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Usually going by the alias Roxor, but sometimes his real first name of Rohan, this troper is one of several with Asperger's Syndrome and the one responsible for the Paranoia Fuel page mentioning that people with Asperger's Syndrome seem to be immune to it.

He has a hatred for the use of spoiler tags used anywhere (many of his edits at this wiki have been to remove them when he feels they've been around for too long) and if he could figure out how to write a program to remove all the ones in a text file correctly, would copy the entire text of any article he's editing into a file and run it through the program in question.


When editing pages, he will add in any missing spaces he finds after one or more asterisks. Could probably write a program to do the task, but can't be bothered.

With a background in science and technology, especially computing, he has something of a knack for writing decent Technobabble in fiction and using too much in Real Life.

He is responsible for writing the initial versions of the following pages:

Has also written the first versions of at least three computing-related pages at Wikipedia.


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