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Tear Jerker: Criminal Case
Sorrow-inducing moments in Criminal Case:
  • The ending to Case 6, specifically the moment when you have to arrest the not-corrupt cop.
    Jones: ...(player's name), can you handle the arrest, please? I don't have the heart to read him his rights.
  • The revelation of One-tooth Sam's back-story in Case 11, especially the death of his wife which led him to renounce his former wealth.
    One-tooth Sam: My wife got sick, and even all the money in the world couldn't save her.
  • Case 21's victim Rachel Priest died standing up on truth and justice moments before her death, all while scattering clues for you to find knowing that she's not long on this earth. Jones is upset and goes It's Personal the entire case, knowing that despite Rachel was incredibly nosy, stubborn, troublesome, and a little callous to her co-workers in several previous cases, he knows that she's a loyal and diligent defender of justice whose death is largely because of her cameraman sold her life work to her murderer. When a later case reveals her murderer gets out of the jail with $ 5000 because of "procedure violation", Jones quickly demands Chief King why the murderer is free once again, but Chief says police is powerless against judicial bureaucracy.
  • Case 28's Motive Rant, when you arrest the killer. Her husband, the victim, had caused their infant child's death by negligence, and then tried to cover it up by saying the house was haunted and that that was what killed the child.
    Killer: Whatever punishment you give me cannot be worse than the cruel fate of losing your child!
  • The reaction of James Savage, the local Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold, when his dog is killed in Case 31.
    Savage: I met that dog when it was just a puppy. It'd been thrown in a ditch. I saved his life, and it rewarded me by staying by my side for 10 years. It never bit anyone, never growled at people. And now... now my best friend is dead!
  • The ending of Case 51, in which Chief King gives the player character a tearful farewell before shooting himself after being outed as the killer, despite Jones begging him to put the gun down.
    King: Goodbye, (player's name). Working with you has been a great honor. BANG
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