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Hi, I'm Dopants. I don't have much to say about myself, I tend to think that I'm not quite interesting. It's nice to meet you. Don't be afraid to say hello. Be even less afraid to say goodbye.

I'm an seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one year old guy who likes stuff. I read TV Tropes pages all day instead of doing schoolwork.

Feel free to add me here, here, and here.

Xbox: DEAD Ryuki

PS4: Thanh 60195

Steam: Dopants

League of Legends: Dopants

Stuff I Like

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    My Favorite Stuff 
    Non-Anime Television 
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  • If you get to the MSPA thread and you don't have a troper page yet, you get one. That's a rule. Granted, nobody guarantees it'll have anything interesting. That's your job. —Ninety.
  • Hello Dopants! It's lovely to meet you. c: -Nerd Bird
  • Ho Ho! I found you~! -Blu Beri Pi
  • Hey, Dopey~ —Eskay64
  • Hi Dopants :3 *omnomnom* ~Bunnie
  • *bops you on the head, then flees* :3 -Quarter Dollar