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Non-Playable / Lore Characters

    The Entity 

The Entity

"The Entity is a force of darkness from an ancient place with no name. No sense of purpose other than to endlessly torture its victims over and over again."
Benedict's Journal

  • Ambiguous Gender: The developers have stated that the Entity's gender, motives, and true form are all incomprehensible to the human mind. However, it is referred to using a female noun, Entité, in Behaviour's native French, because the language lacks a gender-neutral equivalent of "it".
  • Animal Motif: Spiders. When an offering is being made to the Entity, spider-like limbs appear to snag the victim. It also has survivors trapped in its web to feed off of their hope.
  • The Ageless: Comes with being an Eldritch Abomination. But the in-game lore implies that The Entity has been doing this for a long, long time.
  • Animalistic Abomination: The Entity's form has been compared to a spider.
  • Big Bad: Responsible for most of the survivors’ suffering and for the creation of various killers.
  • Blue and Orange Morality: Much like everything else about it, the Entity's morality is ambiguous at best. Its views on humanity in general are dismissive at best and sadistic at worse. Survivors are merely "meat" and "wriggling worms" as indicated by its whispers. However, it is willing to reward both survivors and killers via the "blood web" should they perform their tasks well. And, though it is clearly a Jerkass God, its habit of bringing in killers and survivors in an endless game of "cat and mouse" is more to do with how it feeds rather than any sense of right or wrong. The Entity feeds on hope and fear, after all. If The Entity has any understanding of human morality, it views it as little more than a means to get nourishment and couldn't care less about any suffering this might cause.
  • Creative Sterility: It can only imitate the real-world within its realm, often not understanding where and how inanimate objects and machinery are supposed to go.
  • Combat by Champion: For some reason, The Entity can't hunt the survivors in its own realm so it elects people who are completely devoid of hope and have taken more than one life. Perhaps The Entity expects entertainment from its champions.
  • Dark Is Evil: While the Entity itself is still ambiguous in its nature, it is still a Jerkass God and Godof Evil who looks like a pitch black spider and is responsible for the survivors’ current plight.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The Entity is a massively powerful god-like being that demands regular sacrifices and bestows power both on its minions and its victims for some unknown purpose. The main body is never seen; only its spider-like limbs.
  • Emotion Eater: Benedict speculates that the Entity feeds off of survivors' hope, as its game offers them a slim chance before crushing it. Benedict's Journal also says he can feel a sliver of his soul slipping away with every time he dies.
  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: No matter if the victims escape or die they will always find themselves back at the bonfire, forced to repeat the game again.
  • God of Evil: Implied to have been one of these. Also, the manner in which the victims are sacrificed to it is similar in mannerisms of a cult.
  • Jerkass God: Its primary M.O. is to give the survivors hope of escaping, only to take it from them.
  • Pet the Dog: Although it is normally an extremely vicious deity, The Entity appeared to show mercy to Maurice (The Clown's horse). Maurice had been severely burned and blinded by being pulled into The Entity's realm, due to only one living being only being able to enter safely at a time. So, The Entity "helped" Maurice by mutating him with a third eye so he could see again. It's arguably the nicest thing The Entity has done so far. Then again, it’s also possible that it did this just to give the survivors something else to freak out about.
  • Planimal: Has thorny growths on parts of its body. Also, during the "Purge", The Entity develops strange growths that have flowers on them.
  • Reality Warper: It created the realm and manipulates the survivors by torturing and resurrecting them.
  • Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: The Endgame Collapse in a nutshell. If any survivors are left in the map when the time expires, the Entity foregoes all pretense, and kills them itself.
  • Satanic Archetype: To the point where the Entity keeps everyone in an endless loop of suffering, much like Dante Alighieri's Inferno. The Entity also possesses qualities similar to Satan: Warping good people into twisted demonic monstrosities, putting people into endless cycles of suffering (and testing their hope through torment), is limited to the confines of its own realm (much like Dante's Satan), and appears as a pitch black demonic spider when its offerings are close to death. Also, if The Hag, and The Spirit and the Plague’s backstories are any indication, it also likes to make faustian pacts to get what it wants.
  • Time Abyss: It traps survivors in an endless loop of life and death until they are starved of hope. Kate Denson's backstory also suggests that The Entity is a demon or elder god that's possibly older than time itself and possibly invaded our reality to abduct selected survivors and killers to satisfy its hunger.
  • The Unseen: Kind of. The Entity itself is never seen in full. Only its massive amounts of spider-like appendages...
  • Villainous Breakdown: A small one: If the killer fails to kill all players in the area, the Entity will be displeased. Lore-wise, its not seen how bad of a breakdown this is...yet. We get a hint of this from the Endgame Collapse. Judging from it's direct intervention in killing any survivors left in the map, it's pretty clear the Entity is not happy.
  • Your Soul Is Mine: When a survivor is killed their body fades away and their soul is carried up by The Entity's limbs to a portal in the sky.

    The Observer 

The Observer

Voiced by: TBA

A mysterious man who oversees a part of the realm known as The Archives. He was added to the game alongside the Archives in October 2019.

He is the overseer of the Archives and has the ability to probe The Entity to gain access to memories from the Survivors and Killers trapped in the realm via the use of a strange artifact called the Auris, which also makes him invisible to the Entity. He also narrates the in-game text entries and logs unlocked in the Archives.

    Vigo / "The Alchemist" 

"I found marvels through the years in The Fog, but only now do I understand how to bend The Fog's irrefragable rules."
A mysterious cloaked man residing in the Fog who is occasionally referenced in certain offering and perk quotes. He collects serum during the Purge and seems to be using it for some kind of experiment at his laboratory.

  • Angrish: He lets out some when he notices that the Purge is ending before slamming his table.
  • The Faceless: His face is never seen, hidden in the shadow of his cloak. We do get glimpses of his eyes and mouth in The Hunger cinematic, however.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: He seems to have lost his memory sometime between the events of the Hallowed Blight and the Withering Blight, as he cannot recall a majority of things other then experimenting on the Killers and collecting the serum.
  • Deal with the Devil: Makes one with the Entity in The Hunger in order to obtain a syringe of the serum, very likely turning into a Killer in the process.
  • Posthumous Character: The developers mentioned that Vigo "has been" a Survivor, meaning he has either become a Killer, died in some way or tossed into The Void. The cinematic for The Hunger shows that he found himself in the void and injected himself with the serum, most likely becoming a Killer.

    Benedict Baker 

Benedict Baker

"Death is not death. In this place, life is fleeting. To whomever might find this lore, I can but only provide you with one advice: always move forward. This is what keeps me alive, and have so for a while. If I were to advise further, I would suggest you harvest every forsaken location for anything that might thwart the horrors that lurk within. And keep an eye on the gates. If they open, you must flee. I hope my scribbles have not been in vain. If you find this lore, make use of it and pass it on. If you find me, bury my body."

An unseen individual, whose journal entries dot the Bloodweb. His current state is somewhat of a mystery, although likely alive.

  • Alliterative Name: Benedict Baker.
  • Big Good: Benedict records his findings on the Entity and offers information to survivors.
  • The Ghost: The only evidence of his existence are his journal entries.
  • Hell Seeker: Benedict was actively searching for The Entity's realm to learn about it. Now he's stuck in it forever.
  • Mr. Exposition: His journal describes the events taking place and how the Entity works in detail, as well as describing the first few killers and how they function.
  • Sanity Slippage: Benedict notes his ever vanishing sense of hope as he continue to endlessly die.
  • Ship Tease: The way he writes about Kate Denson seems to imply that he has developed something more than just a liking to her.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Considering he doesn't appear in the game proper, his fate (alive, Deader Than Dead, somewhere in between) is left unknown. The developers have said that Benedict IS a Survivor and Vigo HAS been a Survivor, so it's likely that he's still around, just in a different pocket of the Entity.


Backstory Characters

    Archie MacMillan 

Archie MacMillan

The original operator of the MacMillan Family Estate and the father of Evan MacMillan.

He ran the estate with little care for the workers, making them work long and hard, but paying them little and even had a habit of beating up his workers. A habit that was shared with his own son.

As he got older, Archie's health, physical and mental, weakened. Evan tried to help him, but he kept getting worse. Eventually, he snapped and ordered Evan to lead his workers into the mines and seal them in with explosives so that they wouldn't steal the estate's money for themselves.

Sometime afterwards, Archie was found dead in his warehouse's basement, his body clearly showing signs of starvation. Evan, too, had disappeared.

  • Abusive Parents: He regularly beat Evan, once time to the point that his jaw was broken.
  • Evil Old Folks: He beat up both his workers and his son and, some time down the line, ordered him to kill all of the workers.
  • Serial Killer: It's heavily implied he murdered both his brother and his wife.

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