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"He's morally superior to most kinds of tuna."
Gilphon, on Saiga

Hello. I'm a male troper, who has been here since the 2nd of February, 2011. Which means I made my account on my birthday, which is kind of weird.

Interests include:

and others. I can be found in the threads for most of the ones listed.

Well, you can't add vandalism here any more, which is sad. Oh well!

Stuff you can no longer do here

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  • Nyah. :3 First! Hello, fellow Bleach and Wheel of Time fan! Here's to future forum thread discussion hijackings. I sincerely hope we'll both stay obsessed! Bookwormtiff
    • Hello! I sure will stay obsessed :3

  • I would have vandalized this page earlier if I had known you had a vandalism section... but here goes... kay4today
    • Yay! Hi there :)

  • Let us start the Survival Strategy. - Risetteer
    • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, okay.

  • The pie is a lie, bitch. :P - lu127
    • Sshh, you'll spoil the surprise!

  • We need more bitches.~ The Westerner
    • We do, little brother.

  • If the cool kids jumped off each other, would you do that too? -Wanderlust Warrior
    • What's this now?

  • What does Saiga mean? Tell me! - Ironypus
    • It means many things! Actually I can't spell Japanese words for crap, and it was meant to be "Saigo" (Final). Turns out it can be a type of Antelope, Shotgun, Coloured painting or Japanese for "Killer Fang". Score!

  • I was tradically orphaned as a kid and now I can't remember how old I was when my parents mysteriously vanished. Or I might be slightly paranoid about posting any information about me on the internet so I kinda compromised. So, how are we today, honey pie horse? ~ Soulseller.
    • Good, except now I am wondering whether I'm a horse made of honey pie or a pie made of honey horse.
      • A honey pie hrse is a honey pie made in horse form, silly. What's a honey horse, glamour-puss? ~Soulseller
      • I would... imagine it's a horse made out of honey. Or possibly the other way around.
      • Honey made out of horse? Yu kinda lost me there. And now I don't have a new fabulous nickname for you. ~Soulseller

  • @Above: All honey is great. Also, why is there no pie? ~Autumncomet
    • Because I ate it. All of it.

  • Wow, you REEEEEEEALLY like Ichigo and Rukia, don't you? - Keyseeker
    • They are my favouritests :3

  • What about me? ~Chad
    • You're my favourite of the humansnote  :)
    • Ichigo's basically everything but the kitchen sink. And who knows what Kubo would come up with in another arc...

  • The Ichigo/Rukia/Rukia fic you made with ironypus is sheer awesome [cool] I need to take some crack my self, it's been a while since I penned something bizarre - CaptainKatsura
    • To be fair, I only came up with the name and the idea, he wrote it himself. I will be writing the sequel though.

  • Hello there, Saiga Magoichi. I see Lady Zhurong isn't around. -desdendelle
    • I have no idea who Lady Zhurong is. Is it good she's not around? :P
      • Lady Zhurong is this charming gal. The reason for the comment is that Saiga Magoichi is a terrible womaniser. No idea if you are, though. -des
      • Can't say that I am, actually.

  • I'll help you spread Rukia's sexiness this week. I picked her second sexy panel :3 - CaptainKatsura
    • Excellent! Soon her sexiness will take over!

  • Heya! Thought I'd show you that you're worthy of me scratching up your page. :p ~ Pulse
    • Yay, I'm honoured!

  • Hello, Saiga of Six Paths. - Lightflame
    • 'ello poppet.

  • What a weird place you have. ~theweirdKiddokun
    • I feel at home in the madness.

  • Guten morgen, Fraulein. Felt like vandalising. c: -Nerd Bird
    • Oh hey, another Australian. Lovely C:

  • Insert witty in-joke here. Oh, and hi! -Anomalocaris 20
    • Insert witty response! Hello!

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