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Continued from Made of Win (2012).

The Walking Anomaly: It seems that fhtagn was nominated for something different before, but I want to give him/her another nomination. In adding quotes to the Daria character page, he or she also added a joke related to one of them that most Daria fans would appreciate. (I won't do it injustice by spoiling it.) I will say I laughed out loud when I saw it.

SonicLover: Maybe it's because I don't follow Daria and just skimmed over the character page, but I didn't see it.

Q.U.B.E.: I'll give you a hint; Jerome.

dhoffryn: This passage from the Better Than It Sounds page elicited a surprised laugh:
  • A man is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about his profession, but ironically, when he tries to apply it to his life, it always blows up in his face. He hosts an informational show with a far more sensible assistant/friend whose personal life he is always making jabs at, and lives with a sarcastic and sharp-tongued companion with a set of personal tastes as different from those of the main character as possible. When faced with problems, the main character consults a highly knowledgeable but eccentric adviser whose most notable peculiarity is the fact that an essential aspect of the character is always kept off-screen. Wait, hang on...are we talking about Home Improvement or Frasier??

Progeny Ex Machina: One for whoever added this to the Copy Cat Sue page:
Gryffindor has won every single match since 1997 because it has 20,000,000 Seekers on its team.

Wheezy: I know someone's probably going to kill the current page image for Mysterious Waif for "not illustrating the trope..."

But I seriously hope you don't.


Sgt Frog 1: In case someone does, you're talking about the Afghan Girl, right? Sometimes called "the Mona Lisa of Afghanistan", those eyes, they pierce into your very soul..

SpiriTsunami: To sonicsuns for the intro to Moon Logic Puzzle.
Sometimes, it's easy to see how to Solve the Soup Cans - give the chicken noodle to the guard with the cold, trade the tomato for the red orb, and pour the cream of mushroom into the chalice with Mario engraved on the side.

Dorsk e+2i: Props for the following line on The Joker:

Egak: You do realize that's a quote from an episode of Batman The Animated Series, right?


KyleJacobs: I just discovered the Real Life section of Talk to the Fist, and the Hurricane of Puns contained therein. Funniest thing I've seen all day, props to everyone who contributed there.

ZellThe5th: So very seconded.

InkkiBookman: I like to award a few Internets to the person who created the handy diagrams for the tropes Competitive Balance, Fragile Speedster, Mighty Glacier, Stone Wall and Glass Cannon as it explains those tropes so well.

Madrugada: Earnest made those. And I agree that they're MOW material.

Earnest: Thanks y'all! ^_^ It was pretty fun to do actually, and a lot of it was thanks to the IP thread's feedback.

Roxor: I must say I feel obligated to offer an award to the splendid gentleman, or lady, with the astounding dedication to rewrite the entirety of the article entitled "Antiquated Linguistics" in such a manner as to provide a demonstration of the trope therein described, extending to not only the main article and the example category headers, but also the full text of the examples and many of the work titles. I must say I was especially amused by the title "My Diminutive Equine: Camaraderie Is Enchantment", as it is an entirely plausible title for a book written by the character discussed in the entry.
Elle's YKTTW Tea and Tea Culture. If it hasn't been launched yet you can read it here. One of the best written YKTTW's I have ever seen in my years here.

SonicLover: I read that title too fast at first and thought it was about a weird version of British culture revolving around explosives (pun on "TNT").

Vifetoile: Seconded. That is phenomenal.

Zfish9: I can't remember which index it was, but one of them had a picture of Index with a caption that linked to Visual Pun. A made of win to whoever did that, and another to anyone who can find it and link to it here, as I cannot find it.

Phoenix Fire: I think that was on Everything's Better With Indexes. It's been replaced with a different Visual Pun now, though.


The Chain Man: It's Nothing Butt An Index. I know, because I was the one who created the page and had the image. So thanks!

ReikoKazama: One for whoever did the freakin' hilarious caption for the Team Dad page image.
Malkyrian: Lost to history now, but one for the page image for Royal "We".
SlvstrChung: To whoever wrote the "So You Want To Be The Next William Shakespeare" page and started it with a perfectly-rhymed, almost-perfectly-scanning, completely pertinent Shakespearean sonnet. Bravo, unknown troper!

Vifetoile: Thanks! I was that unknown troper (have since been made known) and I think that Nightsky deserves credit for polishing up the original version. Thank you again!

Nightsky: Yep, most of it was Vifetoile, with an assist by me. The balance of the page is mostly Vifetoile. Who rules.

Feotakahari: I was going to add a quote from Cracked to Block Puzzle, but GG Crono already did—within a few hours of its being posted on the original site. Good show!
Madrugada: I have to brag on the fine folks who did the Great "Understatement" Sinkhole Sweep. Between 9:23 pm forum time August 30th, and 8:58 forum time October 10th, KJ Mackley, peccantis, Nohbody, Thirty Two Footsteps, Balmung, Osmium, Morgan Wick, Nocturna, TwentyLogRootTen, The One Who Tropes, unhappyyak, taifun, GLH, desdendelle, bwburke94, Oreochan, originalhobbit, Bookyangel2438, and Nithael (listed in order of appearance) cleared out over 8000 incorrect wicks to Understatement across the wiki. Made of win, indeed.

Boolean Earth: I'd like to add Nombretomado to that list. She doesn't post on the forums, but she's helped remove the Understatement sinkholes and has also been a huge force in the great namespace migration.

Liberated Liberater: A Made Of Win for whoever came up with the name for I'm Dying, Please Take My MacGuffin.
Madrugada: One for Turrican and an unknown troper lost in the mists of time for the linkback to the main Bilingual Dialogue page on the Laconic.Bilingual Dialogue. I laughed out loud and startled the dog at this:

Visite la versión íntegra AQUÍ
Thanks, I'll do that

Boolean Earth: A wee one goes to Wakson for adding this to the page for Reservoir Dogs:

  • Only Sane Man: Mr. Pink spends a lot of time playing this role as things get more heated between the other thieves.
    • He's only trying to be a "f*cking professional."

Zfish9: Whoever added this question on Touma's Character Sheet gave me a very good laugh, and deserves a very epic Made of Win:
"If there is a girl in a closed room, and Touma does not open the door and walk in, is she still naked?"

case: The spoiler tag in Aborted Arc for Real Life is much appreciated, I'm still catching up.
alliterator: I'm sorry for making two in a row, but every troper who contributed to the Inspector Spacetime page deserves a Made of Win.
alliterator: For making the most awesome visual in my head, one Made Of Win to whoever made this intrepretation of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic on this WMG page:

"It is the 41st Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries the Princess Celestia has sat immobile in the Golden Stable of Equestria, laid low by the Twilight Heresy. In the bright, happy future there is only friendship."

Medinoc: One MOW to Stormtroper for the trope name Pooled Funds.
Mr Death: To the unnamed troper lost to the mysts of time, who added, following a description of The Archive, who instantly knows anything written down, hardcopy and electronic:
* Hi, Ivy! How's it going?

SonicLover: It took me a bit of research to figure out why that was so clever. "Ivy" is another name for the Archive. What page is that on?

Mr Death: D'oh, my mistake. It's on The Library of Babel.

REV 6 Pilot: On Ask The Tropers, we got this exchange in a topic about a problematic troper, Typhlosion:
battosaijoe: Such a shame, tis my favorite Pokemon. Who knew that Fire-types weren't good at grammar?
Chabal 2: Bad grammar is often Flame Bait, thus answering your question.

Glixinator: One made of win to Zeh Monsieur for his major contribution to filling out the Characters page for Deadliest Warrior.
Medinoc: To whoever made this exchange in Non-Indicative Name:
G-Mon: Is it okay if I give a Win to the RNG? If so, I'm giving it one for sending me through Insatiable Newlyweds, Spank the Cutie, Menstrual Menace, and Awful British Sex Comedy, in that order, via the "Random" button. I think the RNG's trying to say something, by the way.
Katsuhagi: One to whoever put this on the Suicide Attack page, which got an honest LOL out of me:

Deidara tries to kill Sasuke with his "Ultimate Art", his C-0 technique, which involves Deidara feeding his explosive clay to a mouth on his chest (...?) and, after about a minute, detonating himself with enough force to obliterate everything within 10 kilometers. Sasuke survived by using the absolute ultimate defensive technique in the entire series: the Plot no Jutsu.

Lightflame: One to whoever wrote this on the Headscratchers page for But for Me, It Was Tuesday.
  • Raiding villages he does on Tuesday, Laundry on Wednesday. M. Bison is a man who keeps his schedule.

Paul A: You mean the Headscratchers page for Street Fighter, surely. Only works have Headscratchers pages.

T-Jack: We are at war with Oceania. We have always been at war with Oceania.

Nightsky: One to NOYB for nuking someone's hasty addition of rumoured episode titles to the Recap/DoctorWho page and giving the following edit reason:
  • sings* Do not believe the Daily Star, The Daily Star, The Daily Star, Do not believe the Daily Star, Their magazine is tabloid

Grimace: A little MOW to Duck Duck Noose for adding the caption under the page image for Arkham Horror. I'd never pictured the game as being a war between mad cultists and sterotypical 1950s gangsters before, but it works perfectly!

Encrypted12345 Thanks to Logically Dashing for adding this line to the Rance page.

Rape Tropes: All of them. Even the ones that contradict each other.

It's so hilariously true, yet I never consciously noticed it. Thanks!

GibberingTroper Whoever added Girl-on-Girl Is Hot to the Truth in Television page. Especially since they just posted the trope and let it speak for itself.
Doug S Machina One for whoever found the new image for Rated M for Manly. It's not so the macho action depicted as the magazine's headlines.

Madrugada: suedenim provided a link to an entire website of "Manlier Magazine Covers", and Flying V found that particular one amidst all the galleries.

Dontcallmewave A shiny win for Camacan for this from Ask The Tropers
  • I also see he has a problem with adding natter and disregarding proper Example Indentation. That last issue bugs me so much that sometimes I worry I'm going to end up in a clocktower with my banrifle while Fighteer shouts at me with a megaphone to come down.

And one for blackcat for his response:

  • I don't think he will be shouting for you to come down, I think he'll be pointing out targets.

DRoy One more: To for this gem in The Human Centipede:

DRoy: To an anonymous troper for this post in Uranus Is Showing. Just everything about this post is wrong and hilarious in so many ways.

The Hellblazer/Sailor Moon crossover fic Sailor Hellblazer has a 'deleted scene' where John Constantine calls Sailor Uranus 'Sailor Arsehole' in an argument that might have started over football.

Embryon: To Teeth for this observant and very amusing addition to the Being Human page:

Screams Like a Little Girl: George when transforming. At first, this is completely justified, but when Nina comes along and doesn't make a fraction of the noise he does...

Zadia: One sparkly Made of Win to whomever was responsible for the following, copied from Nine out of Ten Doctors Agree:

"This trope has nothing to do with Doctor Dolittle, Doctor Doom, Doctor Faustus, Doctor Horrible, Doctor Phil, Doctor Slump, Doctor Strange, Dr Strangelove, Doctor Zhivago, Doctor Jekyll, Doctor Steel, witch doctors of any denomination, or any of the Doctors from Doctor Who, though you probably could find something at least nine of them agreed on. and stuff. And Eleventh's too busy saving the universe with Mr. and Mrs. Pond, so...]]"

Feotakahari: Someone described Teeth as a Lifetime Movie of the Week. Fhtagn's response:
Alternatively, you could look at it as the opposite of Silent Hill, in that its protagonist is a disturbing, psychosexual mutant who has to run a gauntlet of ordinary humans who want to molest her.

Cryptic Mirror: One bright shiny Mo W for Camacan on Ask The Tropers where one tro//\\ poster decided to use it to ask if Snape was Harry Potter's father.

Koveras: A MOW to Aielyn for adopting and launching the Yahg Reveal... uh, I mean, the Stranger Behind the Mask YKTTW.
alliterator: One Made of Win wrapped in awesomesauce for Scrounge for this line in A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma:
"...Like some sort of conundrum turducken..."

Earnest: One MOW straight from the TARDIS for Lady Momus, for going through and fixing various Doctor Who entries on tropes to direct to the series (Series/DoctorWho rather than DoctorWho)

Death To Squishies: And I extend that to her fixing the potholes to various video games in much the same way.

Progeny Ex Machina: One to Omny for their...Original for The Cat In The Hat.
Zarbi Nerada: A two-fold Made of Win: One to whoever did the description of The Aristocats, and another for the following line on The Aristocrats:
  • Not to be confused with The Aristocats, although there probably isn't really much risk of that. (Your Netflix job wouldn't last very long if you mixed the two films up.)

T-Jack: One to Daddy Eight for creating the Heartwarming page for Demonophobia:

Chris X: One to whoever put this line in Samurai Shodown's Good Bad Translation entry. Way to go to spoof Ryo Sakazaki's near immortal line in King Of Fighters 98!

  • Absolutely ridiculous translations. That's SNK. And don't forget it, dweebenheimer!

Continued in Made of Win (Early 2011).