Shout Out / Criminal Case

Criminal Case has a number of references to a number of other games, shows, and franchises. Examples are listed below, and the list is continuing to grow.

Grimsborough cases

Pacific Bay cases

  • Case 2:
    • Car Crash scene has a somewhat sinister-looking version of Mickey Mouse artwork near the Airport sign.
    • Living Room scene has a remodeled version of Iron Man's helmet and a lightsaber.
  • Case 6: In the Boardwalk scene, there's a building named "Vercetti's".
  • Case 8: In Experimentation Room, look at the right side. There's a velociraptor who pretends to be a lab specimen, like the one in Jurassic Park III. There's also another reference to Jurassic Park in the "Laboratory Equipment" scene with the Arc Words 'Life Finds A Way'.
  • Case 16 has Hannah mention about how the victim is addicted to "that game with all the sweets", a clear reference to Candy Crush Saga.
  • In that same case, Amy makes a remark about the victim and his lover after their break-up: "Their love was a real battlefield."
  • Also in the case's additional investigation, you learn a pasta recipe from a gangster, who says his old cellmate used to slice the garlic with a razor blade so thinly it would just melt into the sauce.
  • In Case 31, the victim was slashed with a Glasgow Smile, and when Frank calls out Roxie for poking fun at this fact, she responds with "Why so serious?"
  • The font style in Pacific Bay's logo resembles the font style from the words "Vice City" in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's logo.
  • The entire setting of the 37th Case in Pacific Bay is a huge reference to the Titanic film. It even involved a love triangle between a poor artist, a high-class young girl, and her much older wealthy fiance.
  • Case 40 is titled Temple of Doom, and contains a lot of Indiana Jones references. From the victim being a famous archaeologist, to the an alien crystal skull the player finds in the Additional Investigation.
  • One of the suspects in Case 42 is named Gustavo Salamanca
  • In Case 47, Sunny's appearance seems to be inspired from General Grievous from Star Wars, especially his head and arms.
  • The entire arc of Rhine Canyon is, in fact, a huge shout out to the Men in Black, with plot points like: Aliens existing on Earth and are hiding in "human skins", the Galactic Intelligence Agency monitoring the Aliens' activity, and wipes out the memory of civillians about this fact.
  • The heist group in the Paradise City arc wears clown masks that looks very much like the robber masks that the Joker and his "goons" wore during the opening sequence of The Dark Knight.

World Edition

  • Marina Romanova is one to Natalia Romanova.
  • Elliot Clayton, the tech expert, wears a shirt that bears the creepy rabbit logo of Donnie Darko.
  • Jack Archer seems to be one to the Let's Player Pitchingace 88, especially when he quotes Ace's catchphrase "The plot thickens!"
  • Case 33 has you find an inkblot test. Jack sees it as "two bears high-fiving".
  • Jackson Peters, the victim of case 34, is a reference to Peter Jackson and the film The Ringed Lord is an obvious reference to Lord of the Rings
  • The victim of case 35, Rufus Murlock, is very obviously meant to be Rupert Murdoch. One of the reporters on the case is also named Cooper Anderson.
  • When Sanjay finds a baby elephant, Jack and the player keep on telling him to "let it go"...Sanjay then keeps the elephant and names it Elsa.
  • In Case 41, Sanjay decides to name the snake, which was found out to be the murder weapon, Craig.

Mysteries of the Past

  • 'Sweet Revenge' is quite obviously based on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  • 'One Dead More' is also obviously based on Les MisÚrables.
  • The victom of Civil Blood is a plump, moustached man named Mario Fortuna. Unsuprisingly, he has a brother named Luigi, who serves as one of the suspects.
  • One of the suspects is named Stanley Spark and he's owner of Spark Industries who also invents "Fantastical Suit". And he looks just like a combination of Stan Lee and Tony Stark.
  • Graveyard Shift is one to Edgar Allan Poe, with the victim being named Edgar Woe and a suspect named Annabel Leigh, which is a shout-out to one of Poe's poems, Annabel Lee.
  • Dora Umbright, the judge of Concordia after Judge Takakura's murder, is a parody of Dolores Umbridge.
  • In Case #18, after she finished analyzing a bloody coin, Evie declares, "This coin will make a fine addition to my collection."

The Conspiracy

  • 'Too Cruel for School' victim and suspects share some resemblance to Riverdale characters.
    • The victim Vicky Lopez is a clear shoutout to Veronica Lodge, complete with wearing pearls and coming from New York.
    • The victim's mother, Dana Lopez is a shoutout to Hermione Lodge
    • Likewise, Chelsea Bloom and Cheryl Blossom
    • The 17-year-old Julian Ramis looks a lot like Jughead Jones
  • Christian Bateman, in Money Mile, is a dead ringer for American Psycho character Patrick Bateman.