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Hello! I joined TV Tropes sometime in the spring of 2010 maybe I don't really remember.

My name is a nickname from high school that became so well known that some people didn't know my real name. It's really an acronym I earned my freshman year of band class. It means Extremely Hyper Kid which is why it is pronounced as the three separate letters E H K all caps.

I'm male, caucasian, and I was born in 1989.


I have made pages for the series SWOT, Hajimete No Aku, and Mahou No Iroha.

I launched Came Back Strong and Would You Do It For A Scooby Snack? which has since been renamed Heroism Incentive which makes a lot more sense and I wish I had thought of it.

Good luck and may you be safe and healthy!

Also Ridiculous Procrastinator is the trope that best describes me and my near constant presence at this site.

This has all of my love.

    Stuff I'm currently watching or reading 

Feel free to vandalize.



Ryzvonusef:The Sign said Vandalise, so I did :P

You made my avatar work, thank you! You're awesome. ~ Saiga

Hey avatar twin whats up :D - naraku327

You are an awesome Cloud Cuckoolander. :P - Lu

Rakan for the hell of it VANDALIZE THIS TROPER PAGE~ thenamelesssamurai

I don't know why, but for the most of the time, I agree with whatever you say and like whatever you like. I find you very all-around likable. :D ~ DRoy

Why have I not vandalized your page yet? Well, it's vandalized now! -Autumncomet

And now I know what EHK stands for. And here I thought it was an initialism for some Korean currency. ~Wanderlust Warrior ~Korean currency? Ha ha ha.

Well, if this isn't the resident Brute/Psycho Supporter! :P - kay4today


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