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Standard Units

"Rifleman ready! Let's take the fight to the enemy!"
Cheap soldiers with decent health and damage. Because of their low housing space, they tend to be spammed in huge swarms.
  • Achilles' Heel: As a troop relying mostly on numbers, they are very vulnerable to splash defenses, most notably the Rocket Launcher.
  • Cannon Fodder: Both figuratively and literally. They can be used to meatshield for more fragile troops (but Heavies are more commonly used), and are the best troops to counter Cannons, Boom Cannons and Doom Cannons due to the single-target nature of those defenses.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: For their cost, they have decent damage and health.
  • Zerg Rush: They have a housing space of 1, so they can be sent out in enormous quantities to shred defenses.
"Hey, great! The HQ is finally big enough for us Heavies. We're tough enough to walk straight into the line of fire. Let's go get them!"
The big guy of your lineup, Heavies are always on the front lines soaking up damage.
  • Boring, but Practical: Compared to the other mainly-used meatshield troop (Tanks) they have considerably less health, shorter range and don't deal nearly as much damage. However, the fact that they don't consume Gunboat Energy and have a smaller housing space mean that they can be sent out in larger numbers, which greatly bolsters their defensive power.
  • Chainsaw Grip BFG: The way he holds his weapon.
  • Gatling Good: Wields a minigun as his primary weapon. Surprisingly, it has very low DPS.
  • Muscles Are Meaningful: Probably the most muscular of anyone of the troops, and has the highest health of any non-vehicular troop in the game.
  • Stone Wall: He has very low damage output and short range, but his high HP means that the majority of defenses won't be able to seriously damage him in a timely manner.
  • The Big Guy: In the commercials and in game.
"Need something blown to bits? A few shots from my bazooka will destroy any enemy building!"
A lightly armored, rocket-launcher wielding trooper with long-ranged, devastating attacks.
  • Action Girl
  • BFG: That bazooka is almost as tall as she is.
  • Glass Cannon: Zookas deal immense damage, especially in numbers, and have the highest Damage-Per-Second/Housing Space ratio of any troop, but are so fragile that one or two hits from nearly anything will do them in.
  • Long-Range Fighter: Has longer range than most troops, and long enough range to outrange Flamethrowers (Hot Pots are a different story...)
  • Steel Ear Drums: Averted. Zookas wear earmuffs to protect themselves from the noise of their rockets.
"We're a warrior tribe of many strong men! Let us join your fight against the invaders."
A fast melee fighter wielding a magic hammer that allows for devastating strikes.
"Tank ready for battle! This baby has a long range cannon and thick armor to boot."
A heavily armored vehicle with an even heavier cannon. Due to its weight, it costs 2 additional Gunboat Energy to deploy.
  • Achilles' Heel: Back when the game was first released, Tanks used to take double damage from Cannons, Boom Cannons, and Boom Mines, making those the specified anti-tank weapons. However, in an update they removed that feature in favor of boosting their overall damage.
  • Action Girl: You may not know it at first look, but the Tank's driver is female.
  • Elite Army: Similar to the Dragons from Clash of Clans before it, using an attack strategy entirely composed of Tanks is popular among mid-high level players, due to the Tanks being able to absorb all manner of damage and demolish enemy buildings while Artillery and Barrages take care of anything that is a threat to them such as Boom Cannons.
    • However, this tactic gets considerably less effective once enemies begin to get more anti-tank defenses, and said defenses are upgraded enough to be able to withstand Barrages.
  • Mighty Glacier: Very slow and costs additional Gunboat Energy to deploy, but has a ton of health and a devastating long-ranged attack.
  • Tank Goodness
"I'm here to save lives! With my support, our soldiers can stay in the fight when the going gets hot."
A troop that does not do damage, but heals other troops to keep them in the fight.
  • Artificial Stupidity: Medics are the only troop that will ignore Flares, instead simply going after any wounded troops. This can lead to some interesting situations where Medics run headlong into minefields or Boom Cannon fortifications.
  • Nerd Glasses: Sports a pair of small round ones.
  • Shoot the Medic First: Averted, as Medics tend to huddle behind most troops, and not many people will send them without some kind of heavy protection. However, if the enemy base has a S.I.M.O. prototype defense, this strategy plays right into the defender's hands, because that building's AI specifically targets units with the lowest amount of health.
  • The Medic: Duh.
  • Thou Shall Not Kill: Cannot and will not deal damage to any enemies.
"I hear you chaps have been looking for an explosives expert. Well, you struck lucky! I'll toss a few mashers their way, and Bob's your uncle - those Blaggards go up in smoke!"
A big man who tosses inaccurate grenades at an extreme range.
  • Area of Effect: His attacks do this, uniquely for a troop.
  • Brave Scot: His appearance and unlock quote, plus the fact that he uses Potato Masher Grenades, greatly imply a Scottish background.
  • Exactly What I Aimed At: The fact that his shots usually miss—and frequently miss behind the intended target—can be exploited to have him hit defenses out of range or to detonate landmines.
  • No-Sell: His attacks can detonate mines, and he can also outrange anything with equal or less range than a Cannon.
  • Powerful, but Inaccurate: Grenadier's shots have very long range and deal high area damage, but generally have a 40% chance to hit whatever he's actually aiming at.
  • Team Killer: Although it's unintentional. One of the few troops that can actually harm your own units, which is especially deadly due to his inaccuracy, long range, and devastating area attacks.
  • Throw Down the Bomblet: His entire schtick. Enough Grenadiers can turn the whole battlefield into a giant crater.
"Vroom vroom!"
A massive armored vehicle that exists solely to incinerate everything indiscriminately. Costs 12 GBE to deploy.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Scorchers will periodically switch targets without any player input. However, they will focus on something if you flare them to it.
  • Damage Over Time: Its flamethrower causes this on enemy buildings.
  • Fire-Breathing Weapon: A large flamethrower.
  • Kill ’Em All: When its signature quote on its profile is "Everything Must Burn", it kind of goes with the territory.
  • Nigh Invulnerable: A max level Scorcher has 43,000 HP, enough to shrug off nearly anything while drawing the fire of nearly everything on the enemy base. Only Boom Cannons and Prototype Defenses can even hope to kill it.
  • Stone Wall: While they have fairly high DPS, it's very small in proportion to their HP. Speaking of that, these things have so much HP (more than most buildings!) that nothing except Boom Cannons will dent them, and the only thing that can consistently kill them is a Mark 3 Doom Cannon.
  • The Faceless: Unlike the Tank, its driver is unknown, and its unlock quote does not suggest anything about them.
  • Taking You with Me: Explodes violently upon death to damage all buildings and troops around it. Although, taking its health into consideration, this doesn't really happen a lot.
  • Team Killer: Again, unintentional. Its death explosion can harm your own troops.
"Nice to meet you, Commander! Cryoneer reporting in. My Freeze Beam can seriously reduce the firepower of enemy defenses. It's also great for cooling beverages and making ice sculptures!"
A unique soldier who uses a freezing laser to damage and slow buildings linearly.
  • Action Girl
  • Freeze Ray: Her weapon of choice.
  • One-Hit Polykill: In a similar vein to the Lazor Beam, her Freeze Beam damage everything in a straight line.
  • Pungeon Master: Instead of having one signature profile quote, she has dozens of them, each being an ice-based pun or joke.
  • Standard Status Effects: Slows down the fire rate of defenses.
  • Support Party Member: She has rather low HP and doesn't do nearly as much DPS as most other troops, but she makes up for that with her piercing attacks and slowing effect.
  • Team Killer: Can accidentally hit and freeze her own teammates.

Hero Units

     Sergeant Brick
"After spending too long alone on the island, Sgt. Brick is ready to fight the Blackguard for real again."
Sgt. Brick is a female drill sergeant who's unlocked in PvC mode at Headquarters level 4 once the player rebuilds a Derelict Hut that appears at one corner of the base. In the newer PvP Warships mode, she's the second hero unlocked as you go through the Tech Tree. As a Hero, she has unique perks and no need to be trained again should she get defeated.
  • Action Girl: And unlike Cpt. Everspark, she is more suited for direct combat than support.
  • Artificial Stupidity: As of now, she has some... interesting AI problems, such as targeting the same building twice with Grenade Spammer, taking a long time to make decisions, and not following flares some of the time.
  • Cluster Bomb: One of her abilities. It deals massive damage to the target and bombards the area behind it with explosive bomblets.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: Downplayed. While she isn't mean per se, she is still perfectly willing to resort to angry glares and "verbal encouragement" to boost the efficiency of her troops.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: In comparison to Everspark's Support Party Member designation, Brick has rather high HP, abilities geared towards both offensive/defensive action, and fairly good DPS, especially if she targets something with Grenade Spammer.
  • Rousing Speech: Apparently the damage reduction from Iron Will stems from Brick simply telling her troops to not die. In addition, her Battle Orders buff is created by a combination of "verbal encouragement and angry glares."
  • Sergeant Rock: Kind of implied by her character and willingness to charge into battle with her troops.
  • Status Buff: She has two as abilities.
    • Her first one is her Hero Ability "Iron Will", which reduces all damage done to her and all nearby troops by 50% for a certain time. This allows heavier troops to take even more damage than before, even being able to tank shots from the likes of a Boom Cannon.
    • Her second, more offensively geared ability "Battle Orders" temporarily boosts the attack power and move speed of all troops in a radius. It is invaluable in attacks where sheer DPS is a main priority.
  • Swiss Army Weapon: An assault rifle with a grenade launcher built into it.
  • Throw Down the Bomblet: Her passive effect Grenade Spammer allows her to launch a powerful grenade every time she targets a new building. In addition, her Hero Ability Cluster Bomb fires a large grenade that explodes into more grenades.
     Doctor Kavan
"Years in the jungle have had a pronounced effect on Dr. Kavan. He now uses natural oils to groom his moustache."
Dr. Kavan, added as the third hero in the June 2017 update, is a native healer who's unlocked in PvC mode when you defeat Hammerman's HQ Level 25 (making him the second in game order), and in the newer PvP Warships mode as the first hero available as you go through the Tech Tree. Like the other Heroes, he has unique abilities and doesn't need to be retrained if killed.
  • Badass Mustache
  • Deflector Shields: His Ice Shields ability grants all nearby troops (including himself) a short-lived force field. While the shield has rather low health, it completely negates any excess damage that broke it, even if said attack came from a Mark 3 Doom Cannon.
  • Distressed Dude: Must be rescued from Hammerman's Level 25 HQ. Apparently he was being kept there so Hammerman could keep bugging him for medicine to treat his lack of social skill.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Goes barefoot.
  • The Medic: Up to Eleven; at Level 1, he has more healing power than a max-level Medic, and it only goes up from there.
  • Mook Maker: One of his abilities does this, and another has the possibility of doing so.
    • His first Hero Ability, Crystal Critters, sends a group of green Critters that heal nearby troops. They remain alive for only a short time (if not killed by defenses), but have much more health than actual Critters.
    • The AI for his third ability, Second Wind, revives troops in inverse order of their deaths (i.e., most recently killed first). If a large troop can't be revived, or if not enough troops had been killed to fill up his "revive" buffer, he creates Riflemen to make up the difference.
  • Noodle Incident: Apparently Hammerman kept coming to him for a medicine that would improve his social skills.
  • Power Crystal: Wears a crystal necklace and carries a staff crowned with crystals.
  • Status Buff: His Hero Perk and one of his Hero Abilities provide examples.
    • The Hero Park, Galvanizing Presence, temporarily reduces damage taken by troops he heals by a small amount.
    • His second Hero Ability, Ice Shields, creates just that around nearby troops, including himself. While the shields have low health, they fully negate excess damage—meaning that an active Ice Shield will fully protect against a hit from any single-shot defense.
  • Support Party Member: Like the Medic, Dr. Kavan tends to stay behind troops that he's healing.
  • Thou Shall Not Kill: Like the Medic troop, cannot and will not deal damage to any enemies.
  • Tribal Face Paint: And on the chest and shoulders as well.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Much like the Warrior, except he adds a headdress and trades the Warrior's golden necklace for a crystal one.
     Captain Everspark
"Some people just love gadgets. Cpt. Everspark takes after her mom, who has had a long career in weapons development."
Cpt. Everspark is a female gadget freak who's unlocked in PvC mode once the player defeats Col. Gearheart's level 45 War Factory. In the Warships mode, she's either the third or last hero to be unlocked, depending on the path you choose to take on the Tech Tree. Like Brick and Kavan, she has unique abilities and doesn't need to be retrained if killed.
  • Action Girl
  • Big Bad Friend: Although she is your ally, it's heavily implied that she's the daughter of Colonel Gearheart.
  • Damsel in Distress: Must be rescued from Gearheart's Lv.45 War Factory. It's speculated that she either lives there or Gearheart imprisoned her there.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Kind of goes with the territory for someone who uses an arsenal of supposedly self-made inventions.
  • Mook Maker: Her passive skill Robot Overlord allows her to spawn several Critters every few seconds to distract defenses and deal damage. The frequency of this, and the number of Critters she releases, increase as you level her up.
  • No-Sell: Her Universal Remote skill does not work on Prototypes or Hammerman's Superweapons.
  • Shock and Awe: She uses long-ranged electric shocks to damage enemies.
  • Support Party Member: Unlike Brick who is always on the front lines, slinging explosives and providing Status Buffs, Everspark is in the back, summoning Critters and sticking bombs or remote operators to key defenses.
  • Time Bomb: Her Hero Ability "Explosive Charges" throws a timed explosive at the nearest defense, which then explodes to do immense damage to it.
  • Turned Against Their Masters: Her Hero Ability "Universal Remote" allows her to hijack the nearest enemy defense and turn them against the other defenses, all while giving them a damage boost. And to top it all off, the defense is stunned after the effect wears off to stop it from instantly turning on her and killing her after.
  • Zerg Rush: Her "Critter Swarm" ability releases a horde of Critters to swamp enemies.
     Private Bullit
It's not quite clear why Private Bullit has never been promoted, but it might have something to do with his attitude.
Private Bullit is a strange man who could best be described as the game's resident Testosterone Poisoning victim. In PvC mode, he is rescued from Hammerman's Level 55 HQ; in Warships mode, he's either the third or last hero to be unlocked, depending on the path you choose to take on the Tech Tree. Like other heroes, he has unique perks and doesn't need to be trained.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Charges straight into battle and is always on the front lines blowing stuff up.
  • Damage Cap: His signature and most defining ability is his passive, Pain Tolerance. In essence, it puts a cap on the amount of damage he can receive in a single shot, negating any damage that goes over the cap. This means that he is immensely tankier than any other troop in the game due to being able to reduce all damage taken to a relatively small amount (1300 at max level): even if that attack would have dealt tens of thousands of damage.
    • In addition, his Taunt ability further increases his damage reduction, which can set the damage cap as low as 100 damage at max level. Chances are, since he's now drawn the fire of every defense within about 8 tiles of himself, he'll need it.
  • Distressed Dude: Must be rescued from Hammerman's Level 55 HQ. Why he's there and why he hasn't attempted to fight back is completely unknown, as he doesn't give any dialogue upon rescue.
  • Draw Aggro: His Taunt ability not only increases his already insane damage reduction, but causes all defenses in the immediate area to automatically target him.
  • The Dreaded: Apparently the very fact that he exists has caused Dr. T to lapse into minor madness and start talking in his sleep.
  • Mighty Glacier: Good lord. At max level, Bullit has more than two-thirds of the health of a max-level Scorcher, and his passive makes him completely negate almost all the damage from most high-level defenses. That's not even getting into his abilities, that have the potential to further improve his damage reduction or simply heal off any damage done. And while he's slow and short-ranged, his DPS is absolutely insane: easily outstripping any other single troop in the game and even most defenses.
  • No-Sell: His Damage Cap mechanic makes most standard anti-tank defenses next to useless due to him reducing their damage to a fraction of the original. Faster-firing, less damaging weapons are considerably more effective on him.
  • Percent Damage Attack: Or in this case, Percent Health Healing. His Energy Drink causes him to quickly regenerate a certain percentage of his maximum health: up to 50% once the ability is maxed.
  • Power Fist: He uses electrified brass knuckles to punch buildings and stun them.
  • Rated M for Manly: He's an incredibly buff guy with a triple-barreled shotgun and electrified brass knuckles, who purposely attracts the attention of heavy artillery, eats bullets to the face on a regular basis, chugs possibly steroid-infused energy drinks, and can punch buildings to death with his bare hands.
    • In fact, Boom Beach has released a list of feats he has done to prove just how tough he is. Here are just a few of them.
    Private Bullit was once hit by a Tank, and dragged the Tank to the garage afterwards!
    Private Bullit invented giraffes when he punched a horse's chin!
    When Private Bullit swims in the sea, the sharks get into steel cages!
  • Shock and Awe: His Shock Knuckles ability has him leap to the nearest defense and deliver a massive punch with his electrified brass knuckles, dealing damage as well as firing a shock wave that stuns it and all buildings right behind it.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: A triple-barreled one, to be specific. While under the influence of his Energy Drink, he can also fire it like a machine gun.
  • Status Buff: One that's only for himself: his Energy Drink give him a massive increase to fire rate and movement speed while healing him for a certain percentage of his maximum health.

Other Characters

     Lieutenant Hammerman
"I am Lieutenant Hammerman of the Blackguard. These islands belong to us now. We'll crush your puny base!"
The commander of the Blackguard and the resident Big Bad of the game. He leads the Blackguard operation to subjugate the Archipelago, destroying villages for their Power Stones in order to use them for some unknown purpose.
  • Big Bad
  • Boss Battle: His personal bases are as close as it gets in this game.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: While Hammerman is built up as the main threat throughout the game along his Co-Dragons Dr. T and Gearheart, his old dialogue has him state that he has to report to the Blackguard High Commander after the defeat of his Lv.60 base, meaning that there is a greater threat even higher ranking than him.
  • Heavily Armored Mook: Or Heavily Armored Defenses. His Superweapons have more health than any other defense in the game, barring Prototypes. The MMG 9000 in particular is stated to be covered in solid titanium armor.
  • Kick the Dog: Some of his old dialogue implies that he regularly abuses the Natives for no particular reason other than his own amusement.
  • Large Ham: Not as much as Dr. T, but in the commercials he really knows how to ham it up. Especially when he wears his Wartime Epaulets.
  • Power Copying: Kind of. During Imitation Game, he copies the top-ranked bases of a certain strength level and pits them against you. Later on, as he takes bases from higher and higher HQ levels, the fights can get pretty brutal.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: Is the main antagonist of the game, and wears primarily black and red.
  • Sore Loser: Sometimes he takes defeat better than others, but most of the time he doesn't take it very well.
    After beating his Lv.25 HQ: "No! That's unfair, you used some kind of trick to destroy my Super Mortar 3000! I won't let it fall into your dirty rebel hands. Men, burn the wreckage and the blueprints!"
    After beating his Lv.40 HQ: "No! How can it be! I planned this base perfectly, and now it's a burning ruin! At least with all the mines we planted, nobody's going to be safe on that island again!"
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: In Hammerman Strikes Back, his AI lacks the strategic capabilities of real players, and he lacks the ability to use Flares/Medkits/Smoke Screen, instead usually firing a Artillery/Barrage or two at key buildings (later he can use Shock Bombs and Critters). However, he compensates for this with unlimited Gunboat Energy and the ability to deploy much, much more troops than should be possible, and in later stages his troop count can reach into the thousands.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Once you get the Weapon Lab, he decides that he's had enough sitting idly and watching you destroy his bases, and launches a full-scale attack on your base during the Hammerman Strikes Back event.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Not as noticeable as some other examples, but you can easily see him getting gradually more angry and desperate as you continue taking down his bases.
    After beating his Lv.55 (and semifinal) HQ: "This is impossible! I've pored over every handbook and manual on defensive strategy... and you still beat me! I have no option but to use strength in numbers to CRUSH you!"
  • Weapon of Mass Destruction: He has two that can only be found on his personal bases. However, they were manufactured by Gearheart. While there is generally only 1 or 2 per base, his final base has 4
    • The Massacre Machine Gun 9000 (or MMG 9000) is a beefed-up Machine Gun that is superior in every aspect. It has longer range than a Cannon, a much faster rate of fire, high health, and an ungodly amount of Damage-Per-Second. Its increased range means it cannot be outranged by anything except Grenadiers and anything that enters its range is guaranteed to be ripped to shreds very quickly.
    • The Super Mortar 3000 (or just Super Mortar) is an improved Mortar which deals enough damage to One-Hit Kill nearly anything, has the range of a Rocket Launcher, and does not have the Arbitrary Minimum Range of a normal Mortar, in addition to having much higher HP. While it is an overall terrifying weapon, it still suffers from the Mortar's tendency to miss shots due to the slow travel speed of the shells.
  • Worthy Opponent: Rather surprisingly for Hammerman, he used to have this to say if you beat his final base.
    Lt. Hammerman: "You've been a worthy opponent. I doubt that we'll meet again...Lt. Hammerman signing out."
     Dr. Terror (Dr. T.)
"Welcome to my grand experiment on self-replicating smart Weapons!"
Your typical Mad Scientist and the head of the Blackguard's Artifact Weaponization Project. He periodically leaves his experiments to terrorize the natives, setting up self-replicating bases and occasionally invading with his Mega Crab.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: While he may be a Card-Carrying Villain and the largest ham in the Archipelago, remember that he's actually a dangerous scientist who regularly enslaves entire villages For the Evulz, kidnaps trained soldiers to turn into brainwashed super soldiers, works with incredibly powerful weaponry, and designed a weapon that is supposedly able to decimate entire islands.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Attempted to do this to kidnapped soldiers through a mutagen that also enhanced their abilities. It doesn't work.
  • For the Evulz: His main motivation for even bothering to invade the Archipelago.
  • Giant Enemy Crab: His Mega Crab, a giant robot crab the size of a small island.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The Critters trapped on his Mega Crab will help you if you free them. Most prominently shown with the Super Soldiers, which turn on him after being freed (with devastating consequences).
  • Humongous Mecha: Again, the Mega Crab.
  • Kill It with Ice: The Cryo Bombs on his Mega Crab.
  • Large Ham: Oh yes. Especially in his Mega Crab commercials.
  • Mad Scientist: Fits the image perfectly.
  • Morality Pet: The turtle he keeps with him, which he apparently stole from Hammerman.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: His Dr. T. Lookalikes are cardboard cutouts of himself that taunt all troops toward them, upon which they explode.
  • Reviving Enemy: Fitting for a scientist who claims to be experimenting on Self-Replicating Smart Weapons. His base seemingly rebuilds itself stronger than the last, but will stop after being beaten 8 times.
    • Similarly, his Mega Crab has an infinite amount of stages.
  • Sudden Name Change: His name was changed from Dr. Terror to simply Dr. T due to real-world issues (namely terrorism).
  • This Is a Drill: One of his Mega Crab's arms is a giant drill that it can sometimes be seen using to crush islands.
     Colonel Gearheart
"Welcome to Gearheart Arms, Inc. You'll get crushed by the wheels of industry!"
The founder and CEO of Gearheart Arms Inc, a weapons design company. She uses her vast experience in weapon design to assist the Blackguard and make profit all the while.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: As the founder of a weapons development company, she has no qualms about extending the war for profit.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Has immense knowledge of and a long history in weapons devolopment. She designed Hammerman's Superweapons and seems to have extensive knowledge of Prototype Weapons.
  • Gimmick Level: Her War Factory. While most higher-level bases like in Operations tend to toss Prototypes around, Gearheart's defense seems to be entirely built on them. The War Factory tends to have a enormous amount of Prototype Defenses on them, which can be problematic to players in a game where most bases will have 3 at most.
  • Only in It for the Money: Her primary motivation to help the Blackguard seems to be so she can make more profits selling weapons to them.
  • The Woman Behind The Man: Responsible for Hammerman's Superweapons in his first few bases.
  • War for Fun and Profit: She sees war as "her business", and that "business is good".
"Commander, we've made a successful landing! This will be our base of operations against the Blackguard threat."
The inhabitants of the player's home base. One of these villagers will guide the player through certain parts of the game, while the others are used to construct and upgrade the base's buildings.
     Native Islanders
"Meet the Native Islander! Her name is Sharon. Her hobbies include: Pottery and Cave diving!"
Natives enslaved by the Blackguard in order to steal their Power Stones. They can be rescued from their prisons by taking Blackguard bases, upon which they will return the favor by sending you Gold supplies.
  • One-Gender Race: There used to only be female villagers, but male ones were promptly added in later updates (although the Warrior is probably part of the race). Still, the only villagers given a speaking role are female, possibly to avoid confusion with the Warrior.
  • The Golden Rule: After you rescue them from their Blackguard oppressors, they feel indebted to supply you with income.
  • The Team Benefactor: Besides Residences, freed villages are your primary source of Gold income, and having more freed will boost it further.
"So this is the famed resistance hideout. Quaint. You may call me Trader. Anonymity will serve our mutual interests."
A mysterious woman who shows up once every week. She offers several different trading options weekly, and will also buy unique Trader Tickets for Crates which can contain varying amounts of resources and special Hero Tokens.
  • Only in It for the Money: Doesn't care that there happens to be a war going on, or necessarily who she's selling her goods to, as long as she gets paid.

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