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Wow, I never realized how dorky this page was. Welp, time for an update: I am currently pursuing a career as a baker (yes, I love to bake, I just never got much of chance until now). I still write, and perhaps can use it to make some pocket money. As you can probably tell, I'm bi (now out and proud, officially) and I'm a little less defensive about that now. I am 22.

But, this isn't a dating site (as much as some people want it to be) so here's my updated info.

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Random person on the street: seriously, your that old?!.
Me: ... yes...
Random: But you look like you're twelve!

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  • Taco Ninja here. Thanks for commenting. ^_^ I like people appreciating my page, and my sexy, sexy face- no that's wrong. I actually got asked a couple of times if I was a boy or girl... once in the ladies' toilet actually. Tryin' to make it happen less by wearing more girly things. I'm not sure how many people over here like TGWTG but it seems to be pretty popular amoung nerds from all countries.
  • Sharysa: NORCAL WHOOO. Also, thanks for the comment on my troper page and sorry for not answering until now. I don't check my own page that often, since I'm usually Entry Pimping too much. And yay, another person who's Younger Than They Look!
  • I Love Dogs here. Thanks for the vandalism. You also seem like a pretty cool person. I like That Guy With The Glasses and Florence And The Machine, too. Alice is alright.

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