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Hi, Keyseeker here.

~Digimon digital monsters digimon are the CHAMPIONS!~



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Vandals, come. I want to hear from everyone!

  • Legionnaire admits nothing!
  • TropayXion If it's any consolation, we have the same berserk button!
    • Good, someone else who likes Kingdom Hearts and Digimon! - Keyseeker
  • Suspiciouscookie is in your page, vandalising
  • Haiii to everyone's favorite fanart-links-provider. :D —Serenitas
  • Please do not be alarmed if a big man wearing a red suit picks you up and throws you into a bag.~Vanitas
  • You shall now be known as the "Countess of all things Fandom". I have spoken! - Hobgoblin
  • ...Especially considering Digimon came before Pokemon. What? I arrived late at the conversation? Curses! - Amused Troper Guy (Ironically, I used to think they were)
  • I didn't know you were so awesome until now. And yes Digimon is awesome. I like Seasons 1 and 3 the most. - TheWesterner
  • (Füschlatz runs towards you at 800km/hnote  and glomps you without slowing down.)
    • Uh... hello... who are you...? — Keyseeker
  • Hey, Key. Figured I'd stop by and give my regards. :) Oh, I didn't know you were a big Digimon fan. I liked it myself when growing up; it's a shame that it'll probably always play second fiddle to Pokemon, though. - X2X
    • As far as games and popularity go, it probably will. Its animes are almost always better than the Pokemon anime, though, and V-Tamer and Digimon Next are pretty good mangas, though I'm not sure if they're better or worse than Pokemon Special. — Keyseeker
    • I've never read any of the manga for Digimon and I once owned only a few volumes of Pokemon Special, so I'll take your word for it. As for the anime, I stopped watching faithfully after Tamers note , but I'd agree that, pound-for-pound, they're more enjoyable than Pokemon note . Now maybe that's just my Nostalgia Filter speaking, but Pokemon up to its Johto and Hoenn arcs was good, but since then, the anime's just been recycling plot points to varying success. Digimon follows a semi-rigid formula as well, but at least they're more willing to shake things up from time to time. - X2X
      • The main problem with the pokemon anime is that Status Quo Is God; it can be fun to watch for a while, but after a while, I got tired of the adults being so useless, Team Rocket being so ineffectual, and Ash's pokemon reverting to being so weak at the beginning of every season. I tried watching some of Best Wishes, but stopped after Pansage beat Pikachu up at the first gym. Pikachu should be level 80 by now! One tap from Pikachu should knock Pansage out! - Keyseeker
      • No kidding. Ash's Pikachu should be as formidable as Red's was back in G/S/C. Not to mention that the kid doesn't get respect for any of his achievements, including his placing in the Pokemon League and defeating Legendaries on national TV. And he's still 10, right? The only thing that could possibly reinvigorate the anime at this point would be Ash's father finally making his long-overdue appearance. - X2X
        • I have a feeling that in ten years' time, I'm going to be channel surfing, and I'll some across the newest season of Pokemon, and Ash will be getting whooped by a level 15 pokemon in the first gym still.
        • And I have a feeling you're right. XD - X2X

  • Of course I'm going to vandalise you back! digi-know it was coming? So thoughts about poke- and digimon. Ash's father needs to show the fuck up sometime. Also, I wish Brock (or Misty) had caught that Jigglypuff. Brock could've helped it grow up a bit. Apparently the Team Rocket Trio got a lot more effective in the current Black/White series, though they still can't win when Ash is around. Anywho, it's current seasons of Pokemon, so I couldn't really care. Yeah, you're likely right about Pokemon falling into a rut... I mean pattern too. ~ Wanderlust Warrior
    • Well, I kind of hoped that you would vandalize, since you also like Digimon. It would be great if Ash's father showed up. I really want Giovanni to be his dad. Have you seen the newest season of Digimon? It went episodic instead of plot-based, which makes it seem like pokemon, especially since the season is based around capturing digimon and the main character's major motivation boils down to 'I want to be the best!'. It does have one redeeming value, though. This season is a Crisis Crossover. It was pretty cool to see Taichi and Masaru fight together. Masaru's Vamdemon Domino Punch was AWESOME. - Keyseeker
  • You had me uninterested until Taichi. Although hopefully you meant Tai. The Adventure and Tamers teams together would be awesome. Also, Giovanni is one of the cooler theories for Ash's dad. I do have to wonder who's the lucky guy who was with Delia for a bit.
    • Uh, Taichi and Tai are the same guy. Tai is his dub name, Taichi is his name in the original Japanese. - Keyseeker
  • Wasn't the first manga lead named Taichi, and the inspiration for the character I know as Tai?
    • Yes, though I wouldn't call it "inspiration" so much as an alternate universe counterpart to the Taichi from Digimon Adventure. - Keyseeker
  • Without Agumon, Kari, Matt, Sora or Izzy to interact with? I couldn't really call that an AU counterpart. Part of a similar personality, yes.

  • I feel like vandalizing your page is appropriate. :D Sadly I've only watched up to Tamers in full. Also, Digimon is definitely much better than Pokemon. :P -Autumncomet
    • Yeah, at least as far as animes go. By the way, you should probably try out Digimon Xros Wars. I think that it was one of the best Digimon seasons, the best, in my opinion. It's hard to tell, though, because Digimon Tamers is neck-and-neck with it in that regard. Digimon Tamers is actually my third-favorite season, though, even though I think that it's second-best. - Keyseeker

  • Salutations, from me, your destined enemy. If you would seek me, speak to my Shoggoth -Ironypus
  • This is odd apparently I haven't vandalized you yet. Well that's been fixed. BTW I am a massive KH fangirl :3 - Tropers//Vyctorian
    • You are? You should join us in the Kingdom Hearts thread, then! - Keyseeker

  • Hi there, Key! It's a little late to welcome you to the thread, I suppose. But I hope you enjoy taking part in our wacky hijinks once you catch up! - Saiga
    • Hi, Saiga! I'm looking forward to catching up, but I already take part in the wacky hijinks. - Keyseeker
  • Amazing, you read Warriors. I support IvypoolXRoxas by the way. - Lightflame
    • Oh yeah, I love Warriors! Hmmm... I've actually seen a few fanfics where KH crosses over with Warriors.. lemme go check something... - Keyseeker

  • Welcome to the Naruto thread, Key. You're an excellent addition to our thread! :) - kay4today
    • Thanks! I'm really enjoying the thread, though I still don't know what you guys are talking about half the time. - Keyseeker

  • You thought I wouldn't vandalize? Come here and give Jigaboo a big, big hug!!! -clears throat- Friendship, it lasts foreeever....I'll be Naruto and You'll be Sasukeeee! ~Jigaboo
    • When did I ever say that I thought that you wouldn't vandalize? *hugs Jigaboo* I won't be Sasuke. How about Kurama? He seems to be saner and friendlier than Sasuke. ~Keyseeker