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WARNING: Per wiki policy, all spoilers are unmarked on Funny Moments pages. As such, this page will contain no spoiler markings of any kind. If you have not watched an episode, read at your own risk.

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     Season One 

1x01 - Pilot

  • The episode starts with the crew discussing a mutiny. Points in favor: Stede is an awful captain, they haven't done any pirating, and they don't respect him at all. Points against: if they kill him, he won't be able to read them bedtime stories, and he's the only one who can do the voices properly.
    Lucius: [in a high-pitched falsetto voice] Oh, hello, I-I'm a little wooden boy and me, me legs are sticks.
    Wee John: Christ, that was awful.
    Wee John: [through his tears] Stupid puppet pulled it off!
  • Lucius walks over to the crew to inform them that Buttons has betrayed their plans of the same tone of voice as a waiter announcing the kitchen has run out of ranch dressing. While they groan, Lucius lets them know that he would be in on mutiny should it come to fruition.
  • Frenchie sings throughout the episode about how sailing is so nice and they're all headed off to certain death.
  • Stede politely introducing himself during the first official act of piracy of the Revenge.
    Stede: My name's Stede. I'll be your robber here today.
  • Frenchie's flag is a cat, with Roach telling him the flag has to be scary. Frenchie claims cats are scary.
    Frenchie: Because they're witches, and they've got knives in their feet.
    • The naval officers find the flags and ask how the cat is scary.
    Frenchie: Actually, everyone knows cats are very evil because they steal children's breath.
  • As the crew prepare to fight with the ship in the distance, Pete is cleaning his gun...while holding the barrel towards his face. He gets some powder in his eye.
  • Badminton asks Stede to allow him and his crew on board, and against the crew's wishes Stede agrees, so long as he gives them a few minutes to tidy up for company. Cut to Stede raiding his closet to dress everyone up and giving each person a backstory as a nobleman.
  • After seeing Stede's cabin, Badminton asks if the books in his library fall off the shelves when there's a storm. Flashback to Stede screaming and throwing himself at the bookshelves as exactly that happened.
    Stede: (beat) We've managed so far.
  • Stede tries to "stun" Badminton, only for him to fall face-first onto his sword.
    Stede: ...I, uh, I did the stun move.
    Lucius: Yeah, he looks pretty stunned.
  • When one of the English officers hurls a racial epithet at Frenchie during dinner, Jim responds by expertly slinging one of their knives into his hand which also slices the cup he was holding in his other one in half. Both the officer and the rest of the dinner guests take a good hefty Beat to let this information sink in before everyone breaks out screaming and general chaos ensues.

1x02 - A Damned Man

  • Black Pete tells the crew a story of his totally real time aboard Blackbeard's ship with completely over the top depictions of both his own competence as a pirate (up to and including him saving Blackbeard's life) and also Blackbeard's appearance, which makes the depictions of him Stede's books look subtle and well-researched.
    Stede: Wait, wait, so you're saying Blackbeard's head... is made of smoke?
    Black Pete: ...when he needs it to be.
  • Stede hallucinates the ghost of Nigel Badminton giving him the finger as he tries to address the crew after the grounding.
  • The crew on their "vacations":
    • When Stede tells the group they can relax and do what they like, Lucius immediately drops his quill and book with a dull "okay" as he walks away.
    • Roach asks if he could torture the hostages, within an inch of their life. Stede recommends find something relaxing to do instead. Roach says that he finds torturing hostages very relaxing, while the hostages plead for help through their gags.
    • Wee John and Frenchie spend their day blowing stuff up with gunpowder.
  • Buttons attempts to name as many different sea creatures as he can (up to and including the Loch Ness Monster), not even noticing Lucius has hurried off after one of Wee John's explosions goes off right behind him.
    Lucius: FUCK THE BEACH!!!
  • Jim tells Oluwande they'd kill for a bath since they were starting to smell like the rest of the crew. Oluwande offers that Jim could use Stede's tub while he could watch. He then quickly explains he meant keep an eye out so no one sees Jim naked. It's the awkward way Jim and Oluwande go back and forth with Oluwande trying to over explain himself while Jim just wants the conversation over with.
    • The next scene, Jim is irritably journaling in their overheated cabin, and ends up saying "fuck it" to go skinny dipping anyway.
  • When Stede and Pete find themselves caged, they ask one of the villagers where their hostages are. The villager gestures vaguely, and the two look at a nearby roast skewered over a fire, think they're among cannibals, and scream in horror. The (now annoyed) villager then points over to the living hostages, inside their own somewhat larger cage and giving them the finger/waving awkwardly.
    Stede: Oh...yes, we didn't think you'd eaten them.
    Villager: [under his breath] Fucking racists.
  • Stede, Pete and the hostages are put on trial, as the tribe has (to put it mildly) had very bad experiences with light-skins in the past. The chief asks if any of them have killed anyone recently, and one of the hostages immediately says that Stede killed Badminton, exactly as if he were telling on him in school.
  • The villagers eventually decide to let the crew go, on the grounds that they are far too incompetent to be a threat to anyone but themselves. Oluwande wholeheartedly agrees.
  • Lucius runs for his life after accidentally seeing Jim without their disguise. As Jim attempts to stab Lucius, he begs them not to and claims he's amazing at keeping secrets.
    Lucius: My mum thought I liked girls for years!
  • Israel Hands, meet the crew of the Revenge. It's all downhill from here.
    Izzy: What kind of fuckin' idiot runs his own ship aground?note 

1x03 - A Gentleman Pirate

  • Jim apparently stuffed Lucius in a trunk in their room. They then cheerfully ask Oluwande to help them throw it into the sea, which Oluwande objects to. After some argument, Jim lets Lucius out.
    Lucius: You will not regret this!
    Jim: I can't do this, get back in.
  • With Lucius missing, Stede dictates his memoirs to Frenchie instead. Of course, like most of the crew, Frenchie is illiterate, so his notes take the form of incredibly crude stick figure drawings instead.
    • It gets even funnier when you remember that Jim actually can read and write — they're shown writing in a journal in the previous episode and are able to read their "Wanted!" Poster later in this one — but apparently decided to leave Stede and Frenchie to their own devices.
  • When Stede tells the crew to give the British officer they are holding hostage water, they first flick water into his face and then hand him a canteen. He can be seen in the background trying and failing to lift the canteen while tied up.
  • The first shot of the Republic of Pirates is two men fighting each other while another vomits blood into a bucket and dies. The crew then complains that it's been "gentrified" and is too tame now.
    Roach: Is that a gift shop?
  • When visiting the Republic of Pirates, Stede has the bright idea of both him and Lucius dressing completely in white for his debut. "Make people feel underdressed, and suddenly you're the one in charge!" As soon as he steps foot on shore, Lucius' white coat is immediately covered in blood by a pirate falling on him in the middle of dropping dead, while he screams in horror and disgust.
  • Stede's method of selling his hostage is by shouting "Man for sale!" and "Check out this fabulous booty I'm hawking!" in the Republic of Pirates. After Lucius points it out this could mean another thing, a man asks if all three of them are prostitutes "or do the other two just watch?" Stede is aghast and shoos him off.
    Stede: Do we really look like prostitutes?!
    Lucius: Well, not terribly successful ones.
  • When Lucius has to introduce "The Gentleman Pirate" to the other pirates in Spanish Jackie's establishment, he's terrified and has to be coached along by Stede, fully aware that This Is Gonna Suck.
  • Anything to do with the nose jar, with special consideration to Spanish Jackie's reaction when it breaks.
    Spanish Jackie: M' NOSES!
  • Jim breaks into Jackie's shrine for her dead husband to find their heirloom knife, only for Jackie to enter the room and catch them in the act. Except to Jim's surprise Jackie likes them.
    Jackie: I knew you was a thief. (beat and large grin) But I loves me a thief.
    • As Jackie is hitting on Jim and feeling them up, Jim is desperately holding onto their beard to make sure it doesn't fall off.
  • Jim comes across a "Wanted!" Poster putting a bounty of 50 doubloons on their head. Instead of being concerned about the threat to their life, they are incredibly offended that the reward is so low.
  • Blackbeard asks Izzy to go out and arrange a meeting with Stede. Izzy's response is to whine about it like a kid who's been asked to take the garbage out.
  • After having captured Stede and his crew, Geraldo proceeds to pull off Jim's disguise. The crew scream in sympathetic horror (save for Lucius, who's just resigned to waiting for the revelation) — until they realise Jim's nose and beard are false.
    Stede: (not yet having learned that Jim's nonbinary) Jim's a woman?! (to Roach) Did you know that???
    Roach: How would I know that?!
    Lucius: Oh, thank god it's out, I'm so bad at keeping secrets.
    Jim: [in Spanish] Congratulations...ass-face. [Spits in Geraldo's face]
    Stede: And she can talk?!
    Geraldo: [wiping his face] ...I'm actually super into that, so... thanks.

1x04 - Discomfort in a Married State

  • The look on Stede's face when he learns that his new friend "Ed" is, in fact, Blackbeard.
  • When Lucius first enters Stede's room, Ed orders him to count backwards from one hour 47 minutes and then come find them again. For the rest of the episode, you can see him counting on his fingers until the time is up.
  • Ed and Stede swapping clothes and proceeding to do impressions of each other. Ed walks out dramatically, waves his hands around in a flamboyant manner to introduce "Blackbeard", and then demands the crew applaud.
    Ed: Please, put your hands together for your brave, brave Captain... Blackbeard!
    [Stede walks out in Ed’s outfit, waving awkwardly]
    Ed: Clap.

1x05 - The Best Revenge Is Dressing Well

  • Stede's attempt at stopping Ed from killing the French captain whose ship they're plundering: "Don't debase yourself for a man who hasn't got a single tureen on board!"
    • Ed's response is to have Fang skin the captain instead. "And use the snail fork."
    • Oluwande and Frenchie comforting Ed about the fact that the aristocrats were laughing at him using the wrong cutlery. "Oh, God, they're such dicks about spoons!"
  • Oluwande and Frenchie board the ship by pretending Oluwande is an Egyptian prince. They then start to swindle the aristocrats on board with a pyramid scheme. When Abshir, one of the aristocrats' servants, overhears them they fear he will report to his employer. Instead, Abshir politely opens a suite for them so they can "conduct their business in private."
    • Abshir later tells the other servants that they should polish up the scheme by saying he's a Nigerian prince in desperate need of some money.
    • It was established a few episodes prior that Frenchie can't read or write and can only draw stick figures, but we see him writing "receipts" for the pyramid scheme. Upon closer inspection, the receipts are also drawings of stick figures, which either the aristocrats didn't notice or thought were hieroglyphics.
  • Stede tries to find Oluwande and Frenchie to ask what's going on. Cue Oluwande and Frenchie making shooing gestures and Abishar forcefully shutting the door in Stede's face as he tries to shout that he's actually their captain.
  • When Stede plays "Stark Revelations" and reveals Siegfried has been embezzling his money from his employer:
    Gabriel: I didn't know people still embezzled, how grubby!
    Antoinette: Oh, just inherit it like a normal person!
  • Ed comes upon the nobles fighting amongst each other and asks what Stede did to them. Stede cheerfully replies, "Passive aggression!" as the fire starts spreading.

1x06 - The Art of Fuckery

  • The Falling-in-Love Montage at the start of the episode is just plain sweet, but it's undercut by Izzy's narration.
    [montage of Ed and Stede spending time together, laughing, and staring dreamily into each other's eyes]
    Izzy: We've been almost a fortnight aboard the Revenge and I'm starting to suspect that Edward has no intention of ending Stede Bonnet's life.
  • Ed teaching Stede how to survive a stab to the gut sounds exactly like the two of them are having sex. An eavesdropping Izzy is horrified to the point of being near tears.
  • Lucius getting bitten by Buttons because the latter thought he was a "demon boy" in the thick fog, and activated what Buttons called a "flight-or-bite" response.
    • Lucius gets a splinter from this bite because of Buttons' "summer teeth"—Buttons pulls one out and explains "Some're teeth. And some aren't!"
  • Blackbeard demonstrates the art of fuckery by descending through smoke while fireworks are blazing....and gets the rope stuck. Izzy, angry that Blackbeard hasn't killed Stede yet, leaves him hanging for twenty minutes.
  • Stede's wildly anachronistic black turtleneck makes him look exactly like a stereotypical theater director.
  • Lucius is feverish throughout the fuckery discussion. The crew only notice something is wrong when it starts to smell like a dead person. Lucius holds up his now swollen finger and then promptly faints. Stede just takes this as a cue for the crew to take a break and think of ideas for the fuckery.
  • Lucius is taken to Roach with Fang and Black Pete bemoaning having to let Lucius get his finger amputated. Fang asks if Roach is the cook and the doctor.
    Roach: (flipping his cleaver) Knives are knives, meat's meat. Come on, I'll whack it off in one go. Or two. Or three. Or four.
    • Lucius manages to gain consciousness just before Roach attempts to chop off his finger and is not having any of it. As he runs off with Fang and Pete close on his tail, Roach seems a bit too into hacking off his finger.
    Roach: (in a cheery voice) Wait, come back! No, where are you going? This is all just a dream, come back!
  • For the fuckery, Frenchie and Wee John are dressed as a witch and black cat, respectively. Frenchie even paints his face green.
  • Blackbeard's crew confront him over getting too soft around Stede. Fang reminds him that he made him kill his dog to be part of his crew and breaks down into tears while Ivan comforts him.
    Ivan: It's all right, mate. He's resting in doggy heaven now!
    Fang: But we go to different heavens!
    • When Ed finally works up the nerve to try and kill Stede, he mutters, "Okay boy, it's time to go to doggy heaven."
  • While the majority of Stede and Ed's conversation in the bathroom is sweet and emotional, Stede's reactions to The Reveal are hilarious.
    Ed: [crying] I'm supposed to burn off your face and take your identity.
    Stede: And, um... is that still on the cards, or...?
  • Stede challenges Izzy to a duel, an idea which no one else has much faith in.
    Stede: Don't worry... you taught me well!
    Ed: Eh... not that well.
  • The crew leaves Stede impaled on the mast all night. Apparently, it never occurred to anyone, including Stede, that they should probably help him. In the morning, Stede politely asks Lucius to be let down, who promises to find someone to do just that.
  • As Izzy petulantly prepares to row off, Roach announces he made him a sandwich for the trip. He throws the sandwich at Izzy, bouncing it off his head into the water. Fang grumps that he would have eaten it.
    • The cast has revealed that they actually did NINE TAKES of the sandwich toss, so somewhere on the editing room floor are eight more versions of Con O'Neill getting hit in the face with deli meat.

1x07 - This Is Happening

  • Roach reveals they have a orange shortage, which has led to the Swede getting scurvy. As they all discuss this, the Swede claims they don't know it's scurvy, with everyone motioning at him to keep away or move away from his bad breath. Towards the end of the discussion, the Swede reveals that his teeth are falling out, leading to everyone quickly scurrying out of the dining area.
    • The reason for their orange shortage? Stede had ordered Roach to make him an orange cake, which called for the use of forty oranges, with thirty for the glaze alone. Stede tries to deflect any blame as he says, "If it's any consolation, the cake barely even tasted of orange!" Cue Roach clutching at his heart while his mouth drops open in outrage.
    • The Swede is later seen collecting his teeth, saying he could just "put them back in" after they get the oranges. Frenchie and Roach awkwardly look at each other before having to break it to the Swede that teeth don't work like that.
  • After spending most of the day wandering around St. Augustine on a supposed treasure hunt, Lucius tries to make the best of it, but Stede is unconvinced.
    Lucius: Well, I guess the real treasure was our day spent together, am I right?
    Stede: Lucius, we spend every day together! Treasure is the real treasure!
  • Lucius, who is normally a Deadpan Snarker, spends several minutes staring in awkward silence at Stede and Ed's increasingly flirtatious behavior, culminating in the episode's titular line.
    • Just before, Ed and Stede spend a few minutes on a hypothetical situation where Ed opens a restaurant/fishing shop/gift shop. According to the creators, it was completely improvised.
  • Ed's reaction to a snake falling onto him, just as he was insisting he knew how to relax.
  • The crew talk amongst themselves about Jim acting weird, with Frenchie admitting that if Jim stabbed him, he probably would have deserved it.
    Wee John: I would love to be stabbed by Jim.
  • As Oluwande tells Jim he knows nothing about them, not even their favorite color, Jim sighs and later on tells him their favorite color is teal.
    Oluwande: (Beat) Who are you?
  • Jim tries to get the crew away from the orange groves around the church, with Pete sarcastically asking if they were "Christ's oranges".
  • In an attempt to placate the knife-wielding nun with incredibly scary throwing accuracy, Wee John says he's part of the brotherhood and does the symbol of the cross. Roach attempts to follow suit with a haphazard gesture as he says, "Just joined". As Wee John motions at Frenchie to do the same, Frenchie doesn't even try and just waves his arm in vague directions.
  • When Nana tells Jim and Oluwande to come inside for cake, Jim is less than enthused. Oluwande, who'd spent the episode so far trying to get Jim to open up, is conversely ecstatic to get a chance to learn about their past. As Oluwande runs off for cake, Jim looks like they're contemplating murder.
    • Of special note is the way he says "Coming, Nana! I'm coming for some cake!" like an excited little boy.
    • While they're eating cake, Nana tells Oluwande about cute, funny things that Jim did as a kid, like biting a priest's finger off.
  • Nana really likes Oluwande, and says as much to Jim, but in Spanish.
    Nana: Me gusta. Es tu marido? O esto es vivir en pecado? translation 
    Jim: [pointedly] El habla español, Nana! translation 
    Nana: Ai, muy bien! Muy, muy bien! translation 
  • Izzy shows up in Spanish Jackie's bar, complaining about the situation with Ed and Stede exactly like you'd talk about your ex and their new fling.

1x08 - We Gull Way Back

  • Depressed at Jim no longer being with the crew, Oluwande relinquishes his room. Frenchie asks why, and the Swede slowly puts two and two together about the room being free. Suddenly, he and Frenchie race down the steps to try and claim the room first. Wee John trips the Swede at the bottom of the steps to give Frenchie a head start.
    Wee John: That gives me roommate privilege.
    • The Swede and Frenchie sound like siblings fighting as they yell "Mine!" and rush down the stairs.
  • While the crew sleeps, Buttons moonbathes completely nude on the deck.
  • When Calico Jack first appears in his row boat, Buttons demands to know if he's real or some kind of phantom. Jack is understandably confused at this.
    • Keep in mind Buttons is 100% naked at this point, deepening the confusion.
  • While Jack is doing "whippies" on board, an inebriated Ed cheers him on while doing an odd little dance and yelling, "Whip my balls!" note 
    • After Jack does just that, Ed curls up on deck with him crying and whimpering, "Fucking hell, Jack..."
  • Buttons tearfully breaking the news of Karl the Seagull's death to Olivia, his seagull wife.
  • Three words: TURTLE VERSUS CRAB!
  • Lucius walks into Stede's cabin to see him sitting at the windowsill with a telescope, spying on Jack and Ed on the beach while muttering to himself. Oluwande, who sat up with Stede, blearily reports he's been at it all night.
    Lucius: Well, stop looking.
    Stede: I'm not looking.
  • When the Revenge is seized and the crew are taken prisoner Buttons runs amok on the ship still naked and everyone jumps away from him.
  • Roach cuddles a sack of onions like a teddy bear while he sleeps.

1x09 - Act Of Grace

1x10 - Wherever You Go, There You Are

  • Izzy trying to insist to the crew that Blackbeard is totally fine, nothing is wrong, he's just a little under the weather. The fact that he can't convincingly seem chipper only adds to the humor.
  • When Mary tries to murder the recently returned Stede so that she can go back to her non-Arranged Marriage life, Stede is far more insulted by her chosen murder weapon than he is by the murder attempt itself. (Yet another sign that he's adapted to piracy, where attempts on his life are part of the daily routine.)
    Stede: You were going to stab me!
    Mary: [in a slightly guilty voice] I was.
    Stede: In the earhole! With a skewer!
    Mary: Yeah... I was.
    Stede: Why not just smother me with a pillow? Or use a gun?
    Mary: A pillow seemed too tricky and a gun would wake the kids. I thought about poison, or pushing you off a cliff, but I really wanted to get it done tonight, and I didn't want you to suffer!
    Stede: What, while you murdered me?!
  • The ludicrously complicated nature of Stede's faked death. First, he gets chased into an abandoned building by a jaguar, which he "fights" for several minutes before staggering back outside, mauled but victorious. Then he gets hit by an incoming stagecoach. Then the stagecoach runs over him again as it pulls away. Then a piano falls on him. Then Mary announces to the crowd that Stede was terminally ill anyway.
  • While it's tragic and horrifying to see Ed regress into being Blackbeard, the way that Izzy looks outrageously turned on as Blackbeard chokes him, cuts off his toe, and force-feeds it to him is kind of hilarious.
    • Stede telling Ned (the jaguar) that it was a pleasure to work with him
  • In addition, as sad as it is to see Ed so torn up over Stede's absence, it is also darkly funny to see him, a grown man, crying his eyes out like a teenager after their first breakup, with his makeup running down his face.

     Season Two 

2x01 - Impossible Birds

  • Blackbeard and the crew of the Revenge opt to crash a wedding, which even they think is a bit too far...despite helping themselves to the cake.
  • The "wooden boy voice" gets a callback when Jim tries to cheer Fang up by telling him the story. Jim's attempt is just as bad as Lucius', and it's even funnier when it becomes clear that they don't actually remember the story very well and seem to think that Pinocchio became a real boy because he wished on a monkey's paw.
    Jim, in a high-pitched voice: I pray to you, Dark Lord, to make me real flesh! I want to be real flesh!
    Jim, in a demonically deep voice: I will make you the fleshy boy that you desire.
  • During a heist to steal Spanish Jackie's chest in whispers under cover of darkness:
  • The crew discovers what Spanish Jackie's secret treasure is: a big chest full of indigo. Everyone thinks it's worthless blue dirt, but Stede recognizes it's extremely valuable.

2x02 - Red Flags

  • Auntie thinks that Buttons is a sea witch in human form and offers him a spellbook to bless their travels. The funny part is that Buttons doesn't exactly deny it.
  • Lucius, the only other man on board the Red Flag, reunites with the crew who scream with joy and fall on top of him in a cuddle pile. Auntie's reaction:
    Auntie: Men are so FUCKING emotional...
  • "What the HELL is going on in Towels?"

2x03 - The Innkeeper

  • Jim and Oluwande reunite, and Jim confessed they kissed Archie "a lot" while they were separated (which Olu is cool with). Jim even saw her boobs. Both of them!
  • Upon realising that Stede is "STEDE Stede", responsible for Blackbeard's emotional breakdown, Archie blurts out that she'd expected him to be taller and more muscular, before trying to divert attention by talking about how good the soup they're all eating is.
  • Stede bodily leaps from the Red Flag, arms and legs flailing, to get to Ed on the Revenge.

2x04 - Fun and Games

  • The romantic and heartwarming moment from last episode segues into Ed barely being able to get his head up, resulting in him sitting up too fast and smacking Stede in the face.
  • As Ed does the walk of shame past the crew whilst being banished, Roach holds out a sandwich he'd made for him. Ed slaps it out of his hand, it's caught by Stede who asks, "Don't you want your sammie?" before Ed slaps it out of STEDE'S hand and it flies through the air and hits Lucius in the face. According to Samba Schutte, the scene was improvised and Nathan Foad laughs as he gets hit.
  • Ed telling Stede "You're no fucking mermaid" before he's banished. Stede, obviously, is just confused as hell.
  • Ed finding his new best friend: a rabbit. Which then dies.
  • The crew that worked under Blackbeard is on edge and paranoid. The crew that was left behind decide to give them a surprise party with a pine-ata (a pinata made of pine) and cake. They freak out.
  • Izzy screaming at the shiphead and later cutting off its legs for "failing" them.
  • Anne and Mary's whole relationship, what with them stabbing each other, poisoning each other, and yelling, which culminates in Anne setting fire to the house as a grand act of love and them making out while it burns. Ed, who's been bitter all episode, actually starts forgiving Stede simply because he doesn't want their relationship to turn out like that.
  • Ed and Stede's heartfelt conversation and look of love on the sofa is interrupted by Anne and Mary cackling, emerging from their hiding spot and making fun of them both for not having had sex yet.

2x05 - The Curse of the Seafaring Life

  • Absolutely no one believes Ed when he says that Buttons turned into a seagull and flew away.
    Roach: Still sticking to that one, huh?
  • Ed's non-apology apology to the crew, clearly written by Stede, culminating in:
    Ed: This is a ship, and it's a space ship.
    Stede: Safe space.
    Ed: It's a safe space ship.
  • As part of Ed's parole, the crew make him wear sackcloth and a bell so he can't sneak up on anyone. He still accidentally manages to jumpscare Lucius.
  • Lucius notes that Ed never actually said "sorry" in his apology to the crew, and asks Roach if he didn't find that a bit suspicious. Roach replies that he's literally never heard an apology before, so this one sounded good.
  • The ship with the sacrificed crew and bloody pentacle on the deck is mostly just creepy, but there's some humor in that the pirates have no idea what the symbol is and just wonder if these guys "were really into geometry".
  • The montage of Izzy training Stede to be a better pirate, which goes about as well as one might expect.
    • At one point Izzy remarks on how bizarre it is that Stede is somehow not dead despite his complete lack of skills in piracy. Stede counters with this:
    Stede: I think being out in the field is my thing. It's like I blackout and my body just takes over. I beat you in a duel.
    Izzy: On a fucking technicality!
    Stede: Might've been, I have no memory of it.
  • Lucius is (very understandably) greatly unnerved by Ed being allowed back on the ship after everything he's done to traumatize half the crew. When the two of them eventually cross paths and Lucius decisively balks at the idea of ever forgiving him, this happens:
    Lucius: There is nothing you can do that would fix this!
    Ed: I will let you push me off the ship.
    * Beat*
    Lucius: ...actually that could be huge.
  • Every second of Stede dramatically twirling and flourishing in the 'cursed' suit, which was something Rhys Darby had originally started doing during costume-fitting.
  • The Revenge gets rid of the possibly cursed suit by boarding a ship, defeating them in battle, and then offering the suit and leaving without taking anything. The captain is baffled.
    Stede: (cheerfully) No backsies!

2x06 - Calypso's Birthday

  • Ned Low goes on about how jealous he is that music came easily to his younger brother, leading Ed and Stede to "yada yada" the rest of his origin story.
    Ed: Lemme guess, you killed him? Strung up your little fiddle bow with his guts or something super melodramatic like that.
    (Awkward Silence)
    Stede: ...Oh shit, struck a chord! I think you got it in one.
  • Lucius and Black Pete missing both the Calypso party and Ned's boarding because they spent an entire day having celebratory sex.
    • They later charge in with Pete waving two swords and Lucius carrying the rest, only for Ed to tell them that "Stede's already got this". Then when Olu asks where they've been, they announce their engagement and everyone congratulates them, including the mercenaries currently holding the crew hostage.
  • Even while he's holding her at knifepoint, Stede still makes sure to compliment Hellkat Maggie's name and sticks up for her when Ned disparages her.

2x08 - Mermen

  • There's something darkly hilarious about Ed popping up out of nowhere to kill the two English sailors reading (and mocking) Stede's letter to him. He appears from off-screen, stabs the man holding the letter while yoinking it out of his hands, and casually chokes the other guy as he reads it himself...all as Ed and Stede's Love Theme swells in the background. How terrible does your luck have to be to find a random letter in a bottle and start making fun of it just when the intended recipient emerges from the ocean AND the intended recipient just happens to be Blackbeard AND he's feeling particularly murderous that day?