Nightmare Fuel / Criminal Case

Criminal Case is about finding murder victims, so it's unsurprising that some of the deaths are horrific, but even then, a few of them stand out:

In General

  • For people who have musophobia (fear of rats), it is disturbing that the game's developers seem curiously obsessed about rats and don't seem to consider whether their replacement of rats as selectable objects in the game is safe-for-work or not. Some of them are placed really close to the screen so they look pretty big, which disgusts some players. Some of these rats even look at you, and one case actually used rats as murder weapon, and the pet shop in Europe sells them as pets. Why would Pretty Simple even makes rat as pet instead of something else safer, anyway? Why, they are unaware of the existence of that other trope?


  • Case 3's victim deserves special mention—she was burned with cigarettes and then cut open, her heart cut out, and then her body hung up alongside pig carcasses in a butcher's storehouse. And you're told that she was alive when she was being cut open.
    • Later in that case, you find out what happened to her heart. It was wrapped in paper and given to her mother.
  • Case 7 involves a man stripped, beaten, and crucified like Jesus Christ, and left there until he bled to death.
  • Case 8's victim was a lovely young dancer named Trixie Velvet, who got a note from a secret admirer asking to meet her after work. As it turned out, it was her fellow bartender, who had a lesbian attraction to her. Trixie, being straight, was confused, and then laughed. The killer snapped and literally beat her so much her, her face was unrecognizable.
  • Case 9's victim was burned alive. Even worse, he was trying to give up the gangster life for his girlfriend, and the person who offered him a job killed him because he didn't believe he turned over a new leaf.
  • Linda Lovara, the local madwoman. Here's a picture of what she gets to be like when she's angry.note .
  • Case 12 in Grimsborough involves the victim, Samuel Rye, being butchered with a samurai sword and disemboweled while alive.
  • Case 17's victim was frightening because of the nature of the death. It was an accident, the killer, a chef, tried to kill a food critic and killed the victim by mistake.
  • CASE 20. CASE FREAKING 20. The killer tortured the victim in a creepy basement, ripped his fingers off and used one as a caviar spoon, ate the victim's liver, and then finally killed him in an iron maiden. Even Judge Hall is terrified.
  • Case 21's victim is Rachel Priest. She was injected with a serum designed to give a soldier superhuman strength. But since the serum was only designed for men, her skin literally split apart as her bones grew to abormal size. She was then decapitated after death and thrown into a vat of acid.]]
  • Case 24's victim was taxidermied. Alive.
  • Case 26 is full of this. For starters, the victim was killed in a room used for a pagan ritual, and the Necronomicon shows up to play a role in the case. Then there's the Grimsborough Cemetery, its hidden objects and natural scenery alike, especially those evil eyes in the sky...
  • Not only does Case 31's killer kill several dogs in addition to a person, but it's the sweet old lady Margaret Littlewood, who was so helpful to you in several cases. She also poisons your partner Jones. The fact that she does give to him and saves his life matters so little.
  • Case 32: Rani died as a result of a colony of ants invading her throat and asphyxiating her on a hunt for the sugars in all the alcohol she was forced to drink. It doesn't help that her killer had only intended to humiliate her; she had no idea the ants were there, and the Rorschach Reaper had hypnotized her beforehand.
  • Take a good look at Case 33's victim's face. Have fun with that humongous Slasher Smile.
  • Case 36 involved the victim, who genuinely loved his Amish girlfriend, getting stabbed with a pitchfork several times and left as a scarecrow by her Ax-Crazy father.
  • The Reveal of the Rorschach Reaper as Tess Goodwin. Not only does the Reaper get others to kill their own family and friends, they're doing it solely to get a thesis. When exposed, they try to slip out by trying to get Jones to murder the player.
  • Case 48's Girls Night Out case involves the death of Abigail Price. Not only is her own mother's reaction chillingly cold, but she was murdered by her best friend for not helping the girl cheat her way into college. And by burning a hole through her skin so deep, her ribcage was exposed.
  • Case 51's reveal. Your chief, Samuel King, is the killer. And, instead of telling you what happened, he blows his brains out in front of you and Jones. Jones is so traumatized he can't sleep and grows some stubble afterwards.
  • Case 52 has your one lead on what happened to Stuart Huckabee get murdered by his own sister, who slit his throat while alive, then pulled out his tongue — to Jones's disgust.

Pacific Bay

  • Case 10 of Pacific Bay is pretty terrifying. The victim's eyes were taken out, and then an incredibly drunk Harvey Fitchner finds them. It does not end well.
    Harvey Fitchner: The eyes... Look into her eyes...
  • The victim's of the Inner City section are quite horrifically murdered, and a number of them have their organs removed. But the clincher was in the last case, when the victim was partially skinned alive.
  • Jazz City's opening case involved the victim dismembered and hung on tram lines as musical notes, mocking his career as a musician.
  • The district also offers another serial murderer called the Puppeteer, who cuts his victim's into pieces and strings them up like marionettes.
  • Case 28 involves a plane crash, but what's truly horrific is that the pilot is not only roasted alive, but eaten afterwards. The cherry on top is that it's Bobby Prince, Amy's former boyfriend.
    • In the last case of Pacific Bay, Bobby is revealed to have become completely obsessed with Amy, to the point where he kills Frank because he's told that he's the only thing standing in his way. Amy is horrified at this, and when he hears that Amy is with Russell, he can't bear it and tries to kill her, forcing Amy to shoot him in self-defense.
  • The story arc of White Peaks involves an Urban Legend called the Night Walker, who is said to have been responsible for numerous kidnappings and murders. It also wears a creepy mask that looks like a melted face. He also happens to be Duncan Young, a former cop and the beloved older brother of Amy Young.
  • Case 32 involves a teenaged movie star getting slammed into a mirror and slashed to death. And the killer is her own mother, jealous of her daughter's success and her own fading memory.
  • Case 33's victim is drawn and quartered alive: His limbs were tied to four horses that ran in opposite directions.
  • Case 35's victim was melted in such strong acid, the only thing left of his abdomen was his spine.
  • Case 40's victim was tied up, stabbed, and has his heart removed.
  • Case 42's victim was decapitated and his head is found on a post. It's not the scariest death but the true meaning behind it is pretty frightening. A xenophobic border control officer kills him because the victim lied to him constantly about being a citizen to smuggle drugs. He uses his severed head as a warning to other immigrants to stay away from Rhine Canyon.
  • Case 45's victim is autopsied alive Although since the person inside was actually an alien, it's easier to swallow.
  • Case 47's victim was crushed into a human cube.
  • Case 48's victim has easily the most gruesome death of not only anyone else in Innovation Valley but in all of Pacific Bay so far. She is sliced up into pieces with a saw and then blended in three blenders, leaving only a hand, a foot, and her head with a horrifying expression on her face. Not only is this worthy of both Nightmare Fuel and Nausea Fuel but her killer is none other than her own seemingly devoted husband who fell in love with her clone.
  • Case 49's victim is pushed into a tank of jellyfish and stung to death. The killer turns out to be her own mother, who was jealous of her daughter's beauty. When her daughter didn't share her immortality studies with her, the mother killed her as punishment, not knowing that the victim had a terminal disease that caused her to study it in the first place.
  • Case 50's victim is fairly standard fare, but the killer, Aphyro-Dite, deserves special mention. She tried to inject all humans with nanobots so they would worship robots as their creator. When she's caught, she pulls a Taking You with Me and sets the robots of Innovation Valley loose.
  • Case 56 has almost all of the suspects as your partners in the police department: Frank, Hannah, Russell, and Roxie. Roxie gets the added horror of having to autopsy her boyfriend. To make matters worse, Frank, your partner, is the killer, and Andrea is held hostage by Karen in order to help him escape.
  • Case 57 has a disturbing death of a man melted in radiation causing massive organ failure, but the really terrifying thing is when Yann goes over a blood sample from the player, and tells him/her that he will shortly die unless they leave the area. But they can't leave.
  • Case 58 has Karen Knight killed by scorpions, and then her eyes were gauged out.

World Edition

  • The victim of case 6 was roasted alive in a brazen bull, slowly and slowly while her screams resembled an angry bull. To add, The momuments in Europe are about to be destroyed.
  • In case 10, the victim was mummified and had his brain pulled out with an ancient hook. While he was still alive.
  • While case 11's murder case wasn't as bad as the ones listed above, the Additional Investigation plays on Adult Fear by having Ambassador Stern's little son get kidnapped. Not only is Stern crying tears of fright the entire time, but it's discovered that everything that happened from Chief Ripley's death was a trap created by the Sword for the player. And it ends with the team finding out that Stern's son was taken from Dubai to Iraq...
  • Case 12 has even more Adult Fear, as the player and Carmen are forced to watch two of the teammates get badly poisoned, and another one taken hostage. Then they themselves are nearly killed by the criminal they'd finally cornered. If it hadn't been for Jonah Karam, this case would've ended badly.