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Characters page about Aggressors of Dark Kombat, all fighters are Original Generation excepting Kotaro Fuuma from World Heroes.

Joe Kusanagi
Hah, maybe I'm too strong.
Joe Kusanagi, the street fighter known as the "Red Panther from Honmoku" is the strongest brawler in Kanto, the eastern area of Japan. Bored with no fighters that are good enough for him, he goes to the west, trying to find strong warriors.
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Goh Kidokoro
You bumping into me and grinning is getting on my nerves, man!
Also known as the "Strong Spirit from Naniwa", Goh is the strongest brawler in Kansai, the west part of Japan. When he hears that the "Red Panther from Honmoku" is coming to Kansai, he waits for him. He's also scheming to control all of Japan.
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Kisarah Westfield
Don't be dissapointed, I'm not just an ordinary cutesy girl, you know.
Kisarah is a popular high school idol whose family came from England. She hounds Joe Kusanagi ever since he made a childhood promise to make her his girlfriend. She tries everything she can to make him notice her, eventually having to enter the tournament in Aggressors of Dark Kombat. Also, she's the only character from this game that appears in another game: SNK Playmore's NeoGeo Battle Coliseum.
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Leonhalt Domador
Like I thought, you are no match for me.
Leonhalt Domador is a German street fighter that travels the world in order to become the strongest. He entered the United States illegally and is running from the authorities as a result.
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Lee Hae Gwon
Walk on the side of the road from now on!
Lee is a Korean martial artist that lives in Japan. He worked on a gym until Leonhalt Domador came and trashed his gym. Lee now roams the land searching for him.
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Sheen Genus
You can't beat me with your weak blows!
He and four more wrestlers were kicked out of a major Canadian pro wrestling organization because they often knocked out their opponents. Sheen travels the world seeking members for the pro wrestling division he is trying to create.
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Bobby Nelson
Ninjas I've seen on TV are stronger than you!
Bobby is a young basketball player that aspires to be a professional player. To fulfill his dream he travels the world alone, often getting into trouble.
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Kotaro Fuuma
You'll have to wait 100 years to defeat me.
The Rival of Hanzou from World Heroes series that arrived in Japan in 1994 just for the fight between these characters. This is for his AODK appearance, see World Heroes for more tropes.
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