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You may remember Zell The 5th from such activities as compulsively adding entries to the Title Bin and trying to have rational discussions note  in the various discussion sections. He is the in-famous inventor of the Inverted Negative Anti-Non-Pun Inverse Disambigulator Obfuscator and the Singulotamus Projector, and is currently working on perfecting his Elixir of Reanimated Necrotic Lithifacts so that he can unleash an apocalypse of zombie rocks upon the world. Let the never-living undead rise!


He has no sense of humour to speak of. He also has an occasional penchant for utilizing egregiously voluminous sesquipedalian linguistic constituents, to the point that his loquaciousness sometimes totters towards the proverbial verge of heliotrope-hued grandiloquence. Did he mention he has an alleged affinity for aptly applied alliteration awesomeness as well? No? Well, he has now.

He wouldn’t mind it if his kung fu was stronger than yours, but he probably still needs to work on it. Also, he’s from that place up north, eh.

As a seasonal aside, his New-Year's resolution is to not keep his New-Year's resolution. He leaves it up to the world to figure out whether or not he is having any success.


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