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May or may not be an accurate picture.
"Recursion. n. See: recursion" — anonymous

I've been lurking on TV Tropes for a while and decided to finally get this account-page-profile-thing over and done with. I'm a computer science and linguistics student at Brandeis University. I know English, am passively bilingual in French, a heritage speaker of Vietnamese, and am currently taking Arabic. I'll be taking Japanese next semester. Only some of these things will help me get a job.

There will be more later. I promise.

Tumblr. I'm also on Something Awful, IJBM, BTL, and Heapers' Hangout under the same username.

    Stuff I like 
Feel free to recommend anything. The red links haven't been namespaced yet. Consider it on my to-do list. Or someone else's. This isn't all of them, I'll add more as they come to me.

Anime and Manga


Live-Action TV

Web Original

Western Animation

Real Life

  • Languages
  • Nice people
  • the W3C
  • bees

    Stuff I've worked on 

     Naruto thread fanfiction 
The Naruto thread here at TV Tropes has created various crackish fanfictions for your horror. I am the mere chronicler of these misadventures.

Vandalism by other tropers

Vandalize. More permanent than the Sandbox. If you want.

Comet is a good boy.Wanderlust Warrior

  • I don't recall doing this vandalism. So, I'll give you another one. Uh...
    Streaking through the sky
    Season changing falling leaves
    You don't give me heaves.
    • Yes! I made a new haiku. Don't know why I ended it that way, though. Also, I've noticed now you aren't a boy.
      Or are you...?
  • Yay, haiku!

Sup, A Pimp Named Comet. —The Westerner

  • Hello. :O

Ah, you can see a lot things, but can you see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?! - kay4today

  • Because it's soggy? :P

Autumn is the most helpful Bumblebee around. She even taught me how to make redirects! :D - Lu

  • Thank you! :D

What could a Bumblebee possibly want with delicious pie? Saiga

Oh, you worked on the Cyberchase page? I loved that show when I was younger! It was one of the few shows that succeeded in making math fun and understandable. Keyseeker

  • Yeah, I namespaced it and created the basic character page. I think it was the only PBS show to focus exclusively on math and science (and now it's been cancelled for funding reasons).
    Also, I will be sure to check out Xros Wars soon!

You shouldn't vandalize another person's page and then prove your guilt by signing your name with it. — No Limit ...DAMMIT, I DID IT AS WELL!

You're my favorite of the tropers with avatars that have a bee in them. Hmm. That's not nice enough. Okay, you're my favorite of the female tropers, since you vandalized my wall and don't give me a hard time for trying to do something nice for you guys. —Chad

Commander, they have opened fire on the bridge!—JHM


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