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Greetings, I am The Stranger.

I know many things because someone has to.

I rarely edit things here (due to the confusing format and whatnot) but I'm trying to get used to it.

Working on a story called A Stranger's Tale

It's about the life of OC/Author Avatar The Stranger and his 12 personalities as he chronicles the history of humanity. Did I mention he's immortal?

Sort of like Highlander without other immortals or the death by decapitation. and it will be in 2 parts; one where he's just recently granted immortality by God and one where he does heroic deeds as the world's only superhero. Did I also mention he's one of Adam and Eve's grandchildren?


Another version of the story, is where he end up in a world where every single fictional character ever from all media lives on a continent in the middle of the pacific ocean.

Yes, this is that kind of story.

Right now I'm working on another story; Kamen Rider vs Capcom

You can read it here in my Deviantart page


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