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Spoilers Off applies to all Funny pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Harry's reaction to Hermione as a Cat Girl.
  • Harry taking four dates to the Yule Ball—but Ron said he could only take Ginny if it was agreed she was his "number one"
    • Fleur and Viktor deciding to take each other to the ball, as well.
  • Harry having power over Icha-Icha due to being the editor.
    • Percy Weasley becomes the editor for the English edition, instead of going into the ministry.
  • Mrs. Weasley and Anko conversing politely about tea.
  • Fleur's response to Harry's pervert tendencies—conjured bucket of cold water.
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  • Harry fearfully asking Lupin if his "practical lesson" will involve pixies, and then Hermione explaining why the class is so terrified (thank you, Lockhart).
  • Sirus and Remus' mixed-up notions of the ninja world being used as a Take That! at some of the more disliked cliches in Naruto fanfiction.
  • Harry decides to prove to Fleur he's not cheating by fighting the Hungarian Horntail without a wand. Five minutes later she's screaming at him to get the hell over there and take his wand back!
    • Harry, Viktor, and Fleur rousing the crowd for Cedric...and then the three boys finding out they barely have to do a thing to get them interested in Fleur.
  • Dobby gets ramen.
  • Harry and Draco—anytime they're in a room together or doing anything related to each other, it's hilarious.
  • Thanks to Anko, Harry considers Snape his favorite teacher. Snape is terrified.
    • Harry cheerfully and weirdly greeting Snape one day and Snape being forced to give Gryffindor one point when Hermione shuts him up.
    • Sirius' horror that Snape is Harry's favorite teacher.
  • Harry hires Anko lap dancers as a get-back. Female lap dancers.
  • Sasuke and Naruto give Hermione and Ginny "baka-bats" to be used on Harry when he goes to far. Hermione's has gotten a lot of use.
    • Snape wants one too, but settles for a giant paper fan.
      • It gets even funnier in the omake. Snape isn't the only one who uses a fan
  • The fact that the ANBU recognized Sirius from the Hokage's description is considered lucky, as he could have been mistaken for "some random skeletal scarecrow themed missing-nin specializing in flying broom jutsu (hey, it happens)".
  • Sirius gets a job in Konoha by using magic to clean things. He points out this costs him nothing and he can contribute to the household budget this way. He then thinks it would give his mother a heart attack—or an attack in whatever organ it was that pumped her blood.
  • Any funeral service done by Harry, but especially the one for Nim-chan.

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