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Dead by Daylight Characters

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    Tropes related to the killers in general 
  • Ax-Crazy: All of the Killers, naturally. All of them are quite content to endlessly kill people for their Entity, and their time before coming into its service was violent.
  • Badass Normal: Many of the killers are just normal humans (albeit unusually large and strong ones) who are just very good at pursuing and killing their target. Several, like the Trapper, Huntress, Clown, Legion, Deathslinger, and Trickster seem to hunt using innate skills they had during their human life rather than any supernatural powers granted by the Entity.
  • Bio-Augmentation: All the killers have been granted various "enhancements" to grant them superior predatory skills. This comes in the form of Aura reading, the ability to detect survivors' whereabouts (Scratch marks), and heightened noise detection. All killers have also been made physically larger and granted unnatural strength to deny the survivors any chance of fighting back properly. The only downside to these upgrades appears to be an aversion to bright lights and some physical adjustments.
  • Body Horror: A lot of them look rather hideous and horrifying, either because of their scars or natural deformations. And it’s not just about their faces either. Some of them have other things that make them even more horrifying. For example:
    • The Hag, The Nightmare and The Spirit’s bodies all have been damaged and mutilated beyond belief, to the point that they barely even look human anymore.
    • The Plague's disease has left various abscesses and deformities on her skin.
    • The Blight has a face that makes him look like an undead monsters as a side-effect of his power.
    • The Hillbilly and The Twins have all suffered from genetic deformations since birth.
    • The Doctor’s mouth and eyes are constantly pried open by some kind of strange apparatus. He never blinks and never closes his mouth.
    • The Deathslinger has visible facial mutilations including a broken jaw.
    • Some skins for the killers also make them look even more horrifying, especially the halloween ones.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: The Entity seems to have a form of mind control over the killers. This can be seen by how it exploits their psychopathy and basing the maps around their respective pasts. Judging by the lore of The Cannibal, The Entity influences at least some of the killers by instilling them with a fear of failure and with an enhanced predatory instinct. It seems to prefer serial killers or the mentally broken because they are far easier to influence and/or control than the likes of an ordinary person.
  • Captain Ersatz: Many killers are obviously inspired by more famous horror characters. The Trapper echoes Jason Voorhees, the Nurse echoes the Silent Hill Nurses, and the Hillbilly echoes Leatherface (who was eventually added later).
  • Dark Action Girl: All the female killers.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Most of the killers were human before they came to the realm; once they arrived in the realm, many of them received varying powers, as shown by The Nurse, The Wraith, The Doctor, and the Twins.
  • Evil Is Bigger: Most of the killers tower over the survivors.
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief:
    • The original three Killers can be seen as this:
      • The Trapper is the Thief. He can set bear traps that injure and immobilize survivors.
      • The Wraith is the Mage. His magic bell gives him the power of invisibility. Additionally, insofar as a scary Implacable Man can be considered squishy, the Wraith is more vulnerable to blinding than the other killers.
      • The Hillbilly is the Fighter. His chainsaw can down a survivor at full health and bust through wooden obstacles. Further emphasized by the fact that of those few things that can inconvenience the killers, the Hillbilly has more perks focused on resisting stunning/blinding or recovering more quickly from the same.
    • The first 3 add-on killers taken alone also follow this pattern:
      • The Shape at tier 3 can 1-shot survivors, and can thus be considered the Fighter. Particularly since (while it's easier to achieve by sneaking) you can stare down survivors to achieve this power-up.
      • The Hag is the Thief. She too can place traps, like the Trapper. Additionally, much like D&D Rogues, she has unreliable magical item use by way of the breakable totems.
      • The Nurse is the Mage. As a ghost who floats, destroys barricades via telekinesis, and can teleport, she's the most traditionally wizard-like of the add-on killers. Back when the Nurse was the only add-on killer, she (by virtue of being a former nurse) actually rounded out the starting trio of killers by adding a cleric to the party!
    • One could argue that the next 3 add-on killers after that also follow this pattern to some degree:
      • The Doctor is the mage. His shock therapy power gives him Psycho Electro abilities that allows him to mess with the survivors’s perception of reality by driving them insane from a long distance. His add-ons also give him the ability to instill hallucinations and other side-effects to further screw with the survivors. Also, while he may be insane, he’s also one of the smartest killers in the game, which fits well with the mage archetype, since the mage is usually the wisest and most intelligent in the fighter/mage/thief group.
      • The Huntress is the thief. Like a lot of old-school thief archetypes like Robin Hood, the Huntress is adept with long-range weaponry, has excellent hunting/tracking skills, and is associated with nature, the woods, and the forest. In fact, if played right, a skilled Huntress can snipe a survivor outside of her terror radius, or even from across the map, with just one well-placed hatchet. Also, her backstory says that she sometimes raided villages and travelling parties to steal some stuff… and their little girls too.
      • The Cannibal is the fighter. Like The Hillbilly, his chainsaw can also shred through pallets and can one-shot survivors, which helps him a lot in a chase. Also, his “Franklin’s Demise” perk is good against survivors who are equipped with flashlights or firecrackers, since it makes survivors drop their items on the ground and damages them for good measure.
    • It could be said that the next three add-on killers after those also follow the pattern:
      • The Nightmare is the Mage. Leaving aside the fact that he's one of the most supernatural killers in the game due to being a demonic ghost who has dream powers, his powers and add-ons grant him various abilities that allows him great versatility. He can place snares on the ground, he can drag people into the dream world, and he can teleport to generators.
      • The Pig is the Thief. Leaving aside her ability to crouch and conceal her terror radius to sneak attack survivors, she can also use traps like the Trapper and the Hag (different kinds of traps, but still). Her perks also allow her to somewhat survey the hooked survivors and generators when she’s not around and to play dirty by enforcing sadistic choices upon the survivors to screw with them.
      • The Clown is the Fighter. His Afterpiece Tonic is supposed to help him land hits easier on the survivors by hindering them and his perks are almost all directly focused on chasing down survivors and helping him hurt them more (Bamboozle allows the Clown to vault windows faster and to block them out to the survivors, while Coulrophobia makes survivors heal much slower), while his last perk, Pop Goes The Weasel, makes him able to break and damage generators much easier, hurting the survivors and hindering their progress. Also, befitting of an evil fighter archetype, his Memento Mori is one of the most brutal Moris in the game. It involves him stomping on the survivor’s head several times to break their face and fracture their skull, then The Clown cuts off one of their fingers to add it to his collection.
    • Same goes for the next three killers:
      • The Spirit is the thief. Her ability allows her to play mind games with the survivors and to sneak up on them by turning invisible and to go really really fast. She can also leave decoys of herself behind while she uses her power to trick the survivors.
      • The Legion is the fighter. Their power is exclusively focused on offense (and it requires the player to be very agressive while using that power) and allows them to vault windows and pallets like the survivors.
      • The Plague is the mage. She can affect survivors and objects that are outside of her terror radius by infecting them with the vile purge and her perks also allow her to affect people and objects by calling upon the supernatural power of the Entity.
    • And the next three too:
      • The Ghost Face is the thief. Like The Pig, he can also crouch and hide his terror radius. His perks also put emphasis on tracking survivors and sneaking up on them. Plus, like The Legion, his weapon is also a small knife, which, again, is a weapon commonly associated with the thief archetype.
      • The Demogorgon is the mage. It can Create Portals that allow it to warp to other portals across the map. Also, unlike most of the other killers, who are human or at least used to be human, The Demogorgon is an eldritch alien creature from another dimension with strange powers, which are shown in its power and its perks.
      • The Oni is the Fighter. Like The Hillbilly and The Cannibal, its perks and its power is focused on chasing survivors, can instantly destroy pallets, and can knock down survivors in one hit. Also, according to his backstory, back when he was alive, The Oni was an evil samurai who went around murdering other warriors and peasants, so unlike most of the other killers, he knows martial arts and was actually trained to be a fighter, most likely from a young age.
    • And so on:
      • The Deathslinger is the thief. Gameplay-wise, he’s a long-range killer and basically a sniper. His harpoon gun can even shoot outside of his terror radius, making him able to surprise attack the survivors if played right. Like The Huntress, he can even shoot past windows and pallets, making him more agile in a chase than your average killer.
      • The Executioner is the mage. Aside from his supernatural origins, his powers are probably amongst the more eldritch powers in the game.
      • The Blight is the fighter. Like Hillbilly, Legion, Clown, and Leatherface, he’s basically a vanilla killer with just one power that allows him to charge really fast at survivors. And like those other aforementioned killers, this makes his style of gameplay pretty basic in that it’s almost entirely focused on offense.
    • And so forth:
      • The Twins are collectively the Mage. The way Victor works is effectively a mage's familiar, pinning down Survivors he pounces on and detecting other Survivors while you're controlling Charlotte.
      • The Trickster is the Thief. Aside from his knife affinity, the Trickster's lithe build and quick movement give him the usual aspects of a Thief.
      • The Nemesis is the fighter. His power is effectively a long-range strike that benefits him for striking Survivors by further extending his range, and his brute strength is in full display in a lot of his animations.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Several Killers have distinctive sound effects that can give away which Killer is currently being played:
    • The Wraith rings his bell whenever he cloaks or uncloaks.
    • The Hillbilly and Cannibal can't hide the sounds of their chainsaws.
    • The Huntress never stops humming, which almost functions as a larger terror radius.
    • The Nurse using her Blink ability causes her to scream.
    • The Doctor's electroshock ability gives off a very distinctive pulse whenever it's used.
    • The Oni lets out a bestial roar when activating the Blood Fury ability.
    • The Shape and Nightmare both gain themes from their franchises that play at different times: The Shape plays the Halloween theme when he levels up his Evil Within ability, while the Nightmare has the "1, 2, Freddy's coming for you" lullaby being hummed by children which acts as a terror radius.
    • The Spirit has several; either her heavy breathing, the sound of glass as she walks, or the scream that plays when she attacks.
    • The Oni and Demogorgon both have loud footsteps that can be heard from far away. The Demogorgon also has a tendency to roar.
    • The Deathslinger's gun firing can be heard from across the entire map.
    • The Executioner has the signature scrape of his great knife along the ground as he leaves trails.
    • The Twins make sound effects to signal when the player switches between them.
  • Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: The killers are hunting the survivors to sacrifice to the Entity. The backstory of Kate Benson shows that the Entity picks out the survivors at random and takes them to its realm for another hunt.
  • Invincible Boogeymen: Nothing can actually hurt the killers, save for Victor. The best you can hope for is to stun and disorient them with blinding light or momentarily slow them. All of them offer a different variation on the trope through their skills.
  • Jumped at the Call: The lore for the Shape, the Ghost Face, the Clown and the Trickster implies that The Entity invites some of the killers to its realm and they've had no trouble with adjusting to it.
  • Lovecraftian Superpower: Since a lot of them suffer from Body Horror and have been granted their powers by The Entity, it’s not surprising that some of them would be able to weaponize their deformations into useful abilities. For example, the Plague is able to use the festering rot and disease in her body to vomit on the survivors.
  • Malevolent Masked Man:
    • The Trapper wears some kind of wooden mask with a maw of pointy teeth.
    • Michael Myers wears his iconic latex mask.
    • The Nurse is a female version, her head covered in white cloth.
    • The Huntress is another female version, wearing a worn-out bunny mask that covers the upper portion of her head.
    • Leatherface wears the face of some unfortunate soul.
    • Amanda Young wears one of the series iconic pig masks that they use to kidnap victims with.
    • All four members of Legion wear white cloth masks with crudely-drawn faces on them.
    • The Ghost Face uses the famous mask of the same name.
    • The Oni wears a mask of… an oni.
  • Malevolent Mutilation: Many of the killers sport various physical maladies and injuries due to the violent circumstances that lead to their abduction by the Entity. A few (namely The Trapper, The Doctor, and The Nurse) appear to have been directly transformed by the Entity after they entered its realm as part of sadomasochistic fulfillment or coercion.
  • Morton's Fork: When the Entity chooses a killer to act on it's behalf, sometimes the killer is unwilling to do the Entity's bidding. In which case there are two options given: one is that the killer can endure all kinds of torture that increases in severity, or two submit to it's will and hunt survivors. Notably the more scarred and maimed a killer is, the more likely it is that they were tortured into that role, otherwise the killer that does not submit or is considered a failure is thrown into the Void.
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Every killer,(except Victor) no matter their height or build, can hunt down, lift, and carry the Survivors using only one arm with ease.
  • Stripperific: The Hag and The Spirit wear very little to no clothes, but this isn't done to the appease the players. It's to show their horrific injuries and deformities.
  • Time Abyss: Benedict's entries on the original three killers is dated 1896. As more killers were added to the roster, it showed that the Entity had been recruiting killers from various points in humanity's history, with the earliest hailing from the Babylonian Empire.
  • Was Once a Man: Almost every killer was a human before becoming what they are now. The only exceptions are the Demogorgon and the Executioner.
  • Man of Wealth and Taste: Some of the pricier alternative cosmetics are regal suits or dresses that make the killer look very sophisticated.

    The Trapper 

"The Trapper" - Evan MacMillan

Voiced by: Filip Ivanovic
Click here to see his appearance before becoming a Killer. 

"A vast monster of a man with a hideous grin torn across the mask that keeps stalking my mind. Similar to a hunter, he tracks us through the world. His devastating traps are hidden amongst the greenery. Extreme vigilance and a light step is essential in avoiding the clutches of that miserable smiling killer. I have but many times managed to get caught in one of these traps. Feeling how the blunt spikes grind my bones at the same time as that grin comes closing in. It is a constant battle between looking up and looking down."
Benedict's Journal

Evan MacMillan was the heir to a great fortune. Evan's father, Archie MacMillan, both raised him and ran the family estate's business with a firm hand, and Evan would follow in his father's iron fist when his turn came. Evan idolized his father and would do anything he asked, even as Archie's mental health declined with age. This resulted in Evan becoming Archie's top enforcer and culminated in the murders of over one hundred men by sealing them in a mine.

Archie MacMillan's body was found abandoned in the basement of his own warehouse, there is no record of what happened to Evan, and it is unknown how many others met grisly fates like those miners...

As a Killer, the Trapper can pick up bear traps scattered along the game area and set them to try and stop Survivors. His teachable perks Unnerving Presence, Brutal Strength, and Agitation hinder the progress of Survivors too close to him and allow him to break through the obstacles they put in his path more quickly as well as move faster once he's captured them.

  • Abusive Parents: Say what you will about Evan, but his father was worse. The Archives reveals that Archie regularly struck Evan, to the point of breaking his jaw. The Archives also revealed that Archie forbade Evan from hobbies like sketching and later tore up all his drawings.
  • Achilles' Heel:
    • Prior to the Deathslinger's release, toolboxes or Jake's Sabotage perk could outright destroy his traps, and the map item or the Small Game perk will alert survivors if they're about to step into one of his traps, with the rainbow map outright showing survivors the exact position of Trapper's traps when it's used. The former issue was removed in the patch that added the Deathslinger, though maps and Small Game still severely weaken Trapper (Small Game being something of a Kryptonite Factor, as it's almost useless against any Killer other than Trapper).
    • One of the Trapper's biggest weaknesses is time management. He's often forced to spend the first minute or two of a game picking up and setting his traps in favorable spots (especially if he can only hold a few at once), during which survivors can spread out and blow through multiple generators uncontested. Generator defense perks like Corrupt Intervention or Ruin are almost mandatory when using him to give him enough time to get ready. If a survivor somehow knows/guesses the location of all his traps and starts disarming them while he's busy chasing survivors, he's pretty much already lost the game if the survivors are minimally competent (as his reliance on setting up a trapped area to secure kills backfires if the traps are gone).
  • Balance Buff: Along with the Wraith and the Hag, a couple years after release, he received a number of balance changes to address his increasing weakness in the game's developing meta. His trap setting speed was increased and his add-ons were re-balanced with various drawbacks removed. He's still the Master of None, but is at least not as weak as he used to be.
  • Barrier-Busting Blow: One of his teachable perks allows him to destroy fallen pallets faster, letting him keep the pressure on a survivor who thought they'd bought themselves a brief grace period in which they could escape… only for the Trapper to shred the barricade in seconds and keep on trucking towards them.
  • Bear Trap: The clue is in the name. They instantly stop and injure a survivor in their tracks when triggered — ripe for him to cart off to a hook. He can get caught in his own traps, but all they do is slow him briefly, as he unflinchingly resets the trap and continues on his way. Survivors can also disarm the bear traps if they get close enough to them, but that'll alert the Trapper as well. A savvy player will use these in choke-points or near windows to cause a nasty Jump Scare.
  • Beauty Is Bad: As shown in The Archives, Evan was actually quite handsome before he became The Trapper. He still was a mass murderer who buried tons of people through a cave-in.
  • Being Tortured Makes You Evil: Benedict Baker surmises that the Entity is responsible for the hooks in his flesh, using torture as a way to bend Evan to his will.
  • Boring, but Practical: Compared to killers like The Wraith and The Hillbilly, Evan is much less flashy and supernatural. He's just a huge guy with some bear traps. He's also one of the most effective killers in the game, and his traps remain terrifyingly effective when used properly.
  • Combat Sadomasochist: His overalls are held on with metal spikes jammed into his shoulders. The game states the pain caused by this fuels the rage that drives him. One of the perks he gets also allows faster movement speed while carrying injured survivors to a hook.
  • The Dreaded: While the Killers can all count within the setting, the Trapper has a skill called "Unnerving Presence" based entirely on his sheer presence causing fear. This translates to making all survivors within a radius around the Trapper have more Skill Shots when doing anything, increasing the likelihood that they'll screw up. If the Trapper is carrying a wounded survivor, the size of this aura increases.
  • Expy: A large, brooding killer that wears a mask, uses a bladed weapon as his main weapon, and kills people simply because his parent told him to do so. Yeah, the Trapper is an obvious Expy of Jason Voorhees. The fact that this game is Dueling Works with Friday the 13th: The Game only makes the comparison somewhat more obvious. This comparison is furthered even more when the Trapper was given a new weapon in the form of a Bolo Machete as a reward for the community completing the first Anniversary challenge.
  • Finishing Move: Hacks at his prey with a hatchet.
  • Hidden Depths: One Memory reveals that Evan enjoyed sketching and drawing, though his father considered it to be a waste of time.
  • Hockey Mask and Chainsaw: Inverted — he wears a wood and leather mask, and his Weapon of Choice is a machete.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The Trapper can fall victim to his own traps just as easily as the survivors. Although he will simply reset the trap and continue on, it does allow any survivor he's carrying to escape.
  • Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: The Trapper started his traps on mice and squirrels, eventually moving further and further up the totem pole to challenge himself more and more. He eventually moved onto humans.
    No limits. Everything was fair now. Even humans... Especially humans...
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: The Trapper is generally agreed on to be the most average of the killers and the best starting character for beginners. He has the base killer speed (115% that of survivors), the base terror radius (32 meters), and an easier ability to understand and utilize than the more technical killers.
  • Lethal Joke Item: The Trapper is probably the only Killer whose Power Limiter Joke Item add-on actually has beneficial usage. His Padded Jaws add-on means survivors don't take damage from stepping in traps, but this also allows him to double the number of Save The Best For Last stacks you can get off a trapped survivor by hitting them, since you can hit them twice before they go down. (This also applies to the Gearhead perk, but since that perk is a Joke Item in itself and practically useless, it's not really helpful).
  • Machete Mayhem: Uses an improvised machete made of scrap wood and warped shards of iron. Played straight with the Marked Bolo Machete.
  • Malevolent Masked Man: Wears a wooden mask that has a broad grin of spiked teeth.
  • Master of None: His traps are considerably weaker at higher skill levels, where experienced survivors generally know where to look for them and how to avoid them. This limits the usefulness of his special ability and leaves him as an average chaser with nothing to fall back on.
  • Power Limiter: His padded jaws add-on causes his traps to deal no damage, although they still immobilize survivors. This means you can't damage survivors with traps, but you earn more blood points (in-game currency) to compensate.
  • Series Mascot: He's featured on the box art, in the opening cinematic, and a majority of the merchandise.
  • The Strategist: He's the only killer that can potentially achieve kills through tactics alone (through placement of traps), without regards to reflexes.
  • Tragic Villain: He was a hard-working son to a cold businessman who regularly abused him physically and manipulated him into committing a horrific mass murder. If one thinks about the matter, his father was likely the main cause of Evan becoming a serial killer.

    The Wraith 

"The Wraith" - Philip Ojomo

Voiced by: Filip Ivanovic
Click here to see his appearance before becoming a Killer. 

"This thing moves as a shadow, appearing and disappearing at the sound of this dreaded bell. This “wraith” appears to be able to move invisibly. Several times it has caught me without me even seeing it closing in. Often convinced I have my back covered, the thing has materialized right behind me to strike from close range. So stay still and watch the fog. Sometimes it is possible to see the shimmer as it glides forward, looking for more prey."
Benedict's Journal

Philip Ojomo was an immigrant who got a job at a small scrap yard called Autohaven Wreckers. He was content to turn a blind eye to the police bribery and other shady business dealings going on around the yard, so long as they did not involve him. All he did was fix cars and handle the crusher, and that was fine by him. That was fine until he saw an injured man inside one of the soon-to-be-crushed vehicles. Ojomo tried to free the man, but the doomed soul didn't make it ten feet before Ojomo's boss, Azarov, killed him. It was then that Ojomo learned Autohaven's dirty dealings had involved him all along — as their executioner, crushing cars into metal cubes, ignorant of the human beings who had been inside at the time.

Ojomo snapped, threw Azarov into the crusher, and killed him. When Azarov tried to climb out, Ojomo was able to pull his head clean off, along with the spine. After that, Philip Ojomo was never seen again…

As a Killer, the Wraith uses his boss Azarov's skull and spine as a melee weapon. He also wields the Wailing Bell, which, when rung, allows him to vanish from sight and reappear again. His teachable perks, Predator, Bloodhound, and Shadowborn, allow him to better track fleeing or injured Survivors and gives him a wider field of vision while doing so.

  • Achilles' Heel:
    • Flashlights will stun him for a few seconds when he's cloaked, and survivors can burn him with a flashlight much faster than he can uncloak. Currently, being burned by a flashlight also prevents him from attacking for a few additional seconds even after recovering from the stun. Made even worse by the recent patch that prevents you from switching Killers in the lobby, now forcing Wraith players to play against 4x flashlight squads.
    • As with all stealth Killers, Spine Chill significantly handicaps him, though not quite as much as other stealth Killers as his ability still gives him enhanced movement.
  • Amplifier Artifact: The Wraith has a below-average power and is fairly weak without add-ons, but he also has very powerful rare add-ons, with examples including enhanced speed, X-Ray Vision, and completely silent cloaking and uncloaking. This makes him one of the more add-on dependent Killers in the game, though with good add-ons and perks he can be quite powerful.
  • Bad with the Bone: His weapon is an axe made of Azarov's skull and spinal column.
  • Balance Buff: Along with the Trapper and the Hag, a couple of years after release, he received a number of balance changes to address his increasing weakness in the game's developing meta. He was initially given the ability to interact with objects while cloaked, and later given a short speed boost after uncloaking (but balanced out by reduced speed while uncloaking). Most prominently, his add-ons were significantly changed to be more effective. Overall, his basic ability is still one of the weakest in the game, but he has some decent add-on combinations that can work well if used well. In the update which added the Trickster, the Wraith was further buffed by increasing his movement speed while cloaked to give him better map coverage, though this was balanced out by slowing him down further during his uncloaking animation.
  • Blinded by the Light: The most vulnerable of the killers to the survivor's flashlight.
  • Creepy Souvenir: The skull and spine that make up the Wraith's weapon were that of his boss, his first (intentional) victim.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: While the Wraith is still an Ax-Crazy monster, he had more sympathetic reasons for his descent into madness.
  • Everyone Has Standards: As expected, Ojomo was horrified when he discovered the true nature of the junkyard.
  • Facial Horror: His twisted face is the result of being caught in the fire that he killed the group of soldiers with when he was younger.
  • Finishing Move: Viciously hacks at his prey with his axe.
  • For Doom the Bell Tolls: The Wraith carries a bell that, when rung, allows him to turn invisible. The downside, however, is that the bell is rather loud and will alert the survivors at quite a distance. One of his two Ultra Rare add-ons completely silences the bell, which makes sneaking up on survivors much easier, especially when combined with the add-on that removes his red glow and heartbeat for several seconds after uncloaking.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: He started out as a foreigner who got a job in a junkyard and then became a serial killer after the discovery that he had unknowingly become an executioner for his boss' side job.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: The Wraith went insane when he realized he was nothing more than an executioner for people who were wanted dead.
  • Heel Realization: His discovery of the victim in the car trunk, and his subsequent murder of his boss in an enraged state over it. This is what starts his true life as a Serial Killer.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The Wraith's former boss met his end in the same crusher he had been throwing people into.
  • Invisibility with Drawbacks: While cloaked, the Wraith moves faster, will not trigger the survivors' Heartbeat Soundtrack, and can even do object interactions (such as opening lockers or kicking pallets/generators). However, he must decloak before attacking, which sounds his bell and slows him down for a couple seconds.
  • Kill It with Fire: As a boy, he got his revenge on the soldiers who shot up his village by sneaking into their camp and pouring gasoline over their sleeping bodies before using their campfire to set them ablaze.
  • Pet the Dog: Upon discovering the truth of the junkyard he was working in, Ojomo set his unintended prisoner free. Unfortunately, Ojomo's jerkass employer had other plans, much to Ojomo's dismay.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: When he discovered that he was tricked into being an executioner, he gave his boss a taste of his own medicine.
    • The Archives also revealed that he did this to a group of soldiers who destroyed his home by dousing gasoline over them while they were sleeping.
  • Power Limiter: His "The Beast" sigil add-on makes it so that turning invisible doesn't hide his heart, so survivors will still know that he's coming. He earns more blood points (in-game currency) to compensate.
  • Scarily Competent Tracker: His perks are built around being able to track survivors much better than the other Killers. They let him see better than his compatriots, track survivor bloodstains for longer, and has more time to follow survivors' footprints.
  • Scary Black Man: Somewhat downplayed as his skin color is hard to tell with most of his cosmetics and he is rather scrawny in appearance, but he is intimidatingly tall enough and a serial killer to qualify. His last name is also Nigerian in origin.
  • Scary Scarecrows: One of his cosmetics is a scarecrow, wearing a hood filled with straw where his face would be. Interestingly, this cosmetic implies that this version of the Wraith may be an Animate Inanimate Object rather than Philip Ojomo himself.
  • Super Speed: The Wraith moves slightly faster than normal when cloaked, which helps with patrolling the map. Add-ons can increase his cloaked movement speed even further, at the cost of making his decloaking slowdown longer.
  • Top-Heavy Guy: He gives off this vibe somewhat. His legs are thin and scrawny, while his upper half is noticeably bulkier. Though much of it is taken up by the shroud he wears over his torso.
  • Torso with a View: His Hallowed Blight skin has a hole in his midsection, revealing his spine.
  • Visible Invisibility: His invisibility is more like a Predator-style distortion effect, but thanks to the omnipresent darkness and fog, a survivor has to sit still and really look hard to be able to see him before he gets close.
  • Weakened by the Light: While every killer can potentially be blinded by the flashlight, The Nurse and The Wraith are also vulnerable to a specific state called "lightburn" in which they're caught by a flashlight while using their abilities and actually get burned. Presumably, this is due to them being more ghostly and supernatural than the other killers.
  • X-Ray Vision: His Very Rare All-Seeing add-on to his special ability allows him to automatically see nearby survivors through walls while he's cloaked.

    The Hillbilly 

"The Hillbilly" - Max Thompson Jr.

Voiced by: Filip Ivanovic

"A most terrible man to behold. His physique is all twisted and disfigured as if by some awful accident. He carries a deadly and cruel chainsaw which he wields with devastating violence, seemingly imbuing him with a superhuman speed for a while. His advantage is also a weakness as the loud noise can give away his position. So I have tried to heighten my sense of sound. Honing in on any sound that is not stemming from nature."
Benedict's Journal

In another place and time, he would have been called Max Thompson, Jr. Unfortunately, Max Sr. and his wife, Evelyn, were so ashamed at their deformed child that, rather than name him, they bricked him up in a room and fed him through a hole in the wall. Needless to say, their son did not appreciate this and made that quite clear when he finally escaped. The bodies of Max and Evelyn Thompson were never found, but the disemboweled carcasses of just about everything else that made Coldwind Farm its home were.

The farmland was eventually resettled, split up, and sold. All of it except for the farmhouse, where one could hear the sounds of a chainsaw throughout the nights…

As a Killer, the Hillbilly charges Survivors at high speed with his chainsaw, which immediately drops them into the Dying State if it connects. His teachable perks Enduring, Lightborn, and Tinkerer allow the Hillbilly to weather attacks that would stop other Killers in their tracks and sneak up on Survivors when they're on the verge of repairing a generator.

  • Abusive Parents: The parents of the Hillbilly didn't even name him! When you learn that they simply bricked him up in a room and fed him through a gap in the wall, you can't blame the Hillbilly for murdering them.
    • His backstory delves further into this, as he was born deformed and his parents had (according to the local police Chief) tried scalding him to death when he was still young. His father also caused long-term hearing loss by screaming into the infant's ear.
      Screamed mean things. Mean things like he wished mama's belly-cord strangled him completely and not just halfway.
  • All There in the Manual: The official artbook gives him the canon name of Max - but this is one he took for himself, as his parents only ever called him "Boy".
  • Awesome, but Impractical: The chainsaw sprint is excellent for covering long distances in a short amount of time, but when playing on a close-quarters map like Treatment Theatre or The Game, this is a problem, as hitting any piece of the scenery will slow the Hillbilly down quite a fair bit. And on maps like those, there is a lot of scenery.
  • Barrier-Busting Blow: The Hillbilly can kick pallets to destroy them like all the other killers… or he could just use his chainsaw to break the pallet in half the time. This is a trait he shares with the Cannibal. His very rare Lo-Pro Chains add-on takes this even further, allowing him to smash through pallets and keep going with his chainsaw sprint, at the cost of reducing the damage done by his chainsaw to a regular hit instead of a One-Hit Kill immediately after breaking a pallet.
  • Body Horror: His face is warped to one side and seems to be merging with his shoulder. He also seems to have a nasty skin condition, given the boils and lesions on his arms. Add to that a hunch and the strained sound of his breathing…
  • Bullfight Boss: The Hillbilly's turn speed is significantly lower during a chainsaw charge, and if he collides with an obstacle, he'll be briefly stunned.
  • Chainsaw Good: He lugs around a chainsaw as his secondary weapon. It takes a while to speed up and makes an ungodly noise, but once it's ready, The Hillbilly will sprint forward, destroying any obstacles or survivors in his path.
  • Creepy Gas Station Attendant: Invoked by the "Bloodthirsty Mechanic" cosmetic set.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Not nearly as much as the Nurse, but the devs have stated that he's quite weak at low levels, but can be quite powerful if you put in the time to level him up with good perks and add-ons. His chainsaw attack also gives him very high mobility and the ability to one-hit-kill, but is quite difficult to aim, especially against decent survivors who know how to dodge.
  • The Dog Bites Back: He was treated like utter shit and basically regarded as little more than an animal by his own parents. Suddenly no one feels sorry for them when their son, now driven Ax-Crazy from their abuse, proceeds to messily butcher them both.
  • Drop the Hammer: His primary weapon is a broken cattle-hammer.
  • Expy: His weapons of choice (a hammer and a chainsaw) and the fact that he's a hillbilly are reminiscent of Leatherface, while his backstory of being a Madwoman in the Attic seems inspired by Billy from Black Christmas. Eventually became Expy Coexistence with the former after Leatherface himself became a playable killer.
  • Finishing Move: Slices through his prey with his chainsaw.
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: He literally spent all his life alone, his only contact with the world was a small hole where he was fed, and a television his parents finally provided to keep him mollified. After breaking out of his prison, though, he went on a psychotic rampage, killing anything with a pulse within the confines of the farm.
  • Hell Is That Noise: That chainsaw when it gets revved up and ready. VROOM... VROOM... VROOM VROOMVROOMVROOM VROOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!
  • Hillbilly Horrors: Naturally, being a Expy of Leatherface.
  • Implacable Man: His unique perks make him more resistant to being stunned by lights or obstacles.
  • Improbable Weapon User: His weapons of choice include but aren't limited to a hand brake ripped from a car, a roasted cow leg and a busted shotgun with a barbed wire wrapped around it.
  • It Can Think: The flavour text for the old version of his Tinkerer perk implies that he's a lot smarter than he's given credit for.
    The Hillbilly makes impressive tools out of scraps. Tools aimed at maiming us in creative ways… It's horrifying to think it's actually intelligent.
  • "It" Is Dehumanizing: Aside from the It Can Think entry, his own parents never so much as bothered giving him a name, simply calling him "Boy" when addressing him.
  • Karmic Death: His parents locked their son up for years, possibly his entire childhood, likely making him Go Mad from the Isolation. Is it any wonder that they would soon die by his hands once he managed to escape?
  • Leitmotif: The 4.1.0 update gave him his own unique chase theme, which is extremely intense and features instrumental work that almost sounds like a chainsaw revving up. He also gets a unique, country style menu theme as well.
  • Lean and Mean: One of the tallest and most gangling killers, although he has a hunched back.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Besides being able to down survivors in one hit, his chainsaw sprint also lets him zoom around the map at incredible speed, making him the fastest killer in the game. His perks are also focused around tanking survivor attacks that would temporarily cripple other Killers.
  • Madden Into Misanthropy: He was horrifically abused and neglected from the time of his birth, and even the pigs were favored over him.
    Why did they have to love them so much and him so little. Had they treated him like those pigs he would have been happy. He would have been happy and he would have been something else. He would have been a hero like that boy who wore a cape and helped the world all because of how his Ma and Pa raised him.
  • Madman in the Attic: He was locked in his room for much of his life, causing him to Go Mad from the Isolation.
  • Nerf: An overheat mechanic was added to his chainsaw so that it stalls if he uses it too much. His add-ons that decrease how long it takes for him to charge his chainsaw dash were also removed, except for one, which had its rarity increased and the handicap added of lowering his speed to that of a low-speed killer like Huntress or Hag. The nerf was originally much more severe, disabling his chainsaw after only a couple uses and taking away the ability for pro hillbillies to curve around corners with speed add-ons. These nerfs were so extreme that the devs walked them back almost immediately.
  • Never Given a Name: His parents never named him, but the artbook lends him the name they'd intended for him prior to seeing him and deciding he didn't deserve it.
  • One-Hit Kill: His chainsaw downs survivors in one hit, but landing the hit can be tricky due to the charge time and decreased turn speed and responsiveness; good survivors are also skilled at dodging the chainsaw at the last second.
  • Pistol-Whipping: One of his weapons is a broken shotgun that he uses as a club in place of his usual hammer.
  • Power Limiter: His speed limiter add-on makes it so his chainsaw does normal damage instead of being a One-Hit Kill. You earn more blood points (in-game currency) for each hit to compensate for this.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: He killed his parents and most of the local police force due to the abuse he'd suffered all of his life.
  • Self-Made Orphan: As expected, as soon as he escaped the room he was locked up in for most of his life, you can probably assume who his first targets were.
  • The Sneaky Guy: His two ultra-rare add-ons are built around turning him into this. One conceals his heartbeat radius after chainsaw sprinting for 2 seconds, and the other silences his chainsaw sound outside of his heartbeat radius.
  • Taught by Television: The "A Man Named Boy" challenge logs hint strongly at this.
    They ain't supposed to laugh. They're supposed to protect him and he knows it. He's seen it on his TV, the only thing that calms him and keeps him company when he's done his work. TV is something special... the friend and parent he never had... But Chief... Chief ain't like those on TV.
  • Then Let Me Be Evil: As an inversion of Upbringing Makes the Hero, as he longed to be like the figures he saw on TV.
    He closes his eyes and imagines a different life for himself. He's the Beaver boy, sitting at a table, eating a wholesome meal with his Pa and Ma and they're asking about his day. Then everything changes when he speaks. The sounds upset his Ma. She beats him across the head, holds him down and pours hot sauce down his throat and tells him to never speak again. His Pa grabs him and gives him a lashing with his belt. His eyes spring open. Everything could have been so different had he not been born a monster. Born a monster? Monsters aren't born. They're made. Made in a crucible of hate, cruelty and abuse. Hot sauce and belts! That's the stuff of monsters.
  • Who's Laughing Now?: The fifth memory has him say this verbatim to a Corrupt Cop who'd laughed at him rather than try helping him out of his abusive situation.

    The Nurse 

"The Nurse" - Sally Smithson

Voiced by: Anais Renevey
Click here to see her appearance before becoming a Killer. 

"A new varmint has entered the arena. I spotted her as she, somehow, moved through a wall. Clad in bandages that tell an untold tale of something horrid. This… nurse as it seems, brings me new angst during my lonely nights, as my mind runs amok."

Sally Smithson did not work at the Crotus Penn Asylum because she wanted to. Nobody did. She simply had no alternative after her lumberjack husband Andrew died on the job. She started at the bottom, the night shift, and over the course of two decades, the abuse heaped upon her by the inmates eventually got to her. She snapped and the staff arrived one morning to find four staffers and over fifty patients dead and an out-of-her-mind Sally rocking back and forth.

Sally was loaded into an ambulance; an ambulance that was found crashed with everyone inside it dead. Everyone except Sally, who was nowhere to be found…

As a Killer, the Nurse wields a bonesaw as her melee weapon of choice. Her power is Spencer's Last Breath, named for Crotus Penn's warden Patrick Spencer, and it allows her to teleport short distances to attack Survivors, but forces her to stop and recover after use. Her teachable perks Strider, Thanatophobia, and A Nurse's Calling allow her to track down injured and healing survivors and slow their progress for each one injured.

The Nurse is the first new killer added to the game with the release of the free content update The Last Breath on August 18th, 2016.

  • Alliterative Name: Sally Smithson.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: The Nurse was a kind woman… who was driven to a breaking point and killed fifty people in a fit of madness.
  • Blindfolded Vision: The Nurse always wears something obscuring her face. Her unique perk, Stridor, implies she finds survivors primarily through hearing. Her Miss Smithson head gives her a literal blindfold.
  • Deadly Doctor: An asylum nurse who snapped and had a body count of at least fifty-something, now endlessly hunts and tortures the survivors under the will of the Entity.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Her Blink can teleport her past entire buildings and obstacle courses, or let her get the drop on a survivor who thinks they're safe. But making use of it is the most difficult part: her vision is very heavily warped during the blink, making hard to judge her distance from her target; upon landing, she will stumble, stunning her briefly, so you have to either chain additional Blinks or land a hit upon landing; and she can also end up teleporting past her target because of her Blink's impressive range. She is also the only killer whose base movement speed is slower than the survivors', making her abysmal at standard chases. It's generally agreed that she is by far the most difficult killer to use for non-experts, but also one of the most powerful in expert hands. In late 2019, she was heavily Nerfed to make her skill floor even higher, so that now only the best of the best at playing her can do so and do well against competent opponents. Tellingly, according to the Dev's own stats, she's currently the least played killer in the game by far.
  • Difficulty by Region: She dominates the Killer metagame on PC, but is considerably less effective on consoles due to the significantly reduced precision of a gamepad compared to keyboard and mouse (on consoles she has by far the lowest kill rate of all the killers).
  • Ethereal White Dress: Her apparel, including the mask around her head, is almost entirely white, and she's a ghost who fell from grace to become a killer filled with vengeance.
  • Expy: The pillowcase over her head, as well as her profession and method of killing, evoke the visage of the Nurses of Silent Hill 2, as well as Mary Shepherd-Sunderland.
  • The Faceless: The Nurse wears a sack over her head, hiding her features. The developers have admitted that she doesn't actually have a face modeled underneath her pillowcase mask, although she never takes it off anyway. Averted with her Miss Smithson head, which reveals everything but her eyes.
  • Finishing Move: Chokes her prey to death.
  • Foil: Gameplay-wise, to the Trapper. The Trapper is a low-skill-required killer, and playing as him successfully is heavily dependent on the survivors making mistakes. The Nurse is probably the game's highest-skill-required killer and succeeding against her as a survivor is heavily dependent on her making mistakes.
  • Friend to All Children: Implied to have been one prior to her going insane.
  • Gas Mask Mooks: A DLC costume gives The Nurse a WW2 nurse's uniform and replaces her pillowcase with a jute sandbag. On top of the sandbag, she places a gas mask. The flavor text of the gas mask implies she's aware of the irony.
    A jute sand bag emptied and tightly wrapped to suffocate. Ironically accessorized with a gas mask.
  • The Ghost: A handful of the Nurse's ability add-ons belonged to or reference the "Bad Man", the patient in room 202, whom the Nurse apparently disliked. Also referenced are the Catatonic Boy, the Anxious Girl, Nurse Morris, Father Campbell, the fat Orderly, Kavanagh, and Jenner, none of whom are mentioned anywhere else and Sally's exact relationships with all of them are left vague.
  • Giant Poofy Sleeves: Her default outfit is a vintage, late 19th century nurse's uniform with puffed sleeves.
  • Go Among Mad People: Circumstances forced her to work at the Crotus Prenn Asylum and the actions of people within the asylum led her to insanity. One morning, the other doctors and nurses found over 50 inmates dead from strangulation and Sally rocking back and forth in the corner. Her finishing move in-game suggests that she killed them as a twisted form of euthanasia.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Her Weapon of Choice is a bonesaw.
  • Joke Item: While most killers have one Power Limiter Joke Item, the Nurse has several after her Nerf. Post-Nerf, up to a third of her add-ons don't do anything really beneficial for her.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Until the introduction of Legion in December 2018, the Nurse was the only killer in the game who could bypass pallets and windows, thus completely ignoring the game's looping meta and making her the strongest killer in the game in the right hands.
  • Mercy Kill: After her psychotic break, Sally assumed the role of an Angel of Death killer and seemed to genuinely think she was helping the patients (and staff) that she murdered. As The Nurse, she still seems to carry a sense of compassion, as her perk A Nurse's Calling lets her locate survivors that are being healed. Her kill animation consists of her strangling the survivor to death, then stroking the side of their face lovingly. Due to the fact that survivors are stuck in a loop by the Entity no matter how many times they escape, she may actually be doing the right thing.
  • Mortality Phobia: One of her perks, Thanatophobia, slows down the actions of survivors when one of them is injured, downed, or dying on a hook. Strangely, it has no effect on survivors once a teammate is actually killed.
  • Nice Girl: Before her fall from grace, the Nurse had only good intentions for her dream job. Afterwards? Not so much…
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: She's apparently one, as she floats around in the air and can phase through objects with her Blink ability. Presumably, it's the work of the Entity that keeps her bound to whatever dimension the game takes place in.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: The Nurse is noticeably smaller than any of the other available killers, but she can still do the same OTS carry the other killers do, no problem.
  • Sanity Slippage: Years of abuse from the insane patients of Crotus Prenn Asylum left her unhinged.
  • Smurfette Principle: The Nurse, upon her release, was the only female killer. The release of The Hag and The Huntress has since averted the trope.
  • Teleportation: The Nurse's signature ability, which allows her to pass through walls and other obstacles. After performing the move, she has a limited window to either attack or warp a second time before fatigue momentarily stuns her.
  • Teleportation Sickness: The Nurse will become briefly fatigued and disorientated after every blink or chain-blink, giving survivors a window of opportunity to escape her line-of-sight.
  • Teleport Spam: She can Blink pretty good distances and strike immediately after, making obstacles a trivial matter. But it will cause her to stumble shortly after landing, which means she needs to make it count. A Nerf also made it so she has to wait a few seconds to recharge after teleporting (on top of her already existing stun fatigue after a teleport), specifically to prevent her from "spamming" teleports.
  • Tragic Keepsake: The Nurse's ability addons are almost all trinkets and baubles taken from the patients and other people she killed, like a broken pocket watch, a torn bookmark, or a rusted spoon.
  • Vorpal Pillow: Sally's murder spree consisted of choking and suffocating the patients and staff of the Crotus Prenn Asylum. As The Nurse, she wears a pillowcase wrapped tightly around her head. It's left ambiguous whether she attempted suicide upon realizing what she had done, or if it's a karmic transformation by the Entity.
  • Weakened by the Light: While every killer can potentially be blinded by the flashlight, The Nurse and The Wraith are also vulnerable to a specific state called "lightburn" in which they're caught by a flashlight while using their abilities and actually get burned. Presumably, this is due to them them being more ghostly and supernatural than the other killers.
  • Woman On Fire: Readying her teleport will create a rather bright fire in her palm, telegraphing her starting position. However, she doesn't have anything signalling her landing zone. As such, that light can spell your doom as easily as tell you to avoid her location.

    The Shape 

"The Shape" - Michael Audrey Myers

Voiced by: Frédéric Poirier

"Something, or rather someone, is here now. I’ve never seen this… Shape before. A man hiding behind a mask. He comes with a determination. But more worrying, he comes with an apparent grasp of the hunt. He does not strike me as someone who even went unwillingly to this place. Is there more to this being than I can fathom?"

Michael Myers was like any ordinary kid. No one would have believed he could do something as horrible as murder. That changed on Halloween night of 1963, when his parents arrived to find the six-year old boy standing in a clown costume, holding a kitchen knife covered in the blood of his older sister Judith.

Michael was incarcerated at Smith's Grove Sanitarium, where he spent fifteen years waiting for the day he could escape. During the night before Halloween, Michael escaped, stealing the car of his psychiatrist Samuel Loomis.

He drove back to his hometown, stealing a pair of work overalls, a kitchen knife, and a white latex boogeyman mask. Soon, he set his eyes on stalking a young girl by the name of Laurie Strode, and her group of friends.

Once day turned to night, Michael followed the girl's friends home, sneaking inside and killing them. Eventually, it was just him, Laurie, and the two kids she was babysitting. She was a resilient one, stabbing Michael in both the neck and the eye, but he snuck up on her and grabbed her by the neck. But before he could kill her, Loomis arrived on the scene and shot Michael six times, sending him falling from the balcony onto the grassy ground below.

Loomis checked up on Laurie, and went back to check on Michael's body. But there was nothing there. Nothing but an imprint on the ground where he landed.

The Shape escaped once again.

The Shape is the second new killer to be added to the game with the release of the Halloween Chapter on October 25th, 2016.

The Shape is the first Guest Fighter killer added to the game, coming from Halloween.

  • Achilles' Heel: Myers starts out as the slowest Killer in the game (not including the Nurse without teleports) while in Evil Within 1. The longer survivors can prevent him from building Stalk on them, the longer it takes him to power up into Evil Within 2 and reach normal speed. If survivors are good at spotting him and avoiding his line of sight, they can blow through multiple generators before he can manage to power up.
  • Alliterative Name: Michael Myers.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: His very rare scratched mirror and vanity mirror add-ons allow him to see survivors through walls while stalking, but at the cost of being unable to use his Evil Within 3 one-hit-kill ability as well as reduced movement speed. On closed indoor maps (Lery's Memorial Hospital and The Game), he's incredibly powerful like this, but on large outdoor maps, he's quite weak due to his reduced speed (especially on the Farm map, where survivors can see you through walls).
  • Best for Last: Save The Best For Last, one of Michael's perks that decreases the cooldown of his successful attacks as long as his obsession is alive. His Play With Your Food perk functions similarly, increasing his movement speed if he chases his obsession then lets them get away without downing them.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: Dark as the void. The blackest eyes; the devil's eyes.
  • Bloodbath Villain Origin: Like the movies, his first act of evil is killing his sister.
  • Close-Range Combatant: like Leatherface or Ghostface, Myers is totally unable to put any pressure on any area of the map other than his immediate vicinity, as he lacks any projectiles, traps, or enhanced movement abilities. He compensates with enhanced stealth and a one-hit-kill ability.
  • Creepy Child: Murdering your sister as a young boy counts.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Myers is an extremely powerful Close-Range Combatant, as his passive stealth ability makes it easier for him to get close to survivors compared to other Killers, and his One-Hit Kill ability is much easier to control and harder to dodge compared to that of the Hillbilly, Leatherface, or Oni. However, his lack of enhanced mobility, and lack of any anti-loop ability without specific perks, does handicap him on larger maps or against skilled survivors.
  • Deal with the Devil: Made a deal with the Entity to have the free chance to kill more people over and over again.
  • The Dragon: Considering he's the first killer that has been confirmed to enter the realm of the Entity willingly, he can be considered this. His tombstone add-ons also make him the first Killer to be able to kill survivors with his own hands rather than sacrifice them to the entity or ask it permission with a Mori offering (and he was the only killer with this privilege until the Executioner came along).
  • The Faceless: Nobody knows what he looks like beneath the mask.
  • Finishing Move: Grabs his prey by the neck, runs them through with his kitchen knife, and then throws them away.
  • Gathering Steam: Michael's movement speed in his Evil Within level 1 state is pathetic compared to other killers. Keeping an eye on the survivors and stalking them will gradually build up to Evil Within level 2, which gives him increased movement speed and better lunge range. Filling up the meter to Evil Within level 3 grants Michael excellent lunge range and the ability to down any survivors with a single strike in a 60 second limit by default. Michael can't fall back to Evil Within level 1 after he reaches level 2.
  • Guest Fighter: The first of many, from Halloween.
  • Iconic Outfit: His white mask, mechanic's coveralls, and work boots.
  • "It" Is Dehumanizing: Unlike the other characters, the achievements/trophies for Michael use the pronoun "it".
  • Joke Character: He can be degraded into this with the addons Judith's Tombstone and Vanity Mirror. Put together and the conflict of add-ons disables Michael's Evil Within progression altogether while burdening him with tremendous movement speed penalties. This particular playstyle has been dubbed Burger King Myers or Fat Myers by the community.
  • Jumped at the Call: While other killers were forced or coerced into the Entity's dimension, Michael apparently entered willingly.
  • Knife Nut: It wouldn't be Michael without his kitchen knife.
  • Leitmotif:
    • As Michael reaches his second and third tiers of Evil Within, the infamous Halloween theme will start playing. It also plays when he's selected on the character select screen.
    • The Shape Stalks replaces the normal Killer chase theme when playing as him.
    • Prior to a patch removing it, The Hedge would play when Michael was stalking a Survivor and close to entering the next Evil Within tier.
  • Made of Evil: His nature as this is emphasized with his "Evil Within" power, which is said to be him building up evil by stalking his victims.
  • Malevolent Masked Men: One of the most iconic ones in the world of fiction.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Somewhat. Despite being the killer that introduced Obsession-related perks, he is the only killer whose perks rely on leaving the obsession alone rather than focusing on her ("Save The Best For Last" give the player faster recovery from successful hits as long as they hit any other survivors than the obsession, "Play With Your Food" give them a speed boost when they leave a chase with the obsession, and "Dying Light" progressively slows the action speed for survivor other than the obsession, as long as said obsession stays in the trial)
  • Menacing Stroll: Just like in the movies, although it's a little bit faster in-game.
  • One-Hit Kill:
    • In Evil Within 3, he has increased lunge range and can down survivors in one hit. The drawback is that it takes time for him to build up enough Stalk to reach EW3, and it only lasts 60 seconds by default without add-ons to increase the time.
    • His Tombstone add-ons allow him to instantly kill survivors in EW3, at the cost of a significant increase in stalk required to reach EW3. This makes him the only killer who is able to completely bypass survivors' defensive abilities such as Bill Overbeck's Borrowed Time, Laurie Strode's Decisive Strike, or Ash Williams' Mettle Of Man.
  • The Sneaky Guy: During his initial Evil Within 1 phase, Michael's speed is noticeably slower than normal, but his terror radius is completely removed, meaning you won't hear the Heartbeat Soundtrack that warns you a killer is approaching until Michael is right on top of you. His aura is also hidden while in phase 1. Even in his Evil Within 2 phase, when Michael is physically on par with the other killers, his terror radius is still half the size of that of the other killers. Certain add-ons (Dead Rabbit) and perks (Monitor & Abuse) can also be used to reduce his terror radius even further.
  • Stalker Without a Crush: Michael's playstyle revolves around stalking survivors to increase his Evil Within power. Additionally, each of his perks has Michael start with one "obsession", which is a randomly picked survivor. His Dying Light perk gives the obsession increased speed to altruistic actions, but gives penalties to everyone else every time he hooks someone who isn't the obsession, Play With Your Food gives Michael one token (up to a maximum of three) each time his obsession gets away from him in a chase, which increases his movement speed until he uses his weapon again. and Save The Best For Last decreases the cooldowns of your attacks each time you hit a Survivor that you aren't obsessed with.
  • Serial Killer: One of fiction's most well-known.
  • Silent Antagonist: Never makes a noise, and can even leave no heartbeats if he's in the lowest phase.
  • Stealth Expert: Especially in the first phase.
  • Super Mode: His Evil Within 3 stance, in which his attack is a One-Hit Kill, his lunge range is longer, and he vaults through windows faster. It normally only lasts 60 seconds, but the duration can be increased with add-ons.
  • White Mask of Doom: He still wears his iconic white mask.
  • X-Ray Vision: The mirror add-ons for his special ability gives him the ability to see survivors through walls once he's "tagged" them by stalking them. The scratched and vanity mirrors allow to straight up see survivors through walls at any time while stalking, at the cost of a speed penalty and being unable to use his Evil Within 3 One-Hit Kill phase.

    The Hag 

"The Hag" - Lisa Sherwood

Voiced by: Eliane Pregent
Click here to see her appearance before becoming a Killer. 

"A new nameless terror stalks the darkness, her appearance haunts me after but a glimpse of her haggard silhouette. Twisted and torn in unspeakable ways, with greyish dead skin stretched out over her emaciated body. I saw that her arm was a horrid overgrown deformity that looked as if it could claw its way through flesh and bone. I feel as if her presence speaks of endless torture."

One dark and stormy night, a woman named Lisa Sherwood was walking home through the woods. Caught in the storm, she slipped, fell, and hit her head. When she regained consciousness, she found she was one of several prisoners being held captive. Their captors would carve pieces of flesh from their prisoners, cannibalizing them to the bone.

Lisa struggled to survive in this situation and, after weeks of torture, was able to make an escape. She was starved, infected with illness, and mutilated, but precisely because of all that, she was able to pull herself out of her shackles. However, she could not go much further than that. As she died, Lisa thought of the little, isolated village where she was born; a place whose elders kept old traditions alive. Remembering those lessons, Lisa used what remained of her fingers to scratch symbols into the floor of her prison. Something responded to her actions, it yearned for blood and, wanting revenge, Lisa obliged.

Lisa's village sent out a search party that found the house in the swamp where she had been held. Its inhabitants had been dismembered and devoured by an unidentified creature. In the cellar of their home, the search party found the elders' symbols Lisa had carved, but no sign of Lisa herself, nor was her body among the cannibals' other victims...

As a Killer, the Hag uses the power of the Blackened Catalyst, one of her own fingers turned black, to create Phantasm Traps, symbols drawn in the mud that, when activated by a stray Survivor, cause an image of the Hag to appear which the Hag can use to attack the Survivor by teleporting to it and taking its place. Her teachable perks Hex: Devour Hope, Hex: The Third Seal, and Hex: Ruin empower totems in the game area that, until destroyed, empower the Hag, debilitate Survivors, and slows down their ability to complete Generators.

The Hag is the third new killer added to the game with the release of the Of Flesh and Mud chapter on December 8th, 2016.

  • Achilles' Heel: Flashlights destroy her traps, and Nea's Urban Evasion perk allows survivors to quickly sneak past them without triggering them. Also, a high level survivor tactic is to set off all her traps while she's busy chasing a survivor or carrying a survivor to a hook, leaving her with nothing left to teleport to. Without her traps, she's the weakest low speed Killer in the game, as unlike the Huntress, Spirit, or Deathslinger, her power doesn't really help her in a chase.
  • Action Survivor: Survived brutal torture at the hands of cannibals and became a sadistic killer herself.
  • And Show It to You: Implied to have done this to the Cannibal elder, if the Grandma's Heart add-on is any indicator.
  • Balance Buff: Along with the Trapper and the Wraith, she received a significant buff a couple of years after release to address the fact that she was widely considered the weakest and least played killer in the game. This mostly consisted of increasing her trap-setting speed so they could be used mid-chase, and re-balancing her add-ons to remove numerous drawbacks that seemed needlessly restrictive.
  • Body Horror: She's a ragged, pus-encrusted mess of mutilated, mangled limbs and hideously emaciated beyond any repair. What's even worse is that she's still alive through it all.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Her ultra-rare waterlogged shoe add-on takes away her ability to teleport (which is her primary power) in exchange for increasing her movement speed to just slightly below that of a normal killer. She can still use her traps to alert her to survivor movements, though.
  • Captured by Cannibals: Lisa was a victim of this, which led to her becoming what she is now.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Her traps are very powerful when used correctly, but her low speed severely weakens her if the traps don't pay off. The Hag is very much an all-or-nothing Killer; you'll either utterly destroy the opposing team, or suffer an utterly humiliating loss.
  • Deal with the Devil: It's implied that Lisa may have called on the power of the Entity itself in order to fight back against her captors.
  • Eaten Alive: The Hag's Memento Mori animation: She jumps onto the survivor, biting into their neck and ripping off their throat. She then proceeds to gut the survivor with her clawed hand and pull out their liver. She moves off the survivor and slowly eats the liver whole.
  • Fan Disservice: The Hag is partially nude, exposing one breast. She's also horrifically mutilated, partially cannibalized, and extremely emaciated.
  • Finishing Move: Tears out her prey's throat, then makes a feast of their innards.
  • Geometric Magic: Her unique ability is tied to these. The Hag can place up to ten simple triangular shapes around the map which are triggered by Survivors getting near them. When triggered, the trap creates a copy of the Hag that, range permitting, she can teleport to in order to take its place. If she chooses not to, or simply isn't near enough, it makes for an effective jump scare.
  • Hollywood Voodoo: Besides her traps, all three of her unique perks are tied to ritual totems scattered around each map that curse survivors with a hex.
  • Instant Runes: A simple triangle drawn in the dirt that becomes a magical trap which survivors can only avoid by crouch-walking over or destroying with a flashlight.
  • Jump Scare: Her Phantasm Traps causes an image of the Hag to pop out and scream at whoever triggers it. Not only can it scare the crap out of you, she can then follow it up by teleporting to the trap and actually chasing you for real.
  • Magical Barefooter: She is completely nude other than some tattered rags, and is completely barefoot. Because she moves through the mud to teleport to her traps, she may need to be barefoot in order to use her powers. Most of her ability addons are also natural reagents like bog water, insect wings, turtle eggshells, and flowers that suggest a connection with nature.
  • Palette Swap: The DLC Store "Crypt TV Collection" allows you to play as the Birch-Witch.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Like countless others, she was abducted by a village of cannibals and kept alive in a human larder while pieces of her were sliced off to be eaten. After finally escaping her bonds, she embraced a dark power in order to seek vengeance on every last one of her captors, dismembering and devouring each of them. Unfortunately, this dark power seems to be The Entity itself, and the deal she made has damned her to its service.
  • Red Right Hand: The Hag's, well, right arm is much longer than her left and has Creepy Long Fingers. She uses them to draw her runes on the ground and to attack survivors. This makes her unique amongst the other killers, who use weapons rather than their bare hands.
  • The Sneaky Gal: The Hag has a noticeably lower terror radius compared to most other killers, although still not as low as Michael Myers. Combined with her small size, this makes it somewhat easier to sneak up on survivors and somewhat compensates for her reduced movement speed.
  • Training the Gift of Magic: It's left unclear whether Lisa was born with the ability or if anybody is capable of magic in the setting, but she definitely was trained by the elders of her village in how to use their charms, runes, and hexes.
  • Tragic Monster: The Hag is one of the least human-looking killers, yet she at one time was just a vulnerable young girl that chose to punish her would-be killers instead of dying as another nameless victim.
  • Trick Bomb: Her Very Rare severed ear add-on turns her traps into flashbangs that deafen survivors with a loud bang sound when triggered.
  • Weakened by the Light: Flashlights destroy her traps; if used well, they can turn her from one of the game's top killers to one of the weakest.
  • Wendigo: Seems to have been based heavily off of the legend, being a horribly emaciated figure who cannibalizes her victims in her Memento Mori.
  • Witch Classic: Ticks off many of the requirements, and is where she draws her title as The Hag.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Her Disfigured Ear add-on implies even the children of the Cannibal Clan were killed in her revenge.
  • You Are What You Hate: She became what she is today in order to get vengeance on a bunch of cannibals... and is now a cannibal herself, as can be seen by her Memento Mori.

    The Doctor 

"The Doctor" - Herman Carter

Voiced by: Alex Lin
Click here to see his appearance before becoming a Killer. 

"I have difficulty keeping my sanity. Each day, this altering world provides me with new trials. A man wearing the robes of a doctor crossed my path. From afar, I witness him walk around, searching.. But he was not…normal. Eyes and mouth pried open, in a painful and disturbing way. Where do these fiends stem from? I do not trust him, he looks like he wants to bring pain, not healing? I will stay away, it is the wisest thing to do."

From an early age, Herman Carter understood the human psyche. To analyse and de-construct something as powerful as the brain intrigued him. He was an apt pupil and gained the attention of his teachers. He excelled in high-school and was published in "Partisan" - a psychology gazette. Within a year, Carter was fast-tracked into Yale's advanced neuroscience programme, really a front for the CIA. Brainpower is a must if you're about to conquer the world and demolish foes across the pond. The CIA understood this, so interrogation and intelligence became their number one priority. All they needed were brilliant people - like Carter.

Carter and other top-tier recruits were transferred off-campus and into a secret black site facility in Illinois known as the Léry's Memorial Institute. A protégé craves a mentor, and that's where Mr Stamper stepped in, who taught Carter that information is everything and knowledge is power. He was given all instruments needed, a guiding hand, and more or less everything he asked for. He never realised that sunlight had started to become so scarce, that he too was kept in the dark. Because knowledge doesn't only give you power, it also transforms you into a threat.

To extract information was his mission. Mr. Stamper encouraged Carter to go further and not to consider this a normal medical facility - no eyes were watching them, there were no rules to abide. The agency just pointed Carter in the right direction, then he started to take a few steps back as he saw how Carter could walk on his own. Docile test subjects were exchanged for real, live spies. People that played a role in the troubles outside the facility. Carter shouldered this new role - Project Awakening took form, and on paper Carter described it as "experimental interrogation". It was approved and over a few months, nobody knocked on his door. Screams and moans filled the corridor outside his lab, but wars skew people and what they accept - as long as the enemy is kept at bay. The fluorescent lights flickered more and more often. Electro-convulsive Treatment became a standard dish on the menu. Prisoners held at the facility begged the guards to take them to any other lab but Carter's. Rumours were disregarded in the beginning.

Over the years, Carter became known as The Doctor and no one ever questioned if he had even held a medical certificate or even what happened to the prisoners after they had given up their information. It was only after the Léry's Memorial Institute went silent for a week that they finally uncovered the true horror of what had happened there.

Carter's experimental information extraction had turned to horrific and bizarre torture. Patients and prisoners were found dead or in vegetative states with all types of head trauma. In his office, they found the most terrible discovery of all. Mr Stamper himself, his head peeled open and an array of electrodes and sensors inserted into his still working, but annihilated brain. There was no sign of Herman "The Doctor" Carter, but his research papers suggested that he had been using the prisoners as part of awful ECT experiments as he searched for the panacea of mind control.

The government didn't want to know. The black site was condemned and all knowledge of the Léry's Memorial Institute redacted forever.

The Doctor is the fourth new killer added to the game with the release of the Spark of Madness chapter on May 11th, 2017.
  • Achilles' Heel: Jake's Calm Spirit perk completely negates the Doctor's tracking ability by suppressing his scream and thus not giving away his position (although an attentive Doctor can see that the survivor's Sanity Meter has gone up). However, this is very much a case of Kryptonite Factor, since the Doctor is just about the only killer that perk is good against (it has minor effect against Clown, Freddy, and Oni with certain add-ons and perks, but not significantly), you're not going to see it often.
  • Badass Bookworm: A trained doctor who happens to be a deadly Torture Technician and an Ax-Crazy killer.
  • Balance Buff: His original Stance System was replaced by an area-of-effect ability that increases the madness level of any survivors caught in his heartbeat radius, but which can only be triggered every 60 seconds. He thus can use his madness aura less often to find survivors, but has much more control over when it triggers and isn't stuck patrolling an area at low speed waiting for survivors to go mad. His shock attack is also easier to use with less juggling involved, since you can now use it as a normal special attack (like the Huntress' hatchets or the Clown's bottles) instead of having to constantly switch back and forth between stances during a chase. Overall, he's not so much stronger as he is less frustrating to control. A month or so after his Balance Buff, his range increasing add-ons were also buffed, removing the speed penalty on the stronger range add-ons, as the speed penalty was such a handicap that the stronger range add-ons were actually overall detrimental to him.
  • Bald of Evil: He does not have a shred of hair underneath his headgear, and he is one of the most fiendish of all the killers.
  • Batter Up!: A few of his cosmetics are Therapy Bats an instrument of death used for the sole purpose of "therapy" and "rehabilitation". One even has nails to help speed up the "rehabilitation" process
  • Combat Sadomasochist: The Doctor is a Sadist who enjoys "experimenting" on unwilling subjects, but a few of his cosmetics also show that he likes putting himself through intense pain just to know what his victims feel. It's downplayed within the game itself, but it's worth noting that he lets out a shrill little giggle when stunned, as opposed to the usual frustrated noises of the other Killers.
  • Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon: One appears as an add-on (at least visually with the Moldy Electrode), and his Archive story reveals that he'd "Remothered" another researcher to believe that their subjects were Soviet agents.
    He unwraps the rope and places a screwdriver in his hands. He changes his mind. Removes the screwdriver. Replaces it with a fork. Changes his mind again. Replaces the fork with a spoon. He's never seen a spoon used to kill a human being. He backs away from good-doctor who is lost and confused. Re-mothered. He says a phrase. The moon is down. Confusion becomes clarity as good-doctor stands and approaches the Russian spies with... a spoon. Brilliant.
  • Deadly Doctor: Obviously.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: His tape add-ons increase the range of his electroshock blast, at the cost of significantly narrowing the width of the blast. The right add-ons turn his electroshock power into a railgun blast that can zap survivors from halfway across the map, but can be incredibly easy to miss with since you have to hit them perfectly with it.
  • Electric Black Guy: His skin tone isn't easy to see because the game is dark, but he’s been officially confirmed as being African-American, which can be more properly seen in the Archives.
  • Everytown, America: Léry's Memorial Institute is one of the few places mentioned in the game to have a specific location; the fictional town of Michaelstown, Illinois.
  • Face Palm Of Doom: His Memento Mori animation has him electrocuting the survivor's head with both of his hands. The dead survivor can be seen with their face smoking as an aftermath of getting their brain fried.
  • Facial Horror:
    • Has his eyes and mouth held open by grisly equipment.
    • His Hallowed Blight skin increases the horror. His head is melting, with his lower jaw completely missing.
  • Finishing Move: Grabs his prey's head and electrocutes them.
  • For Science!: What he originally did his experiments for before turning evil.
  • Giggling Villain: Lets out some fairly eerie cackling if his Shock Therapy attack hits survivors.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: His irises glow brightly.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Not so much the Doctor himself, but Mr. Stamper, his agency handler, who encouraged him to really go to town with his increasingly horrific and insane experiments on human subjects... only to eventually find himself a subject of them as well.
  • Infectious Insanity: Gifted by his Iridescent Queen add-on. Anyone hit by his electric Mind Rape develops a static charge that will ground itself into the next survivor they come in contact with.
  • Insufferable Genius: Herman was an apt pupil of his class, but his genius caused him to look down on others for their perceived stupidity and weakness.
  • Interface Screw: His modus operandi. The Doctor's unique madness effect causes multiple interface changes, including hallucinations of The Doctor, false heartbeats and trick chase music, illusionary pallets, and randomly moving the location of the skill check wheel. Higher variations of his add-ons allow him to share his victims' hallucinations, effectively giving away the survivors' locations.
  • Leitmotif: Has a chase theme filled with an unhinged rhythm and a siren-like flute boring into the ears.
  • Mad Doctor/Mad Scientist: Only in essence, as he was probably never an actual doctor; he studied on a CIA front and performed some not-particularly-moral experiments on enemy spies, including electro-convulsive therapy. He also carries around "the stick", for when the regular procedures fail. He also experimented on his “patients” to do research on brainwashing and mind control.
  • Mind Rape: His play-style is built around this. Being in the vicinity cause survivors to suffer numerous hallucinations and terrors.
  • Morally Ambiguous Doctorate: He is referred to as the Doctor, but it's unknown if he really has been in any medical school.
  • Nightmare Face: Just look at him.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Loosely based off of Yang Yongxin. Both ran controversial electricshock therapy as part of psych treatment, both were in a Chinese hospital (signs in the Léry Institute are in Chinese), and later banned by the government. Yang treated patients with internet addiction and Feng, who was released alongside him, had a gaming addiction.
  • Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist: While Carter claims his research is for the study of the human brain and going deep into the depths of the human mind, he is also a Sadist who uses his research to privately torture and murder his subjects.
  • Palette Swap: The DLC Store "Crypt TV Collection" allows you to play as the Look-See.
  • Power Nullifier: Getting hit by his electric attack will render survivors unable to take any action for a few seconds. You can't even hop or drop a pallet while it's effecting you and it will stop any action currently being taken, including jumping through or over something.
  • Psycho Electro: Has the ability to manipulate electricity with his power, Carter's spark, and is also an evil sadist.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Can be made even eerier-looking with an unlockable cosmetic, turning his eyes glowing red.
  • Sanity Meter: The Doctor can make survivors' Madness rise. As it rises, the survivor is affected by hallucinations, static covering the screen, randomly screaming, and eventually being unable to repair or heal until they snap out of it.
  • Sanity Slippage:
    • Heavily implied through his backstory, add-ons, and his general attributes during gameplay. His very rare add-ons are his research notes from his time working under the CIA; most of them have descriptions of Carter's own findings and thoughts, but two of them, "Order" and "Obedience", have descriptions that read "I CAN SEE THEIR DISGUSTING ILLNESSES." and "BREAK THEIR IMPURE BODIES" respectively. Both of them are unsigned notes that are listed as potentially being from Carter himself, suggesting he lost it sometime during his research.
    • During his personal time at the Léry's Memorial Institute, Carter had begun work on "experimental treatment." During this time, there were often screams and moans coming from his lab and increasingly flickering lights; prisoners would also beg to be taken anywhere else except Carter's lab. There were also rumors, but they were disregarded. Later, when the government investigated the institute after it went dark for a week, they discovered Carter's research had turned into twisted and brutally violent torture of both patients and prisoners alike. This, coupled with the previously mentioned add-ons, suggests that the Entity may have influenced Carter's mind and pushed him into insanity.
    • He lets out a maniacal cackle every time he hits a survivor with his Shock Therapy attack, which also damages their grip on reality and pushes them further into Madness.
  • Scary Black Man: A Badass Bookworm example. Herman is tall and muscular, and lives up to the "scary" part of the trope by delivering the survivors some Sanity Slippage.
  • Shock and Awe: His ability, "Carter's Spark", amounts to this, coupled with Mind Rape.
    Is it a gift or a curse? The Entity has ignited a corrupted and inexhaustible spark in the Doctor’s heart which allows him to generate electro-convulsive power at will. His insidious treatment corrupts the minds of those it touches. Victims shocked by the corrupt spark begin to lose their grip on reality and, with repeated exposure, inevitably succumb to madness. Survivors who are afflicted with Madness have a chance of hearing the whispers of the Entity, which can only be heard by Killers who are using the perk "Whispers."
  • Shout-Out: His headgear forcing his eyes and mouth open is a reference to A Clockwork Orange. His treatment theatre also features chairs for patients with restraints and facing television sets.
  • Skill Gate Character: While not as extreme an example as Freddy, the Doctor is generally considered to be quite strong at beginner levels and quite weak at expert levels. While he can effectively nullify stealth (which is what makes him so strong against inexperienced survivors), expert survivors don't care much about stealth anyway, and it is more difficult to shut down loops compared to the Clown due to the slowdown and charge time of his shock attack (his Balance Buff improving his controls makes it a bit easier to stop short-to-medium loops, but he's still relatively powerless at long loops).
  • Smart People Play Chess: And, arguably, Crazy People Play Chess. A few of his ability add-ons are chess pieces that bolster his powers. He also seems to be one of the few killers in general who has clearly have had formal education, if his tome entries are anything to go by.
  • The Sneaky Guy: His "Calm" add-ons decrease his heartbeat radius when his Static Blast ability is on recharge. Compared to the normal heartbeat radius of 32 meters, he has a 20 meter radius if the two most powerful "Calm" add-ons are stacked together, and a 12 meter radius if his perk "Monitor & Abuse" is additionally used. For comparison, Michael Myers, the killer with the lowest terror radius, has a 16 meter radius in his Evil Within 2 phase (8 meters with "Monitor & Abuse").
  • So Much for Stealth: His powers effectively make stealth nearly useless, forcing survivors to actively flee from him as they uncontrollably scream in terror. He's always chasing somebody thanks to this, you can only hope they hold his attention long enough to get something done. Jake Park's Calm Spirit perk effectively nullifies the Doctor's otherwise overwhelming tracking power, but is of very limited use against any of the other killers, which means few survivors will be using it.
  • Slasher Smile: He has this as his mouth is held open by the equipment on his head, exposing his teeth.
  • Sleeves Are for Wimps: His coat lacks sleeves.
  • Torture Technician: His role in the CIA.
  • Vocal Dissonance: His giggle is high and shrill, a creepy contrast to his large size and fearful appearance. His laugh in his Tome 2 cutscene is much deeper, though grows progressively more shrill by the end, hinting at what he would become.
  • Wicked Cultured: The Doctor's tome entries show that Carter is well-read, referencing Brave New World and The War of the Worlds.
  • Wrench Whack: The Look-See skin also comes along with a very large and mean-looking pipe wrench.

    The Huntress 

"The Huntress" - Anna

Voiced by: Amélie Leguiader
Click here to see her appearance before becoming a Killer. 

"A figure clad in the head of a hare. A most disturbing sight. This new foe holds something human within her. Some shards of ordinary life. She seems to be a hunter. I have met many different beings in this place, but this is the first one with a natural skill of hunting. In any other place one could deem it a talent. But her knack for tracking, capturing and killing is something else here. There is something else in her too, she seems to seek something."

The Huntress is the fifth new killer added to the game with the release of the free chapter A Lullaby for the Dark on June 27th, 2017.

  • Abusive Parents: The Huntress abducted little girls after killing their families and unintentionally killed them by neglect and extremities in an attempt to prevent them from getting lost in the forest.
  • Accidental Murder: She never wanted to kill the little girls she kidnapped, but she failed to comprehend the basics of parenthood, like not leaving children in a frigid winter cabin without a source of heat.
  • Achilles' Heel: A good Huntress is very strong when in range of a survivor, but her slow movement speed can be a severe handicap on larger maps as she's too slow to efficiently cover all the generators, with good survivors often able to spread out across the map and do all the generators, even if the Huntress is able to down and hook survivors very quickly when she finds them.
  • Alone with the Psycho: The girls she abducted were "adopted" by her.
  • An Axe to Grind: Her weapons are a giant axe and small, throwable hatchets.
  • Animal Motifs: Her default outfit is a rabbit mask; this is more to reflect her emotional stability than anything else. The unknown author also describes her as wearing "the head of a hare".
  • Black Eyes of Evil: Her most inhuman quality is her pitch-black, animal-like eyes.
  • Blood Knight: She actively hunted humans because they were more interesting prey than bears and wolves.
  • Boyish Short Hair: Keeps her hair at borderline buzzcut levels, as visible through the translucent material on the back of her mask.
  • Brawn Hilda: The Huntress is easily the most physically imposing out of the female Killers, being as broad-shouldered and muscular as the male Killers.
  • Child Eater: Her reputation in a village was "who killed men and ate little girls". Subverted, as she didn't (intentionally) kill them, but did keep them captive.
  • Children Forced to Kill: Her mother taught her how to survive in the harsh wilderness via hunting, and she became a survivalist in her adulthood.
  • Closet Shuffle: The Huntress refills her hatchets by getting them from closets… the same closets the survivors normally use to hide. As a result, hiding in closets is riskier if the Huntress is on the prowl, as she'll regularly be opening them anyway to get more hatchets.
  • Crazy Survivalist: She was raised by her survivalist mother and became a dreaded hunter of humans and abductor of children.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Her long-range attack ability puts her in the generally agreed top 5 when ranking the killers, but her significantly reduced speed and relatively slow default hatchet throw speed also means you have to be very skilled and practiced with how she handles to do well with her; otherwise, survivors can just exploit her slow speed at loops and duck behind obstacles to avoid her hatchets. Without add-ons you actually have to predict survivor movements and start charging your hatchet a good 1.5 seconds before you actually need to throw it, due to the slow charge speed. Her slower speed also reduces her ability to patrol the map, so you'd better be damn good at landing hatchet throws when you do find a survivor.
  • Does Not Like Men: She was raised by her mother and had no father figure in her life. She's a famed killer of men and believed eater of little girls.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: She wanders barefoot, even breaking pallets with a stomp of her bare feet.
  • The Dreaded: While she was still alive, the Huntress became the bogeyman for the village near her forest, specifically for her hunting men that wandered in and the girls that went missing.
  • Egomaniac Hunter: Starts off as one after her mother's death. She would up the game to bigger prey when she got bored with her latest quarry, right up until humans were added to the list. See Hunting the Most Dangerous Game.
  • Entitled Bitch: She'd kill entire families just so she can adopt their surviving daughter, all out of the belief that she'd be a better mother.
  • Finishing Move: Buries her axe in her prey's skull, then cuts into their body twice for good measure.
  • Friendless Background: She grew up in an isolated area with just her mother.
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: Witnessing the death of her mother and becoming a hardened survivalist hasn't done wonders to her mental health.
  • Harmful to Minors: She witnessed her mom getting killed by an elk as her mother defended her from it. She had to drag her body back home.
  • The Hermit: She was raised alone in the forest with her mother, and when she died, the Huntress remained in the woods.
  • Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: After killing some wanderers, she found humans to be her favourite prey to hunt.
  • Husky Russkie: She is Russian and her Red Forest is believed to be the same real-life Red Forest near Chernobyl.
  • Insane Troll Logic: She's a hardened survivalist who's never known simplicity or comfort. When she took the children from their homes, she caused their deaths by not feeding them properly and not giving them the means to endure the environment. It didn't help that she tied them to the walls so they wouldn't wander off.
  • Ironic Nursery Tune: Quietly hums a Russian lullaby, Баю. Her perk also involves unnerving Survivors to regress their skill checks.
  • Irony: She's a rabbit-themed hunter with very poor stealth skills. However, this could be deliberate, as she's said to be bored of hunting lesser prey, like wolves and bears, choosing to hunt humans for excitement and a challenge.
  • Kick the Dog: As if killing their families weren't enough, abducting their daughters is another.
  • Lack of Empathy: She only knew survivalism and was never raised with basic knowledge. The girls she abducted frequently died from avoidable neglect.
  • Loners Are Freaks: She was raised by her mother and had nobody else to interact with. Once her mother died from a hunting accident, the Huntress went off the deep end and became a hermit in the woods. Her hunting escalated from animals to humans and she became obsessed with raising a child of her own, which involved killing an entire family so she could "adopt" their orphaned daughter.
  • Long-Range Fighter: Her throwing hatchets are one of the only ranged attacks in the game, and the only one that deals direct damage (the Deathslinger's rifle can't down a survivor directly, the Plague's corrupt purge is a Super Mode dependent on survivors' actions to unlock, and while the Trickster can deal damage it requires you to build up a meter by hitting 8 knives within a brief period of time). The drawback is that she's moderately slower than the other Killers and thus more dependent on her long-range attack.
  • Love Hungry: Has a strong urge to foster a young girl. It would go to the point where she would pillage villages and kidnap girls to take care of them, only to inadvertently kill them.
  • Mighty Glacier: Unlike the other low-speed Killers, who all have some sort of clear crippling injury (Nurse's broken legs, Hag's mutilated body, Spirit's dismembered body and legs, Deathslinger's broken knee), the Huntress is low-speed for no clear reason other than being huge and brawny.
  • Mother Russia Makes You Strong: A dark variation. She is physically powerful and quite capable of surviving the harsh realities of the wilderness, but is an emotionally stunted wreck of a woman that has resorted to mass murder and child abduction in an attempt to quell her desire for a family.
  • My Greatest Failure: The death of her mother is regarded as this.
  • Never Learned to Read: She's illiterate.
  • Never My Fault: She never learned to how to raise children after the repeated deaths of the previous ones.
  • Obliviously Evil: She kidnaps children not of malice but out of a warped maternal instinct. She doesn't understand why they keep dying under her care and is distraught every time.
  • One-Hit Kill: The Ultra-Rare glass hatchet item upgrade allows her throwing hatchets to kill in just 1 hit instead of 2. The drawback is that it decreases her ammo count to only 1 hatchet, but this can be countered by item upgrades that increase her ammo count (or, for those really confident in their aim, the add-on and perk that stack to dramatically increase the reload speed at lockers).
  • Palette Swap: The DLC Store "Crypt TV Collection" allows you to play as the Mordeo.
  • Parental Neglect: The girls she kidnaps often die from starvation or from the cold.
  • Psychopathic Woman Child: Her development became stunted after witnessing her mother die and surviving for years on her own, kidnapping little girls for companionship.
  • A Real Man Is a Killer: Her mother taught her how to survive in the forest.
  • Rock Beats Laser: Before being taken by the Entity, during WW1, she apparently managed to wipe out several squads of German soldiers armed with military rifles using just throwing hatchets and a wood axe. Further explored in her archive logs, which shows she was stalking and killing soldiers of both sides and terrified them so much they ended up forming a truce in order to take her down. It didn't work and she ultimately wiped them out.
  • Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training: She's a skilled a hunter bar none; however, she's said to be an illiterate Womanchild.
  • The Sneaky Gal: Inverted. The Huntress is the only killer who cannot stealth at all, as any perks that help mask the terror radius do not affect her humming. The range at which her humming can be heard is also quite a lot larger than the terror radius of other killers. This means that perks which increase her terror radius like Distressing are excellent for farming blood points, but renders perks which muffle the terror radius such as Insidious useless.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: Her mother raised her to be a survivalist, but when she died, The Huntress was driven to madness.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: The Huntress never wanted to kill the children she captured, but wanted to keep them safe from death. Sadly, her good intentions had drastic consequences. Subverted with male children.
  • White Mask of Doom: Third killer to wear a mask (the first two being The Trapper and The Shape respectively).
  • Would Hurt a Child: She's said to have slaughtered entire families and abducted their daughters. Let's just hope she attacked families that had a single child and not a brother.
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child: Subverted. She couldn't bring herself to kill little girls and would bring them back to her home. However, she would inadvertently kill them from the cold or starvation. It's uncertain what she did to their brothers.
  • Yandere: She kidnapped little girls after murdering their families. She refused to let them leave her home in order to protect them.

    The Cannibal 

"The Cannibal" - "Leatherface" Sawyer
Voiced by: Filip Ivanovic

Whether killers perform their heinous acts by the compulsions of their diseased minds, or if they are forced into them by external pressures, has long been a matter of debate. But for one killer, nature and nurture are inextricably linked.

Leatherface kills not from a desire to exert his will over others, to satisfy carnal urges, or even to quiet the voices in his head. He kills because he is scared. Scared that others will hurt him; scared that his family will be displeased with him, scared that their shared willingness to eat human flesh will be discovered.

He does as he is told. His family loves him and that is all that matters. Outsiders are a threat, and threats need to be dealt with.

Like those kids that came into the house, uninvited. Walked in like they owned the place. Looked around the house, trying to find out his family’s secrets, no doubt. But Leatherface deals with them, and protects his family just as he’s been taught.

He is not just protector, he has many roles, and each role has its own face. He serves dinner, cares for the family, and dresses well when they eat. His Grandpa and Ma used to care for them all, but Grandpa, he is old now and Ma has been still for a while, so Leatherface and his brothers had to take over. Family is everything to him. Family is security and safety.

But, even though he did his best, one of the kids got away. He tried to stop her, chasing after her as fast as he could, but she had help: another outsider, driving a truck. The evil trucker killed his brother, ran him over like he was a possum. In a fury, Leatherface leapt at him, the saw ready to avenge his family, but the trucker was too quick. He knocked Leatherface aside and turned his own saw against him.

As he watched the outsiders driving away, the rage, grief and pain combined with the worry about what would happen to his family now. They would surely return with the police, and the police would take his brothers, his Grandpa. Without them, what would he do? Without their commands, he would wither and die.

As his world collapsed, Leatherface spun in circles, swinging the saw all around, trying to fight off the myriad external threats that surrounded him.

Then another feeling overtook him. It came from outside his vision, crawling over his skin with cold dread. He realised that no matter what outsiders could do to him, there was something worse, something bigger that lived in the shadows. He was filled with a terror unlike any he had ever felt before. But it was almost comforting, like the fear he'd felt with his family. The fear of disappointing them.

He was brought to a place that was familiar but unknowable, and he instinctively knew what he had to do. He couldn't fail it, the way he had his family. Outsiders would come but he would use his skills to overcome any threats. There would be screaming, but he could make the world quiet again. Until the only sound remaining was the blessed howl of the saw.

Let the outsiders come.

The Cannibal is the sixth new killer added to the game with the release of the LEATHERFACE™ DLC on September 14th, 2017.

The Cannibal is the second Guest Fighter killer added to the game, coming from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  • Achilles' Heel:
    • He's very weak against looping around windows, which prevent him from getting into his chainsaw sweep. This makes Bamboozle, which blocks windows, a pretty strong perk on him.
    • Tight corners can be very risky for him during a chainsaw sweep, as bumping into an obstacle will immediately end his sweep and stun him for a significant period of time. Survivors can sometimes avoid his sweep just by running in circles around a small tree or rock. Skilled survivors can even "duck under" his sweep by dodging under his FOV at the last second just before he starts his sweep.
  • Angrish: Gets really mad whenever someone inteferes in his attacks, which results in a mess of grumbling and grunting.
  • Balance Buff: The Cannibal was heavily reworked in the same patch that reworked/Nerfed the Hillbilly, with the intention of both differentiating him from the Hillbilly and making him a more viable Killer. His chainsaw sweep now has a longer range and is more viable for chasing and challenging loops, but requires more skill to use as you need to periodically refuel the chainsaw during the sweep or else it will end prematurely, and timing the refuels is important to maximize the length of your sweep as refueling prematurely also severely cuts down on your sweep time.
  • Barrier-Busting Blow: The Cannibal can kick pallets to destroy them like all other killers… or he could just use his chainsaw to break the pallet in half the time. This is a trait he shares with the Hillbilly.
  • Blasting It Out of Their Hands: Of a sort. His "Franklin's Demise" perk makes the survivors drop whatever items they have whenever he hits them and will cause that item to disappear from the trial if it isn't picked by another survivor within a certain time limit.
  • The Berserker: He is easily the most aggressive killer in the game, especially with his ability where he flails around his chainsaw.
  • Boring, but Practical: His special ability is relatively pedestrian compared to that of most of the other killers, but the flip side of that is that he's generally a good all-rounder at any level, whereas many other killers are relatively weak without decently levelled perks or add-ons.
  • Chainsaw Good: Carries his signature chainsaw to mow down survivors with.
  • Close-Range Combatant: Like Myers, Leatherface is unable to put any pressure on the map other than his immediate vicinity, due to not having any projectiles, traps, or enhanced movement abilities. His chainsaw attack is also only effective at point-blank range, but it's a One-Hit Kill.
  • Cool Mask: As creepy as it's a mask of flesh, it's still one of the most iconic in movie cinema.
  • Drop the Hammer: His main weapon, when he isn't using his chainsaw, is a small hammer.
  • Dumb Muscle: A rather tragic example. He's a mentally handicapped cannibal who can't comprehend the morality of his actions. He was raised in isolation by an abusive family that taught him to never disappoint them. Inspecting his speech patterns, it suggests that The Cannibal is just as confused and frightened as the survivors, if not more so. His playstyle is also more akin to a frightened child throwing a tantrum than actual malice.
  • Experience Booster: His Barbecue & Chili perk boosts Bloodpoints gained after the match by 25% each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time. The number of times it stacks goes up as the perk is leveled, up to doubling the gained Bloodpoints at its highest level.
  • Face Stealer: He wears the face of some poor unfortunate soul and he can also unlock the faces of the original four survivors to wear by sacrificing them twenty-five times.
  • Finishing Move: Stuns his prey with his meat hammer, then cuts into them with his chainsaw.
  • Foil: He's essentially this to his Expy, the Hillbilly. The Hillbilly's chainsaw is a Difficult, but Awesome dash attack that is very fast, but also very hard to aim and control. Leatherface's chainsaw is a Boring, but Practical series of forward swings that is much easier to aim and control, at the cost of being limited to close range. The Hillbilly is also an offense-based killer with the best mobility and map control in the game alongside the Nurse, while Leatherface is probably the best defensive killer in the game; he's got average speed and can't pressure the generators like the Hillbilly or Nurse can, but if he's guarding a hooked survivor, there's pretty much no way to get past him once he's swinging the chainsaw, and if he gets you into the basement and isn't averse to playing dirty, you're pretty much done for.
  • Guest Fighter: From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Obviously, due to coming from a famous Cannibal Clan and his name in-game. He even has an assortment of upgrades that directly involve him eating human flesh, such as the Chili and Award-winning Chili add-ons which boosts his movement speed and increases the acceleration of his chainsaw.
  • Joke Item: There's a debate in the game community over whether his rarest add-on, Award Winning Chili, is bugged and does nothing, or it's working as intended and simply does so little it's not noticeable. Both sides do agree it's basically a Joke Item, though. Averted after his balance buff, as all his add-ons had their effect completely changed, with the Award Winning Chili now one of his better add-ons, increasing the margin-of-error window to refuel his chainsaw sweeps, which makes it much easier to time.
  • Lightning Bruiser: With speed increasing add-ons or perks, he can be extremely fast and still have the ability to one-shot.
  • Love Makes You Evil: Did all the killing just for his family.
  • Mighty Glacier: Unlike Hillbilly, his ability offers him no big mobility buff. However, it does have the ability to take down a survivor in one hit.
  • Obliviously Evil: He was raised by a family of cannibalistic murderers who taught him to kill outsiders for food; being mentally handicapped and emotionally stunted, he can't comprehend the morality of his actions, believing that killing outsiders keeps him and his family safe and happy. At the hands of the Entity and away from his family and home, it's heavily implied that he is completely unable to understand what's happening around him, as his frightened speech patterns suggest.
  • One-Hit Kill: Like the Hillbilly, Leatherface's chainsaw down survivors in one hit. It's much easier to aim and connect compared to the Hillbilly's chainsaw dash, but the slowdown he suffers while charging the chainsaw also means that you have to be practically on top of a fleeing survivor to hit them with it.
  • Power Limiter: His speed limiter add-on makes it so his chainsaw does normal damage instead of being a One-Hit Kill. You earn more blood points (in-game currency) for each hit to compensate for this.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: A ruthless killer, who has an immature fear of failing his family. He even sounds like he's crying when things don't go his way. He also throws a tantrum if he runs into an object while using his chainsaw attack, wherein he'll stop in place and swing about wildly with his chainsaw for a few seconds.
  • Sequential Boss: With his ability, he becomes more and more dangerous the longer the game goes on.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: The Hillbilly, one of the three original killers, was obviously inspired by Leatherface. Come a year after the game's release and having secured the rights to the character, Behavior has attempted to differentiate their playstyles so they're not quite Ditto Fighters. Despite both using a chainsaw, while The Hillbilly's ability focused on speed and precision, The Cannibal instead relies on a wild, frenzied attack that's only nominally faster than his normal speed but can strike multiple survivors, putting them all into the dying state.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: He's afraid of disappointing his family by not doing his job correctly.

    The Nightmare 

"The Nightmare" - Frederick "Freddy" Charles Krueger
Voiced by: Filip Ivanovic;

"This place plays tricks on your mind…constantly I question whether I dream or if I am awake. This most recent horrid ghoul seems to bridge that gap – between the states of being awake or asleep. I saw him hunting another poor soul, someone who was not as lucky as me. A man with a hat and a claw clad hand, a scarred man of sorts. He spotted me and what actually happened next is still a mystery to me. Dreams took over, and I was sure to die. But I woke up. Not like in the manner where I awake a the campfire, but instead I just woke up…inside this wretched forest, with memories of nightmares within. I am now afraid to sleep, but also to stay awake."

Living in the basement of Badham Preschool, Frederick Charles Krueger worked as the preschool's groundskeeper and gardener. He was known throughout Springwood as the nice, kind man who played with their children. The truth, however, was much worse than they expected. Once Freddy had gotten the trust of the kids, he would take them one by one to a secret room in the basement of the school to have his way with them.

The parents noticed their children started coming back from the school noticeably more uncomfortable and with scratches on their backs. It wasn't long before the kids confessed what Freddy had done. The parents of Springwood, enraged by what this monster had done to their children, chased after him, eventually cornering him in an abandoned factory. They threw gasoline through the windows before lighting it ablaze, burning Freddy to death.

They thought they had gotten rid of the horrible man that had hurt their kids, but in reality, they made him stronger. In death, Freddy became a Dream Demon. The parents, not wanting their kids to live with the trauma, did everything they could to try and make them forget everything about the preschool. Eventually, the children forgot about the man who hurt them, but Freddy certainly didn't forget them.

Once the children grew into teenagers, Freddy began to hunt them down one by one, killing them in their sleep as revenge for revealing the truth. All leading up to his personal favorite of them all, Nancy Holbrook. But she, with the help of her boyfriend Quentin Smith, fought against him. She pulled him out of her dreams before slicing his arm off and his neck open. They had killed Freddy Krueger.

Or so they thought. He came back more angry than ever, and this time, he set his eyes on the one who prevented him from getting his number one; Quentin Smith.

He began to torment Quentin, scaring him in his dreams, building up to when he would finally take his revenge. When that time came, he brought Quentin back to the Preschool for one last chase. But Quentin was prepared, catching Freddy off-guard with numerous traps. However, it wouldn't be long before Quentin ran out of tricks up his sleeve and was cornered by Freddy.

He raised his clawed hand, ready to strike, when he suddenly began to fall. Falling for what felt like forever. Until he finally landed back in the Preschool. Except, it was different. He noticed that his powers were different too, tampered with. Improved in some aspects, but weakened in others. But then he found new toys to play with. New faces, new prey.

The nightmare begins anew.

His teachable perks Fire Up, Remember Me, and Blood Warden make Freddy more and more powerful as the game gets closer to ending.

The Nightmare is the seventh new killer added to the game with the release of the A Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter on October 26th, 2017.

The Nightmare is the third Guest Fighter killer added to the game, coming from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

  • Adaptational Wimp: In his home franchise, Freddy has complete Reality Warper levels of power in the dream realm. In the game, he can't do anything but place a few snares and fake pallets. Likely justified, as the Entity wouldn't want a killer that could potentially usurp them, making this a rare in-universe example of Adaptational Wimp.
  • Asshole Victim: He was burned alive by the parents of Springwood as a human, but his first death (and the ones that would follow afterwards) was fully deserved.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Originally, the Nightmare was able to see the auras of sleeping survivors who were a certain distance away from him, giving him an extraordinary tracking ability, but that did nothing to help him defend generators, locate survivors who are still awake, or stop the survivors from waking themselves up. Additionally, with the way most experienced survivors handle chases, most of the time, when a Nightmare realized they had lost their prey, they were already halfway across the map waking themselves up, rendering the entire thing useless.
  • Combo Platter Powers: The reworked version of Freddy replaces his original Invisibility with Drawbacks power with an assortment of new powers. He's invisible to awake survivors outside of 32 meters (the normal killer heartbeat range), can teleport to generators, and can (depending on loadout) lay down either dream snares that slow survivors down and notify Freddy of their location, or fake dream pallets that can be used to trick survivors. Survivors are also encouraged to waste time awakening from the dream state, as sleeping survivors are vulnerable to his dream snares/pallets and also decrease the cooldown time of his teleport ability.
  • Creepy Souvenir: Most of his add-ons are children's belongings like clothing, toys, and drawings. Made all the more disturbing when you remember what he did in the remake…
  • Dream Walker: Just like the films. Survivors will slowly fall asleep over time or instantly be put to sleep if attacked by Freddy, being put into the "Dream World".
  • Evil Is Petty: Continues hunting Quentin Smith out of revenge for burning him down at the boiler room to save Nancy.
  • Evil Laugh: Whenever he pulls a survivor into the dream world.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: His evil laugh is a deep dark type.
  • Finishing Move: Lets his prey get up before shoving his gloved hand through their chest and pulling it out.
  • Forced Sleep:
    • When the Nightmare was originally released, he had a power that could pull Survivors into the Dream World, which made them vulnerable to his attack and allowed him to better track them if they got away unless they woke up. The time between activating this power and the Survivor actually falling asleep could be reduced with add-ons.
    • Following his rework in a later patch, the Nightmare can attack Survivors at any time, and attacking an awake Survivor immediately puts them to sleep and into the Dream World. The Survivors will also periodically fall asleep throughout the trial, as shown by timers seen on their character portraits.
  • Guest Fighter: From A Nightmare on Elm Street, more specifically the remake version.
  • Hated by All: Lore-wise, at first he started off as a Villain with Good Publicity with his true nature being known to his victims. Immediately after his misdeeds were discovered, hundreds of angry parents in Springwood gave Freddy a well-deserved execution. His legacy afterwards as a child killer, molester, and a demonic monster only made him that much hated.
  • Iconic Outfit: The classic fedora, striped sweater and glove.
  • Invisibility with Drawbacks: When originally released, Freddy's power was that he was completely invisible to awake survivors, with the drawback that he was completely unable to interact with survivors until pulling them into the dream world, which took several seconds during which he was completely unable to harm the alerted survivors. This ability was so underwhelming that he was widely considered the weakest killer in the game, forcing the devs to completely overhaul his mechanics, resulting in the removal of his permanent invisibility to Survivors outside of the Dream World.
  • Ironic Nursery Tune: The classic "1, 2, Freddy's Coming For You" lullaby can be heard by Survivors in the Dream World when he is nearby in place of the normal heartbeat, although it's hummed instead of sung.
  • Master of All: Freddy is generally considered one of, if not the, strongest Combo Platter Powers Killers in the game. His anti-loop with the snares can be very effective if used well (or, if you're not that experienced at countering loops, his dream pallets are good at catching survivors unawares, but are more luck-based), and his ability to teleport to generators gives him extremely good map coverage, especially with generator defense perks like Pop Goes the Weasel or Ruin. The fact he uses a lullaby instead of a heartbeat when survivors are in the Dream World also means that Dream World survivors can't use Borrowed Time against him.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: He's invisible to Survivors outside of a certain range, and the heartbeat is replaced by the nursery rhyme from the movies while in the Dream World.
  • Mundane Solution: Failing a skill check at a generator will wake a survivor up, so it is not uncommon in Nightmare matches to see survivors escape from Freddy then purposefully blow up a generator to wake themselves up.
  • Nice Hat: The fedora.
  • Pædo Hunt: Was a child molester before becoming a dream demon. Some of his add-ons reflect his past life before becoming a supernatural creature.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Freddy is short, sharing his actor's 5'5 height. When compared to the likes of the Trapper, it's even more noticeable. Unlike all other male Killers, who are tall enough that they can just step through windows, Freddy is short enough that he has to put his hands on the windowsill and hoist himself through — much like the other smallest Killer, the Hag, who Freddy is only taller than due to her bad posture. He's also around the same height as an average male Survivor.
  • Red Right Hand: His burnt hand, which he received when he was burned to death.
  • Sequential Boss: His perks revolve around him getting more dangerous as the game begins to draw to a close; "Fire Up" grants him increased action speed for every generator repaired, "Remember Me" marks a survivor as an obsession, and whenever said obsession is hit by him, the exits take longer and longer to open, and "Blood Warden" blocks the exits from the survivors, preventing them from escaping for up to a minute, the first time he hooks a survivor after at least one exit gate has been opened.
  • The Sociopath: He was a sadistic pedophile who posed as a friendly gardener at a preschool, using his job position there to abuse the young children who attended it. After coming back as a monster, he proceeded to hunt down his former victims and murdered them as revenge for his well-deserved death. After coming into the Entity's realm, he was more than happy for new prey.
  • Villain Decay:
    • When he was first released, new players were so overwhelmed by his power's stealth and tracking boosts that he was given several nerfs. He then became one of the easiest killers to evade, often forcing Nightmare mains to choose alternative play-styles. Thankfully, this was majorly fixed with the rework he got.
    • Lore-wise, Freddy has been all but reduced to a weaker and less effective monster thanks to the Entity's tampering. He even seems to be "mortal" again while outside of trials, since he is standing in the same clearing as the other Killers with no indication of being in the Dream World.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Based on his reboot continuity, Freddy was formerly a pedophile. This is referenced in his add-ons which are mostly child mementos like toys and small clothing.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: What he started off as before his crimes were discovered.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Skinny and short, with a bellowing deep laugh.
  • Wolverine Claws: His signature clawed glove.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: In his original release version, Freddy could see the aura of all sleeping survivors outside of his heartbeat range, making him by far the best tracker of the game's killers. However, this did nothing to help him defend gens or defeat loops, and waking up was relatively easy, ultimately making him very weak and forcing a rework of his mechanics. The new version of Freddy no longer has his overwhelming tracking ability, but certain add-ons let him briefly see the auras of survivors if they destroy his dream pallets or fail skill checks.

    The Pig 

"The Pig" - Amanda "Mandy" Young
Voiced by: Christine Marsh

"At first I actually believed that it was a pig that slept in front of me on the ground. An animal that somehow had eluded the banalities of my old life and managed to end up at this forsaken and forgotten place. But then it rose, from crouch to standing, with its lifeless eyes nailed to my person. I ran, as I have so brutally learnt to do. My curiosity halted my escape after a few feet and I hid in a cabinet. The Pig moved like a predator – and I saw: a human body wearing a pig’s head as ornament. It walked by the cabinet and its snout was just a few inches away from me. I held my breath, aching for freedom. A sudden sound caught the pig’s attention and it walked away. But not without giving me a last, final glance, as if it wanted to inform me that I was given a second chance. I will not get a third."

When John Kramer, better known as Jigsaw, planned for his son to be born during the Chinese Zodiac's Year of the Pig, he wanted it to represent fertility and rebirth; a new beginning for him and his wife, and the start of a charmed life for his son. But that plan was shattered on the night that a junkie broke into his wife's clinic, hoping to score.

After this event resulted in the death of his unborn son, John finally caught up with the junkie, making him his first test subject, and The Pig was changed forever too. It became a representation of the disease that was rotting John from the inside, a reminder that we are just meat unless we elevate ourselves by our actions, by grasping life from the jaws of death. The Pig became a vessel, an agent of Jigsaw, conveying the subjects to their test. For some of those who emerged victorious, The Pig could still be a rebirth, into their new lives as apprentices, even disciples, of Jigsaw.

That was the case for Amanda Young, a troubled soul, whose life had been a catalogue of harm, both to herself and those around her. That changed when she faced, and bested, Jigsaw's test. Deciding her life was worth something, she became devoted to Jigsaw's cause, ready to take over when cancer consumed him.

But she became more dependent on John, her anguish at his impending death combining with a belief that their test subjects weren't capable of saving themselves, of being reborn in the crucible of the games.

Seeing this, John presented her with another game, another chance to save herself, but Amanda let her rage and jealousy rule her actions. She failed the test and took a bullet as a consequence.

Bleeding out on the tiled floor, darkness engulfed Amanda's vision, accompanied by a sound like creaking wood. Then she was in a forest, once more viewing the world through the eyes of a Pig. Trees surrounded her, their branches clawing at her from all sides. Waves of panic washed over her and she could hear her breath reverberating inside the mask.

Had she been damned, cursed to spend her days here, in this guise? Or maybe this was another test? Maybe she hadn't failed at all? John always thought one step ahead of everyone else, planned for every eventuality, and he would never give up on her, surely?

Jigsaw may have gone but he had passed her onto another. A being for whom she would be The Pig again.

Ultimately, she saw now that she had been right in the choices she had made. The time for games was over. There was no chance of redemption for any of them. They were meat, and meat was destined to die.

The Pig is the eighth new killer added to the game with the release of the The Saw Chapter on January 23rd 2018.The Pig is the fourth Guest Fighter killer added to the game, coming from Saw.
  • Achilles' Heel: As a stealth Killer, anti-stealth perks like Spine Chill heavily handicap her. The Pig gets it particularly bad as her speed is significantly reduced while in stealth mode.
  • Animal Motifs: Pigs, as shown with her mask and map that is littered with dead swine and bovine.
  • Back from the Dead: Revived by the Entity shortly after her death in Saw III.
  • Badass Normal: What Amanda lacks in brute strength or supernatural ability, she makes up for in mechanical ingenuity and sadism.
  • Becoming the Mask: Her backstory suggests that she fully latched onto her Pig identity.
  • Boring, but Practical: Like The Trapper, her kit lacks much flash. She has a crouch ability and a tiny dagger in her sleeve. That crouch ability, however, makes her terror radius undetectable and gives her access to a lunge ability that means she can come out of absolute nowhere to wreck your day.
  • Combo Platter Powers: Unlike most of the other killers, the Pig has multiple different average abilities rather than a single strong ability. She can put reverse beartraps on captured survivors to force them to waste time removing the trap, crouch to hide her heartbeat, and has a dash attack she can launch from a crouch. None of her abilities are strong enough to carry a game on their own, but using them in combination well are the key to winning with her.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Her bear traps alone are moderately effective at slowing the game down, but otherwise are fairly weak against experienced survivors compared to other killer powers. Her sneaking ability is likewise below average for ambush attacks since it slows her map coverage down noticeably, and her dash attack is telegraphed by a very loud sound cue and easily dodged using sprint burst. Her real ace-in-the-hole is her ability to use her dash attack to defeat short to medium length looping areas; however, this requires her (thankfully very common) add-ons that increase crouch speed and reduce the charge time for the dash, as well as a lot of practice using it. Even with all these abilities combined, she's still considered an average to below-average killer, but at least she becomes viable at higher levels.
  • The Dragon: Was one to Jigsaw.
  • Explosive Leash: Her reverse bear traps kill survivors by ripping their heads apart from the jaw.
  • Finishing Move: Stabs her prey's hand before slicing their throat.
  • From Bad to Worse: John knew of Amanda's murderous tendencies and tried to give her another chance to quell it with a very simple test. After failing and descending into the Entity's realm, she essentially becomes the complete antithesis of his vision as a mindless murdering machine.
  • Guest Fighter: From Saw.
  • Impaled Palm: Whether intentionally or unintentionally, she slashes her victim's throat after stabbing them in the hand.
  • I Will Only Slow You Down: She forces this choice on survivors via reverse bear traps. If survivors are noble enough, then they can buy the others a window of time to escape or work on generators by distracting the killer. However, if a survivor is a coward or simply didn't know, then the survivors wearing the bear traps will be left to die.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: The fact that Amanda was a disciple of John "Jigsaw" Kramer was originally one of the twists in Saw II. The game doesn't even try hiding this fact.
  • Luck-Based Mission: The effectiveness of her reverse bear traps is heavily dependent on luck, as it's entirely random whether it's the first jigsaw box or the fourth one that a survivor searches which is the right one to remove the trap. This makes her the only Killer whose power is heavily influenced by luck.
  • Manipulative Bastard:
    • Rather than exposing the survivors and then putting them on the hook as fast as possible like other killers, the Pig's playstyle revolves around toying with the survivors, deterring their focus on repairing generators and escaping, and making them move around as much as possible while the Pig ambushes them.
    • The reverse bear trap forces survivors to shift focus from generators to key boxes around the map, while the Pig's crouch and ambush ability can catch them unaware while they are on the move.
  • Master of None: As a Combo Platter Powers Killer, the Pig suffers from this to a certain extent. Her stealth is significantly weaker than Wraith, Myers, Ghostface, or Spirit, as she's significantly slowed while in stealth mode. Her anti-loop dash attack is noticeably less effective than the likes of Doctor's electroshock, Clown's bottles, Freddy's snares, etc. Her slowdown ability with her head traps is decent, but generally not enough to carry a game at higher levels. Overall, she does a little bit of everything, but nothing particularly well.
  • Nothing Up My Sleeve: Her weapon is a small blade hidden in her sleeves above her hand.
  • Pig Man: A rare female example, she wears the severed head of a pig.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: At a meagre 5'3 (the height of her actor Shawnee Smith), she's not only the shortest female Killer, she's the shortest killer period (though the large pig mask adds a few inches and makes her slightly taller than Freddy, even with his fedora). And can still lift grown men over her shoulder with ease.
  • Recovered Addict: In her backstory in both the game and her native franchise, she is a former heroin addict. One of her add-ons, "Shattered Syringe", references this.
  • Sadistic Choice: If a survivor is trapped, activating a generator will also activate the trap timer. Also, the "Make A Choice" perk will inflict the "Exposed" status on survivors who rescue others from the hook, which makes them go down in one hit.
  • Self-Harm: In her backstory, she had taken to this in place of her former drug addiction, usually as a reaction to stress. This is referenced by her add-on "Amanda's Secret," a black box containing a knife and medical supplies. Part of its description reads "Deep cuts reduce stress and awaken the senses", implying she still does this in the Entity's realm.
  • The Sneaky Guy: A part of her ability is to crouch down, slightly slowing her movement speed but removing the terror radius, allowing her to sneak up on survivors and ambush them. However, it takes a few seconds for the Pig's heartbeat to fade when she crouches, so she can't turn it on and off instantly.
  • Torture Technician: Was one before the events of the game. Her playstyle involves traps that force her victims to endanger themselves to save their friends. If they refuse/didn't know, then the victim will die as soon as they escape.
  • Trap Master: Similar to the Trapper, and in completely reverse ways. She uses the signature "reverse bear trap" of the series, while the Trapper sets bear traps for survivors to walk into and clamp their feet, the Pig sets up a reverse bear trap on their face after she downs a survivor, which rips their head open from the mouth if they let the timer run out, or attempt to escape without first deactivating it.
  • Why Am I Ticking?: A ticking sound is heard when her bear traps start counting down before activation.
  • X-Ray Vision: One of her two Ultra Rare add-ons allows her to see through walls a short distance while crouched.

    The Clown 

"The Clown" - Kenneth Chase / "Jeffrey Hawk"
Voiced by: Sébastien Duval

"As I journeyed through the foggy veils that demarcate the realms of this place, I saw that, for the first time, I was not alone. Something traversed these forgotten byways, its bright colors still clearly visible, even through the muting effect of the mist that roiled between us. As we emerged into a new, yet somehow familiar, place, I saw it clearly for the first time: a carney's caravan, pulled by something that appeared to be a horse but was, to my eyes, older and more terrible. I watched from the trees as a crack appeared at the doorway and a warm, golden light spilled forth into this desolate place. The effect was, I suspect, deliberately inviting, but the figure that emerged was anything but: its costume a hodge-podge of ringmaster, clown and other fairground attire. Its face was a nightmare in greasepaint, a caricature of a smile slashed across its flabby lips. At its waist were a collection of what looked for all the world like fingers. But what creature would be so monstrous as to collect such trophies? The Clown surveyed its new surrounding and its gaze lit on me. A rictus split its face in two and it nodded at me before returning to the caravan. I suspect that it prefers its victims to be less aware than I, and I thanked the stars for that."

The Clown is the ninth new killer added to the game with the release of The Curtain Call Chapter on June 12th, 2018.

  • Abusive Parents: His father neglected and hated him after his mother died from complications of childbirth. The Tome 8 trailer has him cruelly mocking and laughing at his son as Kenneth cries and wets himself.
  • Acrofatic: He's the fattest killer in the game, but also one of the fastest.
  • Animal Motifs: Birds. He had a childhood fascination with birds and used to collect their feathers. His start of darkness began when he started killing those birds and collecting their feathers as trophies. His alias is also named after a hawk.
  • Art Shift: In the Tome trailer, the usual handrawn gritty art is instead done in a comic artstyle. In his Archives cutscene itself, this is invoked when one of his bottles break and the art shifts into a cartoon.
  • Aside Glance: In his Archives cutscne, he briefly gives the camera an irritated You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! look when his victim briefly slips away.
  • Bad People Abuse Animals: The first bird he caught with anaesthesia was the first time he was ever close to a bird. His reaction afterwards involved him killing the bird out of petty sadism.
  • Bad Santa: One of his two Very Rare tier DLC outfits is a Santa Claus outfit. He doesn't wear makeup with it, giving you a look at his face.
  • Balance Buff: Previously, the Clown was slowed for a couple seconds after throwing a bottle. Without add-ons, this actually cancelled out the slowdown on a survivor being hit with a bottle, resulting in the Clown gaining zero total overall distance compared to just chasing normally. This was removed in the same update as the Silent Hill chapter, making the Clown much more effective in his role as an anti-loop Close-Range Combatant. A second Balance Buff gave him a second gas that allowed him to speed himself up (but which survivors could also use to speed themselves up), as well as reducing the reload time on his bottles.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: Several of the other killers have this as a result of wearing a mask. In contrast, the Clown's actual eyes are pure black, as seen in his Santa outfit where his face isn't covered by makeup.
  • Body Horror: Less so than most of the other killers, but some of his outfits (like his Santa Claus outfit) show that he has maggots growing in his skin, seemingly/likely due to his obesity and very poor hygiene rather than monstrousness. His Black Eyes of Evil are also an incredibly mundane style of disturbing.
  • Boring, but Practical: He lacks the one-hit-kill abilities of Myers or Leatherface, the pressure ability of Legion or Plague, or the stealth and potential for unpredictability of Freddy, the Wraith, or even the Pig. His bottles are decent for countering loops, but the game's results stats show him as being the weakest killer in the game in terms of ability to kill survivors (though his recent Balance Buff has improved him quite a bit and brought him more in line with the majority of "average" Killers).
  • Bright Is Not Good: As a counterpart to Kate’s Light Is Good and Ojomo’s Dark Is Not Evil, Kenneth was irredeemable since adolescence while Ojomo had more sympathetic reasons for becoming a killer. Also, Kenneth wears a bright Pink Ringmaster's uniform with yellow accents, but is a sadistic killer who kills indiscriminately.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: He was brilliant at sports, but refused to join any sports team.
  • Butterfly Knife: His weapon is a butterfly knife named Madame Butterfly. He uses it both to stab survivors and to cut off their fingers in his Memento Mori.
  • Collector of the Strange: He used to collect feathers from birds he killed, then moved on to human fingers.
  • Creepy Souvenir: The Clown keeps a severed finger from each of his victims. His Mori is killing the Survivor and taking their pinky as a trophy.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: As discussed under Master of None, the Clown is a pure anti-loop Close-Range Combatant Killer, with no map coverage, stealth, or power attacks (at least without a very specific Ultra Rare add-on). This makes him good in a one-on-one chase or loop, but he can easily be outplayed by a decent team doing generators effectively, especially on larger maps.
  • Cruel Elephant: His Mr.Puddles alter-ego, which is him wearing a worn cartoon elephant costume.
  • Deadly Gas: His anaesthetic slows survivors and distorts their vision.
  • Dirty Old Man: Implied. One of his add-ons is "VHS Porn."
  • The Dreaded: One of his perks gives Survivors within his Terror Radius a percentage penalty for their healing progression speed.
  • Evil Laugh: Lets out a laugh whenever he slices a survivor with his knife.
  • Evil Old Folks: One of the oldest killers (without his makeup, his face is distinctly elderly and careworn), most decidedly psychotic.
  • Fat Bastard: Incredibly obese, and a psychotic clown who murders people for their fingers.
  • Finishing Move: Stomps on his prey's head until they stop moving, cuts off their index finger, gives it a taste, and then attaches it to his ring.
  • Fingore: Has a gold ring with multiple fingers attached to it on his side. His Memento Mori also involves cutting off the survivor's index finger after stomping them to death.
  • Guttural Growler: Judging by his laugh as well as his coughing. His repetitive use of the gas hasn't done wonders to his lungs.
  • The Hedonist: Became one while traveling with the circus, binging on junk food, alcohol, and drugs. This ended up biting him in the ass, as a would-be victim was able to escape while Kenneth was passed out drunk, which led to him being exposed as a serial killer to the circus and forcing him to escape. Some of his add-ons reflect this, including an empty soda bottle, a videotape of porn, and a bottle of cheap gin.
  • Joke Item: The clown's party bottles add-on cause his bottles to explode into confetti when they hit a survivor directly. He scores extra bloodpoints whenever this happens. Notably, it's the only Joke Item in the game that doesn't have a detrimental effect on the Killer's power, other that using up an add-on slot that could have been used with a more beneficial add-on instead.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Downplayed, since the Clown is neither extremely fast nor strong, but he is indeed both. Despite his large size, he averts Mighty Glacier by being one of the faster killers, and his backstory points out he has a great deal of physical strength, too. While several killers in the game have some kind of mobility option that outspeeds Clown's, he stands out as the killer that technically walksthe fastest : his antidote gas speed boost is completely unrestricted in terms of mobility or actions, something which no other killers have. His situational ability to slow down survivors while speeding himself up also make him, in practice, extremely fast.
  • Master of None: The Clown has zero enhanced movement abilities, zero stealth, zero enhanced tracking, zero ability to delay survivors, and no built-in One-Hit Kill ability. He's basically the game's only Close-Range Combatant who doesn't have at least one of these advantages. His recent Balance Buff has made him more effective in one-on-one encounters, but he's still rather weak against an effective team of survivors, especially on larger maps.
  • Master Poisoner: The Clown's ability lets him throw bottles of anesthesia that explode into gas clouds, greatly slowing survivors who pass through it and hindering their vision.
  • Maternal Death? Blame the Child!: Kenneth's father neglected him after Kenneth's mother died giving birth to him. He blamed him for her death and the rift never closed between the two.
  • Monster Clown: The Clown is a serial killer with a penchant for fingers who dresses as a clown mostly to hide in the circus and collect victims as it traveled the country. His backstory states he removed the costume less and less, becoming less Kenneth Chase and more Jeffrey Hawk the clown.
  • One-Hit Kill: His Ultra-Rare severed lady finger add-on makes a survivor vulnerable to being downed in one hit for a few seconds if he manages to hit them directly with a thrown bottle (this is trickier than it sounds, since the bottles have a much less intuitive arc compared to the Huntress' hatchets).
  • Psycho Smirk: Has this expression during his character select animation; notably, he and the Spirit are the only two killers who can do this due to neither wearing a mask or being horribly deformed (in the face, anyway, in the Spirit's case).
  • Shadow Archetype: He and Kate Denson aren't so different from each other. Both are associated with birds and are skilled performers. However, unlike Kate, who was supported by her family to achieve her dreams, Kenneth's family didn't give a crap about him after his mother died giving birth to him.
  • The Sociopath: He was fixated on murder from a young age, starting off with animals like birds and dogs before moving up to a human being. When his father discovered this, Kenneth skipped town and joined a circus, hiding his psychopathic tendencies with a friendly, helpful deposition.
  • Stout Strength: The circus hired him on as a kid specifically for his strength. Even after letting himself go, Jeffrey was still strong enough to easily carry off his victims to torture them.
  • Teens Are Monsters: He committed his first murder when he was a teenager.
  • Would Hurt a Child: He happily tortured and killed anyone he caught, regardless of their sex or age.
  • X-Ray Vision: One of his new add-ons gives him the ability to see survivors through walls when under the effect of his speed-up gas. However, survivors can obtain the same power and use it against him if they inhale the gas, which is a pretty big drawback since survivors have the advantage against Killers at loops if both of them can see through walls.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: One day, as Kenneth was coming home from work, he saw his father coming out of the basement with the cigar box in which he kept his trophies. He turned on his heel and never saw his father again.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: The Clown's playstyle is all about this, crippling survivors and cutting off their escape routes to make them easier targets. His gas bombs are most effective not as a direct attack, but rather for cutting off paths, which combines well with his ability to block off windows.

    The Spirit 

"The Spirit" - Yamaoka Rin
Click here to see her appearance before becoming a Killer. 
Voiced by: Gabrielle Murphy

The Spirit is the tenth new killer added to the game with the release of the Shattered Bloodline Chapter on September 18th, 2018.

  • Abusive Parents: Not initially. Her father’s mental breakdown after losing his career involved him trying to kill her with a katana after he had killed her mother.
  • Achilles' Heel:
    • Because she can't see survivors while phasewalking, the Spirit is heavily reliant on cues like scratch marks and sound, as well as predicting a survivor's path based on experience and map knowledge. Skilled survivors can dodge her by changing directions unpredictable when they see she's phasewalking, and by using Iron Will to eliminate their ambient sound.
    • As with all stealth killers, Spine Chill effectively nullifies her stealth and lets you know with 100% certainty whether or not she's coming towards you or chasing someone else. It even completely nullifies her Prayer Beads, which are otherwise her most powerful add-on.
  • Archnemesis Dad: Her reasons for becoming a killer are to punish her murderous father for his previously mentioned crimes.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Lost an arm and a leg during her initial escape from her crazed father.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Despite requiring a high level of skill similar to the Nurse's power to use (due to her speed handicap and high skill requirement of her power), her power isn't nearly as strong as that of the Nurse'snote . A decently skilled survivor can still counter her by looping around pallets and windows. While not top-tier like Nurse/Hillbilly, though, she's still considered to be in the top 5 due to the degree of unpredictability and potential for outsmarting survivors her power gives her.
  • Badass Bookworm: Before her transformation, she was studying at a private university. After her death, the “badass” part comes into play when she becomes a vengeful spirit.
  • Blue Blood: She was very likely a member of an old Samurai family given her home and the fact that her father just had a Katana in the house (Confirmed by the Oni being a direct ancestor to her). However, her father leaping hard off the Despair Event Horizon after being fired likely means that her family had become Impoverished Patricians at some point.
  • Body Horror: She has glass shards protruding from her body and multiple amputated limbs that float in their place. She also has twitchy, inhuman movements and the bones in her hands can be heard snapping.
  • Deal with the Devil: She only joined The Entity to avenge her and her mother's death by punishing her father.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: She was dismembered with a katana and was embedded with glass shards in her attempt to escape.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Similar to the Nurse, her power has a very high skill ceiling and requires a considerable amount of practice to use effectively; her slow speed (similar to the Hag and Huntress) means she's dependent on her power to hit survivors, and the fact you can't see survivors while in the spirit world requires you to be very familiar with map layout, survivor movements, and sounds in order to hit them. In exchange, she can attack instantly from her invisible state, unlike the Wraith, who has a significant reappearance time before he can attack.
  • Fan Disservice: In life, Rin must have been a very attractive girl, and has a shapely body. As the Spirit, she is nearly naked with only a sarashi covering only her private parts — except at this point, she is a walking can of Body Horror as an undead, mutilated creature riddled with broken glass, dismembered limbs, and bloody wounds, and kills anyone she sees out of hate and anger.
  • Finishing Move: Lets her prey get up, stabs them from behind, and then slashes at their body a few more times for good measure.
  • Floating Limbs: Her hands, part of her arm and her leg are floating in place due to being cut off by her father.
  • Foil: She's essentially one to Freddy, as both are ambush killers with invisibility-based powers; Freddy's ability to track survivors is unmatched, but the flip side is that he has a massive delay between spotting a survivor and being able to attack them. The Spirit can attack instantly out of her invisible state, but the drawback is that she can't see survivors while invisible and requires good cleverness and observation to predict where the survivors are and land the hits. Freddy is also the evil spirit of a child killer who likes to chop up teens while Rin is the vengeful spirit of a teen who got chopped up by her father.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: While quite a few of the killers were once innocent people who went crazy, Rin never hit that point — she died a normal girl and wanted revenge on her father as she died, rather than other similar killers who went crazy and sought to kill everyone they saw for various reasons. But the Spirit, due to how the game works, will happily chase down and execute these random people she doesn't know, despite her father being the only target of her rage in her story. Though as she is most likely an Onryo and the Entity is willing to torture its killers into obedience, it might make sense that revenge upon her father wouldn't be enough to calm her down and she is lashing out at anyone in her path.
  • She Who Fights Monsters: She joined The Entity to punish her father and now she's in the realm hunting on The Entity's behalf.
  • Invisibility with Drawbacks: She can turn invisible at any time — briefly leaving behind a decoy of herself to fool survivors — but survivors become invisible to her. She can still see the scratches from their running to help track them down. An add-on can also allow her to see blood.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Her weapon is a katana which she can summon out of the air from the blade shard embedded in her right hand. Unlike other killers, she also uses her weapon to break objects instead of kicking them (given the poor state of her legs, this rather makes sense).
  • Master of All: In the current meta, with the Nurse's recent heavy Nerf, the Spirit is generally considered the strongest or second-strongest Killer in the game, largely because her power is so versatile. It makes her unpredictable and gives her good stealth potential, enhances her movement speed and gives her excellent map coverage, and with skill can be used to defeat survivors at loops. However, her power also requires a high level of skill to use effectively, and without her power she's very weak due to her slower speed.
  • Murder Into Malevolence: (with a dash of The Corruption) Rin was just a normal girl trying to help her family's bad situation. When her father snapped both from his real life traumas and the Entity screwing with his head and brutally killed her, her rage was so great that the Entity ended up taking her as its then-newest killer instead of her father as planned, and now she, like all her 'peers', exists solely to kill anyone she can get her hands on.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: She wants revenge on her father for killing both her and her mother.
  • Poison Mushroom: Her unique perk, Hex: Haunted Ground, generates two booby-trapped hex totems. When one of them is cleansed by a survivor, the other totem extinguishes itself and all survivors receive a Damage-Increasing Debuff.
  • Psycho Smirk: Has this expression during her character select animation; notably, she and the Clown are the only two killers who can do this due to neither wearing a mask or being horribly deformed (in the face, anyway, in her case).
  • Shout-Out:
    • Rin's POV while using her power, Yamaoka's Haunting, greatly resembles the POV of the Kandarian Demon from the Evil Dead franchise.
    • Her overall appearance (Blank-white eyes, discolored skin, bodily injuries) and her demonic, reverberating voice, all seem to be references to the Deadites.
    • The shattering, Light-bulb-shorting-out sound effect that goes off every time she uses Yamaoka's haunting or Passive-phases may be a reference to Diana from Lights Out.
    • A successful hit on a survivor when coming out of her phase walk is called Grudge, referencing a fellow Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl.
    • She shares her surname with Akira Yamaoka, main composer of legendary horror video game series Silent Hill.
  • The Sneaky Gal: Like the Hag, the Spirit has a moderately reduced terror radius to compensate for her slower-than-normal movement speed. Unlike the Hag, her large size and five-foot tall hair still makes her pretty easy to see coming. Also not helping are her loud, constant moaning, crackling shards and limbs, and the ethereal breathing that surrounds her at a 16 metre radius. Her Very Rare add-on, Prayer Beads, causes the telltale buzzing sound that occurs when she's phasing to effect the whole map except within her terror radius, when normally it's the reverse, allowing her to sneak up on survivors that let their guards down.
  • Spikes of Villainy: She has shards of glass embedded in her body and protruding from it.
  • Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl: Modeled on this concept with her Japanese origin, creepy look and mannerisms, and Body Horror. The Spirit's pale bluish skin and default Sarashi combine to give her this appearance and contrast with her long black hair. The Reckoning outfit is even a white kimono, similar to the white funeral kimonos most J-horror ghost girls wear (albeit hers is in tatters when it usually isn't with other ghost girls).
  • Supernatural Floating Hair: The Spirit's hair floats straight up, helping survivors spot her at a distance... although this might only trick them into feeling safe if that's only her husk and the real Spirit is speeding towards them. The Reckoning customization averts this for Spirit players who find her hair gives them away too often.
  • The Unchosen One: The devs explained in a stream the Entity had originally chosen Rin's father to be one of its killers and corrupted him into killing his family. However, it sensed more potential in Rin's hate and rage at her father, and ended up discarding him and choosing to take Rin instead. Rin presumably doesn't know that in her vengeance, she was agreeing to work for The Man Behind the Man who incited all her anger and misery.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: She made a deal with the Entity, not knowing what the creature was and led to another survivor being trapped in the Entity’s grasp.
  • Vengeful Ghost: She was only interested in punishing her father for killing her mother and herself. Too bad for the totally uninvolved survivors, she doesn't mind cutting through them to get it.
  • Vocal Dissonance: An Inversion of The Doctor's high-pitched giggle, Rin's voice is rather deep and reverberating, contrasting greatly with her petite form. The effect can be unsettling to some and humorous to others.
  • You Are What You Hate: In the end, she became exactly what her father was when he killed her and her mom: A crazy killer who goes around slicing people up with a katana. Like father, like daughter.

    The Legion 

"The Legion" - Frank Morrison, Julie Kostenko, Joey and Susie

Voiced by: Nicolas Brassard (Frank, Joey), Emilie Deschamps (Julie, Susie)

The Legion are the eleventh new killer added to the game with the release of the Darkness Among Us Chapter on December 11th, 2018.

  • Achilles' Heel: Because Legion is basically a killer with no special power once all survivors are injured, perks that make injured survivors much harder to catch, such as Spine Chill + Resilience and/or Dead Hard, significantly reduce his ability to catch survivors.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: Their power is much less strategic than that of most other killers, involving simply charging at a survivor and stabbing them a lot, using their survivor-like mobility to pursue over obstacles. This makes them great at direct attacks, but they have horrible tracking since they can't see scratch marks, along with having muted vision and sound during frenzy. It's easy to lose Legion during a frenzy by simply rounding a corner, ducking, and watching as they run past looking for you.
  • Badass Boast: Their teachable perks have quotes where they give very smug taunts toward the survivors:
    "Smartasses get killed. We always see to that."
    "There's no getting out of this now. We're too good at it."
  • Badass Normal:
    • They can't really do anything that survivors can't; the main difference is that they have a knife and the survivors don't. Even more so when you realize that they're teenagers that can take on grown adults, including experienced fighters like Bill, Ash and David.
    • Their reworked power also makes them like this gameplay-wise. They can easily injure survivors, but their power can't be used to actually down survivors, making them a basic-attack Killer with no special attributes once all survivors are injured.
  • Body of Bodies: Their Blight cosmetic (Chimeric Horde) is the members of Legion fused together, with Frank being the one in control. The others are still aware and trying to unbind themselves from him.
  • Composite Character: The killer is technically four killers, as The Legion is a gang of teenagers. You can choose which one to play as in the customization loadout.
  • The Corrupter: Frank is responsible for bringing out Julie, Joey, and (to a lesser extent) Susie's worst traits.
  • Crippling the Competition: In their current incarnation, Legion is by far the easiest killer to injure survivors with, but they cannot use their power to down injured survivors and can only down them by chasing them with basic attacks. Thus their playstyle is based around injuring as many survivors as possible with Feral Frenzy, then hunting them down like a normal killer with no special ability as the survivors bleed out. Their one advantage is that the ease with which they can injure survivors tends to discourage them from wasting time healing and instead have them spend the entire match injured.
  • The Dividual: The killer is four people composed into one due to a quirk of how the Entity brought those four into its service. They are regarded by collective nouns and are treated as one.
  • Evil Counterpart: They seem to be themed as being this to the survivors. There are four of them, just like there were four original survivors and four survivors per match, and their size and body type is almost identical to that of a survivor. A large part of their special ability is to sprint as well as vault over windows and pallets in the same way survivors can. Like most of the survivors, they also come from a fairly mundane background, having been troubled teens (only Frank’s backstory is gone into so far, with him having been an oft-neglected foster kid with anger issues) with a rap sheet of petty crime, having been taken into the Entity’s realm after a murder committed (mostly) in the heat of a moment.
  • Expy: Their status as a Collective Identity of murderers wearing black hoods and white masks clearly bring to mind Ghostface. This eventually became Expy Coexistence since the actual Ghostface was eventually added as a Guest Killer.
  • Finishing Move: Swings at their prey, missing. They stumble from being pushed back, but recover. Legion stabs the victim in the arm, then in the heel, and pulls them back before stabbing them in the chest and digging the blade down to the stomach.
  • Forced into Evil: Joey, Julie, and Susie didn't want to kill the cleaner, but Frank forced them to stab the cleaner so they'd share the punishment. Susie in particular had to have her hands physically forced into the man's neck. After The Entity claimed Frank, it decided to take his three accomplices as well when they went looking for him, and all four of the youths were merged together.
  • Fragile Speedster: Legion's special ability, Feral Frenzy, allows them to sprint faster than a normal killer (though not as fast as a charge/dash power like Hillbilly's chainsaw charge, Oni's demon dash, Spirit's spirit walk, Blight's rush, or Wraith with enhanced movement add-ons), attack at a significantly higher rate, vault windows at survivor speeds, and even vault pallets. However, their Feral Frenzy attack cannot down survivors, only injure them, unless you use a very rare add-on which still only does Scratch Damage and requires 5 hits to down a survivor.
  • Fusion Dance: Played With. Despite the Legion being considered a single killer, the name actually refers to a gang of four individual teenagers, one of whom can be chosen on the cosmetics screen. However, the Chimeric Horde cosmetic plays this trope straight, the lore being that the Blight's putrid serum fused the Legion together into a single being.
  • Gender-Equal Ensemble: The Legion consists of two males, Frank and Joey, and two females, Julie and Susie.
  • I Am Legion: All four gang members that make up the killer appear to have been permanently merged and only express individuality when changing their appearance based on who is in control/who the player wants to be. Even then, regardless of whoever is chosen, the Legion member always refer to themselves as "we".
  • Hell-Bent for Leather: Frank and Julie wear faux black leather jackets and pants, while Susie wears various schoolgirl outfits and Joey wears a black cloth hoodie.
  • In the Hood: All four members of the Legion wear hoodies to help conceal their identity.
  • Knife Nut: Their main weapon is a hunting knife. They each have their own distinct knife; see Weapon of Choice below.
  • Leitmotif: Their unique menu theme is a foreboding heavy metal remix of the main theme.
  • The Leader: Frank is this to the rest of The Legion.
  • Malevolent Masked Men: Each member has their own mask. Frank's is a simple white mask with eyes and a grinning mouth painted on, with a little blood splattered on it. Julie's is the same as Frank's except the eyes are lightly smaller and the mouth is a little lower, and there's some more blood. Joey's mask is more like a black balaclava with a white skull painted on, and Susie's mask is cracked open with wires barely holding it together (the wires resemble her braces).
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Like the Nurse, Legion is the only killer in the game able to bypass pallets and windows and thus break through the looping meta. Both killers also are temporarily stunned after using their ability, giving survivors time to evade. They also cannot kill survivors with Feral Frenzy, just injure them, so survivors can still loop them in normal mode once injured.
  • Palette Swap: Tying in with the Silent Hill content, each Legion member can get a skin to dress up as Robbie the Rabbit.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: They are basically the same size as a male survivor, but are still good chasers and can even vault over pallets like them. They're also quite a bit more svelte than the Pig (due to lacking her bulky mask and robes), thus making them even closer to survivor-sized.
  • Scarily Competent Tracker: Once Legion hits a survivor in Feral Frenzy mode, they gain a "killer instinct" which shows them the location of any survivor heartbeats within their own heartbeat radius, unless they have already injured a survivor with Feral Frenzy.
  • Scratch Damage: In Feral Frenzy, the Legion's attacks have a separate health bar and require multiple hits to down a survivor (after their Nerf, even this also requires a very rare add-on, otherwise Feral Frenzy attacks won't harm an already wounded survivor at all). Additionally, it is impossible to land enough hits in a single Feral Frenzy to down a survivor, as hitting a Survivor already afflicted with Deep Wounds knocks Legion out of Feral Frenzy. On the plus side, the first attack still puts healthy survivors into the injured state.
  • Skill Gate Character: In their original incarnation, Legion was probably the easiest Killer in the game to play in terms of catching skilled survivors, but the drawback is he's unable to catch survivors quickly unless they make very rookie mistakes. The result was making it very hard for a single survivor to dominate them (whereas optimal survivors can be functionally invincible against every other Killer except the Nurse), but conversely it was hard for Legion to dominate a survivor team as they're likely to escape before they can make a sufficient number of hooks. Even this was too much for survivor players, who prefer a playstyle in which they always have the potential to take on a killer 1-vs-1 chase indefinitely, so Legion was Nerfed so that their Feral Frenzy attack can't down injured survivors.note 
  • Struggling Single Mother: According to his Season's Killings cosmetic, Joey had one.
  • Slasher Smile: Susie has one underneath her mask. Frank and Julie's masks have one painted on in blood as well.
  • The Sneaky Guy: They are only slightly taller than most survivors; this combined with their posture can allow them to approach survivors who mistake them for fellow teammates from a distance.
  • Tattooed Crook: Frank has a skull neck tattoo and is the ring leader.
  • Teens Are Monsters: Frank plays this fully straight, being willing to murder a man in cold blood. Julie and Joey are downplayed since they had to be convinced to take part in said murder, and Susie is even more downplayed since she had to be physically forced into compliance.
  • They Look Just Like Everyone Else!: Everyone in the Legion can easily pass for a Survivor, being some of the most human-looking Killers in the game. This is shown in their launch trailer, when Frank manages to fool David into thinking he's a Survivor, before donning his mask and stabbing him.
  • Token Minority: Joey, the only black guy in the group. Doubles as Scary Black Man, considering his status as a Serial Killer in the Entity's realm.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Their "Feral Frenzy" ability translates into this: in exchange for reduced ability in tracking the survivor, they gain faster speed, and the ability to vault windows and pallets. The ability's end does make Legion get stunned for a bit from the adrenaline rush fading.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Frank's Party Crasher skin has him bare-chested, although covered in paint.
  • Weak, but Skilled: They're not some hulking juggernaut or supernatural terror like the other killers, just four stabby Canadian teens with knives and a thrill for violence. This even shows in their Mori execution animation, where survivors are able to fight back against them to a noticeable degree before being finished off.
  • Weapon of Choice: Each teenager uses a different knife. Frank uses a normal (although bloodied) bowie knife, Julie uses a knife similar to Frank's but with a curved grip, Joey uses a large kerambit knife, and Susie uses a broken school ruler fashioned into a shank, made extra nasty with compass needles taped around its point.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Susie's hair is dyed either blue or pink depending on the cosmetic.

    The Plague 

"The Plague" - Adiris

Voiced by: TBA

The Plague is the twelfth new killer added to the game with the release of the Demise of the Faithful Chapter on March 19th, 2019.

  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Very obviously averted, if you look at her picture above.
  • Body Horror: The folder pic shows the effects of the plague on Adiris. To sum it up, there's more decomposed flesh on her than healthy skin.
  • Crippling the Competition: Like Legion, the Plague has an unrivaled ability to injure survivors through her infection, but has no special ability to down injured survivors unless they give her access to her Super Mode by healing at a fountain. If survivors don't do so, the Plague's game consists of pursuing survivors as a normal killer with no special power, but with the advantage that the survivors are injured and unable to heal.
  • Determinator: According to her backstory, she kept on doing her work as a priestess even when the plague was ravaging her body and making her suffer, to the point of even overworking herself. Shame that it didn’t really make much of a difference in the end, though.
  • Enlightened Antagonist: Despite her previous religious devotion, she has apparently accepted the Entity as her true "God" and pays tribute to it like all the other killers.
  • Finishing Move: Whacks the Survivor with her thurible, strangles them with the chain and drowns them in bile.
  • Hope Bringer: Before she became what she is today, she was this to the people of Ancient Babylon. They respected her, viewed her in a very positive light, saw her as an omen of good things to come and made her the new high priestess despite her lack of experience for the job.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Wields a thurible (A chained vessel for burning incense) as her weapon, using it as a large flail.
  • Lean and Mean: Skinny and gangly, very tall and very mean.
  • Light Is Not Good: Dressed in a white and gold-trimmed ceremonial priestess' garb with a golden headdress and ruby-encrusted jewelry. All the while forcefully contaminating and slaughtering survivors.
  • Long-Range Fighter: Like the Huntress, her ability is a ranged attack that deals damage. Unlike Huntress, the rules governing whether or not her ability damages survivors and how much it does so vary quite a lot. This is counterbalanced by the fact she moves at normal speed, unlike the Huntress who moves at reduced speed to compensate for her ranged attack ability.
  • Maximum HP Reduction: Infected survivors will eventually succumb to the Broken status effect, where they cannot heal from the injured state unless they heal at a fountain and give the Plague access to her Super Mode.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Because the way she handles injuries is so different from other killers, many killer perks that affect survivor healing (i.e. Nurse's Calling, Sloppy Butcher, or Coulrophobia) are practically useless on her since survivors will generally only heal against her by using a fountain, which heals instantly and isn't affected by perks. Conversely, survivor perks that boost their healing ability are likewise mostly useless when playing against her.
  • Prisoner's Dilemma: One of the aspects of her power, moreso than even the Pig. If a survivor is infected by vomit, they'll have a fuzzy screen and will eventually be permanently injured. They can still complete the game in this state but will be downed in one hit by the killer. Using a healing fountain heals them to full instantly, but the Plague can then use that fountain to upgrade her vomit so that it deals damage and can down survivors. The optimal strategy is for all 4 survivors to ignore the infection and just do generators, but if one survivor isn't confident enough to play the game in a injured state and uses a fountain to heal, they'll potentially strengthen the Plague and make the game harder for the other survivors. Unlike Legion, the Plague moves at full speed, so being injured while being chased by her is more dangerous than in the slower Legion's case.
    • Tit for tat seems to be the best strategy against Plague, just as in real life. Don't heal if no one else heals, and have everyone heal if one person heals.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Some of the Killers were taken several decades before the modern day, but the Plague is by far the oldest Killer so far, having been claimed by the Entity during the days of ancient Babylon, several millennia ago.
  • Suddenly Voiced: The first character, Survivor or Killer, to have spoken voice lines beyond grunts or screams of agony. She speaks during her Mori, albeit in Akkadian.
  • Super Mode: By using a corrupted fountain (a healing fountain which an infected survivor has used to heal), her Vile Purge is upgraded to Corrupted Purge for a short period of time, allowing her to deal damage with it and knock down survivors with enough hits, at the cost of being unable to infect them. She also completely loses her power if she gets stunned, which makes loops risky as survivors can either drop a pallet on you or flashlight you when you try to break a pallet.
  • Super Spit: Her ability. Spewing out an infecting stream of vomit.
  • Visible Odor: Infected survivors and objects will emit green stink clouds.
  • You Are What You Hate: She went from someone who wanted to repel the plague that threatened her people to a murderous fanatic who goes around spreading the very same plague that she prayed so hard against all those millennia ago when she became a servant of the Entity.

    The Ghost Face 

"The Ghost Face" - Danny Johnson / "Jed Olsen"

Voiced by: Filip Ivanovic

After committing multiple murder sprees in Utah and Philadelphia, Danny Johnson came to the town of Roseville under the alias "Jed Olsen", quickly landing himself a job at The Roseville Gazette. However, after a few months, he began to stalk various members of the town, dressed in a black cloak and a white mask. He began to map out their routines, taking pictures of their house and studying them before finally striking, brutally murdering his prey. Jed used these killings as fuel for the newspapers, writing article after article of the "Ghost Face Killer". As proud as he was of the murders and the resulting stories from them, however, evidence soon began pointing to him as the killer. When he realized this, he fled from Roseville, leaving behind only a note for the police.

Danny continued his work as Ghost Face in the next place he found, quickly building up a collection of newspapers and photos from the crimes, but The Entity soon took notice and invited him to join The Fog. He gladly accepted.

Ghost Face's power is called Night Shroud, which allows him to sneak up on Survivors and stalk them from around corners and out of sight. Once he stalks a Survivor for long enough, that particular Survivor becomes Marked, causing them to suffer from the Exposed status effect, allowing him to down them in one hit. However, if a Survivor spots him, his stealth is removed and he cannot stalk for a period of time.

The Ghost Face is the thirteenth new killer added to the game with the release of the Ghost Face DLC on June 18th, 2019.
The Ghost Face is the fifth Guest Fighter killer added to the game, coming from Franchise/Scream.

  • 15 Minutes of Fame: He murders people so he can write about himself in the newspaper.
  • Achilles' Heel: Because Ghostface's power is pure stealth with no anti-loop or enhanced map coverage, anti-stealth perks (especially Spine Chill) absolutely cripple him against survivors. Large, wide open maps are also a severe handicap to him, as surivors can easily spot him coming from a mile away. An organized team of survivors can also take turns knocking him out of stealth while he's busy chasing someone else.
  • Attention Whore: Danny murders people so he can write about them in his newspaper articles and gain attention from it.
  • Badass Normal: For the most part, Ghost Face is just a regular man yet he can take down survivors, including experienced fighters like Ash, Bill, and Steve. He also seems stronger than Legion, the other "average, regular person with a knife" killer, as unlike with Legion survivors are unable to fight back against him during his Mori.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: As stated in his biography, Danny Johnson, in his persona Jed Olsen, is considered by his staff as one of the most likable people around. This is just an act that Danny uses to hide his true self as a killer.
  • Captain Ersatz: Ghost Face is not the killers from the Scream movies, but rather an original character based on the Halloween mask Scream used for their killers. This is because the copyrights for the mask and for the films are entirely separate due to the films using a pre-existing character mask for their killer. The devs only bought the rights to the character mask, so the character has no direct references to Scream, though their fame-seeking background and usage of modern technology and culture certainly evoke the spirit of the films. One of his purchasable outfits allows you to don the classic Ghostface costume from the films, however.
  • Close-Range Combatant: Like Myers and Leatherface, Ghost Face has zero influence on the map other than his immediate vicinity. In theory, his stealth and one-hit-kill ability are supposed to compensate for this.
  • Don't Look at Me!: A survivor looking at him for long enough will knock him out of stealth mode. Multiple players have commented this mechanic gives him a playstyle more like the Ghost Face from Scary Movie than the Ghost Face from Scream.
  • Evil Smells Bad: Invoked; he wears cologue so that his victims can smell his presence.
  • Fame Through Infamy: One of his main motivation for being a Serial Killer.
  • Finishing Move: Stabs his victim three times, leaving the knife in their back. Then he pulls out a camera, pulls the Survivor's head up so he can take a selfie with them, then pulls the knife out.
  • Foil:
    • Can be considered one to the Legion. Both fill the niche of a relatively average human with a knife and murderous tendencies but play with comparably different playstyles; The Legion being an agile berserker based around dealing major damage to a survivor group all at once before cleaning up with basic abilities, while Ghost Face is a methodical and patient killer who focuses on stalking and remaining hidden from survivors, before swooping in and taking them out with one decisive attack.
    • He’s also one to the Shape (AKA Michael Myers), being another Guest Fighter with a playstyle that revolves around stalking Survivors before going in for a One-Hit Kill, and who has enhanced stealth capabilities at the cost of being a Close-Range Combatant. Unlike Michael, who automatically makes every Survivor Exposed at once after reaching Evil Within 3, Ghost Face’s brand of stalking, though capable of being used on multiple Survivors at once, encourages Exposing and attacking them one at a time, while also having more flexibility (with Ghost Face being able to stalk Survivors from around corners and while crouching). In addition, Michael’s stealth is passive in nature, with him always being Undetectable in Evil Within 1 and having only half the standard Terror Radius (16m rather than 32m) in Evil Within 2, while Ghost Face’s stealth is activated via Night Shroud and he can be knocked out of it if seen by a Survivor for long enough.
  • Guest Fighter: Subverted. He’s not the killer from the Scream movies and the only thing he’s got in common with them is the mask. You can purchase the classic Ghostface outfits from the film as an alternate cosmetic, however.
  • Glory Hound: He became a serial killer for fame. This is shown by his finishing move, as he takes a selfie of himself and his victim.
  • Knife Nut: As is usual for serial killers wearing the Ghost Face mask, his main weapon is a knife.
  • Laughably Evil: His trailer is considerably more comedic than the darker tone of previous killers' trailers (especially when you consider he's casually shopping in full Ghost Face regalia in a location that looks like it's part of the real world rather than the Entity's realm).
  • Lethal Joke Character: He's fairly weak when played like how the developers intended him to be played (using stalk to mark survivors then chasing them once they're marked) given how easy it is to break him out of stalk and how relatively easy it is for a skilled survivor to loop him for the relatively short period that being marked lasts. However, players have found him to be fairly strong if you just forget about marking and use stalk to run around, sneak up on, and stab survivors, playing chaotically and constantly switching targets instead of committing to a chase in order to catch injured survivors off-guard while they're vulnerable.
  • Narcissist: Heavily implied, given that his murders are motivated by a need for attention. In a video discussing his abilities and background, the developers describe him as "a bit narcissistic."
  • Not the Intended Use: Whenever he's drawn out of stealth it makes an indicator of where the survivor that found him is, thus it's possible, possibly even beneficial, to have him crouched in the middle of an open space in hopes of a survivor you can't see taking him out of stealth and making themselves known.
  • Odd Name Out: All the other killers, most noticeably the licensed killers who are best known by their real names, are known in the game by an alias denoting their role, i.e. The Shape (Myers), The Cannibal (Leatherface), The Nightmare (Freddy), etc. Ghost Face's moniker is... The Ghost Face.
  • One-Hit Kill: After stalking a Survivor for 5 seconds, he has a 45 second period in which he can put them into the dying state in one hit.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Murdering random people for the sake of getting attention doesn't imply much maturity on his part. For bonus points, his finishing move involves him stabbing his victim repeatedly, then taking a selfie with them the way a teenager would with their friends.
  • Serial Killer: Has murdered many victims under the Ghost Face persona, before and after Roseville.
  • The Sneaky Guy: His power revolves around sneaking up on Survivors and stalking them, which causes them to become Exposed after stalking them for long enough, allowing him to down them quickly and in one hit.
  • Stalker Without a Crush: His power revolves around stalking Survivors in order to make it easier to hunt them down. Prior to being taken by the Entity, he also stalked his victims for weeks in order to figure out their routines and home layout before going in for the kill.
  • Stealth Expert: While stalking, he has no heartbeat or red stain, and he can crouch down to better conceal himself as well as lean from corners to stalk from concealment. However, if a Survivor spots him, he will be forced out of stealth. Like the Huntress, he also makes an unmaskable noise at close range (a wind-like sound), so you can always tell he's nearby even when his heartbeat is concealed.
  • Swipe Your Blade Off: His cleaning animation has him using his other hand to grip the blade and swipe the blood off, one of the few things carried over from the Scream movies.
  • White Mask of Doom: The signature Ghost Face mask.

    The Demogorgon 

"The Demogorgon"

Voiced by: N/A

Demogorgons are a species of carnivorous predators that exist within the altenate dimension known as the Upside Down.They act on simple predatory instinct or under the control of higher powers, such as the Entity.

The Demogorgon is the fourteenth new killer added to the game with the release of the Stranger Things chapter on September 17th, 2019.

The Demogorgon is the sixth Guest Fighter killer added to the game, coming from Stranger Things.

  • Awesome, but Impractical: The Demogorgon seems to have solidified a trend of giving Killers Ultra-Rare add-ons that are nonsensically situational or pointless given their rarity. His Leprose Lichen add-on lets him see the location of injured survivors when traveling between portals, but his vision is severely restricted when traveling between portals and survivors are often in locations far enough away from the destination portal that knowing their position doesn't really help much anyway. His Red Moss add-on gives him 8 seconds of stealth (no heartbeat) after teleporting, but significantly increases how long he has to wait before being able to teleport again. However, survivors can still hear him approaching from his footsteps alone, not to mention if they're using anti-stealth perks like Spine Chill. Particularly good survivors can even locate exactly where Demogorgon is teleporting to from sound alone, even without the heartbeat. Given all the sound cues he gives out to alert survivors, stealth just doesn't fit with Demogorgon's playstyle at all.
  • Bad Vibrations: Like the Oni, his footsteps are incredibly loud due to him being a literal huge, heavy monster.
  • Combo Platter Powers: Similar to the Pig, the Demogorgon possesses multiple average abilities rather than a single strong ability. It can create tunnels that can be used to rapidly cross the map, detect survivors in close proximity to its tunnels, and has a pounce attack that has better range than the normal killer lunge, but needs to be charged up (during which his speed is noticeably reduced, similar to Leatherface's chainsaw charge) and only goes in a straight line.
  • Deadly Lunge: Its secondary ability allows it to pounce forward in a straight line to attack its target, at the cost of leaving it momentarily stunned afterwards.
  • Death-or-Glory Attack: The Demogorgon's Shred lunge can allow him to hit survivors at medium range, but he's heavily penalized if he misses with it due to the long stun, and it's relatively easy for survivors to dodge it at the last second.
  • Finishing Move: Stabs its victim with its claws before pouncing on them and biting their head, violently shaking it around until the survivor stops struggling, then spits it out, stabs them one more time, and roars at their body.
  • Flower Mouth: One of its signature characteristics.
  • Guest Fighter: From Stranger Things.
  • Leitmotif: Instead of the game's normal chase music, the Jaws-like chase music from the TV show plays when you're being chased by the Demogorgon. Its unique menu theme is a sort of mix of the main theme and the Stranger Things opening theme.
  • Master of None: Like the Pig, the Demogorgon generally suffers from being able to do several things but not doing any of them particularly well. His pounce ability is very much high risk, medium reward, due to it doing regular damage and how easily dodgeable it can be and how much he's penalized with stun if he misses it. His portals give him good map coverage, but setting them wastes a lot of time, and survivors can destroy them to make the time spent setting them up a waste. The tracking ability granted by his portals is very short range and almost useless without add-ons, and survivors can also hear his portals when in range of them, cluing them in that they may be tracked. His stealth when emerging from a portal is extremely weak, even with moderate add-ons; only his best, Ultra-Rare stealth add-on actually does anything meaningful, and survivors can still locate his teleport position and loud footsteps through sound alone.
  • Natural Weapon: Uses its claw-like hands to slash at Survivors. This makes it the only Killer besides the Hag to not use a weapon to attack.
  • Portal Combat: The Demogorgon can lay down a handful of portals across the map, and tunnel between them to traverse long distances quickly. The portals also can reveal when survivors are near them, and can also inflict various Status Ailment effects with the use of add-ons. The downside is that survivors can destroy portals, and unlike the Hag and her teleport traps, the Demogorgon can't recycle portals if he uses up all his available ones.
  • Power Nullifier: The Demogorgon's second perk, "Mindbreaker", is based around preventing survivors from recovering from exhaustion perks (Sprint Burst, Balanced Landing, Lithe, Dead Hard, and Head On) while working on generators, and preventing them from using these perks by afflicting them with the Exhausted status effect for a few seconds after leaving a generator.
  • The Sneaky Guy: Heavily downplayed; Demogorgon's heartbeat is suppressed for a couple seconds after he teleports (this can be increased with add-ons, up to 10 seconds when using the ultra-rare add-on which also reduces your teleport recharge rate by more than half). However, survivors are notified whenever Demogorgon teleports and his footsteps are incredibly loud even without a heartbeat. Survivors also can't hear his heartbeat when destroying portals.
  • Token Non-Human: The first playable character who is of non-human origin, the Demogorgon is just a straight-up, literal flesh-eating predator from another dimension.
  • Walking Tech Bane: The Demogorgon's perks are based on it causing electrical anomalies and focused around interfering with generator repair and damaging the environment around survivors if they complete a generator.

    The Oni 

"The Oni" - Yamaoka Kazan
Voiced by: Jean-Baptiste Garnier
"What does it mean to be authentic? How does one follow one’s destiny despite the pressures of family and tradition? Often following one‘s path is a strenuous, narrow struggle full of unexpected joys and difficulties. Ultimately it’s about finding the balance between tradition and self-actualization. But as one struggles for identity, decisions are made and consequences, good or bad, must be faced."

Kazan Yamaoka was an absolutely merciless samurai who sought to purify Japan of peasants posing as samurai in a series of brutal killings. He was given the nickname of "Oni-Yamaoka" by a noble lord, a name Kazan absolutely detested. Anyone daring to call him such would find themselves added to the warrior's growing body count, and eventually, his sights turned to the lord who started the nickname.

On his way, he was met in combat by an opposing samurai, who Kazan struck down with his Kanabo. However, the man he had slain turned out to be his own father. A regretful and angry Kazan found himself aimlessly wandering, breaking out into bouts of rage. Eventually, though, he returned to his task of killing the lord who insulted him.

Kazan battled relentlessly through the samurai who came to the lord's defense before reaching his villa. There, the rageful samurai proceeded to butcher the lord, ripping out the tongue that insulted him. As he exited however, he found himself surrounded by villagers. Despite his power and efforts, the ambush overwhelmed Kazan, who was left for dead in a stone mill after being brutalized by the mob. When they returned, Kazan and his weapon were nowhere to be found, and rumors began to circulate that an Oni now haunted the town.

The Oni is the fifteenth new killer added to the game with the release of the Cursed Legacy chapter on December 3rd, 2019.

  • Abusive Precursors: Zigzagged. He was one hell of a samurai with a habit for killing farmers pretending to be samurai, but as far as we know, he has not done anything to harm, much less interact, with his descendant and fellow killer Yamaoka Rin AKA The Spirit.
  • Achilles' Heel:
    • As noted under Crippling Overspecialization, without his power he's a basic attack Killer with absolutely no special attributes. If survivors can manage to do multiple generators without getting injured, the match swings heavily against him. He's the one Killer it might actually be worthwhile to quickly throw down pallets against at the beginning of the match rather than trying to conserve them with risky play and risk getting hit.
    • Like the Hillbilly, his dash has very restricted turning (although he have much more control over it than the Hillbilly, as he can actually strafe to the sides while sprinting, and his demon dash isn't cancelled when running at walls or obstacles).
  • Action Dad: While not mentioned in his bio, Kazan had a son who he was very protective of, on top of being a violent samurai who went around murdering people before becoming the brutal oni he is today.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: No one was ever sure what was wrong with Kazan. Most people just thought he was insane, others thought he was possessed, and the rest just didn’t know what to make of him. However, everyone seemed to agree that he was a dangerous and bloodthirsty maniac who felt absolutely no remorse for what he did (excluding what he did to his father, of course). Not to mention that he had serious anger issues and that he seemed to have a lot of trouble listening to authority.
  • Ax-Crazy: While all of the Killers qualify, Kazan really takes the cake here; in life, he went on a crusade to prove his worth and purge the samurai class of imposters by murdering them, with his killings being considered brutal, cruel, and morbid. He later escalated to killing anyone who called him by the nickname "Oni-Yamaoka" and only got worse after he accidentally killed his father, culminating in him slaughtering a town's lord and a dozen samurai because the lord had first called by his nickname.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Like most newer Killers, Oni's Ultra-Rare add-ons seem nonsensical or pointless given their rarity. His Bloody Glove add-on causes survivors to absorb blood orbs, revealing their location to him for 2 seconds per orb. However, the add-on also causes survivors to see the blood orbs, allowing them to vacuum them up and robbing Oni of his power. The add-on basically completely sacrifices the Oni's power for enhanced tracking, which is often counterproductive as good survivors can easily loop a basic Killer with no power almost indefinitely. His Iridescent Family Crest add-on causes survivors within 12 feet of him to scream and reveal their position if he misses a bash attack in his super mode. However, Oni is locked into a stun whenever he misses an attack, so he's unable to look around and is often unable to see where the scream is coming from. The range is also incredibly short, to the point of being almost pointless.
  • Bad Vibrations: His footsteps are insanely loud (which makes sense, given that he's basically a 500-pound demon), which also makes him fairly easy to track through sound even through walls and somewhat defeats the point of his stealth perk when used by him.
  • Berserk Button: His nickname "Oni-Yamaoka". Calling him that guaranteed you'd end up as another of his victims.
  • The Berserker: Once his meter is fully charged with blood orbs, he can go into Blood Fury for 45 seconds, gaining two different Dash Attack abilities which also serve as a One-Hit Kill. In Blood Fury, he's good at downing survivors, but he completely loses his power if he attempts to actually hook a survivor.
  • Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu: His "Nemesis" perk is based around getting revenge on survivors who injure him, and seems particularly designed to be synergized with his descendant The Spirit's "Rancor" perk. It synergizes particularly well with obsession perks that require stacking on the obsession, such as Play With Your Food.
  • Carry a Big Stick: While in Blood Fury, he uses a giant kanabo to bash his prey with.
  • Composite Character: Similar to Myers, he has to build meter by pursuing survivors in order to use his power, and in Blood Fury Mode he has a long-range dash similar to the Hillbilly's chainsaw charge, except with a much less heavy penalty for bumping into objects and also having to manually attack in order to deal damage, and a short-range dash akin to Leatherface's chainsaw charge, only harder to aim and only dealing damage at the end instead of throughout the entire charge.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: His Super Mode is extremely powerful, but it takes a relatively long time to charge up (and won't charge at all if he can't land a hit on a survivor), and without it he has absolutely no secondary abilities or special attributes to help him. In comparison, other killers with a "powerful but difficult to activate" ability generally have some other advantages to help them when they don't have access to their main ability, such as Myer's reduced heartbeat radius, the Plague's infection, etc.
  • The Dreaded: He became infamous for his rage and bloodlust. Monks even believed him to be possessed.
  • Death by Irony: Kazan was infuriated by farmers pretending to be Samurai and went on a pilgrimage of slaughter to root them out. He met his end when a group of farmers mobbed him for killing their Lord.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Kazan had a tendency to give extremely severe punishments for petty offenses. When his son got accidentally injured while playing with a friend, Kazan killed the friend. When he saw peasants pretending to be samurai, he went on a crusade to exterminate them. When a lord gave him a nickname, he killed him and all of his loyal guards.
  • Do Not Go Gentle: Even as he was wounded, exhausted, and fighting for his life against the waves of villagers who kept coming, he still kept on fighting until his death.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: He was called "Oni-Yamaoka" by a noble lord for his extreme brutality and intense rage. Kazan despised the name and killed anyone who called him by it.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Dearly loved his son and father, though nobody else.
  • Evil Makes You Monstrous: While the Oni's backstory hints at him having been just a person, the parts of him that are exposed are shown to be bloated and stone-colored, implying that his rage and murderous actions turned him into a literal Oni.
  • Finishing Move: Stabs his victim with his sword to keep them upright while he rips out their tongue with his bare hands, then crushes it, retrieves his blade, and smashes their head in with his kanabo.
  • Hell Is That Noise: If you're a survivor, hearing the Oni's bestial shout indicating that Blood Fury is active is cause for alarm. Suddenly you're at risk of being caught up to in seconds and being instantly knocked down.
  • Leitmotif: His unique chase theme makes use of very heavy, Eastern-style percussion to accentuate the dread that comes with a massive behemoth of an oni chasing you down. His unique menu theme makes use of traditional Japanese instruments and a pounding percussive rhythm.
  • Lightning Bruiser: While in Blood Fury mode, he gains the ability to sprint and pulls out his kanabo, able to down Survivors in one blow.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: He uses a newer version of the same blade his descendant, the Spirit, does. However, this trope is subverted as his katana only does the same damage as all the other killer basic melee attacks, and he does more damage with his Kanabō.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: The one kill he truly regretted was his father, when his father tried to stop him from killing his nemesis. This spurred him to renew his efforts to eliminate his shame.
  • One-Hit Kill: In Blood Fury, he can use his kanabo to deal a Demon Strike. It takes longer to charge up than a normal lunge and has an even longer cooldown, but it can down Survivors in one hit and can also hit multiple Survivors if they are close enough to each other. Confident survivors can also dodge it by changing direction at the last second, similar to Hillbilly's chainsaw dash.
  • Papa Wolf: Very protective of his son in life, to the point of murdering his son's friend out of rage when he sustained a crippling injury while playing with her.
  • Reality Ensues: Killing a highly respected and beloved lord wasn't going to end well for Kazan, angering his people to take revenge on him, which ultimately became his undoing. Despite being a very formidable warrior that had killed numerous samurai, even someone as tough and skilled as Kazan would be overwhelmed by a mob attack at all sides, even by inexperienced farmers. It also doesn’t help that Kazan had just come back from killing the lord and all of his warriors, so he was probably at least somewhat injured and exhausted. Unfortunately for the farmers, this goes both ways. Sure, they eventually managed to kill Kazan, but he still managed to kill a lot of them before they killed him. Even when you have sheer overwhelming numbers on your side, attacking a skilled, experienced opponent whose specialty revolves around killing both your own kind among others, is still quite risky and can end badly for a lot of you, especially if numbers are the only advantage you’ve got. You and your numerous allies might eventually succeed in killing your enemy, but if you’re not careful, your enemy will take a lot of you down with him.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Gains glowing red eyes while in Blood Fury.
  • Super Mode: Like Myers and Plague, the Oni's Blood Fury makes him very powerful, but only lasts a short period of time. Also, unlike Myers or Plague, when not in Blood Fury, the Oni has no special attributes to help him.
  • Supernatural Floating Hair: Just like his descendant, Kazan also has flowing hair. Though not to the exact extent as Rin and his hair is white instead of black.
  • Taking You with Me: Heavily implied. According to his bio, when the villagers surrounded him and attacked him, he managed to kill a lot of them before they killed him, so it’s very likely that he managed to kill the ones who killed him, too, before succumbing to his wounds.
  • Tongue Trauma: His Memento Mori has him rip out the Survivor's tongue with his bare hands, then crushing it by forming a fist. In his backstory, this is what he did to the noble lord who came up with his nickname.
  • Would Hurt a Child: His walking stick addon mentions that he slaughtered his young son's friend and her family for an injury he sustained while playing with her.

    The Deathslinger 

"The Deathslinger" - Caleb Quinn
Voiced by: Patrick Harris

Caleb Quinn picked up engineering from being tutored by his father, an Irish immigrant struggling to find work in the Midwest due to prejudices against the Irish. Eventually, Caleb found work when he became an adult under the Railroad tycoon Henry Bayshore, who had secretly been stealing and selling off Caleb's patents. A furious Caleb proceeded to violently assault and maim his former boss, which saw him locked up in Hellshire Penitentiary, America's first private prison, for 15 years.

Caleb, while in prison, found himself becoming an unlikely friend with his warden. Eventually, the two struck a deal, in exchange for locking up Bayshore and releasing him from prison, Caleb would track down and bring in criminals for the warden to lock up. To that end, Caleb developed his signature speargun, which he'd use to reel in prisoners. The disembowelments of outlaws from the prototype versions of this weapon would earn him his nickname of "Deathslinger".

He eventually formed the Hellshire Gang out of Irish inmates the warden had released to assist Caleb in collecting bounties. They worked for six years until after a particularly violent shootout, where Caleb noticed a newspaper headline showing Bayshore had boughtout Hellshire Penitentiary from the warden. Caleb had been sold out.

Responding to this, a livid Hellshire Gang stormed the prison, brutally fighting their way to the warden's office to get their revenge on him and Bayshore. After a brutal beating, the two men were left at the mercy of the inmates. From there, Caleb returned to his old cell, where the fog rolled in and he was recruited into the Entity's rank of killers.

His power is called The Redeemer, which is a rifle that shoots out a giant spear tied to a chain. If he hits a Survivor with a successful shot, he can reel them in to attack them, but the Survivor can escape from the chain by struggling out or breaking the chain using the environment and things like walls or rocks. After shooting, the Deathslinger needs to reload before he can use it again.

His teachable perks Gearhead, Dead Man's Switch, and Hex: Retribution allow him to easily locate Generators being repaired, temporarily block Generators from being repaired while his obsession is hooked, and punish Survivors for cleansing his Hex totems.

The Deathslinger is the sixteenth new killer added to the game with the release of the Chains of Hate chapter on March 10th, 2020.

  • Achilles' Heel: Like the Huntress, his reduced movement speed gives him handicapped map coverage, which is particularly handicapping to him on larger maps. Made even worse by his damage-per-second being significantly lower than that of the Huntress.
  • Ambiguously Human: He has glowing eyes, greyish skin, and his reveal trailer shows him snapping his dislocated jaw back into place through sheer force of will. Despite this, nothing in his lore indicates that there is anything supernatural about him.
  • Aura Vision: All of his perks incorporate auras: Gearhead allows him to see if a Generator is being repaired by highlighting a Generator in yellow if a Survivor succeeds a Skill Check while repairing it, Dead Man's Switch blocks Generators that Survivors stop repairing while the obsession is hooked and highlights those Generators in white, and Hex: Retribution reveals every Survivor's aura for ten seconds whenever a Hex totem is cleansed.
  • Awesome, but Impractical:
    • He's a killer with a gun (something that has long been a meme among the community). Bonus points for being a cowboy. However, his damage rate is very slow; in the time it takes him to shoot, hook, and reel in a survivor to hit them once, a decent Huntress can toss 2 or 3 hatchets and down a survivor. He also takes a pretty long time to reload between each shot. On the plus side, the Deathslinger can aim and fire instantly without the charge-up time of the Huntress' hatchets, and his rifle doesn't count as an attack for purposes of perks like Save the Best for Last or Play With Your Food.
    • Like most newer Killers, his Ultra-Rares seem nonsensical or pointless given how rare they are. His Hellshire Gang Branding Iron lets him see the location of all survivors within his heartbeat radius when he has a survivor speared with his rifle, which is very situation (especially since your view is very restricted when reeling in a survivor).
  • Badass Longcoat: Wears a leather duster as part of his cowboy attire.
  • Bald of Evil: Downplayed, as Caleb's bald head is concealed under his hat. The evil part, however, is pretty obvious.
  • Bayonet Ya: The Redeemer has a knife attached to the end of it, which is The Deathslinger's main way of attacking outside of shooting them with the spear.
  • Berserk Button: Don't sell his patents. Henry Bayshore ended up becoming a target of Caleb's ire for life after he did this, to the point that Bayshore himself would eventually become another of Caleb's buttons.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: Shares this attribute with the Clown. It's even more noticeable on the Deathslinger, as he doesn't wear makeup or a mask.
  • Bounty Hunter: He and his gang, The Hellshire Gang, hunted down and collected wanted outlaws across the country. The Deathslinger is also considered a personal one for the Entity.
  • Creepy Child: As a kid, he had plans of devices meant to torture the other boys who bullied him.
  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: He's a Gadgeteer Genius who could have made a fortune as an inventor, but went to prison for trying to kill his corrupt boss after learning he was stealing his unpatented designs and trying to patent them as his own.
  • Daylight Horror: His realm, the Dead Dawg Saloon, is the only map that isn't set at night. In fact, one can prominently see the sunset.
  • Evil Cripple: Caleb has a leg brace on his left leg, and is noted to resist the pain from it.
  • Evil Laugh: Lets out one whenever he shoots a Survivor with the Redeemer.
  • Evil Old Folks: Though his exact age is never stated in-game, he has a distinctly wrinkled face and greyish hair, suggesting he might be in his 60s or so. You don't want to get on his bad side still.
  • Expy: The Deathslinger's first name, long hair, gunslinger attire, Wild West upbringing, and acts of vengeance against his superiors mirror that of the titular protagonist of Blood.
  • Facial Horror: Downplayed; he's not horribly deformed, but he has a huge wound on the right side of his face, and his trailer reveals that his jaw is broken. His "Jaw Smasher" add-on reveals that he had a bullet rip through his jaw during a chaotic shootout (likely the one listed in the backstory for the Grave of Glenvale realm).
  • Fighting Irish: A villainous example; he was the son of Irish immigrants during the Wild West era, and is a vicious killer prone to bloodthirsty rages.
  • Finishing Move: Stabs the Survivor with the end of the Redeemer, lifts them up, then fires it, causing the spear to fly through their mouth. He then drops them onto the ground, kicks their body away so that he can get the spear out of their mouth, and reels it back into the gun.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He's been designing elaborate instruments of engineering since he was a child, and his Redeemer harpoon rifle is self-made.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: Has bright blue glowing eyes and is one of the many Killers inhabiting the Entity's realm.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: In life, Quinn had an extremely volatile temper that often led to brutal violence. When he found out his boss Henry Bayshore had been stealing his patents and selling them to other companies, Quinn burst into his office, beat Bayshore to a bloody pulp, and nailed him to his desk with a railroad spike. Later, when he found that the prison warden had manipulated him and was working with Bayshore, he led his gang on a bloody attack on their former penitentiary, massacring guards and beating Bayshore and the warden almost to death before dragging them to the prisoners and letting them rip the two men apart.
  • Harpoon Gun: Essentially what the Redeemer is, firing a spear with a chain attached to it.
  • The Gunslinger: The Deathslinger is a textbook example of this trope, but adapted to fit the game's Slasher Movie theme. To keep with said theme, his rifle does not fire boring ol' bullets, but instead a single harpoon that gruesomely impales survivors.
  • Lean and Mean: The Deathslinger is rather gaunt, unlike the brawny and broad-shouldered build of most male killers.
  • Leitmotif: The Deathslinger's chase music is stylized to sound like the Western music that comes with his intro.
  • Long-Range Fighter: Can shoot Survivors with his harpoon rifle to reel them in and smack them. If they successfully break the chain, they get injured and are inflicted with the Deep Wound status effect. To compensate for this, he has a slower overall movement speed than most Killers.
  • Nice Hat: Wears a standard cowboy hat for his default outfit.
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten:
    • The first time he tested an early version of his prototype rifle designed to catch bounties alive on a thief , the harpoon came out of the target, alongside a good chunk of their internal organs, obviously leading to their death and earning him the nickname of "Deathslinger" even after he "ironed out the kinks" to make his harpoon rifle technically non-lethal.
    • In a sense, his brutal rampage against Bayshore and the Warden is this as well, as it's all but stated that this was the "Mad Mick Massacre" that caused an entire wing of Hellshire to be closed off, as mentioned in Zarina's lore.
  • One-Hit Kill: His iridescent coin Ultra-Rare add-on lets him down speared survivors in one hit if you shoot them from 15 meters away. This is pretty damn hard since his max range is 18 meters, and dodging his shots at that range is extremely easy. It's also pretty easy for survivors to break out of the chain at that range, too.
  • Skill Gate Character: He's easier to use than the Huntress, the game's other Long-Range Fighter, as he has iron sights, his projectile is fasternote  and travels in a straight line, and he can aim and fire instantly instead of having to charge up a shot like the Huntress has to. Additionally, hitting a reeled survivor or letting them go by breaking the chain will afflict them with the "Deep Wound" status effectnote  and, depending on perks and add-ons, the "Mangled" status effectnote  as well, making it possible to force survivors to stay still and heal for quite a while. However, his harpoon has a max range of 18 feet, while a top-tier Huntress can potentially hit survivors from as far away as almost across the map. His rate of fire and damage rate are also considerably slower than that of the Huntress, but an unskilled Huntress will also likely miss more often. Overall, he's somewhat easier to use than the Huntress, at the cost of having significantly less maximum potential.
  • The Sneaky Guy: Like all other low-speed killers (other than Nurse), he has a reduced heartbeat radius to compensate for his lower speed, which can be made even lower with Monitor & Abuse. Notably, unlike the Huntress (the game's other Long-Range Fighter), he doesn't have a massive humming radius that gives away his position. Also, instead of the normal killer heartbeat he has a unique Drone of Dread which is harder to identify at the edges, which lets him get a few meters closer before most survivors get tipped off. Some add-ons also decrease his terror radius when aiming down his sight, at the cost of reducing his speed as well
  • Technical Pacifist: His harpoon gun was only designed to bring in bounties alive, not unwounded; they'd still have the severe injuries from having a big freakin' harpoon shot through their guts. The prototype outright disemboweled the bounty he tested it on, but after that, he was able to iron out the kinks in the design. Not that he had any problem with killing per se, he was just being paid for live prisoners instead of dead ones.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: His ability, The Redeemer, allows him to shoot a chained spear that allows him to reel in shot Survivors.

    The Executioner 

"The Executioner" - Pyramid Head
Voiced by: TBA

One of the many beings manifested in the town of Silent Hill, Pyramid Head is an executioner-like figure who dispenses sadistic punishment to whatever crosses his path. He first appeared during James Sunderland's visit to the town, relentlessly patrolling Silent Hill, committed to his task.

Eventually, his role had been completed, but the Entity, having took notice of Pyramid Head, sought out the manifestation. Pyramid Head, once more, had been given the call of duty, and he answered that call, entering the Entity's realm.

The Executioner is the seventeenth new killer added to the game with the release of the Silent Hill chapter on June 16th, 2020

The Executioner is the seventh Guest Fighter killer added to the game, coming from Silent Hill.

  • Adaptational Badass: In Silent Hill, Pyramid Head is more of a tormentor than an efficient killer. While he hits hard and can't be killed by conventional means, he's also a Mighty Glacier and limited to swinging a knife or spear around. Here, he has supernatural powers and moves much faster than he did in Silent Hill.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Like many of the newer Killers, his Ultra-Rare add-ons seem nonsensical or pointless given how rare they are. His Obsidian Goblet add-on gives him stealth (no heartbeat) while standing on a torment trail, but the trails aren't long enough for him to move around like this, making it effectively just a version of Insidiousnote . His Seal of Metatron perk shows him the location of all Tormented survivors when he sends a survivor to a Cage of Torment, but getting multiple survivors into Torment is so situational that it's near impossible to do reliably in any meaningful way, especially since Cage of Torment removes Torment for 2 survivors every time you use it (the survivor you cage and the survivor who removes them from the cage). At best, you'll likely only get to use it once in a game or even not at all.
  • BFS: He brings his iconic great knife with him, still scraping it on the ground while walking.
  • Blindfolded Vision: His triangular head-piece has no eye holes for vision, but he can see just fine. note  (Assuming there are even eyes under that thing.) Like the Demogorgon, he can also be blinded by a flashlight despite having no visible eyes.
  • Co-Dragons: Can be considered this with Myers, as though there are now many killers who entered the Entity's realm willingly, Pyramid Head is one of the only killers who does not need to appease the Entity with a mori offering to kill survivors outright instead of sacrificing them. Even moreso, unlike Myers who needs specific add-ons to do so, Pyramid Head naturally has this as part of his baseline abilities. He also does not need to use the hooks provided by the Entity as he has access to his Cages of Atonement. When things are going his way, Pyramid Head can effectively ignore the Entity's rules entirely; anyone afflicted by his Torment is fair game for him to punish. Considering that Pyramid Head is essentially a thought made manifest, it's possible that the Entity is unable to control him as firmly as the other killers.
  • Combo Platter Powers: Like the Pig, the Demogorgon, and the reworked version of Freddy, Pyramid Head has multiple average abilities instead of a single major ability. He can fire a slow Sword Beam with a range of a few meters, create trenches in the ground that notify him if survivors run through them and inflict Torment on said survivors, and can teleport downed Tormented survivors to a Cage of Torment instead of wasting time dragging them to a hook.
  • Cool Helmet: His infamous Pyramid-shaped helmet.
  • Death-or-Glory Attack: Similar to the Demogorgon. Pyramid Head's Sword Beam can allow him to hit survivors through obstacles, but he is heavily penalized with a long stun if he misses with it.
  • The Executioner: His title, which is fitting as his attire actually echoes the executioners of Silent Hill's past.
  • Finishing Move: Unlike the other Killers, Pyramid Head has two unique kill animations. One for the standard Mori and one for his Final Judgement. He's notable for being one of only two Killers who doesn't need to burn an Offering to directly kill a Survivor, the other being the Shape (and unlike the Shape, he can do so as part of his base power without an Add-On).
    • For his Memento Mori: He grabs the Survivor by the neck and lifts them up before encasing them in a spiral coccoon with barbed wire, which clamps down onto them, breaking their bones. He then lifts up his Great Knife and stabs them in the chest before twisting it. As he pulls out, the coccoon disappears, letting the Survivor's body fall back onto the ground.
    • For his Final Judgement: He lifts his Great Knife up and brings it down onto the Survivor, embedding itself into their shoulder before swiping it out. Short, but efficient.
  • Guest Fighter: From the foggy restless town of Silent Hill to the twisted realm of the Entity. Arguably, the only real change for old Pyramid Head is the hunting grounds.
  • Iconic Item: His infamous Great Knife, which he now uses in Dead by Daylight to execute survivors.
  • Leitmotif: He has a unique dark ambient/industrial chase theme composed by Akira Yamaoka.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: He's the only killer (other than Michael Myers with two very specific add-ons) who can completely bypass the game's hook system, instead using his power to instantly teleport downed survivors into a randomly placed "cage of torment" which functions similar to a hook. This saves him considerable time (picking up and dragging a survivor to a hook can take up to 1/3rd of a generator's completion time), and also lets him bypass some of the game's most powerful survivor perks or mechanics that revolve around the pick up or hook system, such as Decisive Strike, Deliverance, flashlight and pallet saves, etc. On the flip side, it also means he doesn't benefit from killer perks that revolve around hooking such as Barbeque and Chili, Pop Goes the Weasel, or Devour Hope, and as a plus for survivors it encourages Pyramid Head to patrol the map instead of guarding hooks. Pyramid Head can also only use this ability on survivors who are affected by his status effect. On top of all of this, he can't control where the cages go, and more often than not the cages appear on the other side of the map, which can actually allow another survivor to easily rescue their teammate and escape without pursuit - this means Pyramid Head players need to be cautious about when to use the cages, and that the cages are at their most effective when the survivors are close by, forcing the other survivors to run all the way across the map to the rescue while the killer is in perfect position to take advantage of this.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Two of his teachable perks are based on punishing altruistic actions done by survivors. Forced Penance will punish any survivor who takes a protection hit by afflicting them with the Broken status effect, and Deathbound force survivors who finish healing another survivor while far enough from the killer to scream,and afterward having to stick with the survivor they healed, or be afflicted with the Oblivious status effect.
  • Rogues Gallery Transplant: In the main Silent Hill games he only appears as an enemy in Silent Hill 2, where he was specifically tormenting James Sunderland. Here, he's facing off against Cheryl Mason, who never even met him in the original games. The new level is also the elementary school from the first Silent Hill, which neither Pyramid Head or Cheryl/Heather ever set foot in.
  • Rule of Three: After a Survivor has escaped from a hook or Cage of Atonement twice, Pyramid Head can kill them outright the next time they're in a dying state.
  • Sword Beam: He can fire a wave of black spikes a few meters ahead of him with his Great Knife. However, it takes a relatively long time to charge up and fire, and is telegraphed ahead of time by a red outline, giving survivors plenty of opportunity to dodge it. He's also stunned for a few seconds after using it, so you're heavily penalized if you try to use it and miss. On the flip side, it has the unique benefit of going through walls, which can greatly punish players that try to loop you rather than run away.
  • Sword Drag: Another iconic thing about Pyramid Head, is how even he has trouble carrying that damn "Great Knife" around. Although compared to other times in his source material, it doesn't impede him too much here and is actually incorporated into his power, as dragging into the ground can create "trenches" that put the Tormented status effect on Survivors and shows their location to him.
  • Token Non-Human: He is the second killer in the game (after the Demogorgon) who was never a human, being a manifestation of Silent Hill's dark power and James Sunderland's desire to punish himself for killing his wife.
  • Vader Breath: His breathing sounds are only made creepier by how his signature helmet muffles them.

    The Blight 

"The Blight" - Talbot Grimes
Voiced by: TBA

The Blight is the eighteenth new killer added to the game with the release of the Descend Beyond chapter on September 8th, 2020

  • Barrier-Busting Blow: One of his ultra-rare add-ons allows him to break dropped pallets and breakable walls by rushing in them, at the cost of ending his rush and stunning him for 1,5 seconds. It's also possible to do this by smashing them during a lethal rush, although the killer has to hit the pallet or wall just before slaming into it.
  • Body Horror: As to be expected when concerning the serum. He went from a healthy human into a mangled, hunchbacked monster, with glowing eyes and his mouth left permanently agape with his jaw flapping about beneath his chin. And he's constantly drooling that serum, too.
  • Boring, but Practical: The Blight's special power is... to run really fast in a straight line for a few seconds. He can't even attack while running, unless he bounces off a wall first, and even then it's just a basic attack. However, his enhanced speed gives him excellent map coverage, something which many killers struggle with. He's essentially a basic M1/basic attack killer with good map coverage.
  • Call-Back: Interestingly and disturbingly, the Blight shares several connections to the lore of several objects, plot points and other killers in the game and his backstory and add-ons make references to things that were seemingly only used once to be forgotten afterwards, but are now highly relevant. Case in point:
    • He is the first Killer to have had Lore about him in the game prior to his release with the Memories of "The Alchemist" in Tome I - Awakening, a year prior to his release.
    • His pustula dust and canker horn add-ons are made from the pustula petals and visceral canker event offerings.
    • His blighted rat and blighted crow add-ons are the result of dead rats and crows being injected with putrid serum.
    • Speaking of which, he also injected himself with the putrid serum to become what he is today, according to his backstory lore.
    • His umbra salt add-on is regular sea salt that has had it’s properties changed by being exposed to the spirit world (the sub-realm where the Wraith and the Nurse get their powers from).
    • His rose tonic add-on is made from the new moon bouquet offering.
    • His plague bile add-on is a sample of The Plague’s vile purge bile treated and distilled with chemicals. How he got ahold of Adiris’s vomit is anyone’s guess.
    • One of his add-ons is Vigo’s journal. Again, how he got that is anyone’s guess.
    • His soul chemical add-on was extracted from a deceased survivor in the void (the sub-realm where all the survivors that have no more hope left to feed the Entity are brought to die permanently).
  • Cane Fu: His Bonebuster weapon is a cane with a sharp metal handle that resembles an ice axe.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Despite his rather underwhelming power and looks, he somehow managed to capture and experiment on at least ten other killers, half of which are twice his size.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: He was the protagonist of the Hallowed Blight event cutscenes and The Hunger cinematic, which came out from two years to a few months before he was revealed and added to the game.
  • Extra Digits: He has six fingers on both of his hands. His reveal trailer shows this is a result of the pustula serum permanently altering his body, as his distinctly human hand have 5 fingers before he inject himself with it, and while he's turning, his shadow projected on the wall clearly has six fingers.
  • Finishing Move: Holds the Survivor down with his cane before injecting a syringe into their chest, then stabbing them in the neck with it. The survivor's chest begins to burst open and bubble up before he slams down the sharp end of the Bonebuster into their neck.
  • Foil: Gameplay-wise, to the Clown. The Clown is pure anti-loop, with no map coverage, while the Blight is pure map coverage, with no real anti-loop at all. Both killers are based around Chemistry Can Do Anything, but the Clown throws chemicals to hinder survivors, while the Blight injects himself with a performance-enhancing substance for enhanced movement. Also possibly to the Hillbilly: Both killer have excellent map coverage at the cost of reduced maniability during their rush, but while the hillbilly have to charge his chainsaw for a few seconds before beginning his sprint, and must avoid colliding with an obstacle, the blight can dash instantly, and actually must seek an obstacle to slam on during his rush, as rushing long enough without colliding with an obstacle will end his rush and make him enter a fatigue state.
  • For Science!: Like the Doctor before him, he’s obsessed with his scientific research and has dedicated his life to it.
  • Fragile Speedster: The Blight is incredibly fast when dashing, but the dash can't be used at loops due to the restricted turning (similar to Hillbilly and Oni), and doesn't deal special damage like Hillbilly and Oni do, so once a survivor finds a loop the Blight is essentially reduced to just a basic attack killer.
  • Lethal Joke Character: His Boring, but Practical power can actually be extremely powerful in skilled hands, but you have to be a master at ping-pong and skilled at regular chases.
  • Mad Doctor: Like The Doctor, The Blight was an amoral mad scientist who performed horrifying experiments on his test subjects For Science!. However, as stated below, unlike the Doctor, he showed genuine remorse and horror upon witnessing first hand the deadly side effects of a serum of his creation.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: While he at first rationalized rumors of his serum having deadly side effects as "exaggerated war stories", when he was captured by one of the last remaining workers to be tortured and shown first hand the factory's worth of corpses he'd left, he was horrified. When the monastery rescued and recruited him to continue his research, part of the reason was so the face of a dead woman whose grave he was tossed into would leave his mind.
  • One-Hit Kill: One of his Ultra Rare add-ons lets him one-hit kill survivors if he hits them with a bounce attack on his last available bounce.
  • Pinball Projectile: The core concept of his power is that he is the pinball projectile.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: He's fairly small thanks to his stature, making him around the same height as most of the Survivors, but that doesn't stop him from being able to take pallets to the face or hunt them down. Also, due to his hunchback, until 4.6.0, his POV was lower to the ground than other human-sized Killers, to the point it's almost as low as a crouched Pig or Ghostface. This was actually a handicap for him in tall grass or other waist-high obstacles, as survivors could still see him but he had trouble seeing them.
  • Power Nullifier: He has one hex perk and one Very Rare add-on dedicated to immobilizing nearby pallets (Survivors' primary means of defense against Killers), making it so survivors can't drop them. The hex perk triggers when he hits a survivor with his basic attack, while the Very Rare add-on triggers when he hits survivors with his bounce attack.
  • Psycho Serum: Talbot created a performance-enhancing serum from the Hallowed Blight pustules, but it turned him into a deformed Killer. Notable in the feral animalistic roars he makes when dashing or during his idle animation.
  • Puppeteer Parasite: One possible explanation for Talbot's transformation into the Blight, or his True Blight skin. In one of the Halloween cinematics Talbot is forcibly infested with tendrils of the Pustula plant to bring about his transformation.
  • Room Full of Crazy: When he couldn’t find his precious research notes when he woke up in the opium place, his obsession overtook him and he started scribbling on the walls everything he could remember.
  • The Sneaky Guy: One of his Very Rare add-ons causes him to have no heartbeat when dashing, allowing him to run up near survivors without alerting them until he comes out of his dash.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: As a kid, he nearly died from a poisoning by foxgloves. It kickstarted his fascination and obsession with chemistry and its effects on the body.
  • Spam Attack: Similar to the Hillbilly, the Blight's power allows him to run at high speed across the map, at the cost of having significantly reduced turning ability. The key difference is that while the Hillbilly is stunned for a few seconds if they hit an obstacle, the Blight merely bounces off and can continue running in a new direction. This encourages the Blight to bounce around off walls and objects like a pinball, especially as he cannot attack while running until he's bounced at least once. The Blight also runs faster than the Hillbilly and his power recovers more quickly, encouraging him to use it more often. The downside is that, unlike the Hillbilly, his running attack only does normal damage.
  • Standard Status Effects: One of his Very Rare add-ons causes survivors near him to be slowed for a few seconds when he hits a wall, giving him an effect similar to the Clown's bottles, only applied by his bouncing. It doesn't really help in loops since it wears off by the time he comes out of his dash, but can be used to reduce the distances survivors can run from one loop to another.
  • Violent Glaswegian: He hails from Scotland, and being a killer and whatnot, it goes without saying he's an incredibly violent man.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Because of his hunchback, the Blight has by far the lowest point of view in the game, being almost as low to the ground as Pig and Ghostface are when crouched. This makes it hard to spot survivors over objects, and can make it hard to track survivors around corners or through obstructions like tall grass. Skilled survivors have already learned how to escape his view in the middle of the chase just by dodging around corners or spinning near vision blockers. Also, even though he has trouble seeing survivors, survivors can see him just fine because he's actually normal-sized, it's just his head that's low to the ground. That said, this permanently low POV means that he is so far the only killer whose standard pallet-breaking animation doesn't have him lower his sight when breaking the pallet, meaning he can keep a survivor in view while breaking it, so he can know where they went.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: In life, his research was done for the betterment of mankind and have them reach new heights with increased productivity and insight. Both his Insufferable Genius mindset and his questionable methods put into the research started his fall from grace.

    The Twins 

"The Twins" - Victor and Charlotte Deshayes

Voiced by: TBA

The Twins are collectively the nineteenth new killer added to the game with the release of the A Binding of Kin chapter on December 1st, 2020

  • Achilles' Heel:
    • Victor can't attack normally and can only use his pounce attack. If he misses his pounce attack, survivors can just run up to him and kill him during his recovery.
    • Similar to Demogorgon's inability to recycle portals unless survivors destoy them, Victor cannot return to Charlotte until a survivor kills him, so if he's in a far corner of the map and left alone, Charlotte is unable to deploy him quickly (which is why leaving him somewhere as a motion detector can be quite risky).
    • While Victor is latched onto them, survivors can't leave through the exit gate, but this is completely meaningless, because if they stand at the edge of the exit, once Charlotte knocks them down they can just crawl out the exit like normal without her being able to pick them up.
    • The delay from switching between Victor and Charlotte is very long (about the same as the stun from being hit by Decisive Strike), which prevents switching between the two in a loop from being a viable strategy.
    • Victor's pounce attack can be dodged by ducking, especially if he jumps high to go over a pallet or window.
    • Because Victor can't pick up a downed survivor, they're reliant on Charlotte to pick up any survivors downed by Victor. The amount of time it takes for Charlotte to walk over and reach the downed survivor is often long enough for a nearby survivor to pick up the downed survivor, especially if they're using We're Gonna Live Forever and/or a medkit.
    • Victor cannot see scratch marks and can only track by blood trails, so perks that suppress bleeding (such as Yui's Lucky Break) are very effective for evading him.
    • Victor does not detect survivors who are crouch-walking. This is the key to getting past him if he's been placed to defend a hook or generator; sneak up on him and kill him so the Killer can't switch to him.
    • Issues Victor had upon release that were corrected or adjusted in later patches:
      • At first, Victor could not open lockers. Initially all a survivor had to do to avoid him was to jump into a locker, at which point he either goes away to look for someone else or the Killer player switches back to controlling Charlotte, at which point the Survivor could jump out of the locker and kill Victor. Also, unlike Legion, Victor's Killer Instinct doesn't reveal survivors hiding in lockers because they're not moving and his detection is based on movement. Later patches gave Victor the ability to interact with lockers, but since he can't carry Survivors, what he does instead is trap them inside the locker, buying time for Charlotte to arrive.
      • When latched onto a survivor, Victor's Living Motion Detector ability only applies to survivors near the survivor he's latched onto. The actual survivor he's latched onto can still hide from Charlotte like normal (although Victor's screams while latched can still be heard by Charlotte). In a later patch this was changed so that, after a short period of time, Victor's aura becomes visible and the Survivor carrying Victor can be found that way.
  • Artistic License – Biology: Because they are conceived from the same sperm and egg, conjoined twins are always the same sex. This wouldn't be an issue in a realm of supernaturally empowered killers... except that the twins' conjoined nature is the central conceit of their backstory and Start of Darkness in the real world. Though Victor's biological sex may simply have been overlooked by the Twins' mother, given that he had no lower half at all until being brought into the Entity's realm.
  • Brawn Hilda: Charlotte is a very big woman, possibly the biggest female killer in terms of body mass before even The Huntress, and decades of hiding in the woods haven't done much for her appearance.
  • Burn the Witch!: Their mother was called a witch for giving birth to them and subjected to this.
  • Conjoined Twins: Turns out, formerly: the Entity seems to have granted them the power to separate horrifying results.
  • Dash Attack: Their Coup De Grace perk gives them a stack for every generator completed, up to 5 stacks. Using a stack will allow the Killer to increase the range of their normal lunge attack by 50%, letting them lunge from somewhat further away.
  • Death-or-Glory Attack: Victor is crazy fast and can injure and down survivors with his pounce attack, but if he misses with it survivors can kick him to death instantly, which heavily punishes Killers for missing with him.
  • Disappeared Dad: Similar to Huntress, their lore makes zero mention of a father anywhere. This means that either their father died before they were born, they were conceived out of wedlock, or the details of their conception are best left unsaid.
  • Enfante Terrible: Victor is functionally a baby, as well as a vicious and feral Killer.
  • Fan Disservice: Similar to the Hag, Charlotte's dress is open in the front, which would expose one of her breasts...if not for the fact that this happens to be where the giant body cavity that Victor can crawl in and out of is.
  • Finishing Move: Similar to Pyramid Head before them, The Twins have two Moris, depending on whether or not Victor is idle/crushed or not.
    • If Victor is out/crushed, Charlotte slashes the victim twice with her scythe - once in the lower back, once behind the neck - paralyzing them. She then stabs them in the kidney and finishes by jamming the sickle through their head.
    • If Victor is in Charlotte's chest, it starts out similarly to the above Mori - except after the two slashes, Charlotte sends Victor out, who proceeds to claw away at the victim's neck before biting a chunk of it out.
  • Fragile Speedster: Victor is a lot faster than a normal killer (he's faster than Legion in Frenzy, though not quite as fast as Spirit in phasewalk), but can be killed in a variety of ways by survivors. Add-ons can increase his speed even further.
  • French Jerk: Exaggerated Trope. The Twins are a pair of bloodthirsty Killers who hail from France.
  • Glass Cannon: Victor's leap attack can go over pallets and windows (though this requires very good aim), but he's the first Killer who the survivors can kill (due to being baby-sized). If he misses an attack, they can just run over to him and step on his head while he's recovering. He'll also die immediately if they drop a pallet on him. He'll also die instantly if he lands on a high object such as a car or tractor tread.
  • Lethal Joke Character: They're not so much a Killer with some exploitable weaknesses but a collection of exploitable weaknesses made into a Killer, but the one thing they are extremely good at is camping hooks, as you can keep one near a hook while defending generators with the other (Victor is the best for camping since he detects approaching survivors when you're not controlling him).
  • Living Motion Detector: When deployed, Victor emits a noise that causes all moving survivors within the noise's radius to be highlighted with Killer Instinct, making their location visible to Charlotte. As such, he can be left at key locations such as hooks, generators, or totems while the Killer player is controlling Charlotte. However, they should make some attempt to hide him, as survivors can otherwise just step on his head while he's standing still.
  • Logical Weakness: As Victor is baby-sized, he can't pick up survivors, use normal attacks, break pallets, open lockers, or close the hatch, and survivors can actually kill him with a kick to the head.
  • Morality Pet: Two for Charlotte
    • Madeline, Victor and Charlotte's mother, being the only person who loved them besides each other and was willing to abandon her way of life to keep them safe. It took Charlotte watching her get burned on the stake to trigger her hatred and anger towards anyone not named Victor
    • Victor, of course. The description of their power even states that, despite their lives being filled with nothing but trauma and survival, that the two are inseparable in a way that isn't just literal.
  • Older Than They Look: Being twins, Victor is technically the same age as Charlotte. His smaller size is due to a combination of his deformities, and the fact that he was actually dead for years after Charlotte escaped the Cult of the Entity, and therefore, his body didn't grow during that time.
  • Our Lawyers Advised This Trope: Because of very strict laws against depicting violence against children in many countries, Behavior Interactive have very strict rules against referring to Victor as a baby by their streamers/influencers and on their official forums. This is despite the fact Victor is almost exactly like a baby in behavior and appearance and many of his add-ons are baby-themed. "Kick the baby" has become a meme regarding survivors' ability to kill Victor repeatedly.
  • Sinister Scythe: Charlotte's Weapon of Choice is a sickle, which she stole from a farmer's home and modified to her liking.
  • The Sneaky Guy:
    • Victor has no heartbeat radius, but similar to the Huntress' lullaby, he emits grunting noises with a similar radius that lets survivors know he's nearby (though it's quieter than the Huntress' lullaby and can be easy to miss). One of their add-ons suppresses the noise when his pounce attack is fully charged, but he moves so slowly with a charged pounce that it's not very practical for sneaking up on survivors. He's also not detected by survivor perks that track the killer, such as Object of Obsession or Spine Chill, because the game considers him to be the power and not the killer itself (which is Charlotte).
    • One of their Ultra-Rare add-ons suppresses Charlotte's heartbeat for 12 seconds whenever you switch from Victor back to her. However, survivors receive a sound notification across the entire map when you do this.
  • Taking the Bullet: Victor is immediately taken out of the Killer player's control when his pounce attack hits a healthy survivor, so in some circumstances it might be better for a healthy survivor to jump in and take the hit rather than let him take down an injured survivor and go on to attack someone else.
  • Too Desperate to Be Picky: They had to eat whatever they could find when fleeing from persecution in the French countryside. Some of their add-ons include a bottle of soured milk, the eye of a cat they ate, a stale biscuit (which is noted to be "not much, but better than most meals"), and a forest stew made from foraged vegetables, moss, and bark.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: While many killers can qualify as this, Charlotte especially counts, what with being hunted for the crime of being born in a time where deformity was seen as a sign of the devil, being forced to watch her mother burnt at the stake, being subject to inhumane experiments that killed her conjoined brother, and being on the run for just about all her life. It's easy to see why she snapped and hates absolutely everyone but her brother, Victor.

    The Trickster 

"The Trickster" - Ji-Woon Hak

Voiced by: Titus Kim

A Korean pop sensation who lived a double life as a brutal serial killer. Ji-Woon Hak started out performing knife tricks at his family's restaurant for tourists. Eventually, music producer Yun-Jin Lee recruited him into a training program for aspiring idols, eventually joining the band NO SPIN. Thanks to his raw energy and bad boy charms, the band would turn out to be a smash hit, rocketing him to fame. However, Ji-Woon grew envious of his bandmates over time. This was brought to a head when their studio caught on fire. With the other members of NO SPIN trapped by fallen speakers, Ji-Woon got his first taste of blood, letting his bandmates perish, and finding he deeply enjoyed the sound of their pleas to save them.
The media easily bought the story that he did all he could to save his friends, and with Yun-Jin's help, he launched a solo career as The Trickster, producing his own songs while the bloodlust hidden underneath his public persona grew. He began abducting and torturing people, recording their screams so he could use them in his music and taunting the police with clues by leaving props related to his music career at the crime scenes.
Eventually, his aesthetic proved to be too much for the executives at his label, and despite Yun-Jin's efforts, Ji-Woon was told he was no longer able to be his own producer. An irate Ji-Woon then decided to use this opportunity to create his magnum opus. Three months later, at a private show for the board, he set up a trap to have the waiting audience sedated. As an act of gratitude to Yun-Jin, he had her become his captive audience as he tortured the rest of the board to death on stage. As he prepared to finish off Yun-Jin afterwards, the two of them were immersed in fog, and were sucked into the Entity's realm. Ji-Woon was more than happy to have a new audience.
The Trickster is the twentieth new killer added to the game with the release of the All-Kill chapter on March 30th, 2021.

  • Achilles' Heel:
    • Like Huntress and Deathslinger, his reduced speed gives him worse map coverage which can really hurt him, especially on larger maps.
    • Because of his reduced speed while throwing knives, he's really weak at tight loops. Survivors can run in circles around a truck or medium-sized rock and he's too slow to catch up and unable to get line-of-sight with his knives.
    • While in his Super Mode he can't interact with lockers, so survivors can just avoid his knives by jumping into one and jumping out while he's stunned during his cooldown.
    • His Super Mode constantly throws knives and can't be turned off, making it useless at loops as the barrage of knives completely telegraphs which direction you're moving.
  • Agent Peacock: A flamboyant pop star that is nonetheless skilled at cracking skulls with a bat and throwing knives with deadly precision.
  • Aside Glance: In his idle menu animations, he frequently looks at the camera. Sometimes when being viewed from behind, he will turn around then notice the camera and give it a smile and a wink before turning back around.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: His iridescent photocard ultra-rare add-on causes his knives to put survivors into the Exposed status effect after 8 hits instead of injuring them. This lets him One-Hit Kill survivors with his melee attack after knifing them enough, but prevents him for injuring survivors with his knives. The purpose of the add-on is so survivors don't get the on-hit sprint burst they normally get when they're injured, and also to prevent them from getting access to injured-state perks like Dead Hard, but it's so situational it's kind of pointless, especially for a ultra-rare add-on. Especially when you consider that he's slower than most Killers and thus his regular melee is less effective, and he can't melee while in his Super Mode.
  • Badass Normal: Similar to Legion and Ghost Face, he's a deadly Killer despite the fact he has no supernatural powers and is physically average; in fact, he's audibly exerting himself when sprinting, throwing knives, breaking objects, or lifting a survivor. Him not being particularly athletic might also account for why he runs slower than most other Killers despite lacking leg injuries like Hag, Spirit, and Deathslinger and not being extremely large like Huntress.
  • Batter Up!: His primary melee weapon "Head-Smasher" is an aluminum baseball bat with a sharp edge blade jury-rigged to it and an iconic grip. Naturally some of his other weapon cosmetics are other kinds of nasty-looking bats or Head-Smashers.
  • Blood Is the New Black: He's splattered with fresh blood.
  • Board to Death: His final murders before he got taken in by the Entity, where he tortured and murdered the executives of his record company at what was supposed to be a live performance for them. He saw this as both a magnum opus for himself, and revenge over being denied the ability to produce his own music.
  • Breakup Breakout: Invoked, as his profile rose even higher after the tragic deaths of his bandmates... that he allowed to happen.
  • Bright Is Not Good: His default costume is a bright yellow long coat, purple striped pants, and yellow shoes. Most of his alternate costumes are brightly-colored as well.
  • Darker and Edgier: An In-Universe example within his music, where after NO SPIN he became a solo artist The Trickster, and began injecting the screams of his tortured victims into his songs. Between living the double life of musician and murderer, as well as his music being described as becoming more niche as a result, his music career began to plummet.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: His ultra-rare Death Throes Compilation add-on decreases the initial damage of his knives, but increases the damage for each consecutive hit up to double the normal damage. However, it resets whenever he misses with a knife; this lets him deal double damage if he has perfect aim, but significantly reduced damage if he misses every few shots. Also a case of Awesome, but Impractical given how relatively random the spread of his knives are and how extremely hard it is to have 100% accuracy with them.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Has a relatively deep voice (particularly his evil laugh), which can be somewhat surprising given his Pretty Boy appearance.
  • Finishing Move: His Mori has him stand the Survivor up, throw a single knife in the air and go into a flamboyant show of throwing his knives into the survivor while striking poses the entire time, before hitting them in the head with one and knocking them over. He then pulls out an autographed photo of himself, says (In Korean) "Thank you." and throws it onto the survivor's chest near their heart - which is then impaled by the knife he threw at the start of the animation.
  • For the Evulz: While he's not outright stated to murder just to be mean, his lack of excuses or reasonable reasons to get into killing in the first place make his character come off as this. While killers like the Wraith have been brought to murder by their environment or, like the Clown or the Shape, are clearly established as deranged and fascinated with killing from an early age, Ji-Woon just seemed like an otherwise sane Narcissist until he inexplicably develops a strong and over-the-top taste for murder.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Ji-Woon Hak was first working at his father's restaurant and throwing knives to entertain tourists, then was spotted by Yun-jin Lee and joined the NO SPIN K-Pop band, then became a famous solo K-pop singer after letting his bandmates die in a fire, and after that, his growing need to be the star and his fascination with suffering and screams turned him into a serial killer vicious enough to catch the attention of the Entity.
  • Giggling Villain: Giggles while he chases you; it becomes outright dry cackling as the chase goes on.
  • A God Am I: One of his victims' corpses had "I HAVE SEEN GOD" written on it.
  • Idol Singer: A very dark take on this trope - he has the flashy, charming aesthetics of a Kpop star, but is a serial torturer who uses his victims' screams of pain as audio for his songs.
  • Knife Nut: His power "Showstopper" and his Mori make heavy use of 60 blades, which become unlimited once his "Main Event" ability is activated.
  • Long-Range Fighter: Like the Huntress and Deathslinger, the Trickster moves at reduced speed, but has a ranged attack that deals damage (throwing knives in his case). His knives are more rapid-fire but less accurate than the Huntress' hatchets or Deathslinger's rifle, making them more of a close-to-medium range attack, comparable to a submachine gun to the Huntress and Deathslinger's more sniper-rifle style. He also slows down even further when throwing his knives, and slows down even more the longer he throws them.
  • Loves the Sound of Screaming: After becoming a Serial Killer during his lifetime, he was so moved by the raw emotion of his victims' suffering that he even started to record their screams and cries to subliminally hide them in his music. When invokedExecutive Meddling began to rear its head as a result of his music career tanking, he took offense to it partially because he believed said screaming and suffering invokes "genuine humanity". His trailer music and his chase theme feature some of said screams.
  • Mad Artist: A serial killer who uses his victims' tortured screams for his songs and leaves their bodies in artfully arranged states.
  • Murder by Inaction: The fire that killed his fellow NO SPIN bandmates was genuinely an accident, but he had an opportunity to save them and made the split-second decision not, due to him both wanting all the fame of the band for himself, and being mesmerized by their desperate pleas for him to rescue them. This was also the trigger for his serial killer career.
  • Narcissist: Has a similar streak of fame-seeking narcissism as Ghost Face. His Mori even focuses much more on him than on his victim, down to him handing them an autographed photo of himself as they lie dying on the floor.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: A completely human killer with a flashier design, in contrast to the more mutated killers with duller/darker colors. What even sets him apart from the more visibly human killers is that he lacks a mask like Legion and Ghostface, or any injuries/mutilations like Freddy and Deathslinger.
  • No Shirt, Long Jacket: His torso is rather exposed in all but one of his cosmetics.
  • One-Hit Polykill: One of his Very Rare purple-rarity add-ons allows his blades to penetrate through multiple survivors, though survivors hit with a blade that's already gone through another survivor only take half damage.
  • Pinball Projectile: Another of his Very Rare purple-rarity add-ons lets him ricochet knives off walls and objects.
  • Pretty Boy: To be expected given he's a former Korean pop idol singer. Notably he's the most conventionally attractive Killer, male or female, in large part due to not being horribly deformed or mutilated (other than being splattered with blood).
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Several of his alternate costumes.
  • The Sociopath: While Ji-Woon only discovered his bloodlust in adulthood, from the start he displayed a charismatic facade that belied a complete disregard for others, as seen in how easily he left his bandmates to die to hog the spotlight and indulge in the screams. Afterwards, he masterfully convinced the public he was remorseful about their deaths, all the while committing murders at a whim and editing the victim's screams into his music, highlighting the impulsive, thrill-seeking aspect of sociopathy. He then decides to 'repay' Yun-Jin's loyalty to him by having her watch his massacre, before attempting to murder her last to tie up loose ends. Ji-Woon, ultimately, is a nasty example of what a successful narcissistic sociopath looks like.
  • Spam Attack: In contrast to the Huntress and the Deathslinger, who launch a single projectile that does normal damage and have a noticeable cooldown between shots, the Trickster can rapid-fire throwing knives, but the knives are not as accurate and require about 8 consecutive hits to actually damage a survivor.
  • Splash Damage: Yet another of his Very Rare purple-rarity add-ons causes his knives to explode on impact, dealing splash damage (half the damage of a direct hit).
  • Suddenly Voiced: Like the Plague, the Trickster stands out amongst most Dead by Daylight characters in that he actually talks, albeit in Korean.
  • Super Mode: After hitting survivors with enough throwing knives, the Trickster gains the ability to trigger his "Main Event" super mode, during which he has unlimited knives, throws them slightly faster than normal, and doesn't slow down further after throwing several knives (though he still moves slower than his normal movement speed). Unlike most Super Modes, "Main Event" expires if it is not used and can't be saved up; it's mainly for getting a second wind to finish off a survivor just as you're about to run out of knives.
  • They Look Just Like Everyone Else!: The Pig, the Legion, and Ghost Face are physically unremarkable and normal-looking without their masks, but the Trickster takes it a step further by not even bothering to wear a mask at all (though his rather outlandish fashion sense and Blood Is the New Black does make him stand out even without a mask).
  • Yellow Eyes of Sneakiness: Unlike the "glowing white lights in pools of black" eyes of many of the other maskless non-mutated Killers, the Trickster has yellow eyes instead.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: A few of his alternates costumes give him bright purple or teal hair.

    The Nemesis 

"The Nemesis" - Nemesis T-Type

Voiced by: Sebastien Croteau (Nemesis), Roxana Bouchard, David Alexandre Brault-Pilon (zombies)
Developed as part of the Umbrella Corporation's multitude of bio-organic weaponry projects, the Nemesis is an prototype member of the T-103 series implanted with a NE-α Parasite. Through infection from this parasite, Umbrella scientists were able to find a suitable workaround to the mental degradation experienced by infectees of the T-Virus, which included members of the T-103 series. Because of this, the Nemesis is able to display advanced levels of thinking and dexterity while maintaining the sheer power most Tyrant-type B.O.W's had.
After the T-virus contaminated the town of Raccoon City, located in close proximity to several Umbrella research facilities, chaos ensued which endangered the company thanks to the action of the S.T.A.R.S. division of the Raccoon City Police Department. To test the effectiveness of the Nemesis, and cover-up any loose ends from the outbreak, a Nemesis specimen, sometimes referred to as "The Pursuer", was deployed to the city with the objective of tracking down and eliminating the members of S.T.A.R.S.
This would lead the specimen to numerous encounters with Jill Valentine. While Jill proved a very capable adversary for the B.O.W., the Nemesis proved to be an incredibly persistant and dangerous being, able to constantly track Jill down despite her numerous escapes. However, as Nemesis was approaching Jill once more set to engage her in what may have been a possible final confrontation, the two found themselves enveloped in fog, selected by the Entity to become new participants in its trials. For Nemesis, not much really changed. It was still dedicated to the destruction of S.T.A.R.S, and anything else in its way.
The Nemesis is the twenty-first new killer added to the game with the release of the Resident Evil chapter on June 15th, 2021.

The Nemesis is the eighth Guest Fighter killer added to the game, coming from Resident Evil.
  • Achilles' Heel:
    • Nemesis' ability to power up his tentacle strike is severely restricted if survivors simply don't heal their infection, similar to the tactic of not cleansing against Plague, since he only powers up by infecting non-infected survivors. He can still power up by killing zombies, but this is much slower and the game is likely to be over long before he can reach max power with this method.
    • The zombies that spawn with Nemesis can be very effective in small maps or maps with tight pathways. However, the zombies struggle in larger maps, where they end up being very spread out and pitifully easy for survivors to avoid.
  • Adaptational Wimp: In his home series, Nemesis is a Lightning Bruiser regularly sprinting and jumping from great heights to get to his targets. He also traditionally carries around a customized rocket launcher, though he has used different firearms on occasion. Here, Nemesis lacks the use of military weapons and is much, much slower to better fit the game, having nothing in the way of his trademark agility.
  • Bad Boss: Nemesis can power up his tentacle strike by using it to kill his zombie minions (they respawn after a short time), but he builds up power much more slowly this way than he does by simply infecting survivors. You can also kill your zombies in the hopes they'll respawn in a more useful location.
  • Bad Vibrations: He makes incredibly loud stomping sounds when he gets close, even louder than Demogorgon or Oni.
  • Body Horror: Nemesis is a walking corpse whose skin appears to have peeled away in certain areas from being unable to contain his bones and muscles, with his remaining flesh crudely stitched in place. A large device on his chest conceals his swollen heart and regulates his circulatory functions through a series of tubes plugged into various spots on his body. There are Combat Tentacles writhing inside his body, most prominently in his left arm. As he powers up, his left arm mutates further, until practically everything below the elbow is a throbbing mass of pustules.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: His tentacle strike is incredibly versatile, allowing him to get in hits in loops that normal Killers would be completely helpless at, letting him destroy pallets more efficiently than a normal Killer, and being very useful for punishing lazy survivor tactics such as camping pallets. Getting consistent results with it is a different story, as Nemesis moves slower while getting the move ready, while the move itself has a very narrow hitbox and a long cooldown.
  • A Dog Named "Dog": Similar to Ghostface and Demogorgon, Nemesis is simply known by his "real" name rather than having an descriptive nom de guerre like most other Killers (i.e. "The Executioner" for Pyramid Head or "The Nightmare" for Freddy).
  • Easter Egg: Nemesis will say his "S.T.A.R.S." Catchphrase when grabbing Jill or Chris out of a locker or performing a Mori on either of them.
  • Finishing Move: Nemesis impales the survivor through the chest with his tentacle, uses it to reel them into his hand, chokeslams them, impales them again while they're prone, and finally finishes them off with a heavy stomp of his boot to their skull.
  • Gathering Steam: Nemesis' tentacle strike ability builds up power as you use it to infect uninfected survivors. At level 1, it's a short range attack that has slightly more range than a normal killer lunge and can hit survivors over pallets and through windows. At level 2, it gains the ability to break pallets. At level 3, it increases in range by 20%.
  • Giant Mook: Nemesis is massive, towering over even other large-size Killers like Trapper (Trapper's head comes up to about Nemesis' upper chest).
  • Guest Fighter: From Resident Evil.
  • Implacable Man: Nemesis has canonically taken being blasted with pistol rounds, automatic rifles, grenade launchers, and even rockets, with his death only occurring after having a railgun shoved down his throat and then being fired or having a nuke dropped on his parasite. The announcement trailer has him being shot at to absolutely no effect. Nemesis stands out among all the killers in that while most of the killers are only unkillable because of the rules of the Entity's game, Nemesis is naturally able to power through any conventional weapon in existence.
  • Luck-Based Mission: How helpful his two zombie helpers are is extremely random, since they're controlled by the game's AI and behave in a random manner. Sometimes they'll wander around in the middle of nowhere, but sometimes they'll defend generators or hooks or block survivors' paths.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Nemesis has the ability to infect survivors with the T-Virus, which not only makes them easier to detect but also enhances Nemesis' powers; his special attacks only do damage to infected survivors, otherwise they merely infect the survivor. Additionally, Nemesis has the unique trait of spawning with his own minions in the form of two AI-controlled zombies who, while individually weak, can also infect survivors with the T-Virus and deal damage to infected survivors. Similar to the Pig's Reverse Bear Trap, there are a set of cures that spawn whenever Nemesis is the Killer, but the issue isn't that some of the cures are fake - it's that they are finite in number, and Nemesis can reapply the status with any of his attacks.
  • Natural Weapon: Like Hag and Demogorgon, Nemesis utilizes his bare hands rather than relying on a weapon.
  • Token Non-Human: A unique example - unlike Demogorgon and Pyramid Head, Nemesis Was Once a Man (at least technically; he was created from a production-model Tyrant, most of which were clones), but has now been mutated into something else entirely.
  • Top-Heavy Guy: Behavior has altered his proportions slightly so he'll fit inside the Killer collision box; this was mostly achieved by shrinking his legs relative to his upper body. He's still incredibly huge even compared to other large Killers. His legs look normal, followed by a cinched waistline, then his entire torso bloats out in a V shape of muscles.
  • Weakened by the Light: Nemesis' zombies can be stunned with a flashlight; they're stunned for quite a while, much longer than a Killer is.
  • Whip It Good: His special ability is a whip-like tentacle strike from his left hand. It has slightly better range than a normal killer lunge and can hit survivors over pallets and through windows, however unlike Pyramid Head's Sword Beam it cannot pass through walls or other obstacles.

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