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Hey everybody! I'm Totoro and I'm a troper who enjoys lurking around the forum reading threads. I mainly frequent the 3DS, Negima, Kingdom Hearts and Touhou thread but I'll occasionally follow others.


Name:Ask me.

Age and Birthday:Ask me if you're curious


Sexuality: Unknown. Never fallen in love.

Ethnicity: Asian

Owned Video Game Systems:

  • PS 2
  • Nintendo DSI
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Wii
  • PSP
  • Game Cube
  • Gameboy Color

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If you want to vandalize do it under here.

FURST :D - Turtle

SECOND! D:< Why can't I ever be first ! Hi, newbie! _ Zack Fair

*hands over chocolate cake* I approve of your username, 'cause that's one of my favorite movies. —Serenitas

I have marked you as the official mascot for life. You're welcome.