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A dedicated video gamer and critic, he's the kind of guy who is constantly either making jokes or complaining. Or both.

He formerly wrote for, the website that actually changed its coding so that it could properly declare Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing So Bad Its Horrible. Before he ever found the wiki, he wrote articles on the Bag of Spilling (as Mega Man Amnesia), Conservation of Ninjutsu (as the Law of Inverse Ninja Strength), Guide Dang It! [1], and the concept of Nintendo Hard (and why it's not around anymore). Back in the day, he also contributed, under his real name, to The Grand List of RPG Cliches.


He's currently starting his own independent game studio, Beyond Madness & Genius with two friends, and they hope to have their first game, a Bullet Hell called Point of Descent, later this year.

Also, while he actually goes by 32_Footsteps pretty much everywhere, he regularly breaks login systems, including this Wiki's, by going by that handle.

Regis Philbin's unofficial Unknown Rival. Just don't ask.

He's also highly entertained that very few people seem to know the origin of his online alias.

The curious may be interested to note that he was also one of the Puppetmasters (specifically, the editor) for The Wall Will Fall, the TV Tropes Alternate Reality Game.

Finally, holds one dictum true - you can get far in life if you have a Nice Hat.

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