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Hello! I'm a female high school student from Melbourne, Australia. I joined up in early 2011 after a few months lurking the Kingdom Hearts thread, and am now an active participant in that community most of the time some of the time on occasion and enjoy looking back on the awesome times I had with everyone when I was still active. I've made some great friends and enjoyed myself immensely in my time here! And she is also in love with a troper called Westy. (<—Thanks for the vandalism, Van. Westy. Err, whichever. >_>)

I like a lot of stuff! Here's some of it.



  • Now I am first! MUAHAHAHAHA! ~ Van
  • Cookeh! :D *hugs* - Hobgoblin
    • D'awwww! *moar hugs*
  • I hope you know it's not the weekend yet! - Angelistoftenshi
    • ...Goddamnit! *takes off party hat*
  • Mai (other) waifu! :3 - X2X
    • My nightmare crusher <333
    • I'll crush your nightmares any day. ;) No, seriously. I will literally crush them. - X2X
  • Hai cookie! You're super cool even though you keep me up way past my bedtime! —Serenitas
    • S-sorry about that...
  • So YOU'RE the one who wrote "Take this Key". I liked that story, it was pretty good. BTW, I'm Flightfoot. - Keyseeker
    • Thanks! :D Small internet, right?
  • I'd rather destroy landmarks that people actually care about. - Legionnaire
    • You've already punched them all down. All that's left for me to protect is an old train station. >_>
  • NGE/Higurashi FRIEND! I just wanted to write on your wall and say I mustn't run away. - Vanitas
    • Run away? You'd better not! >D
  • You are officially Selphie. —XiphonIII
    • Is that a good thing or a bad thing? >_>
  • I vandalize this page... I vandalize this page... What a glorious feeling... Annoying again! - Belfagor
    • -humours Belfagor, is annoyed-
  • Don't know you all too well, but I'll write here anyways! Hi Cookie! =3 ~ Folt
    • Hi Folt! :D Nice to see you here.
  • What I've heard of you was cool and pleasant enough. So here I am, vandalizing your page. ^_^ kay4today
    • Same to you! :3 Welcome!