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Currently using as a place to list the issues I've noticed with the new design, both bugs and design flaws. Arranged in no particular order. Standard troper page is below this.

  • A forum thread got dropped from my watchlist. I have no idea why. I certainly didn't remove it myself, and I know it had been on my watchlist because I accessed it several times from there.

  • The slash bug (backslashes being added after either single or double apostrophes) seems to have intermittently reappeared on the forum. I suspect something in the site changes undid whatever patch(es) Eddie had put into place to fix it, although I can't remember if it ever affected forum posts before. (I know it affected YKTTW and crowners at different times.) UPDATE: Based on other posters, seems to be fixed.

  • The link parser seems to be stripping out the string '', at least in the forum, which is problematic because it makes the links not work right. (For instance, for the link to the Internet Wayback Machine posted in one of these thread, I had to manually add in the to the URL because this site had stripped it from the link.)

  • Dynamic refresh on the crowner seems to be broken. Options stay in the order they were when you first opened the crowner, even after the data has otherwise updated (e.g. after you've cast a vote), unless you refresh the entire page. UPDATE (next day): Dynamic refresh is back, but it's sorting the crowner options in descending alphabetical order (e.g. 5, 4, 3, 21, 2, 15, 10, 1) after the element refresh. The correct (numerical sort) is present when you open the crowner for the first time.

  • Lack of forum commands at the bottom of the page. UPDATE: Fixed.

  • Edit button being hidden in a dropdown. As others have pointed out, this has two major negative repercussions. 1) It makes it less obvious for new and occasional editors, making them less likely to contribute because they can't easily see how to do so. 2) An extra click will be an absolute pain in the neck for wick cleanups. Those things are time-consuming (and sometimes boring and/or irritating) enough as is—arbitrarily making the job harder for the small percentage of editors actually willing to do that sort of work is a very bad thing. (Yes, a single extra click doesn't add much time, even in the context of editing hundreds of pages, but it makes it feel a lot more onerous—and really, I'd rather be doing other stuff with the few minutes I had to spend on extra clicks.)

  • Lack of access to related to pages for redirects. Access to those pages is absolutely vital for many wick cleanup efforts. UPDATE: Fixed!

  • Edit history page
    • Lack of ability to select text in the edit history. This is a vital function for repairing both vandalism and accidental changes. Also means you can't search the changed text, which makes it more difficult to check the edit history if you're checking for things like "was this example on the page at some point?" and "who added that example?" UPDATE: Fixed.
    • Text from the page is too light to read easily. UPDATE: Text is now back to black. Consider this sub-point fixed.
    • Edit reasons are very non-noticeable. This is a problem because edit reasons are vital for things like explaining edits to prevent edit warring. UPDATE: Fixed well enough.

  • Lack of "find posts by troper" function in the forum. More minor that most of the other stuff on this list, in my opinion, but sometimes quite useful. UPDATE: Fixed.

  • A lot of people seem to be having trouble finding their wiki watchlist. UPDATE: Seems to be okay. Still a little buried, but more obvious/accessible.

  • Quote markup isn't working on the forum. UPDATE: Fixed

  • Auto-indexing has stopped working. (See, for example, the bottom of this page—it should have automatically been on the troper page index.)

  • There's no link back to the main page from the related and discussion pages—yes, you can use the back button, but given that they have the other editor pages in an easily accessible line across the top, it doesn't seem like it would be that hard to add a "return to page" button to that list.

  • Sugar Wiki is now bright. Very bright. It was pastel before and really should be pastel—the whole idea of it is that it's cutesy and sweet. Now it looks like it's trying to be va-va-voom.

I am a female troper from the US. I have an English literature BA and a Masters of Library Science. I primarily read fantasy, classics, and a select collection of webcomics; I watch some animated series and the occasional TV show. I have a tendency to get into works well after their heyday (for instance, I didn't watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer until 2012), particularly for TV shows, so at any given moment I'm usually working my way through a complete series.

    My Philosophy of Fiction 
The following quote from "On Fairy Stories" by J.R.R. Tolkien reflects my views on fantasy and fiction in general. I had originally had it at the top of the page, but it was a bit long for that.

Fantasy is a natural human activity. It certainly does not destroy or even insult Reason; and it does not either blunt the appetite for, nor obscure the perception of scientific verity. On the contrary. The keener and clearer is the reason, the better fantasy will it make. . . .

Fantasy can, of course, be carried to excess. It can be ill done. It can be put to evil uses. It may even delude the minds out of which it came. But of what human thing in this fallen world is that not true? . . . Fantasy remains a human right: we make in our measure and our derivative mode, because we are made: and not only made, but made in the image and likeness of a Maker. . . .

The consolation of fairy-stories [is] the joy of the happy ending: or more correctly the good catastrophe, the sudden joyous "turn" (for there is no true end to any fairy-tale) . . . In its fairy-tale—or otherworld—setting, it is a sudden and miraculous grace: never to be counted on to recur. It does not deny the existence of dyscatastrophe, of sorrow and failure: the possibility of these is necessary to the joy of deliverance; it denies (in the face of much evidence, if you will) universal final defeat and in so far is evangelium, giving a fleeting glimpse of Joy, Joy beyond the walls of the world, poignant as grief. . . . When the sudden "turn" comes we get a piercing glimpse of joy, and heart's desire, that for a moment passes outside the the frame, rends indeed the very web of story, and lets a gleam come through.

    Wiki Contributions 

YKTTWs I'm currently sponsoring:

Tropes and works I curate:

Pages I wrote all or most of:

Tropes I sponsored:

Tropes I adopted:

    Favorite Works 
This is a list of works which I do or at some point did consider favorites. (The list of works I particularly like is quite a bit longer; I've limited it to favorites in the interests of space.)


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