Heartwarming: Criminal Case

Heartwarming moments in Criminal Case:
  • Grace adopting an abused puppy that was being groomed for dog-fighting, at the end of one side-quest in Case 6.
  • At the end of One-tooth Sam's side-quest in Case 11, he vows to make Cooperville a better place to live in honor of his late wife's memory after getting back his lost wealth.
  • When Jones is out of commission halfway through Case 31, Ramirez steps in to be your partner. He's genuinely worried about Jones despite how hard the latter is on him. It just goes to show how much of a nice guy Ramirez is throughout everyone criticizing him constantly which is likely what helped make him so popular with the fans.
    Ramirez: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, you've seen Inspector Jones? How did he look? Do you think he's going to make it?? I'm so worried about him... You know, Jones was the one who helped when I started my work as a policeman. He was like a mentor to me! Oh, I know he likes teasing me, but he's got a good heart. And, well, I still have many things to learn, after all!
  • At the end of one side-quest in Case 41, Cathy King (Chief King's granddaughter) confesses that all she wanted was to dance with a nice guy at her prom ball, which got ruined by the actions of the Rorschach Reaper. She then asks Alex if he'll dance with her. Jones helps.
    Alex: (blushing) A-a dance? With me? But—but there's no music! And no ligh—
    Jones: Of course this idiot would love to dance with you, Cathy! Go on, have fun! (to the player) Come on, (player's name). They need some space, and I've seen the piles of burgers on the buffet table! It'd be a pity to let them go to waste!
  • At the end of Chapter 28 of Pacific Bay, Amy started to question her purposes of being a police officer after her high school sweetheart, Bobby Prince, was arrested for the case's murder. And the one who managed to snap her out of her disillusionment was none other than the grumpy, irritable and cynical Frank Knight.