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    Season 1 

Episode 1: "Old Wounds"
  • At the pilot's very start, when Ed sees Kelly sweating the sheets with a blue alien and immediately pulls a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! without letting Kelly explain.
  • The Orville is called in to protect a science facility that has developed technology capable of accelerating the flow of time. Before they explain, a banana is used in a demonstration, desiccating in seconds. Ed and Kelly promptly tag team some snark until the explanation begins.
    Ed: So ... it's an anti-banana ray.
    Kelly: That's really interesting.
    Ed: We need no longer fear the banana.
    Kelly: Does it work on all fruit?
    Ed: What about salads?
  • Our introduction to Bortus' Bizarre Alien Biology:
    Bortus: Moclans only urinate once a year.
    Ed: Really? I'm up twice a night.
    Bortus: That is unfortunate.
    Ed: Yes. (wistful look into the distance) Yes it is.
  • The seatbelts. As soon as you see them, it seems like an amusing nod to Star Trek. Then they become important, and it's hilarious.
  • Mercer points out that the marriage counselor Grayson wanted them to see was her brother-in-law. Without some clarification, Mercer's statement could be taken to refer to his brother.
  • Ed and Kelly bicker about their divorce in front of the Krill commander in an attempt to buy some time, only for Ed to angrily cut the argument short when the Krill takes Kelly's side.
    Ed: "That would be self-" oh, like you're both friggin' saints!
  • When meeting Captain Mercer for the first time, Lieutenant LaMarr's only concern is whether the new boss is cool with him drinking soda on the bridge. Mercer, after a moment of consideration, allows it, as long as he keeps the cup under the consoles so nothing gets damaged with a spill. Later on, we see LaMarr sipping soda from a straw and indeed keeping it below the console exactly as instructed.
  • After his Pre-Mortem One-Liner about Arbor Day, Mercer is annoyed he has to explain it to the crew, as the holiday is a bit obscure even among Earth natives. When he challenges Grayson about what she would have said:
    Grayson: I would've said, "You got wood!"
    Crew enthusiastically like it.
    Mercer: (Dejected) Yeah, that's actually better, isn't it.

Episode 2: "Command Performance"

  • This episode introduces the Matter Replicator. Kelly uses it to make a pot brownie and Alara to get tequila.
  • Alara's Rousing Speech to the crew to win them back to her side.
    Alara: Can I have everyone's attention please? I have been given a direct order by the Fleet Admiralty to abandon the search for Captain Mercer and Commander Grayson. But, as far as I'm concerned, they can bite me because we're going anyway.
  • Overwhelmed by the responsibility of captaining the Orville, Alara, planning to beg Bortus to cut his maternity leave short and take command of the ship from her, rushes to Bortus's quarters and busts in uninvited. To her shock and his irritation, she finds him stark naked, in the midst of incubating his egg.
    Alara: Commander, the Captain...oh God!
    Bortus: Is it not customary to request permission before entering someone else's quarters?
  • Isaac introduces Alara to the zookeeper as his pet.
    Alara: (utterly deadpan) Woof.
    • Later on, Isaac convinces the zookeeper to hear Alara out (up to this point, he's refused to even speak to her.)
      Zookeeper: Speak, Xelayan.
      Alara: Thanks, Dick.
  • The Reveal of what Alara was able to offer in trade for Mercer, Grayson, and an additional alien child: 21st-century Reality Television. Several Real Life TV shows get name-dropped as the Calivon stare in rapt fascination.
    • For bonus points, there's a Funny Background Event where you can see the chatty alien in the exhibit on the other side of the corridor peering over the crowd, struggling to get a good view of the screen.
  • After Claire spends the episode dispensing sage advice on Alara's difficult first time in the Captain's Chair, Alara hits her up with some bad news on her way to rescue Mercer and Grayson:
    Alara: Oh, Clara, I have bad news.
    Claire: What's wrong?
    Alara: You're the ranking officer, which means you have command. Enjoy.
    Claire: ... Son of a bitch.

Episode 3: "About A Girl"

  • Mercer, Malloy and LaMarr are doing a holographic game of being lawmen tracking down an outlaw. Mercer is ready for a showdown...and the bandit suddenly says he wants it to be a dance-off. Mercer is baffled while Malloy says he just wanted to "shake it up." Mercer has to leave as the bandit dances to Cyndi Lauper and Malloy and LaMarr bounce their heads with the music.
  • 400 years in the future, and Monopoly is still a source of conflict.
    Kelly: We have Scrabble. We have Candy Land. We have Monopoly. You can be the car.
    Ed: Kel, I'm always the car.
    Kelly: Yeah, but maybe this one time, since he's our guest.
    Ed: You can be the thimble.
  • Malloy and LaMarr use Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to convince Bortus to change his mind about the operation. It works, which is heartwarming, but Bortus somehow came to the conclusion that Rudolph's father wanted to euthanize him.
    • Also hilarious is Bortus's facial expression while watching it. He's absolutely riveted by it.
    • You'd be forgiven for thinking that his revelation is actually a sarcastic confession about realizing the meaning of the movie, given how he delivers his line.
  • Bortus leaves his child in their care while he goes to convince Clyden. LaMarr points out that Bortus left a child in the care of two drunk dudes. Malloy comments that his father would do the same... and remembers it positively.
  • Commander Grayson does not take kindly to certain assumptions.
    Grayson: So to you people, being a woman is like having chronic diarrhea.
    Mercer: Kell, I think we should focus...
    Grayson: Hey doc, I'm not feeling well. I've had the tits all day.
  • Mercer confronts a Moclan commander.
    Moclan: You are a very fragile thing, Captain, do you know that?
    Mercer: There's an anti-bullying law named after me, so yeah, I do know that.
  • Bortus quotes a revered Moclan author, saying it's customary for a reply by an author of another person's homeworld in response.
    Grayson: I'm a survivor. I'm not gonna give up. Not gonna stop, gonna work harder.
    Bortus: Those are words of great power. Who wrote them?
    Mercer: I think it was actually about fifteen different people.
    Bortus: They must be very wise, these fifteen people.
  • Grayson calls Malloy to the stand to talk about Earth history. Among his answers: Unable to remember the capital of the United States ("Nabisco?"), the four chambers of the human heart including "Chamber of Secrets" and "Chamber of Horrors", and "Bill Nye the Cancer Guy" curing cancer.
    Grayson: My point is made. While this man may be the best pilot in the fleet...he's also an idiot. Sorry, Malloy.
    Malloy: Totally okay.
  • The Moclan advocate talks to Finn about refusing to do surgery on the child.
    Advocate: Captain Mercer, tell me about your penis.
    Mercer: Did...I miss a segue of some kind?
    Advocate: Are you circumcised?
    Mercer: I don't usually discuss that until the second date.

Episode 4: "If the Stars Should Appear"

  • Klyden attempting a Heartbreak and Ice Cream after an argument with Bortus. While watching The Sound of Music.
  • The captain knocking on a door to be greeted by a woman, who immediately slams the door on him, causing Ed to sarcastically say he's a Jehovah's witness.
    • Isaac comments that perhaps the woman feared Ed is not sexually adequate (they were discussing Ed and Kelly's divorce a few moments prior). Given that the woman had an Oh, Crap! expression before slamming the door, it gives a hilarious mental image that she was so horrified at Ed's sexual inadequacy she slammed the door on him.
    • When they try again, they are met by the husband. Wielding a shotgun. The group is forced to stun him so they can try talking to the wife again. The ensuing conversation gets awkward when the fact that they shot the husband keeps getting brought up. Star Trek characters never had to apologize so much for stunning someone.
  • Grayson's outrageous lie when asked where her friends are. She references Friends, and finishes with "Just don't hurt the monkey."
  • When Commander Grayson is tied to a chair and being tortured, she lets out a few defiant insults. Caps with a joke about her captor's mom.
    Leader: Where are your friends?
    Grayson: Didn't I tell you? One of them is banging your mom, while the other high-fives him!
  • She follows it up with another zinger after her captors break out a hypodermic needle.
    Leader: Do you know what this is?
    Grayson: Scale model of your penis?
  • This episode also features a cameo by Liam Neeson! Seems like being a badass spans centuries...

Episode 5: "Pria"

  • The entire bridge crew is watching Seinfeld (specifically "The Junior Mint") on the main viewer just to teach Isaac humor. Mildly Military at its finest.
  • Malloy fitting Isaac's head with Mr. Potato Head pieces as a joke, and Isaac failing to notice because his "face" is just a convenience for organic life that he doesn't actually need to see.
  • Isaac's idea of a practical joke. Amputating Malloy's leg while he sleeps and hiding it.
  • The Brick Joke involving Malloy's leg. Words don't do it justice.
  • After picking up Malloy's amputated leg, Alara quite deliberately turns so it kicks Mercer. He had it coming.
  • The scene where Kelly and Alara are justifying why they were snooping in Pria's guest quarters, explaining they found her mystery device. Ed pointedly asks if they found her diary and went snooping. They admit they didn't because they couldn't find one. Ed stares at them with an expression of pure "WTF is wrong with you?!"

Episode 6: "Krill"

  • The opening scene where the crew discover Bortus' race can literally eat and digest anything needs to be seen to be appreciated.
    • Same scene, Isaac offers this gem:
    Isaac: I am fascinated by the interpersonal behavior of biological organisms. I would be happy to attempt sexual relations with you, Lieutenant.
    Alara: [after a Stunned Silence from the entire table] ...I'm actually just sort of working on myself right now? But thanks.
  • Mercer ordering Alara to open a hailing channel then starting to talk immediately, only for Alara to interrupt him because she hadn't finished opening the channel yet. One of those "why is this funny" moments that MacFarlane specializes in.
    Ed: Alara, open a hailing channel. Attention, Krill ship. This is the USS-
    Alara: Oh! Um. I haven't done it yet.
    Ed: Oh. Sorry.
    Alara: [hits five buttons] Okay, you're on.
    Ed: T- Now?
    Alara: Yeah.
    Ed: All right. Attention, Krill ship!
  • When the Orville finds a Krill ship firing on a colony:
    Mercer: Attention Krill ship, this is the USS Orville. Cease fire immediately or we will respond.
    Grayson: In the history of space battles, has that ever worked?
    Bortus: They have ceased firing upon the planet.
    Grayson: I stand corrected.
  • During the attack from a Krill ship, a panel explodes.
    Mercer: What happened to automatic fire suppression?
    Alara: That's the panel on fire!
  • Malloy gets stabbed in the leg that was just regrown in the last episode. "Damn it, that's a brand new leg!"
  • After Malloy learns that the Krill deity is named "Avis," he engages in a Running Gag comparing it to the 20th-Century rental car agency.
    • While he keeps making jokes about a rival god named Hertz, it is worth noting that another of Avis's Real Life rivals is a company called Enterprise.
  • While the Krill are chanting "Temeen Emideen" during service, Ed says "Katniss Everdeen." May the odds be ever in his favor.

Episode 7: "Majority Rules"

  • Malloy describing the planet's legal system as "Conviction by American Idol". When he explains what that is to Bortus...
    Bortus: I sing.
    (Cue WTF look from the whole bridge crew)
  • John is arrested because he dry-humped a statue. Captain Mercer gets chewed out by the admiralty for the conduct of his crew and promises "I will personally order him... not to hump things."
  • After a rather disastrous first showing, John's Publicity Officer recommends showing off his talents to make him more likable. When John dances onto the stage and ends up receiving even more scorn (for making light of a national tragedy by DANCING), the PO meekly replies that his job "involves a LOT of guesswork".
  • After John is arrested, Kelly, Claire and Alara meet up with him at the local Police station. They talk with him privately in one of the cubicles at the station. Where it is revealed that if John gets downvoted enough, his punishment is a mental cleansing.
    Doctor Claire Finn: This is a twenty-first level society. They don't have the medical sophistication to do that safely. Commander, he could end up a medical vegetable.
    John: [after a Stunned Silence where he calmly processes the new information. Suddenly flips out and bangs on the window to the guard outside] ... Hey! I'm a space man, you gotta let me out of here. I'm a space man, hey!
  • After the crew decide to fabricate some made-up facts about John to make him more likable so the public will upvote him...
    Doctor Claire Finn: What if people try to corroborate this information?
    Lysella: Don't worry, they won't.
  • After John barely escapes being mentally cleansed and exiting the prison. John decides to let the guards have a piece of his mind.

Episode 8: "Into The Fold"

  • Malloy claiming everyone at the academy called the spacial fold a "Glory Hole". Ed quickly reminds him no, nobody else did. And when they enter said fold...
    Bortus: Entering glory hole.
  • Isaac decides to try to imitate Dr. Finn's parenting style...
    Isaac: Children, cut the crap right now. If I have to come back there one more time, I swear to God I am going to lose my mind.
  • While the kids are roughhousing around the shuttle, Isaac fails to recognize Claire's sarcastic tone and helpfully offers to vaporize the kids for Claire. Cue Claire frantically denying she wanted Isaac to do that and insisting she was kidding.
    • At one point, Isaac even gets hit in the back of the head with something thrown by one of the kids. For supposedly having no emotions, Isaac looks thoroughly ticked off.
  • Mercer is rightly incredulous that some ensign filed a damage report saying that he spilled soy sauce on his pants.
    Mercer: My God, we gotta get better people.
  • Claire's kids spend most of the first half of the episode incessantly arguing over a video game the older one brought along for the trip. Isaac spends a lot of that time visibly trying to not be annoyed. When they start arguing again while Isaac is trying to find Claire, he settles the matter succinctly by ripping the game out of their hands, hurling it into the air, shooting it to pieces with his gun, and firmly stating "The game is never to be spoken of again". All without raising his voice even once.
  • Isaac's innocently sadistic repair of Marcus's dislocated leg is hilarious in much the same way that his practical joke on Malloy was.

Episode 9: "Cupid's Dagger"

  • Bortus preparing to wow the crew on karaoke night with a rendition of "My Heart Will Go On". To everyone's disappointment (except Ed), before he can start, the comm cuts him off with an urgent message.
    • Bortus shouting down Gordon when he tries to cheer him on.
  • Bortus and Klyden having the stereotypical squabbles of new parents.
    Bortus: All we do is fight, Klyden will not stop eating, the child never sleeps, and we have not resumed normal...relations. Why do people have babies?!
  • The Running Gag of the low-level crew-member who keeps walking in on Mercer and Grayson in the show's equivalent of a turbolift and wanting there to be elevator music of some sort. It ends up being made his project and when it's finally done, he shows up again and this time Grayson shouts at him, asking if he does nothing but just riding the elevator all day.
  • For a bonus? The song that's playing is Jimmy Buffet's cover of "Leaving the Straight Life Behind." No, it's not about discovering bisexuality, but the fact it's playing while Ed is still in a pheromone-roofie haze over Darulio at this point and the fact is used to be a popular song for slash Fanvids, adds to the joke.
  • Bortus and Isaac's confusion over Gordon saying that Ed is oddly "into" Darulio.
    Isaac: Your statement is confusing. Has the Captain entered Mr. Darulio in some fashion?
    Gordon: Not yet...
  • John and Alara discussing Kelly's behavior and John's speculation that she is on drugs. This is actually a funny Call-Back when one remembers that Kelly is extremely fond of cannabis.

Episode 10: "Firestorm"

  • Mallow and LaMarr coming into the holodeck dressed like they're about to duel with pistols? Pretty standard. Bortus doing the same? Hilarious.
  • The crew preparing to search for the creepy clown.
    Malloy: I think it's only prudent to caution everyone to watch out for pies.
    Mercer: At this point, anything is possible, so yes. Pies, seltzer bottles, balloon animals — be alert.
  • Bortus reporting to Mercer.
    Bortus: There is an alligator in the cargo bay. I successfully crushed it with a chair.
    Mercer: Where did it come from?
    Bortus: I do not know. Regardless; it is crushed.
  • LaMarr on clowns:
    Malloy: Was it like a circus clown, or a hobo clown, or what?
    Kitan: What's the difference?
    LaMarr: Hobo clowns are the most dangerous because they're hungry.

Episode 11: "New Dimensions"

  • Malloy and Lamarr stealing a chunk of Yaphit and putting it in the buffet. Who eventually eats it? Bortus. Even his titanium stomach can't take it. And then there's the method to get it out...
    • When Lamarr later tries to explain to Yaphit it was just a joke:
    Yaphit: A joke? I spent an hour in Bortus's colon! You call that funny?
  • Gordon tries to explain to Isaac what it's like to have a cat, specifically mentioning petting it to bond with the animal. Isaac's takeaway is that petting Gordon is a bonding activity. The "WTF?" look on Gordon's face is priceless.
  • Kelly calls Ed a "prideful ass" for being upset about her helping him.
    Ed: "A prideful ass"? Are we in a Jane Austen novel?

Episode 12: "Mad Idolatry"

  • Ed tries out a Moclan beverage, only to discover that it's used to intentionally infect the drinker with a parasite. Bortus and Klyden consider this to be an immensely pleasurable sensation.
    • Funnier still, they tell him this in advance, and he tries it anyway.
      • It becomes a pooping Brick Joke when he mentions pooping out the parasite (or the drink) later to Kelly.
  • Ed plays the Moclan version of hot potato with Bortus and Klyden. Except their version involves the potato impaling spikes through your hand. Which is also apparently winning the game.
  • When the crew are ordered to wait in that section of space for a couple of days, Gordon suggests they get a game of Monopoly. Bortus stands up and says he'll get the latchcomb, prompting a loud "No!" from Captain Mercer.
  • Ed gets a dressing down from a Union Admiral and turns away to mock her to Kelly - only to find that he forgot to close the channel. His pleading "Have mercy! Bye!" hang-up is hilarious.

    Season 2
Episode 1: "Ja'loja"
  • Remember how we learned in the first episode that Moclans only urinate once a year? Turns out there's an entire religious ceremony around it, which everyone else has to desperately pretend they don't find inherently funny.
    • The sheer fact that, after all the crazy stuff that happened in the first season (spatial anomalies, alien attacks, eldritch horrors, etc.), the second season decides to open with the crew watching Bortus pee.
    • After Bortus describes the ceremony, the first reaction is Malloy's: "What if it's like a... windy day?"
    • Goes right back to Awesome when the ceremony occurs, and it's treated respectfully, both by the crew and the show. It's not about the act, it's about the ceremony, and the show treats it as culturally important to the Moclan people.
  • Mercer uses a shuttle to spy on Grayson and her new boyfriend...then realizes he forgot to cloak it. The camera at first isn't focused on it, so you're watching Grayson kissing while the shuttle slowly inches into view outside the window.
  • Bortus' idea of fixing Alara up? "I shall order him to mate with you."
  • Mercer’s biggest complaint about Grayson’s new boyfriend, which he treats like a big dealbreaker; he uses both hands to drink tea.
  • Ty walking in while Claire is reading Marcus the riot act. Claire tells her little boy to leave. Ty's reaction "But I wanna watch Marcus get yelled at!" is very relatable.
  • Isaac’s suggestion about how to punish Marcus after he’s caught drinking; force feeding him bottles and bottles of vodka until he no longer wants to drink anymore. Claire politely informs him that doing so would probably kill Marcus.
  • How Lamarr got his reputation as a “love guru”; he dated a two-headed alien... without either head knowing he was dating the other. The relationship fell apart not because this came out, but because one of the heads liked hiking and Lamarr considers that a big dealbreaker.
    • This is followed by Gordon explaining how he once dated his own deranged stalker, only for her to break up with him because he was too clingy.
  • This exchange:
    Claire: Isaac, do you think I’m a bad parent?
    Isaac: Yes.
  • Ed and Cassius actually get along a bit about how to deal with Kelly.
    Ed: A woman can't really love a man unless he's part dope. Be a little stupid every day and really stupid once in a while but just don't be perfect.
    Cassius: That's not easy.
  • Lamarr puts Gordon into a dating simulation which is pretty much the Kobayashi Maru for guys with no game. He does pretty well at Difficulty Level One...then Lamarr cranks it up to Eight, wherein Gordon must try to move in on a Xelayan Goth Girl who's way out of his league and still bitter over a recent breakup.
    Gordon: This is Level Eight? What's Level Nine?
    Lamarr: Level Nine, she's still dating the guy.
    Godron: And level Ten?
    Lamarr: She's married and has a gun.
  • The incredibly awkward Stylistic Suck poetry Dan reads Alara. Alara tries to spare his feelings, then slips into Brutal Honesty, realizes she really managed to screw up, and makes an excuse to get out of the room.

Episode 2: "Primal Urges"

  • The episode opens with the crew watching a planet burn up in the photosphere of its expanding parent star. While the rest of the crew ogle at the amazing sight, Bortus asks to go off duty. What does he do? He goes to the simulator to have virtual sex.
  • Apparently Moclan divorces are rather messy. But not in the way you're thinking. Turns out that when a Moclan couple divorce each other, the one breaking up stabs and kills their mate.
  • Bortus and Klyden misinterpreting couples counselling as a fight to the death, in typical Literally Minded Moclan style.
  • The reaction of Ed and Kelly to how Moclan divorce works. Definitely awkward. Then Kelly hangs a lampshade on the whole thing by remarking what a pain in the ass it is dealing with Moclan cultural norms.
  • Towards the end of the episode, the Orville is in a death spiral into the star they were orbiting. While Isaac attempts to fix the Orville's main computer and purge the porn virus that has infected it, a buck-naked Moclan is tongue kissing the side of the robot's head.
    • The best part is that Isaac seems completely unperturbed by the Moclan, and continues to work undisturbed.
  • The fact the ship is put in mortal danger by the equivalent of a shady porn site is Cringe Comedy mixed with Fridge Horror

Episode 3: "Home"

  • The new security officer is a guy who looks like an elephant with an external esophagus attached to his chest and who eats noisily on the bridge because of his high metabolism.
    • He’s also played by Patrick Warburton in full David Puddy mode. Made even funnier as he’d just come off a major Playing Against Type role as Lemony Snicket, and is now slipping right back into his comfort zone without missing a beat.
  • Another case of what sounds like a joke but turns out to be funnier as it's true.
    Kelly: Yaphet was asking about our parental leave policy.
    Ed: What, is he thinking about splitting in half?
    Kelly: Legally, we can't ask him that.
  • Although the situation is quite dire and dramatic, the conflict between Ildis Kitan (Alara's dad) and Cambis Borrin. For those Star Trek fans who enjoy Kirk-versus-Picard-type debates, the former is played by Robert Picardo while the later is John Billingsley, both of whom played the Chief Medical Officers of different series.

Episode 4: "Nothing Left On Earth Excepting Fishes"

  • After Kelly accepts his request to take the command test, Malloy leaves the room. And Bortus says what both are thinking.
  • Proof of Bortus's prediction comes almost immediately, as during the psych evaluation Malloy traumatizes himself while looking at Rorschach blobs.

Episode 5: "All the World is a Birthday Cake"

  • Bortus being drafted into helping deliver a baby. This being Bortus, he's not exactly helpful.
    Bortus: Will there be an egg?

Episode 6: "A Happy Refrain"

  • Bortus with a mustache. That is all.
    Gordon: See, that's what I'm talking about!
    Ed: And now it all makes sense.
  • Kelly insists she never drinks on duty, but when Claire reveals her feelings for Isaac, she instantly gets up and orders Chardonnays for them.
  • Isaac goes to Lamarr for dating advice. He and Malloy are respectful and offer some decent pointers...then they sprint up to the Bridge to tell everyone that Isaac and Claire are going out.
  • Isaac in a wife-beater and briefs trying to act like a stereotypical slob.
  • After she and Isaac break up, Claire is Drowning Her Sorrows in a simulated bar, when she hears Yaphit's voice. Not really in the mood for company, she turns around to confront him... to find that he's simulated a human body, namely real-life Norm MacDonald in all his simpering, slightly-sleazy glory, ready to score her on the rebound.
  • Gordon's last line of the episode. It's hard to disagree, frankly:
    Malloy: We have got to be the weirdest ship in the entire fleet.

Episode 7: "Deflectors"

  • Jenny trying to politely offer Locar a cupcake. She quickly discovers when a Moclan says no, they mean no.
    Jenny: Locar, cupcake?
    Locar: No.
    Jenny: You sure?
    Jenny: Okay...
  • Gordon summing up how "the one person in a stable relationship is Isaac."
    • This is followed by Gordon recalling how Isaac was matter-of-factly asking people advice on the best sexual positions.
  • Gordon and LaMarr rattling off a list of prior incidents to counter Talla's assumption that their current situation is the weirdest thing to happen on the ship.
    Lamarr: One time I almost died cause I humped a statue.
    Gordon: Isaac once cut my leg off.
    Lamarr: The captain and commander? They got put in a zoo.
    Talla: ...I see.
  • The idea that one of Cassius's attempts to win Kelly back is essentially a novelty talking flower tchotchke that's also a sentient being is kind of hilarious. And the flower's only doing it because he owes Cassius a favor.
    • Of course, the kicker is the flower being voiced by Bruce Willis.

Episode 8: "Identity, Part 1"

  • Mercer contacts Admiral Halsey for permission to take Isaac to Kaylon for repairs.
    Halsey: Can't you just repair him on the Orville?
    Mercer: Sir, imagine your mother trying to plug in a stereo.
    Halsey: I understand. Permission granted.
  • At his farewell party, Isaac is told to "search your database" for a proper speech. With countless epic speeches from all of history at his fingers, which one does he pick? Sally Field's infamous "you like me, you really like me!" Oscar speech.
  • At the party, Bortus wants a piece of cake.
    Bortus: Yes. But not that piece.
    Talia: What's wrong with it?
    Bortus: I would like a corner piece.
    Talia (amused): You're kidding.
    Bortus: I am not. Please cut me a corner piece.
    Talia: Because you want a flower?
    Bortus: Yes. Please cut me a corner piece before someone else-
    Lamarr: Hey Bortus, have some cake, man! It's good! ::hands him a random piece of cake::
    Bortus: Thank you. I hate this party. (walks away)
  • Mercer and Grayson are quite embarrassed to find that Isaac even informed his people about the prank war, and conclude "We are so gonna get fired."

Episode 9: "Identity, Part 2"

  • Having been confined to an area without any facilities, Gordon and several other crew members resorted to using a "pee corner."
  • Apparently Gordon had some trouble getting Kelly to believe the Krill actually worship a god named Avis, and is quite pleased to have a Krill confirm it.
  • Gordon flying the Krill fighter and quoting "Just a walk in the park, Kazansky" from Top Gun. Then he looks at the Krill pilot next to him and does the chomp Val Kilmer's Iceman did in that same movie.
    Gordon: All right buddy, time to wash your mouth out with Gordon.
  • Is Primary just worried about Isaac Going Native here, or does he figure that Isaac is insulting him too?
    Primary: For what reason did you select the designation "Isaac" in your dealings with the biologicals?
    Isaac: A human scientist named Isaac Newton. From the data I have collected, he seemed to possess a degree of intelligence greater than most of his species.
    Primary: You will select a new designation.

Episode 10: "Blood Of Patriots"

  • Ed having Talia stall the Krill delegation by any means necessary. After a nitpicky series of questions, Ed still needs time. So she orders them to produce a urine sample. Right there in the cargo bay. When Ed still needs time, the last thing we see is her snapping on a rubber glove.

Episode 11: "Lasting Impressions"

  • A 2015 cell phone and texting treated as a massive historical find.
    • That includes trying to translate what "WTF" means.
  • Bortus and Klyden get hooked on cigarettes and their attempts to stop smoking are hilarious.
    • Klyden first simply eats one to get a taste.
      Klyden: I feel as if I have been standing my entire life and I just sat down.
    • The fact that Bortus uses a plasma pistol to light the cigarettes, even pointing the muzzle straight at Klyden's face to light his mate's smoke.
    • Just the sight of Bortus on the bridge, nonchalantly smoking away.
    • Plus chewing gum later on.
    • And revealing a few cigarettes he's hidden in their quarters. Then revealing that he completely filled a throw pillow with them.
    • The knock-down-drag-out fistfight both of them have with their nicotine-withdrawal induced crankiness, which is interrupted by Dr. Finn walking in, staring them both down with the kind of Death Glare only a mother of two sons could manage, and telling them she has their medicine ready.
  • Entering a hologram of a 2015 party, Gordon has people telling him "nice pajamas."
  • Ed looking at a 2015 newspaper and summing it up:
    Ed: On the verge of a major climate disaster and they're dedicating an entire page to teeth whitening.
  • Gordon tries to replicate a phone. The first version is a classic 1940's land line phone.
  • The crew is concerned about Gordon's behavior.
    Talla: Do you think he's working too hard?
    Kelly: Gordon? Never.
  • The Pictionary game.
    Gordon: Sorry about the Dick Van Dyke one, I didn't know who he was so I was trying...
  • Talla dressed like a 2015 hipster.
  • Gordon gets a call on his replicated cell phone on the bridge. Which he answers. From his girlfriend. Who has been dead for 400 years and is a hologram.
    Kelly: It was without a doubt among the top five strangest experiences of my life.

Episode 12: "Sanctuary"

  • How is Gordon able to figure out the way the Moclan ship hid itself? Because he used the same "ion trail masking" to create a "party bus" shuttle back in the Academy and was only discovered when it crashed into a tree.
  • It is hilarious, heartwarming and awesome that Heveena chooses Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" as the rallying cry for her stand against the Moclan patriarchy.
    Heveena: She speaks with the voice of a hundred soldiers!
    • Heveena then decides to quote the song at the next Union hearing. Ed immediately dons a look that says "Oh, God, kill me now" while Admiral Halsey is clearly annoyed with him.
  • The climactic showdown between Moclan soldiers and the Orville crew has "9 To 5" for a soundtrack. There might be no scene that sums up this series better than this one.

Episode 13: "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow and Tomorrow"

  • Even in the far future, someone (meaning Ed) will have trouble handling the controls of a video game.
  • Past!Kelly tells Ed "I had fun the other night." It takes Ed a moment to realize she's talking about their one date seven years earlier.
  • This leads to Ed asking Present!Kelly if he can date her younger self. It goes as well as you'd expect.
  • Yaphit, Bortus and Klyden on the dance floor. Words cannot do justice.
    Bortus: The night is ooooooours!
  • The ship goes on alert in the middle of the night, so the bridge crew rushes to their stations in their pajamas. Ed in particular is barking orders in his bathrobe and slippers, bringing to mind another galactic explorer...

Episode 14: "The Road Not Taken"

  • In the Bad Future alternate timeline, Ed and Gordon had to go through ages of searching and a dangerous escape from the Kaylon, who have destroyed half the life in the galaxy, just to find a replicator so they can have a decent meal. And after everything they went through to get that one replicator, they hook it up, and Gordon immediately requests... a Twinkie.
    • And when Ed is incredulous that Gordon would use his first replicator request for something so stupid...
    Gordon: You want half?
    Ed: Yeah, I want half!
  • Kelly tries to explain the time travel mess.
    Gordon: Is this one of those crackhouse ships I keep hearing about?
  • Ed is in disbelief his not going on a second date with Kelly set off those chain of events.
    Ed: I had to swim with my shirt on until I was 20.
  • While still creepy and dangerous, it's funny to see flying Kaylon heads.
  • Ed sums up his reaction to Kelly dumping him.
    Ed: You know, I remember having a really great time with you that night. And then when you basically ghosted me, I-I thought it was the end of the world. Turns out, I was right.


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