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  • A lot of the things from the commercials are hillarious.
    • The constant abuse the Heavies take in "Great Plan", from being torched by Flamethrowers, standing in Machine Gun fire, and even walking through a minefield, all without any serious injury.
      • Even funnier, when HQ is giving them orders, they just stand in the stream of fire from the Flamethrower and causally lean on their guns.
    • The speech the villager gives in "Speech". Really makes you wonder how they made it this far.
    Villager: "The key is to flank left, around the minefield!"
    • Hammerman in "Wartime Epaulettes". His commander informs him that his base is being destroyed and the troops need morale. Hammerman then proceeds to put on his Epaulettes while dramatically posing and having smoke rise around him. Then it's revealed that his base was leveled while he was putting them on.
    • Nearly every commercial Dr. T is in is this. Especially the ones involving the Mega Crab.
    • In "Grenadier", said Grenadier is commanded to take out a Machine Gun. He proceeds to lob all his grenades at it, only for all of them to miss, except the last one...which hits the rock above it, causing it to fall on the Gun. And his response?
    Grenadier: "Nailed it!"
    Rifleman 1: "That Gunboat's aiming right at us..."
    (Cue Barrage blasting the Tower into a pile of rubble)
    Boat Rifleman: "You're right, Johnson! It is fun to destroy something that provides no strategic advantage!"

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