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From the 2015 series:

  • In the year 2105, neckties are no longer worn. Instead, collar balls are.
  • Stewart and Karen learn that Stewart will be captain, and Karen as his second-in-command:
    General Hayson: We were just telling Stewart that he's going to be captain of his own ship, and you are going to be his second-in-command, reporting directly to your younger brother. Isn't that going to be fun?
  • Natasha introducing herself to Stewart:
    Natasha: Optimally, I'd be attractive enough for you to want to perform well in front of me, but not so attractive that you fantasize about having sex with me.
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  • A.R.T. attempts to lift the CoffeeBot into the captain's chair, but—thanks to A.R.T.'s claw hands, lack of elbows, and ridiculously short stature—just barely manages to lift the CoffeeBot at all. Somehow, he succeeds offscreen.
  • When it looks like they may have found a way back to their own universe, Stewart is upset that all they have to show for their adventure is a few rocks.
    A.R.T.: Cheer up, Stewart. It's like the first time humans went to the Moon. All they brought back were some rocks. Was it underwhelming? Sure. Was everyone embarrassed for them? Of course! But they were treated like heroes all the same and we'll be lied to similarly.
  • Stewart appears to make psychic contact with aliens in his dreams. which are all, of course, sex dreams about Tina.
    Stewart:The sexual nature of the dreams might be key to establishing a mind-link. The alien could be communicating to me through sex dreams!
    A.R.T.: (intrigued and not at all sarcastic) It makes perfect sense.

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