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     Sunny Burns and her former acting troupe 

Sunny Burns (Shiny Heliolisk)

Debut: Page 1224 (Early-Bird Cameo); Page 1285 (First major appearance)

A Kalosian-accented Heliolisk who used to be a well-known, if very snobbish, actress who had a successful career in an acting as part of a travelling acting troupe until she was cursed by her former troupe-mate Liesl (the same Liesl who cursed Maran and Cortez) due to her toxic primadonna attitude to having her voice change in pitch and sound at the drop of a hat. The party first meets her in Slak Rock. She goes with them to Foxfell and later joins (and falls in love with) Maran in he and Cortez's journey to Danjor Island.

  • Break the Haughty: Much like fellow cursed mon Rich, Sunny brought her curse upon herself thanks to her haughty attitude brought upon by her fame going to her head. Her uncontrollable voice proceeded to ruin several performances until her troupe leader finally had enough and kicked her out. In the time since then, Sunny has eaten humble pie and is nowhere near as stuck-up by the time she meets the party in Slak Rock.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Much like Cortez, Sunny was cursed by Liesl after Sunny bullied her backstage and caused her to quit.
  • French Jerk: Sunny before being cursed. She has gotten better following it.
  • Gratuitous French: Often slips into speaking French (or possibly Kalosian, considering the universe the RP takes place in) while speaking.
  • Inopportune Voice Cracking: Sunny's curse. Her voice changes into many different voices at random, which ruined her acting career in the weeks following it.
  • Large Ham: Sunny has a flair for the dramatic, likely owing to being an actress.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: The rarely-angered Sunny gets absolutely furious when she meets her old flame Harvey again in Blissparce, and for good reason, as it turns out.
  • Shout-Out: According to her player, Gumball and Darwin's voice-cracking in the The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Kids" was cited as the inspiration for Sunny's curse.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Despite starting off with little fighting skills as an actress, Sunny is able to hold her own against Phoebe at Danjor Island.
  • Voice Changeling: Sunny eventually discovers that she can control her voice and begins learning how to change it at will instead of voluntarily, ultimately forgoing getting rid of it at the Danjor Island spring.

Tyrell Georgés (Machoke)

Debut: Page 1224 (off-screen Early-Bird Cameo)

The leader of Sunny's former acting troupe. Pompous and stern, he is secretly quite spineless and ends up joining Phoebe and her clan of raiders to save his own skin (at the expense of the other troupe members).

  • The Atoner: Following his Heel–Face Turn, Georgés sets out to make up for betraying his troupe and Phoebe's victims.
  • Baleful Polymorph: Ends up being temporarily turned into a Wishiwashi by Phoebe after taking a serum attack meant for Goobert. This ultimately enables him to fight back against Phoebe when the gleam from his eyes attracts the attention of a school of actual Wishiwashi.
  • Dirty Coward: Joins Phoebe's clan of raiders solely to save himself from falling victim to Phoebe's serum. He is shown to regret doing this, but refuses to bail out on Phoebe out of fear that she'll still use the serum on him and is easily bullied back into working for her. Phoebe viciously rips into him for his cowardly nature at the beginning of the Danjor Island arc. He ultimately gets past this following defecting back to the heroes' side during it, and when given the option to simply run away from potential trouble again with a group of Wishiwashi, he turns the chance down to make things right with his troupe.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Being turned into a Wishiwashi only enables Georgés to fight back against Phoebe when a school of Wishiwashi comes to help him.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Allies himself with Phoebe and her clan shortly after the troupe gets attacked by them. He face-turns back midway through the arc.
  • Heel–Face Turn: The first of Phoebe's Elite Mooks to defect back to the heroes when they give him the courage to stand up to her.
  • Minion with an F in Evil: While working under Phoebe. The only reason he doesn't try to leave is out of fear of retribution from Phoebe.

Liesl (Ninetales)

(see Hoard Residents and Visitors)

Javert (Rhyperior)

Debut: Page 1224 (Early-Bird Cameo); Page 1309 (first major appearance)

A member of the troupe in charge of pulling the troupe's wagon from place to place.

Eponine (Wailmer)

Debut: Page 1224 (silent off-screen Early-Bird Cameo; only mentioned by name); Page 1309 (first major appearance)

A member of the troupe who survived the ambush with Javert. Somewhat stoic, but also strong-willed. Is often cast as rocks or balls in the troupe's performances.

  • Last-Name Basis: How Eponine refers to everyone she knows, with the exception of Javert. (She calls Sunny "Burns", for example.)

Beauregard (Leafeon)

Debut: Page 1224 (off-screen Early-Bird Cameo)

Georg´s' right-hand mon. Was killed during the troupe's ambush by Phoebe and her gang of looters.

  • Posthumous Character: Beauregard made a single living appearance (his aforementioned Early-Bird Cameo) before he was eventually revealed to have been killed in the commotion of the looters' ambush of the troupe.


    Foxfell Kingdom: Minor Residents 

Shiny Granbull Barkeep

Played by: sarysa
Debut: Page 1311

Barkeep of the dive bar The Ruff Stuff. Very impersonal and terse.

  • A Tankard of Moose Urine: The bar's signature beverage falls under this trope, designed to be as rough going down as possible.
  • The Quiet One: Seldom talks, and often addresses patrons with neutral or negative grunts.

Lilly (Lillipup)

Played by: sarysa
Debut: Page 1327

Proprietor of Lilly's Little Bargains, known for its more reasonable prices. In the less affluent part of town.

Tronne (Skitty)

Played by: kablammin45
Debut: Page 1377

A wild Skitty who befriends Cam in Narcia and tags along on the journey to Fallo Ter. She apparently lives somewhere in the Eluant Canyon with her Delcatty mother and Skitty baby brother.

  • Free-Range Children: States that she freely explores the canyon.
  • Tagalong Kid: Begins travelling with Sarah and the other treasure hunters after befriending them in Narcia. She ends up running afoul of Winnie and being impersonated by her.
  • Wild Child: Child may be a stretch (Tronne's age is currently unknown), but she has the signs of this, having been born and raised outside of any sort of civilization and implying that she eats meat.

    Mountain Mons 

A group of mons that were present to attempt to slow the party along their way to stop Anastasia.

Teri and Mary (Scrafties)

Played by: Team42Larson and Kablammin45
Debut: Page 1409

A pair of sisters who attempt to stop the last major group from catching up with the others.

  • Large Ham: Mary more arguably than her sister. At times throughout their fight with Genna and co. Mary actually breaks into a sing-songy voice as she attacks.

    Treasure Hunters' Rivals 
A trio of treasure hunters who serve as recurring rivals to the above group.

Stellan (Alolan Golem)

Played by: Team42Larson
Debut: Page 1338

Leader of the rivals who asserts an ancestral claim on the site. ("Ancestral" in the sense that his father went to the site less than five years of ingame time ago.)

  • Disappeared Dad: Implied, and in fact shown, that his father was befallen at the hands of Phoebe the Gorebyss (but perhaps not all is as it seems...)
  • Expy: Of Captain Miller from Event Horizon.

Sammy (Sandygast)

Played by: sarysa
Debut: Page 1338

More or less the archetypical minion, who believes in Stellan and wants to see him accomplish his goals.

  • Foil: Designed to be a counterpart to Sirus of the main treasure hunters. Isn't too bright, either.

    Hudson (Togetic) 
Played by: sarysa
Debut: Page 1439

Hudson Tilden is a naturalist and survivalist who specializes in survival medicine, studying ferals and studying uncontacted proto-cultures. He is a fairly new member of the Swords of Justice and apparently a long time friend of Voxno. He is assigned to the newly formed Human Activities Division as a sort of anti-mole to the human group. Rather than objectively report on the humans' activities, Voxno assigned him to keep the guild apprised while cutting out any details that could bolster the arguments of those in the guild who want the humans contained.

  • Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal: He wears a suede outback hat with a braided trim, and also has a special wing-friendly backpack not seen in his teaser appearance.
  • Admiring the Abomination: He's not particularly bothered by ferals and proto-cultures that practice meat eating, even though he would not partake himself. He also fiercely protects them, not divulging any information that could subject them to exploitation.
  • Awesome Aussie: Fits this to a T...though given that his place of origin, Upper Roseleaf, almost definitely lacks an Australian accent, he likely picked it up along the way. Not dialed up to cartoonish proportions, though he is fit, trim, and doesn't fear ferals or isolation in nature.
  • Badass Adorable: He's a Togetic, probably one of the worst species for his character archetype. They are lightweight flying-fairies who sprinkle joy dust on kind hearted people, but he subverts all this by being a rugged naturalist.
  • Meaningful Name: His last name, Tilden, is an homage to Freeman Tilden, a US naturalist who worked with the National Park Service in interpreting both natural and historical history.
  • The Mole: Subverted. He is indeed meant to be a mole to the party, but he's tasked with censoring information about the humans to protect them from guild persecution.
  • Shout-Out: He frequently references the Imzadi culture, though "imzadi" is actually a Star Trek Betazoid term for "beloved".
  • The Teaser: He's introduced in a dive bar meeting up with Voxno, as a prologue to his meeting up with the party.

    Umberto's Associates 
Pokemon that work for the notorious leader of a meat-smuggling ring. They may or may not have an ulterior motive.

Eliza Margolis (Tsareena)

Played by: Ore-O
Debut: Page 1201 (Early-Bird Cameo) Page 1333 (First Major Appearance)

A lone Tsareena who works for Umberto, though under the threat of her sisters being killed and made into food.

  • The Mole: She works for Umberto, but she's planning to betray him and save her sisters.
  • Sadistic Choice: She either had to work with Umberto or have her sisters be turned into food.
  • Token Good Teammate: Is this for Umberto's company.

Arsene Nichols (Dragalge)

Played by: Ore-O
Debut: Page 1431

An old Mock Kelp Pokemon with a connection to Umberto.

  • Grumpy Old Man: Not exactly the youngest or happiest Dragalge in the world.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Claims he's not protecting Eliza out of the kindness of his heart, but out of the fact that replacing her would be difficult.
  • Punny Name: His full name is Arsene Nichols, a pun on a arsenic, a poisonous substance.

Bruno (Golduck)

Played by: Ore-O
Debut: Page 1441

A transporter that accompanies Arsene when they enter Foxfell.

Waylon Graham (formerly Granccio) (Clawitzer)

Played by: Ore-O
Debut: Page 1548

One of Umberto's sons that left his family behind.


    Blissparce Villagers 

Noémia "Mia" Dos Santos (Machamp)

Played by: kablammin45
Debut: Page 1461

Noémia (or just Mia for short) is the oldest child of the Dos Santos family, the wealthiest Berry farmers in the town. She's very out-going and friendly, running the Blissparce Marina with her siblings.

  • Big Sister Instinct: Very protective of her younger siblings. When she learns that her younger sister Izabel has died (and heavily implied to have been murdered), she gets absolutely furious and desires to bring the one responsible to justice.
  • Brawn Hilda: Due to the RP depicting Pokémon with more sexual dimorphism (especially the more human-like ones), Mia's design comes off like this.
  • Genki Girl: Somewhat of a downplayed example; Mia is quite extroverted, but she isn't hyperactive.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Everyone who knows her tends to just call her Mia, and Mia herself prefers to go by that name.

Tiago Dos Santos (Conkeldurr)

Played by: CorvusAtrox
Debut: Page 1461

The second oldest of the Dos Santos siblings. Tiago is softer-spoken and mild-mannered, and tries to be the voice of reason.

Izabel "Izzy" Dos Santos (Alakazam/Trevenant)

Played by: kablammin45

The third oldest of the Dos Santos siblings, who was found dead outside of Blissparce shortly after the arc started. Is described as having been a bubbly, cheerful, yet intelligent young woman every bit as friendly as Mia. She turns out to have become a Ghost-type Pokémon following her death and plays a key role in uncovering the conspiracy in Blissparce.

  • Ditzy Genius: Is very intelligent but also slightly scatterbrained.
  • Eyes Always Shut: According to her player, Izzy is this way most of the time.
  • Genki Girl: A much straighter example of this than Mia; Izzy is described as being (and shown to be in a Nightmare Sequence) very enthusiastic about being part of her family's Berry-making and boat-repairing businesses. She retains these traits in Trevenant form.
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: Player artwork depicts her wearing a pink, flower-covered tank-top.
  • Posthumous Character: It's shortly after Goobert and the others arrive in Blissparce that the Dos Santos family learns that Izabel is dead. She (kind of) gets better, though.
  • Spanner in the Works: Had Izabel not ended up becoming a Trevenant and remembered everything that had happened to her, Amy's plot may not have been discovered until disaster had occurred.

Tiff Dos Santos (Cacturne)

Played by: Team42Larson
Debut: Page 1461

The youngest of the Dos Santos siblings. Tiff takes after her father and seems to be a bit Hot-Blooded and no-nonsense.

  • Daddy's Girl: Seems to be Pancho's favorite child (he calls her "Pumpkaboo"), and Tiff herself seems to take after him the most out of the four siblings.
  • Fully Dressed Cartoon Animal: Wears a swimsuit a lot ala Delilah.
  • Hot-Blooded: Seems this way. She agrees with her father that the only solution to staving off the Viral Aggression in Blissparce is through standing up to fight it off.

Mayor Higgins (Dunsparce)

Played by: BlackMageAnolis
Debut: Page 1462

The mayor of Blissparce. A rather silly, but stern, and mildly superstitious fellow, he takes the town's tradition of offering Berries to the forest for good luck that year very seriously.

  • Heroic BSoD: When Amy's plot is uncovered at the end of the mini-arc, Higgins is so shaken up by this that he announces his resignation the morning after.

Amy (Bayleef)

Played by: kablammin45
Debut: Page 1462

Mayor Higgins's assistant. She seems to be the brains behind the decisions made in town...and the brains behind the plot to quietly kill anyone suspected of carrying the Viral Aggression. Lost her parents in the VA outbreak that destroyed Milklett.

  • 0% Approval Rating: Amy is near about ran out of town when her plot is uncovered.
  • Childhood Friends: Turns out to have been this to the culprit behind Harvey Cosby's murder Ramona; Amy is shown to be quite upset when she finds out. (Though it's possible she may have also been upset that one of her Mooks was busted and that she is one step closer to being found out.)
  • Didn't Think This Through: Rather that just telling the town about the VA so they would know how to deal with it later, Amy unwisely chose to hide it out of fear that the town would panic and destroy itself anyway. She pays dearly for this later.
  • The Man Behind the Man: As it turns out, the serial killers in town are on Amy's payroll and part of her ill-conceived plot to stave off the VA.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Amy feared that the town discovering that the Viral Agression was among them would cause a mass panic that would destroy the town much like it did it Milklett and Hiveton, so rather than risk a town-wide panic she systematically arranged the murders of anyone she suspected was carrying it. When the town finds out what she was doing, they are rightfully outraged that she saw this as a better solution than just telling them so they could begin planning on how to actually deal with it.

Pancho Dos Santos (Hariyama)

Played by: kablammin45
Debut: Page 1467

Pancho is the wealthiest Berry farmer in town, running a large Berry orchard alongside his wife (and kids when they aren't busy at the marina). He's fairly crusty and kind of a cheapskate, but he means well and has a mind for what's best for Blissparce.

  • Hair-Trigger Temper: When he gets mad, he gets mad.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite being a bit stingy and ill-tempered, Pancho does care deeply for his family (he is devastated when he learns of Izabel's death) and for his town.
  • The Scrooge: He does like to count his pennies and Berries, and is mentioned several times to be reluctant to use some of his Berries for the Blissparce good-luck ceremony.

Harvey Cosby (Heliolisk)

Played by: kablammin45
Debut: Page 1471

A washed-up Heliolisk actor who has a brief romantic history with Sunny. He has become a Berry farmer in Blissparce since he was fired from his acting troupe for attacking a director. Ends up being murdered during the Blissparce arc.

  • Asshole Victim: Becomes the victim of one of several murders around Blissparce. Given his reputation, however, few are shown truly lamenting his loss.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Harvey seems fit and determined to get back together with Sunny despite her clearly not only having no desire to do so and already having a boyfriend who legitimately cares about her. He takes pleasure in making fun of Maran and his relationship with Sunny.
  • Dirty Coward: Begins apologizing profusely, justifying his actions, and begging not to be hit when it looks like Maran might attack him.
  • Hate Sink: A totally pathetic, abusive, smarmy creature who tries to steal Sunny away from Maran and even succeeds in temporarily separating them.
  • No Kill Like Overkill: When Harvey's body is discovered after his murder, it is described as having been so brutally beaten it's not only borderline unrecognizable but his head falls off his body when he's picked up.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: invoked While his rather nasty history with Sunny was kept under wraps, Harvey was fired from his acting troupe after beating up his director/troupe leader over what was implied to be a petty slight.
  • Shadow Archetype: To Sunny herself. While Sunny managed to eat her humble pie after years of being a prima-donna actress and became a better Pokémon for it, Harvey never got the chance to see the error of his was and was a stuck-up primadonna to the very end of his career, eventually getting to the point of being abusive to other actors/actresses and leaving the acting world in disgrace; and going to his grave still the same egoistical, sleazy, smarmy mon that he was then.
  • Take That!: His character was conceived as an unflattering caricature of bad/sleazy Hollywood actors/actresses who think they can get away with what they do because of who they are. Harvey's very name comes from two infamous and high-profile #MeToo cases; Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby.
  • Would Hit a Girl: According to Sunny, Harvey's relationship with her ended with him beating her and dumping her for being embarrassed by something that he did to her in front of numerous Pokémon.

Tim and Don (Pawniards)

Played by: kablammin45
Debut: Page 1472

A pair of Pawniarmy mooks who first show up off-duty in Blissparce's inn, where they break the news to Cortez that his inn is no more.

Taylor Amaranth (Servine)

Played by: BlackMageAnolis
Debut: Page 1482

A Pokémon on the Blissparce police force who works with the Blissparce party in solving the mystery of the Blissparce murders.

Taylor Barley (Hitmonlee)

Played by: BlackMageAnolis
Debut: Page 1482

Another Pokémon on the police force who frequently works with Taylor A.

  • Foil: He's essentially the complete opposite of Taylor A, being a quieter, more introverted fellow.
  • Nervous Wreck: Has some traits of this, though it doesn't prevent him from doing dirty crime work in Blissparce.
  • Speech Impediment: Speaks with a stutter.

Wendell "Wendy" Fuller (Gourgeist)

Played by: kablammin45
Debut: Page 1519

Blissparce's friendly, if somewhat odd local mortician who the crew in Blissparce briefly meet up as they try to solve the murder mysteries of Blissparce.

  • Gender-Blender Name: Played with a bit as, while his real name is Wendell, he prefers to go by and is known by everyone as Wendy.

Norwood Johnson (Bisharp)

Played by: kablammin45
Debut: Page 1525

A Bisharp resident of Blissparce who is one of the Pokémon who is murdering Blissparce citizens under an unknown figure's orders. He is wracked with guilt after only killing one Pokémon, though.

  • Nightmare Sequence: We are shown one of Norwood's below-mentioned nightmare sequences wherein he is walking around town with his arms covered in blood and then runs afoul of his victim's vengeful ghost, who essentially drags him to PokéHell and forces Norwood to relive the murder from his her perspective forever. He wakes up screaming bloody-murder.
  • These Hands Have Killed: Norwood seems to be in a state like this following his murder; seeming to have fallen into a shell-shocked state of mind and has frequent nightmares/flashbacks.
  • What Have I Done: Norwood is extremely remorseful for his horrific actions and very nearly flakes out of his superior's plans; only being forced to keep working for them under the threat of having all murders pinned onto him.

Ramona Carson (Gliscor)

Played by: kablammin45
Debut: Page 1530

A Gliscor resident of Blissparce stated to have anger issues. She turns out to be the one who murdered Harvey Cosby and is not only unrepentant of her crime, but seems to have utterly snapped afterwards.

  • Stepford Smiler: Very much so, as she is suggested to have lots of suppressed rage.
  • Sanity Slippage: Ramona already wasn't the most stable of individuals, but it's obvious that killing Harvey caused her to utterly crack to the point of trying to attack an innocent Heliolisk bystander in the crowd watching as she is arrested and breaking down in angry tears when she is prevented from doing so. It's implied that wasting Harvey and letting out her suppressed anger was such a satisfying experience for her that she wants to relieve doing so just to get that feeling of satisfaction again.
  • Suppressed Rage: It's hinted that Ramona bottled up her rage until she took it all out on Harvey (who she most likely had the majority of anger directed towards as she was one of the lecherous lizard's favorite targets).
  • Worth It: Once she's outed, she gleefully states that she has no regrets at all over killing Harvey.

David Oliveria (Gligar)

Played by: BlackMageAnolis
Debut: Page 1530

An older resident of Blissparce who used to be on the police force. Has a daughter named Muriel and was intimated by Ramona into keeping quiet after inadvertently seeing her take out Harvey.

  • Adult Fear: It's bad enough that he himself was threatened with death for outing Ramona as Harvey's killer, but it's worse when his innocent daughter is threatened as well. It's little wonder that poor David was so terrified of Ramona.
  • Cool Old Guy: It's implied that this is what David normally is.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: While out-of-towners Rich and Dieter don't explicitly pick up on it, David's old friend Taylor A quickly gets the feeling that something is terribly wrong when David acts nothing like the Cool Old Guy that she knows him to be and instead acts like a reclusive fearful old mon.

    Becchel Villagers 

The Neyad (Feraligatr)

Played by: BlackMageAnolis
Debut: Page 1538

A nameless guard of the topside of Becchel who watches over Montresor and Notte during the group's stay in the boardwalk town. She's initially suspicious of them as they were with L'Arachel before when she had come into Becchel a few days before the group had. Serious, fiercely dedicated to the crown, and a bit of a tightwad, the pair eventually grow on her much to her chagrin.

  • Blind Obedience: Implied. Even when criticizing L'Arachel's actions against her vassals, she never once relates this to any potential actions of her king.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Initially embittered by having to watch over the vassals, she slowly begins to sympathize with them and even opens up to them about a friend that Montresor reminds her of.
  • Lazy Bum: Between her and Rondo, she's the one who tends to pawn off jobs to other people, which helps to explain her bitterness about her arrangement with Montresor and Notte.
  • No Name Given
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Zig-zagged. Despite the audience knowing that Montresor and Notte are on the protagonists' side, it comes across this way to her because she doesn't have a high opinion of the vassals in the first place.

Chip Sandalhelm

Played by: BlackMageAnolis
Debut: Page 1538

Another Neyad, situated on the other side of town who takes in those who came from Narcia. Insecure and a complainer, but still takes his work seriously.

Dot (Venonat)

Played by: BlackMageAnolis
Debut: Page 1541

The child of an innkeeper; she approaches the group and tries to convince the group to stay at her parents' inn. Opportunistic and rude with little filter, she tries to do whatever she can to win over the group.

  • Abusive Parents: Ambiguous; both she and George become frightened and worried by Autumn and Mila's public argument, and the rest of her family is never shown.
  • Innocently Insensitive: She's only trying to help her parents out, but she's not above sniping at the weaknesses of the Patinkin's inn.

George Patinkin

Played by: BlackMageAnolis
Debut: Page 1541

The child of another innkeeper; he approaches the group and tries to convince the group to say at his parents' inn. Somewhat nervous and overeager, he ends up inadvertantly appealing to the group due to his family's current situation.

  • Shout-Out: As with his Theme Naming (see below): when he's passing out keys to the group, he patters out the colors of the labels on each key (as well as who each key is going to) in a way similar to how Georges (the protagonist of the musical) patters off colors as he's painting.
  • Shout-Out Theme Naming: The Patinkins and Dot's names all center around the musical Sunday in the Park with George.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: Constantly seeks to help out his parents with running the inn, and is crushed when his mother ignores him bringing the group to their inn in favor of chiding him for jumping down the stairs to the front door.

Marie Patinkin

Played by: BlackMageAnolis
Debut: Page 1544

The bealeaguered and cynical mother to George. Despite putting on a smile for the customers, she doesn't do a good job at hiding her insecurities about the inn and her husband's decisions with the business.

Pierre Patinkin

Played by: BlackMageAnolis
Debut: Page 1546

George's father and the owner of the family inn. He's kind, sweet, and a little meager.

  • Good Parents: Well...he is a good parent. His wife is a little too neurotic to be an effective parent to George.

The Casside (Fraxure)

Played by: BlackMageAnolis
Debut: Page 1546

A royal guard of the underside of the boardwalk town. She's taken to meditating inside the Patinkin's inn for the night. Marie confides in her in the middle of the night about the family business, giving her some comfort and forming a bit of a connection.

  • Mellow Fellow: Is shown to be this when Marie talks to her in the middle of night.


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