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Fanfic / Kamen Rider Kuuga: Rising unto the Stars

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My first Self-Insert Fic. A nerdy guy got transported to the Pretty Cure universe and became Kamen Rider Kuuga. However, Daguva also came to life and wish to wreak havoc upon this peaceful (sort of) universe. Feeling responsible, the SI me vows to take responsibility and stop Daguva.

The author's synopsis of the fic:

Once, there was an otaku who bordered on being a hikikomori. And one fine day, he was messing around with his Kamen Rider merchandise, when funky electrical shenanigans bumped him off to the Pretty Cure universe. Now, Rasyid Surataruna must become the legendary Masked Rider Kuuga in order to try and stop the Grongi from recycling their scheme in the Precure world. With occasional Harem Comedy hijinks.


Sounds pretty much like an archetypical Self-Insert fic, right? WRONG! Kamen Rider Kuuga: Rising Unto the Stars, by strangerthenever, takes a good old-fashioned Rider Kick to several crappy Self-Insert tropes, and tries to show us a glimpse that even a blatant Self-Insert fic can be legitimately cool.

One thing Rising Unto the Stars is especially noteworthy for, that you hardly ever see in the majority of self-insert fic, is how much and how clearly the author well and truly loves the material he's working with.


NO FEAR! Recurring Kamen Rider Kuuga tropes include:


NO PAIN! Recurring Pretty Cure tropes include...

CHOU HENSHIN! Rising Unto the Stars provides an example of...


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