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Characters intoduced from the beginning of the return to Holstown-Narcia to at present Lucifgue-Glastone arc, but future arcs remain (unknown).

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    Narcia Peddlers 
Played by: Team 42 Larson

An Emboar and Heatmor of whom run a town-to-town berry stand. Were seen initially at Gleamscape in their pizza stand.

    Characters introduced in Whispering Pines 

Ophelius and his men


A Tyrantrum who was once a respected military man, and two of his finest tuned men, who accompany the party to stop Phoebe.

  • Expy: Similarly to Stellan, two of these three share names with characters in Science Fiction films: Miller shares a name with Captain Miller from Event Horizon (of whom Stellan shares other characteristics with) and Daniels with the main Protagonist of Alien: Covenant

    Team Bugtrio 
Played by: Kablammin45

A travelling team consisting of (as the name suggests) three Bug-type Pokémon, Henry the Flygon, Tenn the Scizor, and Shelley the Golisopod. A fourth member, James the Toxapex, has gone missing. Together, the group of bugs travel the Dej Isles in search of Pokémon in trouble while also trying to help Shelley find a cure for the VA and trying to find James.

Henry (Flygon)

(see entry on We Have All Become Pokemon Non Player Characters Carnival To Slak Rock)

Tenn (Scizor)

Debut: Page 1638
Tenn (shorthand for Hortense) is the leader of the team, having been traveling as a vigilante longer than the rest of the members. Tenn is completely unable to speak due to a throat injury.

  • Embarrassing First Name: Tenn despises her full first name and prefers to go by "Tenn".
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: Wears a violet tank top, though she only wears it to hide a scar she received from the injury that caused her to lose her voice.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Tenn to Henry; Henry is an overeager Idiot Hero, though when he and Tenn team up, she is able to keep Henry more in line and make sure he keeps himself out of trouble.
  • The Speechless: A past injury rendered her unable to speak, with her only spoken dialogue so far being in internal monologue.

Shelley and James (Golisopod and Mareanie/Toxapex)

Debut: Page 1638; following a previous Early-Bird Cameo on Page 1507
The soft-spoken Shelley and her sardonic companion James hail from a seaside town on Kalagasia called Vernon's Bend. After Shelley's father was discovered to be carrying the Viral Aggression after being away, the two of them set out in search of a cure. Shelley and James briefly meet some of the group during the L'Arachel arc and Shelley later shows up again in Whispering Pines, having joined up with Henry and Tenn by then, with James now missing. She continues to search for a cure with the help of Henry and Tenn (as well as searching for James).

  • All There in the Manual: While travelling (and before his disappearance), James served as Shelley's back-up for when her Emergency Exit would activate.
  • Gentle Giant: Shelley is a Golisopod, but is overall quiet and only fights if she has to.
  • The Heart: Shelley seems to be this for the Bugtrio team.
  • Heroic BSoD: Shelley spends a sizable chunk of Danjor Island in this state due to James being captured by Phoebe and later going completely missing.


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