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My name is GG Crono, and my anti-drug is TV Tropes. Because I no longer have time to do drugs.

I'm a big fantasy/scifi nerd. My favorite author is Terry Pratchett, and my favorite book is Good Omens.

I'm crazy for Mel Brooks movies, my favorite of which is Spaceballs.

I'm also a big fan of console RPGs, with some personal chart-toppers being Chrono Trigger, the Earthbound series, and some of the more recent Shin Megami Tensei games (namely, Nocturne and Personas 3 and 4). Having grown up with the NES and SNES, I'm also rather fond of the better class of old-school 2-D Platformers and Metroidvania games, especially, well, Metroid.


Also, I launched the following work pages...

...and also these trope articles.

I also once started a YMMV for Cluster Bleep-Bomb (under that same name) which got lost in the shuffle. It later got a successful one. I'm just happy to see it troped, really.

And that's all I have to say. Or is it? ...yes it is.

"Don't mind me. I'm just saying stuff."
—Lloyd Irving, Tales Of Symphonia