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Real Guts, Real Heart

"After the JWP split in 1992, it became clear who the problems were between. LLPW's top stars were and remained - Rumi Kazama and Shinobu Kandori. Tough ladies with legit backgrounds and strong personalities, they became the focal personalities in the company. "Ladies Legend Pro-Wrestling" also had the support of veteran Noriyo Tateno, who helped them build up a base of young talent. Though they were never a top company, LLPW had two of the top stars and Kandori was consistently considered the top star by the Japanese media. Kazama headed the company through its first decade and then Kandori took over. It continues to produce a wide variety of stars who are either tough, sexy or unique."

As a whole:

  • Badass Crew: Took half the joshi wrestlers from the Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling split, most of them with legit marital arts backgrounds.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Was in the beginning just an offshoot of the JWP with the joshi puroresu style of wrestling that they learned there. It was only later they changed their style to include influences from shoot style from PWFG and even Garbage Wrestling from FMW.
  • I Know Karate: Most of original roster had some kind of martial arts training.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Kind of comes with the territory as a "shoot style" women's promotion. The shoot style reputation comes from the fact most of the wrestlers had martial arts training.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: The original staff came from a split from Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling split
  • Spiritual Successor: In some ways, Arsion.
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  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: Versus All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling in the 1990s.
  • Ur-Example: It was the first Japanese wrestling promotion to be run exclusively by women. Hosted the first ever female MMA tournament with the Ultimate L-1 Tournament in 1995.
  • World of Action Girls: As a female pro wrestling promotion, with most of the roster having martial arts training this was a given.

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    Affiliated wrestlers and figures 

Mizuki Endo/Eiger

Mikiko Futagami/GAMI

  • Action Girl
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Has been known to be a bit of a comedic wrestler these days, but can still dish out a lot of punishment if properly motivated.
  • Cool Teacher: Trained Ayumi Kurihara, Fairy Nipponbashi and Kayo*Fujimori.
  • Guest Fighter: Has wrestled for Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi.
  • The Idiot from Osaka: An Osaka native that could be silly in one match then serious in another.
  • I Have Many Names: Has wrestled as Mikiko Futagami, GAMI, Bullfight GAMI, Dark Mask Bolshoi, Gami Metal, GAMI Yu-Yu, G. Metal, Hyper GAMI, Justin no Haha, Kyusei Ninja GAMI, and Sichuan Yuki Miyazaki.
  • Name's the Same: Her team with Rie Tamada as Re Dragon, should not be confused with Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly of Re D Ragon.
  • Red Baron: "Beauty", "Lady Of 1000 Holds".
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Came from the Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling split.
  • Start My Own: Founded Daijo (OSAKA Woman's Pro Wrestling) and co-founded Pro Wrestling WAVE.

Miki Handa


Utako Hozumi

Shinobu Kandori

"During the third wave of joshi puroresu, there was no bigger star than judoka-turned-wrestler Shinobu Kandori. After winning a bronze medal at the 1984 World Cup on top of three national championships, Kandori left judo (she always had a reputation for being hard-headed). Her legitimacy was uncommon for pro-wrestling and she was an instant superstar... Shinobu Kandori is one of the most significant characters in the history of joshi puroresu. No one carried her legitimacy and few could match her intensity. Although she was the top star of a smaller company, Kandori maintained a status that allowed her to transcend and she worked several interpromotional matches and angles that were hot items."
— Part of her profile on Wrestling Scout

  • Action Girl
  • Affectionate Nickname: Yoshiaki Fujiwara likes to jokingly call her "the strongest man in women's puroresu".
  • The Apprentice: To Yoshiaki Fujiwara.
  • Authority Equals Ass Kicking: Is the current owner of Ladies Legend Pro Wrestling-X. She is also a senator, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party and a member of the House of Councillors in the Diet.
  • Boyish Short Hair
  • Cool Teacher: Trained Raven Hiroka and Xóchitl Hamada.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Defeated both Liz Africano and Fieni Klee in the LLPW - Ultimate L-1 Tournament in less than a minute each.
  • David Versus Goliath: Against Svetlana Goundarenko, who beat her in in the finals of the LLPW - Ultimate L-1 Tournament. She got her revenge in another Ladies Legend Pro Wrestling event.
  • Delinquent Hair: Dyed blonde later in her career.
  • Garbage Wrestler: Has been in some death matches.
  • Guest Fighter: Has wrestled for Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi.
  • I Know Judo: A former judoka with multiple national championships and a bronze medal at the 1984 World Championships in the 66kg division before her wrestling training. Learned shoot wrestling at the PWFG Dojo and also trained at Kitao Dojo.
  • Odd Friendship: With former sumo, pro wrestler, and karateka Koji Kitao. They became friends when he trained and cornered her in her rematch against female judo champion Svetlana Goundarenko.
    • Not so odd when you learn that Kandori also shot on a wrestler and got blacklisted from pro wrestling for a time.
  • Red Baron: "Ms Joshi Puroresu".
  • The Rival: Her most famous rivalry was with Akira Hokuto. Megumi Kudo also counts.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Came from the Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling split.
  • Start My Own: Co-founded Ladies Legend Pro Wrestling with Rumi Kazama.
  • Ur-Example: One of the first female Japanese MMA fighters. Also the first woman to wrestle a shoot wrestling style match.
  • Worthy Opponent: Yumiko Hotta, the only joshi wrestler outside LLPW (and maybe even in LLPW) that was crazy (and good) enough to fight Kandori in shoot style matches and they even had a MMA fight against each other.

Rumi Kazama


Leo/Mami Kitamura

Emi Maeda

Michiko Nagasaki

Michiko Nagashima

Michiko Omukai

Yukari Osawa/Jen'nu Yukari

Harley Saito/Karula

Midori Saito/Carol Midori

Eagle Sawai

Noriyo Tateno


Osukaru Tomo

Kazuyuki Uchida

Rumi Yasuda/Yasha Kurenai

  • Action Girl
  • Ascended Fan Girl: Was a Terry Funk fan girl, interestingly she actually hated pro wrestling as a child until she saw Terry wrestle.
  • Badass Biker: Her gimmick was a Bōsōzoku, a Japanese youth subculture associated with customized motorcycles.
  • Bratty Half-Pint: Dropped out of high school to become a trainee for Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling.
  • Heroic BSoD: Briefly retired from wrestling in 1991 after suffering a mental illness. She recovered and came back a year later.
  • Hidden Depths: She now runs a tavern.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Came from the Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling split.

    Other wrestlers and figures 

Chaparrita ASARI

Command Bolshoi

  • Action Girl
  • The Apprentice: To Atsushi Onita and Kotetsu Yamamoto.
  • Authority Equals Ass Kicking: Was the President of JWP Joshi Puroresu
  • Bodybuilding: On May 31, 2015, Bolshoi took part in NPCJ's Blaze Open bodybuilding competition, where she finished third in the women's athlete category, beating fellow professional wrestler Meiko Satomura, who finished fourth. Bolshoi, however, won the Overall Best Performance Award, which was voted by 50 randomly picked members of the audience. On October 24, 2015, Bolshoi won the NPCJ Beef Sasaki Classic's figure category and was also chosen as the tournament's MVP across all categories.
  • Cool Mask: Has wrestled for most of her career in a mask.
  • Cool Teacher: Was a trainer at the JWP Dojo and trained wrestlers like Ivy Sakura and Tomoki Yagami.
  • Expy: Believe it or not, her clown gimmick as Bolshoi Kid was such a success that it led to WWE to create the character Doink the Clown.
  • Fan Nickname: "Pico-chan".
  • Guest Fighter: From JWP Joshi Puroresu.
  • I Have Many Names: Has wrestled as Bolshoi 666, Bolshoi Kid, Bolshoi X, Bolshoi Yoneyama, Command Bolshoi, Command U.S.shoi, Dotomi Bolshoi, Doton Bolshoi, Dotonborishoi, Haruyama #2, Haruyamando Bolshoi, Hawaiian Bolshoi, Medium, Miko-san, PIKO, Queen Bolshoi, Santa Bolshoi, T-1 Mask, and Western Bolshoi.
  • Monster Clown: Worked in a clown mask as Bolshoi Kid, and her later masks kept the clown nose.
  • Red Baron: "On'na Taigā Masuku" ("Female Tiger Mask").
  • Start My Own: Founded Pure-J.

Hikari Fukuoka

Misae Genki

Yumiko Hotta

  • Action Girl
  • Authority Equals Ass Kicking: Became president of Hyper Visual Fighting Arsion in 2003 and renamed it Major Girl's Fighting Ato Z. Under Hotta's leadership, the promotion lasted only three years, before folding in 2006.
  • Cool Mask: Is rumored to have competed as Passion Hotty, a masked wrestler aligned with Nanae Takahashi’s Passion Red group.
  • Cool Old Lady: Was in the first female MMA event in 1995 and her last fight was in 2016. She is also a supervisor of the REINA promotion.
  • Fan Nickname: "Hotty".
  • Guest Fighter: From All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling. She also had a fight in Vale Tudo Japan 1996.
  • Identical Stranger: Stylistically speaking, Hotta was one of the few joshi wrestlers not from LLPW that would have been totally at home in LLPW with her shoot wrestling-like style.
  • I Know Karate: A kyoushin practitioner under Makoto Nakamura. In addition to her pro wrestling training at the AJW dojo she also trained in boxing, kickboxing, and amateur wrestling.
  • Red Baron: "Bousou!!".
  • Ur-Example: Fought the first fight of the first Japanese female MMA event, Ladies Legend Pro-Wrestling: Ultimate L-1 Tournament.
  • Worthy Opponent: To Shinobu Kandori.
  • Wrestling Family: Is the wife of former NJPW wrestler Kengo Kimura.

Kyoko Inoue

  • Action Girl
  • The Apprentice: To Jaguar Yokota and Bull Nakano.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Has been accused of being bordering on worthless in the ring at times and other times she has her working boots on and is a spunky, chunky punk who is fun and entertaining.
  • Cool Teacher: Head trainer of the NEO dojo.
  • Guest Fighter: From All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling.
  • I Have Many Names: Has wrestled as Adamo Inoue, Big Kyoko Inoue, Etsuko Inoue, Joker, Kyoko Inoue, and Tiger Mania.
  • I Know Judo: Before her wrestling career.
  • Lovely Angels: With Takako Inoue as Double Inoue.
  • Minored In Ass Kicking: Has a MMA fight against Svetlana Goundarenko at the Re Mix - World Cup 2000 event, which she lost.
  • Red Baron: "Tensai Resurā" ("Genius Wrestler").
  • Start My Own: Founded the NEO promotion and World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana.
  • Stout Strength: A bit pudgy but was very strong.
  • This Means Warpaint: Is well known for using this.
  • Ur-Example: She invented the Burning (Freakin) Hammer! though she called it the Victoria Driver. She also invented the Thunder Fire Powerbomb, which she called the Niagara Driver.
    • She was also the first woman to hold a men’s championship in Japan, winning the WEW Tag Team Championship in FMW in 2000 with Kodo Fuyuki.

Aki Kanbayashi/Miss Mongol

Dynamite Kansai

  • Action Girl
  • Determinator: Fell ill in 2012 with lung cancer, but defeated the disease, she however had to be remove half of her lungs and retired in 2016.
  • Fan Nickname: "Chie-Chan".
  • Guest Fighter: From JWP Joshi Puroresu.
  • Hidden Depths: Had a background in volleyball.
  • Identical Stranger: Stylistically speaking, Kansai was one of the few joshi wrestlers not from LLPW that would have been totally at home in LLPW with her shoot wrestling-like style.
  • I Have Many Names: Has wrestled as Dynamite Kansai, Miss A, Okonomida Kansai, and South Korean Kansai. Her real name is Chieko Suzuki.

Aja Kong

Aya Koyama

Megumi Kudo

  • The Ace: Of the joshi division in FMW.
  • Action Girl
  • The Apprentice: To Jaguar Yokota and Tarzan Goto.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Took some horrible abuse over her career, especially in her retirement match against Shark Tsuchiya in 1997, but was able to pose for Japanese photobooks in 1999 and later.
  • Combat Commentator: Has worked as one in her retirement.
  • Combat Referee: Has refereed joshi matches for some of Onita's later promotions and FMW reunion shows.
  • Cool Teacher: Was the main joshi trainer of the FMW dojo. She was also once a kindergarten teacher.
  • Determinator: You have to be one to survive the death matches she has been in.
  • Distaff Counterpart: To Atsushi Onita himself.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": Her real name is Megumi Takayama.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Was originally from All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling, but was let go because she was not progressing the way they wanted her to.
  • Evil Costume Switch: While not very evil, she would sometimes which to a attire resembling what The Great Muta when she was particularly pissed at someone, complete with facepaint and also spit mist.
  • Fan Nickname: "Kudome".
  • Garbage Wrestling: She wasn't the top joshi in FMW without having to go through quite a few of these kind of matches.
  • Guest Fighter: From FMW.
  • Hidden Depths: Is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Was considered a "hardcore sweetheart" because of her good looks and toughness.
  • Pet the Dog: Owns several dogs.
  • Red Baron: "Jadō Hime" ("Evil Princess"), "Extreme Queen", "Queen of The Death Match", "Queen of Japanese Hardcore".
  • She Also Did: In 1992, she released a music album titled "Keep On Running," and starred in the action film A Human Murder Weapon. She also hosts a weekly radio show in Japan.
  • ¡Three Amigos!: With Combat Toyoda and Reibun Amada as "The Outbreakers".
  • Ur-Example: She is credited with creating Vertebreaker, which she called in the Kudome Valentine. There are people who believe that another joshi wrestler, Toshiyo Yamada was the actual innovator, but all agree that Kudo popularised it in Japan.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Noriyo "Combat" Toyoda.
  • Wrestling Family: Is the wife of Hideo Takayama, better known as Bad Boy Hido.

Kaoru Maeda/KAORU/Infernal Kaoru

  • Action Girl
  • The Apprentice: To Jaguar Yokota and Gran Hamada.
  • Cool Mask: As Infernal Kaoru.
  • Cool Teacher: Was a trainer for the GAEA Japan dojo.
  • Determinator
  • Game-Breaking Injury: Fractured her calcaneus during a three-way two-fall match with Aja Kong and Mayumi Ozaki when diving out of the ring onto Kong and was unable to continue the match, resulting in the referee declaring the match a no contest and stripping Kaoru of the Oz Academy Openweight Championship, ending her reign at 273 days. Kaoru underwent surgery four days later. Her recovery was slowed down by her developing an osteomyelitis.
  • Garbage Wrestling: Combined high-flying with hardcore wrestling as her style.
  • Guest Fighter: From GAEA Japan.
  • I Know Kendo: Before she started wrestling.
  • Lovely Angels: Honey Wings with Mika Takahashi and Riot Crown with DASH Chisako.
  • Masked Luchador: As Infernal Kaoru and was the first Japanese joshi luchadoras.
  • Power Stable: W-Fix with Chikayo Nagashima, DASH Chisako and Megumi Yabushita
  • Red Baron: "Tatakau Bi Majo" ("Beautiful Fighting Witch"), "Original Hardcore Queen".
  • Super Spit: Sometimes shoots red or green mist.

Crusher/Yoshika Maedomari

Devil Masami

Kumiko Matsuda/Tsuppari Mack

Suzuka Minami

Etsuko Mita

  • Action Girl
  • The Apprentice: To Akira Hokuto.
  • Fan Nickname: "Etsu-chan" and "Etsu-hime".
  • Guest Fighter: From All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling.
  • Hidden Depths: Is a waitress at Bull Nakano's restaurant in Nakano, Tokyo.
  • Idle Rich: Grew up in a wealthy family and couldn't even do laundry when she first he became a AJW trainee. She got better thankfully.
  • I Have Many Names: Has wrestled as Convini Goto 2005, Etsuko Mita, Etsuko Sha, (=>v<=), MITA, and Reina Pandita #1.
  • Lovely Angels: With Mima Shimoda as Las Cachorras Orientales, Toshiya Yamada as Dream Orca, and Manami Toyota as Mint Showers.
  • Red Baron: "Ringu no Kyotō" ("Ring's Big Tower"), "Ganzo Desubarēbomu" ("Innovator of the Death Valley Bomb").
    • She Also Did: She and Manami Toyota released a single together called, "TIME TO GO", which was on the same record as Takako Inoue's "Door of Miracle" song.
  • Ur-Example: Is considered the inventor of the Death Valley Bomb/Driver.

Bull Nakano

Miwa Sato

  • Action Girl
  • The Apprentice: To Megumi Kudo and Tarzan Goto.
  • Garbage Wrestling:
  • Guest Fighter: From FMW.
  • Japanese Christian: After retiring from professional wrestling, Sato attended an Evangelical college, where she graduated in 2001 after three years of classes. She is now a member of the Protestant-based Japan Assemblies of God. She has also been a missionary for the AG Soka Shinsho Church.
  • Power Stable: Toxic Corps with Crusher Maedomari, Miss Mongol and Shark Tsuchiya.
  • Red Baron: "Nakimushi Enjeru" ("Crybaby Angel"), "Datenshi" ("Fallen Angel").

Mima Shimoda

Chikako Shiratori

Punch Tahara

Yoshiko Tamura

  • The Ace: Of NEO.
  • Action Girl
  • The Apprentice: To Kyoko Inoue.
  • Fan Nickname: "Yo-Chan".
  • Genius Bruiser: On January 1, 2011, she received a diploma in aromatherapy, after passing Japan Aromacoordinator Association's authorization test. She has her own aromatherapy clinic, named Aroma Optimal Corner, in Edogawa, Tokyo.
  • Guest Fighter: From NEO.
  • I Have Many Names: Has wrestled as Bison Kimura #2, Etsuko Tamura, Reina Pandita #2, Yoshiko Tamura.
  • Red Baron: "Tamura-sama", "Kettē".
  • She Also Did: Tamura made her acting debut in the 2009 film Three Count, where she played the role of a professional wrestling trainer, working alongside Emi Sakura, Kyoko Inoue and Hikaru Shida. She also made a cameo appearance as herself in a voice-acting role in episode seven of Wanna Be the Strongest in the World!.

Manami Toyota

Erika/Shark Tsuchiya

Bat Yoshinaga


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