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I have an alternate (and no longer used) account called Angeldog2437, and I guess that's all. -Bookyangel2438

Also, I'm a 16-year old girl in New York. I like many things, like Kingdom Hearts and Homestuck.

You guys can call me Booky! :D

Also, I have a tumblr too if you want to contact me or something.

I stole your page virginity! >:D - Hobgoblin

  • How could you ? That was meant for me. D8< - Vanitas
Wait, you like hugs too?!?! HUUUUUUUGS! BeholdTheTheremin

I don't know you, but I'm writing in your page anyway! C:< - angelistoftenshi

So you're a girl. I figured that you probably were, most boys wouldn't have 'angel' in their usernames. — Keyseeker

We have so many Angels. I'm happy to welcome another one. - Zack Fair

HUGGY BUGGY!!! =D I LOVE YOU (in a brotherly kind of way!)!! GIMME A HUG PLEASE?! =DDDD MUST... HAVE... HUGGIES... ~ Folt

Hi there, little sis! *pinches cheek* —Serenitas

DUDE! Just thought I should drop by and say a hello! I don't know, I was bored when I was writing this.-totoro


Bugs. Litter my house... ~phoenixdaughterAM

You're adorable :3 -ThatOneGuyNamedX

  • Indeed, she is. - X2X

Hey so I don't know you that well but you seem interesting, so hi there! ~IchigoNeko

At least somebody knows how to be nice. —Condottiera

We've been totally gushing about you in the Naruto thread. Just thought I'd let you know. ~Saiga

  • No kidding. I can't believe how well-known you are on that thread! ~Keyseeker

You're one of the most adorable people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. <3 - kay4today

When I saw the sadface in this post, I just had to give you a hug. *HUG!!* =) ~King Zeal

I'm still surprised that you're older than me. - Replica

Nice to see another 15 year old here. Pleased to meet you. -Mokona Zero

Oh Booky, you are ridiculously adorable. ~ Dopants