you'll need to take care of.
    Mercury: Can it wait? I'm in the middle of someone.
    Cinder: Don't you mean "something"?
    Mercury: Nope. ;)
    Cinder: smh. Very well. Just get it done when you can.

    Chapter 2 — Steps In The Right Direction 
  • When Blake and Sun realize that the person who found Robert's body was Weiss Schnee, Blake immediately thinks of the fact that Ironwood isn't going to be happy about this, but Sun is excited to meet her.
  • When Sun asks if Weiss touched the dead body:
  • Cardin tries to hit on Ruby and she turns one of his pickup lines on him when he says that all she needs is a good dick. She asks him if he knows where she can get some because he would know the best places for it.
  • Blake coming to Ruby with a present.
    Blake: Well, and this sentence has never made sense before, the charred corpse looks promising.
  • The Dramatic Irony of Pyrrha comforting Jaune by saying that Weiss would love to date him. The second scene shows that this would not be the case no matter how nice he is.
  • When Ruby says that Taurus' men will be confessing and they'll be spilling their guts like a fish getting ready to be fried. When Ren points out that it's a bit of an odd saying:
    Ruby: I mean, I would've said, "They'll be singing like a canary," but that felt a little cliche."

    Chapter 3 — The Nightlife in the City of Vale 
  • The opening meeting with the four mob bosses provide a lot of snarky moments between all of them. All except Adam take several potshots at each other.
    • It begins with Torchwick and Cinder going at it when she arrives in a red Ferrari.
      Torchwick: Flashy as always, Cinder.
      Cinder: I wouldn't be judging if I were you, guyliner. At least I don't look like I'm trying out for a cheap theatrical production of A Clockwork Orange.
      Torchwick: Figures that you'd go for such a cheap shot.
    • When Cinder notes that Taurus' tardiness is unprofessional:
      Torchwick: Speaking of unprofessional, where's your little boytoy [Mercury]?
      Cinder: You know I'm not afraid to beat up a cripple, right?
    • Raven arriving in thigh-high boots, black jeans, a red tank-top, and her signature bandana gets this line from Cinder:
      '"Raven. Only you could simultaneously try to hard to look good and still look like you don't care."
    • Cinder lampshades Adam's Bad Boss tendencies by mocking the fact that he kills his workers at random when they could be used for important jobs. One of them actually makes the mistake of openly agreeing with her. It goes just about as well for that guy as you'd expect. Cinder's comment really adds to this.
      "See now, Adam? Look at what you've done. A waste a perfectly good henchman and perfectly good bullets."
    • He then tries to shoot her and she tells him that he should reconsider shooting her with an empty gun. Sure enough, he pulls the trigger and he realizes that he emptied the clip on his worker. Cinder smiles, but he isn't stopped from using the gun to club her in the face.
    • Raven stops them and while doing so, says that the fact that Taurus is willing to "get into a dick-measuring contest with a woman" doesn't reflect well on him.
    • After issuing a Curb-Stomp Battle to Taurus, Cinder calmly asks him if he's done being a whiny little man-baby so they can get back to business.
  • The DA's office apparently has dealt with several times where Ruby has insisted to go through "paper-runs" for last-minute investigation approval.
  • When Ruby tells Blake that she needs to do the paperwork-run, Blake asks her to make sure that she doesn't cramp up her writing hand too much since she might want to use it later.
  • The fact that after Cardin starts perving out around Blake again, while Sun asks about the life of female harassment, he also admits that Blake has a nice ass (while saying that at least most guys – presumably, himself included – could keep that under control).
  • Also the fact that he calls it the "Bellabooty," too. The term is also used later by Ruby when she takes ownership of it.
  • Yang's insults to the guy's catcalling her and Pyrrha and then her response to them attempting to talk to them again. She thoroughly embarrasses them enough that they want retaliation. Unfortunately for them, Pyrrha and Yang haven't gone through a total case of Adaptational Wimp and are still capable enough fighters to wipe the floor with them.
    Yang: Now, if you were a little nicer, this wouldn't have happened. Come on, Pyrrha. Let's leave these guys to sit here and think about how badly they fucked up.
  • The moment when Blake asks for an impromptu striptease when Ruby is getting undressed at night.

    Chapter 4 — The Price of Getting the Answers 
  • Ruby mentions an ex-boyfriend of Ren's who was caught up in a money-laundering charge. The reason Ren stayed with the guy even though he could possibly tell when things were fishy? The guy gave good blowjobs. Even Ruby is amused by the audacity of that.
    Ren: I'm not exactly proud of that decision.
    Ruby: And you shouldn't be.
  • Raven and Qrow getting up to some sibling bickering even when they're both mob bosses.
  • When Sky and Dave are trying to sell drugs to two girls, one of them says she blew twelve guys to get the money. Sky then suggest that they can blow two more guys for an extra discount. The girl responds by saying she'd rather pay double for the drugs.
  • When Cinder mentions that Taurus is not complying with the truce, Mercury says that his involvement in it was a pile of "Taurus-shit." Cinder is not amused.
    Mercury: Yeah, that could've been better.
    Cinder: It shouldn't have been said.
  • Cinder's arousal when Mercury mentions how they're going to brutalize Taurus can be a bit discomforting for several reasons, but the author's comment on it provides a bit of levity:
    I'll let you decide whether that's kinda hot or extremely disturbing.
  • Cardin once again tries to grab Blake's butt, but she ends up pointing a gun at his hand to stop him. And he has the audacity to act like she's the one going overboard.note 

    Chapter 5 — Preparing to Light the Fires 
  • Raven catching Vernal and Ilia making out in their lab. Raven is less than pleased to see it and Vernal is less than pleased to be caught.
  • Raven calling Vernal a "useless lesbian." In the context of the story, the mark of Raven's homophobia. For everyone else, one of the oldest jokes in the FNDM has made an appearance.
  • Apparently, one of the reasons Vernal still works for Raven despite the homophobia is because her boss is still at least easy on the eyes. Not as hot as Cinder, but still. She even admits that she'd definitely have sex with her if she wasn't so sadistic, no questions asked. And she admits all of this to Ilia.
  • Ruby makes a comment about how Poor Communication Kills in the field to make a point that they need to be on the same page. She then gives a Thousand-Yard Stare when saying that she knows this from experience. Ren mentions that it happened with her old partner, and that's when Ruby gives this line:
    "You shoot a guy in the ass once and he never lets you forget it."
  • Penny. Just Penny.
    • She worries that Ruby going after Cinder might put Blake at risk when Ruby explains why she goes after Cinder. When she finally meets Blake, she says that she's beautiful... and she hopes that she doesn't die a horrible gruesome death because her wife is going after Cinder. Even Blake is at a loss for what to say.
      Blake: Uh... I hope you don't either?
      Penny: Thank you, Blake!
    • She decides to tell Ruby and Blake about a particularly disturbing murder and we only catch the end of her story, but from what she mentions, the man was trying to rape his daughter's corpse while trying to use blood as a lubricant. That on its own is disturbing. The funny part is how glib Penny is about it with genuine fascination like a child at show-and-tell. She even offers to show them pictures of the body (which begs the question as to why she would have that on her phone) before Blake and Ruby immediately shoot the idea down. The fact that Penny seems completely oblivious to the fact that she's making them very uncomfortable adds a bit of Cringe Comedy factor to it.
    • Cardin meeting Penny. The fact that she's still so friendly to him even though evidence stacks up to the contrary is almost charming in a way.
      • He tries to give a BS line about how Ruby and Blake both are desperate to have him and how they wanted him to be the first guy they dated. They can barely hold back their discomfort at the idea. However, as oblivious as she is, even she can tell that his statement is bogus.
      • One of the reasons she cites for that is not only the fact that they are firmly lesbians and married to each other, but she also states that he wouldn't be the first since they have Experimented in College. The wives immediately try to stop her from divulging that information. This leads to the exchange where Ruby says experimenting is natural. Penny concurs and then states that Cardin has also probably had sex with some guys in college, too. Ruby and Blake can barely contain their laughter. But the best part is that she insulted him on accident.
    • Meta example: The author laments the missed opportunity to make a ton of RoboCop jokes by making her human.
  • Nora has to keep control over her third-graders while the police take care of the body, but some of the kids actually saw her kissing Ren. Two of them make comments on it and one of those kids is one named Tyler.
    "Oh," she replied before addressing the students. "Let's not focus on personal lives and focus on what the police are doing here."
    "Is one of those things you?" a boy joked, making the whole bus laugh.
    "Tyler!" She shouted. The entire class fell silent with fear as Nora shot daggers from her eyes. Her tone became chillingly low as she said, "Do I need to have a chat with your parents again?"
    Tyler's eyes widened with fear at the mention of his parents. "No, Ms. Valkyrie." He knew that he needed to keep his mouth shut.
    "That's what I thought."
  • Roman's utter frustration at the fact that Watts is bothering him when he's trying to get a blowjob.

    Chapter 6 — Getting to Know the Other Players 
  • Before she gets threatening, Cinder continuously mocking Taurus after the incident with Dave is kinda funny. Especially when she basically takes all his anger and uses it against him just to insult him.
    Taurus: Are you mocking me?!
    Cinder: What gave it away?
  • Ruby's only thought to hearing that Penny likes Stephen King is simply, "Why am I not surprised?"
  • Some points of the interviews with David Reynolds are pretty funny. Here's one joke from Qrow's interview when discussing paparazzi:
    David: Believe me, I know how the paparazzi can be. Have you ever been caught balls-deep inside some mistress you were seeing after hours?
    Qrow: Can't say that I have.
    David: Me either.
  • Raven calls Qrow charming after watching the interview, but only to change the subject about a crack that Qrow made earlier.
    Raven: I hope that 'incentivizing' means giving bribes and not sucking dicks.
    Qrow: Seems to work for you.
  • Raven's insistence that Qrow gets a girlfriend annoys him so much that he flat-out hangs up on her in the middle of their conversation. Raven texts him back and retracts his comment about being charming by saying you shouldn't hang up on a lady. This is what Qrow texts in response:
    YOU are no lady, Rae.
  • When Cinder orders Cardin to keep more tabs on when Taurus' Cardin makes the absoultely asinine mistake of trying to hit on Cinder while watching her bent over a window sill. In response to him grinding his crotch against her butt, she grabs his dick, threatens to burn him alive if he doesn't follow her orders, and then insults him by implying that she's out of his league anyway. A few moments later, she insults him by saying that his dick isn't even that big.
  • He also has the audacity to ask for extra pay after all of that. Cinder really puts it best:
    "Well, I was considering it before that shit you just tried to pull with me, but now, I think that your usual pay will do just fine. Don't act like you didn't bring it upon yourself."
  • Meta funny: One of the author's notes says that Ren is eight-inches. (Yes, they're implying exactly what you think they're implying.) Even they note that this isn't necessary to know.
    This has no relevance to anything in the plot, but for some reason, I couldn't let you guys go without knowing that.

    Chapter 7 — Progress for All Fronts 
  • The fact that Qrow was able to convince Harvey to help him by promising to have butt-sex with him for the rest of the night.
  • When Blake and Sun bring in a suspect (who was confirmed to be Tyrian Callows), he rants about being an innocent man and saying that he was a victim of unfortunate circumstance. There's a good reason why they don't buy that.
  • Mercury is just full of snark when he goes to abduct Taurus. Especially when he points out that Taurus shouldn't be angry that Mercury is killing his men.
    "Don't get upset. You were probably gonna end up doing that anyway."
  • Oobleck's cameo, beginning with the fact that he was singing Pagliacci songs while he worked.
  • After following Sky and Russel for so long, Ruby gets so frustrated that the actually would be genuinely happy if they murdered someone in the streets. Penny naturally is happy because she gets to see some violence, leading to this exchange.
    Penny: That would be quite interesting to see. A shame for the victim though, but that act of violence would definitely be one for the scrapbooks.
    Ruby: I'm kinda worried about you now.
  • Ruby asks if Sky and Russel mind if they look in their bag, and they respond by saying they do mind and that she and Penny need a warrant. Ruby condescendingly reveals that they got one since the late Dave Bronzewing and Sky were seen selling drugs.
  • When Russel says "We ain't got nothing in here [the bag]," Penny calls him out for using a double-negative to claim that there is something in there.
  • Penny tackles Russel and reads him his Miranda Rights, but he interrupts her by saying he knows the rights. However, Penny insists on reading his rights since it is policy. She decides to start from the top to make sure he hears them, much to the annoyance of Russel.
  • When Ruby gets into a gunfight with Sky:
    Ruby: Sky Lark! Just come in quietly! No one has to get hurt!
    Sky: Fuck you, bitch! I'm not going to jail!
    Ruby: Then you shouldn't have been breaking the law! It really is that simple!
    Sky: Shut up!
    Ruby: Don't make me shoot you! I will!
    Sky: Isn't that police brutality?!
    Ruby: When a guy starts firing a gun around where there are innocent people, I'd say the use of excessive force is justified.
  • Seeing how casual Yang can be when she talks on the phone and has sex with a client like it's no big deal. Several times, she has to let him know that she's on the phone, but he can still keep going, confusing him a couple times. He finishes in the middle of the call… and then she gets her vibrator and continues to talk to Weiss.
    Weiss: Do you masturbate while talking to all your friends?
    Yang: Maybe…
  • When Weiss invites Yang for a session after the concert, Yang says she's living it up like a real rock star and asks if there will be cocaine.

    Chapter 8 — Singing 
  • The continued joke of Penny accidentally embarrassing Cardin appears again when Ruby gets angry at him. Penny tells her that pulling her gun out in the precinct is inappropriate behavior… just before showing her how to subdue him without having to threaten lethal force.
    • Cardin even thinks that Penny is defending him just before she hands his ass to him.
  • The fact that Cinder decides to intimidate Taurus while sitting in his lap.
  • Penny's interrogation of Russel really needs to be seen to be believed. She starts by offering him things to make him more comfortable, but it quickly goes downhill. The fact that she issues him thinly veiled threats in her usual upbeat tone is absolutely priceless. The better part? It fucking works! Penny reduces him to tears with her conversation, and Ruby and Ren are stunned by it. They can only say "Holy shit," in response to it. The whole thing is great, but here are some of the highlights:
    • She talks about things like getting stabbed and raped and dying alone, but she also mentions things like bad prison food and not getting flowers in jail. Even Russel is confused by it.
    • The way he talks about Mitch makes it sound like he's a great guy, even though she includes this saying about him, "Bunk with Mitch, and he'll make you his bitch." And before saying that, she apologizes for her crassness.
    • After making him cry, she turns to the glass and winks at Ren and Ruby, implying that she knew exactly what she was doing.
    • Then there's the author's note about it:
      Penny's interrogation tactics are well-known in Atlas among the criminals. Bad guys hope that they don't end up getting interrogated by her.
  • Ruby was very angry about Weiss' concert interrupting her police work… until Blake revealed that she got tickets to see it. Ruby's opinion quickly changes.
  • Velvet was noted to be a big Weiss Schnee fan. However, before this was confirmed in the author's note, it was shown by her response to Ren allowing her to go with them. She dropped to her knees and hugged Ren's legs in sheer gratitude just before realizing what she was doing and composing herself. She can barely talk when Ren says she doesn't have to pay him back.
    Velvet: You better take good care of this man.
    Nora: Don't worry. You can count on that.
  • Ruby meets Yang by running into her boobs and spilling coffee on her. Even better, how casually Yang is willing to take off her shirt in the middle of the coffee shop because she doesn't want to ruin her good bra. She even offers Ruby a session and when Ruby declines because she has a wife, Yang says "So do half of my clients," before also inviting Blake to come to the session. We also find out that Yang carries business cards.
    Yang: A girl's gotta make a living.

    Chapter 9 — Playing a Dangerous Game 
  • Roman's response to Tyrian's flattery:
    "If you think flattery is going to win my favor… you’re absolutely right."
  • Yang and Pyrrha's meeting with Weiss:
    • Pyrrha's reaction to finding out that she's going to have sex with Weiss Schnee is saying "HOLY FUCK!" And she is still in shock for quite a while.
      Weiss: I'm sure you have a lot of questions.
      Pyrrha: That would be an understatement.
    • Yang notices that Weiss' assistant is another sexy, busty blonde woman and she wonders why Weiss didn't try hooking up with her instead. What does Weiss say?
      "Excuse you! My relationship between me and Ms. Goodridge is strictly professional." [beat] "Plus, I already asked and she said no."
  • Mercury said she wouldn't believe Emerald about having sex with Cinder unless he saw it for himself. Guess who he walks in on later in the chapter…
  • Ruby's attempt to calm Russel down doesn't go over so well.
    Ruby: Don’t worry too much. We’ll be doing everything in our power to make sure you get to County safely.
    Russel: And if you can’t?
    Ruby: Then go ahead and say hi to Dave and Sky for me.note 

    Chapter 10 — Four Steps Forward, Seven Steps Back 
  • In the middle of Ruby's emotional tirade, she throws Sun's mug against a wall, something that Sun is a little annoyed by.
  • Mercury completely blowing off Cardin and being condescending towards him when talking about how he shouldn't talk to Cinder. He even treats him like an idiot and never takes him seriously.
    Cardin: Fine, but what about my payment?
    Mercury: [beat] You have a good night, Officer.

    Chapter 11 — In Need of a New Game Plan 
  • Ciel reveals that Ruby was getting punished for the incident with Cardin and brandishing her weapon. She says she would've let Ruby off the hook since she's been harassed by Cardin before, leading Ruby to ask to put in a good word for the Chief. Ciel promptly tells her that she'd have to punish her if she caught it again, much to Ruby's disappointment.
  • The lengths that Pyrrha goes to convince Jaune that her inviting him over isn't a date, even thought that's exactly what she wants it to be.
  • One of Pyrrha's clients, a businessman, gets a call from his wife saying that he forgot to pick up his kids.

    Chapter 12 — A Whole New Mess to Fall Into 
  • Everything about Ironwood's reaction to Sienna running for mayor. From his initial Big "WHAT?!" in response to his shutdown when Weiss explains her position. Even Qrow leaves because he knows he'll need some time to process it.
    Qrow: I must say that was a pretty bold play there. I think Ironwood will be standing there like a statue for the next half hour.
  • After that, when Qrow calls Raven about Sienna, he asks if he should take her out. Raven, naturally, takes it to mean taking her out to dinner. She says it sarcastically before genuinely telling him it would be a good way to manipulate her. If not for the connotations behind it, it would be a rather humorous interaction.
  • Cinder, even in her Sanity Slippage, still manage to land some burns (metaphorically speaking) on Taurus when he goes to meet with her. Especially discerning the fact that he got held hostage by Salem.
  • When Blake and Sun interrogate a burglar, they go with Good Cop/Bad Cop. Guess who plays the bad-cop. Not only does he swear and shout at the suspect, the writer even says to imagine Michael when he's on Rage Quit.
  • They then threaten to bring Penny in to interrogate him after Blake finds out he's been to Atlas. She really does have a reputation.

    Chapter 13 — Inopportune Timing 
  • Cardin saying that he wants to have sex with Cinder in return for having to deal with Internal Affairs. Emerald already knows why that's a good idea. A Gilligan Cut shows exactly why. It may be Nightmare Fuel, but the lead up is rather humorous.
  • The only thing stopping Salem from finding Cinder and going to her base? As Cinder reveals… the lack of an invitation.
    Mercury:You're kidding.
    Cinder: I wish I was.
  • Cinder's reaction to Mercury sleeping with Salem becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when then next chapter reveals that Salem is Cinder's mom in this story. Really makes things awkward.

    Chapter 14 — In Need of a New Game Plan 
  • When Weiss assumes Sienna wasn't nervous about the debate against Ironwood, Sienna responds by saying it "was fucking terrifying."
  • Sun shutting down a catcaller by shouting "Dude, She's a Lesbian!"
  • Tyrian continues his campaign of denial when Blake and Sun catch him out on the streets again. Even his excuse for carrying what is presumably dismembered corpses stands out.
  • Just as Tyrian gets away and shouts about how they won't catch him, Penny jumps out of nowhere and tackles him to the ground. Both Blake and Sun are stunned to see her there, ready to jump into action.
  • Cassie trying to do her math homework and her reaction to her father telling her she needs to do it.
    Cassie: [whining] But it's fractions!
  • Cinder's reaction to Salem coming to Vale kind of gets put in a mildly humorous light when you realize it's her freaking out because her mom is coming to visit her.

    Chapter 15 — Relief 
  • Ghira goes to visit her daughter and her daughter-in-law and the couple says that he should be on his way. He says he can stay for longer, they imply that they were going to have a more intimate evening. Ghira, a married man himself, understands immediately.
  • After Neon — who is currently high on something — rollerblades in and lets Flynt catch her, she tries to claim to Ruby and Flynt that she isn't high and does have her shit together, She begs to differ and offers to suck his dick to prove otherwise. Since this version is confirmed to be gay, there's an obvious reason why that won't work.
  • When Weiss finally confesses to Neptune, he does so in the closet in the Grand Hall of the city. A detail that was not lost on her as the narration points out. Even Neptune awkwardly asks if she's ready to get out of the closet after she confesses.
    Weiss: Yeah, I definitely could've picked a better place to have this conversation.
  • Suddenly, Neptune comes to the same realization that Yang did of the possibility of Weiss sleeping with Glynda. She denies that they ahve slept together, but admits that it's not for lack of trying.
  • When Cinder ends up being late for the mob boss meeting (though still earlier than Taurus), she says to Raven and Torchwick that she was busy with Mercury. She knows what they're thinking and allows them to interpret that however they wish.
  • Taurus (as usual) shows up late to the meeting to show off his new henchmen, Corsac and Fennic. When he tries to criticize Qrow about being the perceived white sheep, even Qrow remarks that at least he made it on time. Even when he tries to call him out, Cinder taunts him with a threat relating to the last meeting:
    Cinder: Taurus, don't make me kick your ass again.
  • Taurus tries to one-up Cinder by showing that he has two personal hitmen instead of one. Torchwick effectively takes the wind out of his sails by saying that he also uses them the way Cinder uses hers.

    Chapter 16 — Let's Make a Deal 
  • Tyrian is fully aware of Penny's reputation as an interrogator and immediately tries to weasel out of it. It takes him no time at all to get to the point of sobbing.
    Penny: Do you want a box of tissues?
    Tyrian: What do you mean?
    Penny: You seem to be crying. Is this a difficult time for you?
    Tyrian: I'M NOT CRYING!
  • As Kali walks out of the room, Blake notices that Sun is staring at her mom's butt and then tells him that she gets hers from her mother. He tries to deny it, but one man admits that she is pretty sexy. Sun then feels more inclined to agree... until he notices that the man in question is her husband. Sun reacts accordingly.
  • Ruby learns in the precinct that Yang and Weiss know each other. How? They were going to give her leads on the case at the same time. Yang immediately tries do dodge the revelation.
    Yang: It's a long story.
  • Cardin suddenly makes the mistake of harassing Blake in front of Ghira. Even when Cardin tries to cover his own ass by saying he was complimenting on what a great person she was. Ghira doesn't even give him the time of day and immediately tells him to shut the hell up.
  • After being fed up with Raven's insistence on not looking at her cards in Blackjack, another gambler calls her out for the last time. Then she decides to up the stakes and offers that he can do whatever she wants to him if he wins the bet. If she wins, she'll get a favor from him (which she has yet to decide on, but he won't be able to decline it). When the man chickens out and just wants to bet the money, even after Raven shows off her breast to give him a preview, Raven reveals that she had a terrible hand and mocks him by saying that he really should've taken her up on the offer.
  • Pyrrha's introduction to Jaune's college friends.
    • Pyrrha has Dylan hitting on her in a coffee shop after a client canceled on her. It turns out, he was on a bet that he made with Jaune. Pyrrha and Jaune are shocked to see each other, but Dylan is even more shocked to realize that they know each other.
    • It appears that even he's not too fond of Dylan after sending him off.
      Jaune: Sorry about him. He's kind of a...
      Pyrrha: Pushy?
      Jaune: I was going to say he's kind of a dick.
    • In the chapter notes, it reveals that Velvet had sex with Jaune once out of pity because she thought he couldn't be that bad at sex. She was proven very wrong. And she brings it up in front of Pyrrha, not knowing that she's aware of his issues during sex.
  • Cinder blatantly propositioning Junior in the middle of Torchwick's club while Junior is trying to avoid such a situation since Torchwick wouldn't be all that happy about it. One thing that sells it is the dichotomy of Cinder's status as a feared mob boss and her insistence on having Junior screw her brains out. At one point, she even lifts her leg up over the counter so he can get a good view up her skirt.note 
    Junior: Seriously. What do you want?
    Cinder: Well, one thing I want is for you to pull me over this counter and fuck me like a bitch in heat right here and now.
  • The reason he's called "Junior" in this story? Lack of endowment. (Though Cinder doesn't really have an issue since he can still manhandle her.)
  • During a heartfelt moment between Ruby and Blake about killing affects her on a daily basis, Blake says that it's good that it still affects her and she worries more about the day when it stops being an issue for her. Ruby then brings up that they might need to be worried about Penny.
    Blake: Well, she might be a different case.
  • Mercury makes a comment about Emerald brown-nosing, but then he realizes that the way he phrased it might've sounded unintentionally racist.
    Mercury: Ha! I forgot that you've got some snark behind that brown nose of yours. [...] Oh, shit. Is that racist?

    Chapter 17 — Caught in the Wrong Places 
  • Coco's idea for Neptune once she gets her hands on him? A round of pegging. And Neptune is very reluctant.
  • Yang sipping her tea condescendingly just before Weiss' confession. It seems to be her strategy for pushing Weiss into the conversation.
    Yang: So... isn't there something else that you wanted to mention? [sips tea]
  • The fact that Cinder — an infamous and feared mob boss with a penchant for sadism — could effectively moonlight as a stripper.
  • Yang still propositions Blake when she comes to her house while actively acknowledging that she's straight.
  • How does Little Miss know that Cinder was in Junior's club? A wrapper for a small condom left behind.
    Little Miss: I only know one person who would fuck you with a dick that small.
  • When Penny hears about the stripper who was skinned alive, she unsurprisingly was about to ask for the pictures before Ruby shuts her down.
  • While Jaune and Pyrrha are having a heartfelt conversation, we get Dylan's ever so subtle way of telling them to hurry up in the kitchen.
    "You're taking a pretty long time to get a drink! You better not be making her suck you off in my kitchen!"


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