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Continued from Made of Win (2013 and 2014).

Aver: A made of win to billybobfred for including this line in [Trope Name] Injokes: 'An everted example. What that means is anyone's guess, since we don't actually have everted tropes.'

SonicLover: My guess is it means either Darker and Edgier or Lighter and Softer, or perhaps some union of the two.

Hourai Rabbit: One for all contributors to the Heartwarming page for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. When I've been sick for a few days or when I felt like quitting at pursuing my dreams cause the road ahead was hard, it really cheered me up to look back on all that stuff. I love you guys
WWRU: One for the page picture on Wants a Prize for Basic Decency. Especially if it was custom-iced for the trope page.
Frank 75: This comment on Dying Clue: "So he wasn't murdered by a PlayStation?"
Oreochan: I want to give a big MOW to everyone who helped out in the It Got Worse/From Bad To Worse cleanup thread . In one week 4700+ wicks were gone. It was the first clean up thread I participated in that had even brand new accounts pitching in.

Earnest: One crystalline MOW to DoomTay for replacing the blurry pic on Body to Jewel with a much sharper one.
Sweet Madness: To whoever wrote the entry for Black Adam on the Heel–Face Revolving Door page. It's one of the best summaries of the character's history I've read, and particularly hilarious to boot, especially when it gets to mentioning the events of 52. Here's the relevant part:
This Trope could also be named The Black Adam. He started out as a champion of his people in ancient times named Mighty Adam (that's good) then became a brutal dictator and conqueror when his family was killed by a supervillain (that's bad) then millennia later attempted to reform and even joined the Justice Society of America (that's good) then became a not-so-brutal dictator of his country again (NOT the bad part) and later joined a Society of Villains to ensure their safety (that's bad). After said Society betrayed him, he later fought against them when they tried to take over Metropolis (that's good) then went back to being a harsh dictator with plans to form a new Axis Powers coalition (that's bad). When he gained a new family he tried to go back to his old heroic ways and traveled the world fighting evil alongside them (that's good). When this family was killed by supervillains he went on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, murdered an entire country, and fought every superhero on Earth (that's bad, but awesome).

Doug S Machina: Nano Moose's edit reason on Trolling Creator might be a little harsh, but it amused me:
"Your bitterness as like unto that of a small child who didn't recieve the toy they saw on TV is showing, friend."

Ingonyama: One to Blobby Fissure on the Titanic Headscratchers page for providing the most deadpan and beautifully Captain Obvious explanation for why it was okay for Rose and Jack to have had sex without protection (but not end up with a baby): "One might further suggest that being doused with freezing North Atlantic water may not be conducive to conception."
SonicLover: Say what now?

Hydro Globus: Lucky I was'll be the first to do it then.

thatother1dude: Indeed, it is.

Hydro Globus: Whoever ordered the folders in Merlin Sickness gets one. Might be a repeat award though.

Il Greven: Back to Front is ordered similarly, plus even the phrases are back to front.

Specialist290: Whoever put up the page image on Fake Interactivity is a devious and magnificent bastard. Kudos to you.

Il Greven: Unfortunately, someone will have to change it now...

Reflextion: One for Mnemonik2, for his pun-tastic addition to the top of Heartwarming.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim:
If you look hard enough, Skyrim contains enough goodness and warmth to make even the most stony-hearted adventurer go FUS RO D'AWWW!

Bronzethumb: One for Alpsman, for the Laconic.Author Filibuster.

GG Crono: One to Vuther A for sprucing up the League Of Legends character page with character quotes under their portraits. Good on you, dude!
Koveras: One MOW to the contributor(s) to UsefulNotes.European Swordsmanship. While incomplete, it is already very illuminating.
Sinesofinsanity: Couldn't stop giggling at the troper named Amelia Pond who voted for David Tennant on the Most Triumphant Example of Memetic Sex God. Win
Nightsky: To Solle, for doing yeomanlike work over on the Big Finish Doctor Who recaps page.
D Roy: A MOW for whoever provided page images for The Dark Knight Saga and to a lesser degree, Fate/Zero. They are absolutely fantastic.
Yami Vizzini: The Stinger for Ranma One Half hits home perfectly:
"Oh-No, Honored Customer, you fall in spring of Drowned Troper, is too, too, tragic tale of person too busy editing articles to look where going, now you turn into person unable to turn off computer..."

redeadlink: To the random button for taking me through Rebuildof Evangelion, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Nobody Dies, and Shinji And Warhammer 40000 one after the other.
Lord Of The Internet: Whoever came up with the Legend of Korra Radar page.
R.I.P The Radar. Died : 6/23/2012. In loving Memory - TV Tropes.

Telcontar: 'Twas Enjoy Da Moment.

Final Starman: I'm a little late with this one, but one to bwburke94 for making PlayingWith.Yourself a redirect to PlayingWith.A Date With Rosie Palms.

Mr Death: I think someone's already given one for that.

Final Starman: Oh yeah, you're right. It's in the early 2011 archive. The redirect edit was this year though, so I think it still counts.

thatother1dude: I literally spit a bit from laughing at this line from the District 9 page:
"The Nigerian gang believes that eating prawn body parts will grant them power over the alien's DNA-activated technology. They eat the limbs raw. They don't even afford the prawns the dignity of paella."

Vifetoile: One to Krisnack, for describing the planet Venus as a Butter Face. It's possibly the only non-contentious or mean entry that could exist in the Real Life section, to boot.
T-Jack: One to whomever came up with the current Naughty Tentacles page. Simple, efficient in getting the point across and funny as hell.

Sonic Lover: ...It's a redlink.

Telcontar: Click on the link anyway. It takes you to a blank white background with text saying "We do not want a page on this topic."

Sgt Frog 1: I just clicked on it. It's pretty much the ultimate in No Just No.

Progeny Ex Machina: One for whoever added this to Jinora's entry on the Characters.The Legend Of Korra page:
Thinks Like a Romance Novel: Though the romance in question seems to be more along the lines of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

whereismytea: One for whoever is responsible for this over on the Irony page.
I'm sure we can all agree that a ferrous wheel is ironic.

Encrypted12345: A win for Arha for being a bro in the forums and for creating pages I'm too lazy to make myself.
Chris X: A Win for the one who adds the footer in the Tear Jerker page of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. God, made me crack and feels like wanting to say, "Shut up, Kyubey, you'll just make things worse."
Treblain: Just came across Selective Magnetism, and I award it a Made Of Win for the The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Games entry that speculates that the magnetic gloves operate using magnetic monopoles. Fantasy physics FTW.
Telcontar: Looking through recent changes to discussion pages can be interesting. Here's one gem I foundPointless is a series, but that phrase sums up most discussion pages!

Sonic Lover: "Created today." Maybe it was created just for that joke?

Telcontar: Doesn't seem so — it's a legit page.

Ingonyama: Two. One for whoever wrote the hilarious caption for the image on the Shapeshifting page—"Not depicted: Refried Bean Gas Cloud" (with Refried Bean potholed to Deadly Gas). Two for the troper who noted on the Raiders of the Lost Ark page that the Ark was a literal Deus ex Machina.

Earnest: Thanks, I'm not ashamed to admit dealing out the refried beans. =D Funnily enough, the quote is actually accurate. Alucard has a third shapeshifting form that can be upgraded from regular mist to poison mist. Plus, it wouldn't surprise me if it dealt more damage after eating a red bean bun (which is also actually in the game).

Medinoc: One to Hope Fox for his "when" in the Oblivion example of Prank Date.
Doug S Machina: Kudos to movie007, who name I keep seeing on Edit Reasons, page histories and Recent Edits and is clearly a namespace-changing machine.
Lancelot G: Whoever noted on the Hypercompetent Sidekick page that the Duck Dodgers incarnation of Daffy Duck "doesn't so much hold the Idiot Ball as have it surgically implanted in place of his actual brain."
Reflextion: One for Deboss, for his apt use of a particular image in his edit reason for cutting the Real Life section of And There Was Much Rejoicing.
  • You can do that!?

Zarbi Nerada: One for the caption on the Friendship Is Magic: Background Ponies Characters page Flower Trio image:
  • That scroll bar is horrifying!

Quanyails: I chuckled, and I'm not even into that franchise!

Robster2001: For posterity, the April Fools' 2012 prank. Kudos to all involved in creating all of the homepages, and to Eddie for setting up the random rotation.
Medinoc: One to Teh Fire Shark for his pothole "Me too." in Doom.

Sonic Lover: Quick context update: the bullet point where it is is "Open!" Says Me.

Willy Four Eyes: Point to the silly bastard who managed to fit in a Wizard of Oz reference under Panthera Awesome:
Bears (Oh my!)

Sonic Lover: I don't know. I think anybody would have done that given that setup.

Myra: Half a Win each to Ama Xdear and luigifan for this neat demonstration of the various Yay-tropes (on Heartwarming.Harry Potter):
kirbymaster7491: To Kayvan Shrike and whoever originally wrote the Patrick Stewart Speech in the Real Life section of You Are Not Alone. You made me cry in a good way. I don't even care if it's been nominated before. I'll nominate it again.
Medinoc: Speaking of illustrations, one point to Random Chaos for the picture in Twin Threesome Fantasy.
Looney Toons: Gotta love the illustration and caption for Empty Room Psych. Props to Wandering Tedium and Stratadrake (at least for the current version).
Earnest: The stinger at the bottom of Playing With/ Action Survivor made my day:
We need someone to get back to Action Survivor - you're not the ideal person for the job, but you're the Closest Thing We Got!

Schrau: I feel that the image caption for Nose Art is a reference of some sort, but its inclusion is still worthy of a MoW for Willbyr.
g3m1n1: Sgt Hydra for adding this under Small Girl, Big Gun in Black★Rock Shooter. You, sir/madam, made my day.
  • Guns for the Gun God! Lolis for the Loli Throne!

Carbonek13: One for Darkspectar for his edit of the Sean Connery YMMV page:

Nothing. Everything about Sean Connery is definitive.

Madrugada: The discussion page for [Trope Name] Injokes. I never looked at it before. It's simply wonderful.
Old Man Ho Oh: To use of the hottip that's actually used well in Mainstream Obscurity:

  • Pokémon. There are as-yet undiscovered native tribes that would recognise Pikachu, and Pokémon references are endemic in pop culture.

Falcon Pain: To Narsil, for successfully making the phrase "Your Mom is Older Than Dirt" a valid edit reason on both trope pages and Older Than Steam.

Dryunya: This is Win on so many levels...

Sonic Lover: For the record, the edit was adding this example:

A "Your Mother" joke was found on a cuneiform tablet from ca. 1,500 BC.

Grandy: To whoever contributed for the following conversation in the headscratchers page for Dead Rising 2:
  • Okay, the "security footage" that supposedly proves Chuck was behind it is a low-quality video of someone in his full-coverage game suit, including helmet, seen only from behind. It could be three penguins standing on each other's shoulders for all we can tell. Yet everyone seems to take it as proof positive. Yes, she did mention a reliable source claimed it was him... but seriously, a video like that, and seemingly no-one even considered it could be someone else in the video?

Continued in Made of Win (Late 2011).

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